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Watch Godzilla, X-Men and more geeky CraveCast summer previews: Crave

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Crave: Watch Godzilla, X-Men and more geeky CraveCast summer previews

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Get a sneak peek and discussion of the most anticipated sci-fi, superhero and fantasy flicks from your geeky guides in the latest CraveCast.

[MUSIC]. And welcome to the Crave Pad. It is May 20th, 2014. I am Eric Mack in Taos, New Mexico. Creative contributor. And I'm joined by Michael Franco, who is calling in from North Carolina. And I believe there in the studio in San Francisco we have got Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton and Kelsey Adams. You guys all there? Oh yeah. Hello. All right, excellent. So we're running this for the first time out of the the big studioplex there, so it's kinda cool to see all that in effect. And Michael's got the blue door rocking there as well. So glad we could all be here. We're coming up on Memorial Day weekend and the traditional beginning of summer. Which means we are not too far off from, Comic-Con, and a whole bunch of Hollywood blockbusters. And the great summer geekiness that we always expect, when the temperatures warm a bit. So what we did here is we've, we've picked about nine or ten of the upcoming summer geeky blockbusters that we're, we're most anticipating. Some we might not be completely anticipating. [LAUGH] We're gonna go around and talk about them really quick. If you guys wanna get in on the conversation, go ahead and tweet a question or a comment to @crave. And we'll be monitoring those, and we can get questions and comments on the air here as they come in. So, quick preview, we'll be talking about in rough order of release Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Maleficent. Transformers: Age of Extinction, the sig, The Signal, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Lucy, and maybe a little Batman bonus at the end, if we have time. So, that's what we're, we're working on here. So first up uh,Godzilla. This is the only one of these movies that's out right now, came out last week on Friday. And did insane, like beaucoup yen and dollars all over the place. And they've already announced for sure that they're going to be doing a sequel to this coming up, which I do not think is, is any surprise. And I won't tell you why cuz that would spoil it, but let's go ahead and go around, what do you guys think. Start with Bonnie Burton, and Kelsey and Steven down at the studio you guys gonna see this are you excited for it. What do you think? I'm a huge Godzilla fan, but I've heard so many mixed reviews about God, this Godzilla that it's it's like hm. You moved your microphone. Oh, Okay. [LAUGH]. It's like [LAUGH] It's like 90% relationship issues with humans that no one cares about, and 10% monsters. So, that's a problem with a lot of monster movies. I find that we, you know, but I don't know, I'll go see it cuz I love Godzilla anything. I mean, I, I watch the Godzilla cartoons so. I eat Godzilla cereal. I'll do anything with Godzilla in it. [LAUGH]. Godzilla shows up on Real Housewives on Beverly Hills, I would watch that show. So, officially, officially if he ruins all of their homes I would watch that. [LAUGH] So I, I'll watch that. I don't, I don't really care if it's crap or not. If anything I'll just pretend it's a Breaking Bad sequel. Yeah. Bryan Cranston is the star. Which is one of the few things I think I'm actually excited about. What do you think, Kelsey? well, what I wanted to say was actually in response to something that I think Michael Franco is gonna bring up, or not. Because Michael Franco wrote an article about this about Bryan Cranston. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. He he, he had, he did an interview with Time magazine where he said that. What drew him to doing this. I mean, it it's his first big picture after his after Breaking Bad, and he said what drew him to doing this was the fact that Godzilla is so boy. He basically said Godzilla makes no apologies and just goes around crushing stuff, and that's very boy. And that's why he liked him as a kid, and that's what drew him to do this picture now. And I actually did see it this weekend, and, I'd say it's more like 50 50 monsters to humans. And, I, I thought it was pretty good. I, I, I may even go see it again. Really? Why? So what drew you in, the, the, the human story or just the pure destruction? Definitely not the human story. If if anything I think the acting was a little bit light. But the, the way the destruction is handled. Sorta there's moments where it's you know, like things go silent, and there's kinda this moody atmospheric background. I think it was handled really, really artfully instead of just, you know, this big crush and destroy kinda movie. It was handled in a, in a really artful, artfully way. Artful way. I heard that there's a lot more new monsters, too, actually. Isn't there like a. [INAUDIBLE] I heard that Godzilla was just a small portion. There's a, a lot of other new monsters. Well, this will be a spoiler alert if I say. Earmuffs. Earmuffs,.everybody earmuff it. [LAUGH] There should be only two other monsters that show up. Cool. Well. [LAUGH] So there's a very low spoiler threshold on this one. I think to even reveal kinda the role, like Godzilla plays is a spoiler, right Michael? you. [LAUGH] Say that again? Can I just interrupt at this point and completely derail the conversation? [LAUGH]. so, so Michael when, when you p posted that thing about Brian Cranston saying Godzilla's a boy. I was kinda annoyed and I couldn't really articulate why and then a couple hours later Bonnie retweeted this very cute cartoon on Twitter. This one. Yep. Aw The artist is Panda Porch by the way, she's great. That little kid looks like a girl to me. [CROSSTALK] Oh yeah, oh yeah that's a girl, yeah. That's what I'm saying you know, because wanting to be outrageous, wanting to stomp around. And be obnoxious, and rude, and destructive, and rampage like in that old video game that I used to love [CROSSTALK]. I love that game, so fun. Right, right, right. Yeah, yeah. So, it's not a boy thing. It's a human thing, and they tell us it's a boy thing. But, actually Godzilla is for everyone. Yeah, I have to agree with that. That's that's one of those things that, that's with all geek culture. I think we're at a point now, where we don't have to do the fake geek girl discussion anymore, right? At least, I hope not, but little girls like monster movies. [CROSSTALK] Little girls like Star Trek. Little girls like Godzilla. We don't have to keep saying this is guys only. Yeah. In fact the director in that article I wrote, kinda gave a more universal sense about why we like Godzilla so much. Yeah. Yeah. It talks about you know the monster's always coming. You know that nature is always coming and. Right. Yeah. I think that's you know probably more. [CROSSTALK] Well the funny thing. Reason why people like Godzilla. The funny thing too is if you watch all the original Godzilla films, there's always a little, there's usually a little girl in all of them. And then if you watch the more modern day ones, there's always a fighter pilot that's a girl. So there are women in these, well maybe not our movies, but the original [LAUGH] Yeah [LAUGH]. The original Godzilla movies that are from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, they all have female characters that are pretty strong female characters. So especially little girls, and I mean if you are a fan of Mothra. You know that there's twin girls that are kinda Mothra's keeper, so know your Godzilla. [INAUDIBLE] What? There is a girl monster in this one. I can tell you that. Okay, good. Spoilers. No spoilers. All right. [LAUGH] How can you, how can you tell? I feel like, please don't tell me theres It matters to them. Please don't tell me theres a bra on one of them, cause I would be really upset if that's how to tell if a Godzilla creature It's wearing a pink bow. Is female. There is a physical feature that the. Okay. [UNKNOWN] but I won't say what it is. Cuz remember when Transformers did that? Wasn't there a female Transformer? Wasn't she, was she pink? I can't remember. [UNKNOWN] spoiler. Google it. [UNKNOWN] saw that. Google it. Controversy about whether it makes sense to have a female Transformer. Ugh. Anyway. Sorry. But that's a good segue. So Michael's gonna. Oh, here we go. So Michael's gonna, so Michael might see it twice. I think I will. [CROSSTALK] What about Bonnie and Kelsey and Steven? Are you guys gonna see this one, or, or wait for Netflix, or what? What, Godzilla? Godzilla, yeah. I don't know. I don't like disaster movies to be honest, but that in no way invalidates my point. I want to go, but doesn't it cost like a $100 for IMAX now. I don't remember, it's like $20 for popcorn, $30 for soda? I don't, if I can kickstart it, I'll go [LAUGH]. Well, the next movie on our list is one I know I would definitely spend $30 on popcorn for this one. And that's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Which is, I mean this is, when it comes to the movies we're looking at, this is kinda the all star team of the summer I think. You've got Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, I mean, I'm sold at that point before you can bring in Hugh Jackman and everyone else. So it's got, it's got time travel in it. It's got, some origin stories. Particularly Professor X. I think, I think, I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Is this on your list? It's definitely on mine. So excite. Yeah, it feels like X-men Boogie Nights. I mean, I know it's not about the same thing Boogie Nights was. So any time I see something with the 70s or 60s. Anything set in the past. What, what is this timeline? Is it 60s or 70s? 70s. 70s, yeah. It's just I think. First Class is 60s [CROSSTALK] I think it's the lapels and the long hair. I, I'm excited for this. I think there's gonna be good, witty banter. I think that's the good thing with X Men, is, even though it's, it can be depressing and heavy at times. There's always that possibility for jokes. And, especially with Wolverine. Right. involved. But, I'm, I'm excited for the cast, and I'm excited for the story. We'll see. All the Marvel movies have done a really good job at drawing that, that, great, great casts. And especially with the one we'll talk about later, with, Gardens in the Galaxy. Also great cast, also a lot of witty banter, there much be something, I don't know if there's something at the Marvel team or what. But, I agree completely. No, yeah, I'm, I'm excited for that. I think it's going to be fun. I don't know, we'll see. It's funny because it's great to see all of these comic book based movies coming out all at once. So, I'm really looking forward to X-Men because, I mean, I've always loved the series. And partly for me, and I think for most people, probably will be one of the big things about the X-Men story the way it's been shown. Is that it's, it's kinda saying everyone can be special. Like all the weird kids are actually special. You know, you feel too odd, you feel too smart, whatever Professor X has a home for you. You know, whereas in the, the Marvel movies and the Shield show that I've been watching and been loving. But there's definitely been this undercurrent that only a few people are the heroes and anyone else just dangerous. Like, you think you're special, but you're wrong. You're deluded. You need to be taken down. Yeah. And so it's really nice for me to get back to here and be like, hey, everyone in this preview is flying around. You know, everyone's jumping around, they've all got costumes, this is gonna be great. Yeah. Yeah, I'm excited. Michael, what do you think. Is that unanimous? You agree Michael? I do, yeah, I definitely agree with that. And I'm definitely going to see the movie just because of the you know, what it's about. And you know, I think it's gonna be a spectacle. But I, I tend, I'm not looking forward to it as much as other X-Men movie cuz time travel movies kinda freak me out. I, I think I'm too literal. [LAUGH] And you know, I'm like if that happens then that couldn't happen and you know. Oh. Yeah, you can't do that. That will hurt. [INAUDIBLE] You can't do that. I'm well, I'm well trained at ignoring that because of Dr. Who. Yeah. Mystery Science Theater. Yeah. Relax. Yeah, oh, that's a great reference. Yeah, Mystery Science Theater and sci-fi just don't pay attention too much. It's so funny, I remember getting into really heavy arguments with my college buddies about the Simpsons about stuff. And then, we had to stop for a minute and then go, oh wait a minute, that's a cartoon. It's not real. It's a cartoon. You're not really suppose to care that they don't age ever. It's just you know. If you're going to go along with the steel endoskeleton, you've got to go along with. Adamantium. That'd true, that's true. All right, I think we're unanimous on X-Men there. The next one on our list I'm not quite so sure about. That's Maleficent. This is coming out May 30th and this is kinda Disney's creepy take on Sleeping Beauty and this also an origin. Origin story it's actually the origin story of Maleficent whose that mean evil step mother in the Sleeping Beauty tale. It's kinda like as far as I can tell this is kinda like what Wicked did to the Wizard of Oz. [CROSSTALK] Yeah I mean is it creepy or is it white washed, you know? I don't know Angela Lansbury. A little bit. Look at her, those cheekbones are awesome. Is that digitally enhanced? No she's got some make up she's got some make up issues. [INAUDIBLE] are. And her teeth, her teeth are pretty [INAUDIBLE]. Her teeth are pretty. That's Hollywood. Nobody has real teeth there. But Yeah, those cheekbones can't be real. No, they're pros, prosthetics, that yeah. This whole thing is a [INAUDIBLE]. I imagine her cheekbones. No, there's a real castle, shut up. [LAUGH] Shut up. That's all real. That's a real aura too. That's in Prague right, right, Michael? [INAUDIBLE] People by making that whole gestures. That's all Prague, that's all Prague. [LAUGH]. Kinda Jedi-like. That's all Prague. That's. She almost looks a little too powerful in this trailer. It looks like she can just flick her finger and pretty much do anything she wants, so. She can. That's the point. That's the point. You know when a character gets that powerful, and I'm gonna have this comment again. About Lucy, right. About Lucy, yeah, it, it, starts to become, you know, I don't know. Unrealistic, if you can apply that to a movie, [INAUDIBLE]. I don't know. I love her in this and I love her wings. They make her like a Valkyrie almost, like she. I'm exciting for this movie one, cuz Angelina Jolie, I think is just owning it. I mean, look at that. Look at that mean girl smile. She's great. And, and I think that the story is gonna be really fun. I don't think it's gonna be a kids movie. Which is gonna be interesting to see how many little girls and little boys that watch this are gonna have nightmares for the rest of their lives. [LAUGH]. I would have. Yeah. And it is [INAUDIBLE] you were saying. Kind of white washed the story. And from what I understand it is kinda like trying to make her a little bit of a sympathetic character. Who was just she had a bad childhood. She's acting out or something. We'll I mean they did that with Dark Vader. [LAUGH] Sure yeah sure. I mean come on. Every bad villan has. Not all villains are born evil. A lot of them were made evil. And I think that this is a, I'm excited for this, but the funny thing, the back story on this is I can't remember which character, I But when the little girl is super small, her own daughter had to play this role. Because when they auditioned small children to act with Angelina Jolie when she was all. Had all of her makeup and prosthetics on. They all cried and ran from the room. So, the only little girl who didn't was her own, because she knew that was her mom behind all that. So, her kids make an appearance in this film, which is kinda interesting. Entertainment Weekly, I think, did a story on that. So, I'm I'm just excite, I'm not a big fan of Disney fairy tale type stuff. So I'm, I'm stoked for this, I dunno. So maybe cuz just I'm goth and. Yes, I Goth side just wants to see Angelina Jolie be evil. I'm, I'm not going to see it, it in protest. Because in fact, not only am I not gonna see it, I have to basically hide the fact that there's a Sleeping Beauty movie, movie from my six year old. Who, this is gonna be too scary for her, so I'm, I'm gonna express solidarity and, and [INAUDIBLE]. You can wait for Cinderella. You can wait. Cinderella teaser trailer just came out this, I think this week. Cinderella reboot? [LAUGH] Nice one. I like that. No, I was, I was on the way. No way. I saw that trailer and that annoyed me. The teaser trailer, the reason I'm laughing at reboot cuz that's a shoe pon. [INAUDIBLE] Okay, and all they did was, and I hate teaser trailers [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]. Teaser trailers usually just show the spinning logo. Or they do a bait and switch where they make you think it's going to be a horror film but then it's the Muppets. It's like they do stuff like that, right. But this was just a picture of, there's no spoilers here by the way, it was just a revolving images of CGI glass slippers which look very stripper-y. They do. If I recall those glass slippers were not eight inch heels. They were not cha cha heels. These are cha cha heels. I feel like this is Step Up 2 or something. Like, this is gonna. That's what. [LAUGH] I don't know. Sounds like my family has to skip that one too, now. [LAUGH] Well, maybe not. I mean, I don't know, Barbie didn't exactly wear sensible shoes, so. Yeah. It's a minute. It's a minute of this. Yeah, it's that. It's a minute long. A minute of shoes. It's like a really long Jimmy Choo ad. Did, did, did Samsung do that for you? Yeah, it looks like a technology or tablet ad. Yeah. THX. But, yeah, I saw this, I was like, is something gonna happen? No. I do wanna know, actually, I might do some recon, cuz I wanna know who designed those shoes. Cuz if it was an actual Jimmy Choo type. Right? It has to be. It probably is some famous designer. It's gotta be some. If they were smart. [UNKNOWN] Yeah. Product. If they were smart. Anyway. Okay, here it is. Here it is. Anyway. Wow. Now that actually looks like a shoe [UNKNOWN] Now Leah. Look how high that heel is. Oh my God. That's terrible. And look how the angle is for your foot. Yeah, that's insane. That's Bettie, those are Bettie Page shoes. Yeah. But it's not even [INAUDIBLE] bottom. Yeah, those are, and the then the little butterfly lambs on the, you know? [LAUGH]. The way it crystallizes, so it's, it's a butterfly killer. You kicked them both [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. Okay, anyway, sorry. We're, we're skeptical of all fairy tales [INAUDIBLE]. Oh yeah, we're so, we're so judgmental and, where's the magic. Well here we can, we can fix that a little bit with the next movie. That's the next one, Transformers: Age of Extinction. And you can be cynical about the Transformers franchise [LAUGH]. And about Michael Bay, who when it comes down to it, it's dinosaur, Transformers and Mark Wahlberg. Dinobots. Yeah. Say no more. Dinobots. I am not a Dinobot fan and I loved them. Yeah I haven't actually seen any of these Transformers movie. Are you serious? I've watched them all. I love them. I only saw the first one, I thought the first one was good. I am a horrible person because I love them all. Because I don't take them seriously and I was never a hardcore Transformers cartoon fan. I loved the cartoon, but those weren't exactly Citizen Kane either. I rewatched the cartoons, a few years ago and it was kinda funny how just odd and childlike the robots are. Like, they really don't think like humans. No. But then again, most aliens are kinda childlike. I'm gonna ask you this once. Or are they? With an ant farm. That's us. Michael, what do you think of Transformers? You know, based on the trailer, I'm definitely gonna see it. It's got, somehow I missed the whole Transformers thing in my life. Like I was just. Like my brother, who's seven years younger than me, was a huge Transformer fan. And had the toys, and watched the cartoons, and everything. And I just, I don't know. I fell into this hole where there was no Transformers in my life. So I haven't really watch the cartoons or seen the other movies, but this trailer you know, I, it looks fun. I'm kinda sold on Mark Walhberg I feel like that's an upgrade for this franchise. [CROSSTALK]. I mean c'mon anything is an upgrade from Shia LaBeouf. I guess we're unanimous on that one. I mean I've got a paperweight on my desk that would be an upgrade from Shia. But is that, is that a downgrade in Mark Walhberg's career? No, okay [CROSSTALK]. I think Walhberg, I think Wahlberg'll do, I think he'll do anything. I think he's really, relatively savvy about the action films he does and he's a pretty decent actor. He's actually really funny too, so I mean in comedies he's pretty great but. You could argue that there's no such thing as a $20 million downgrade too. Michael Bay I mean. Here's the thing too, Michael Bay is Michael Bay. You can't expect him to be David Lynch, you can't expect him to be Wes Anderson. He is what he is, and he's always going to be that. And if you don't like Michael Bay-esque movies, you probably shouldn't go see Transformers. [INAUDIBLE]. Look at that, look at that. All right, this is the only part that I'd want to see the movie. Yeah, that horse. Yeah. I mean, and he's riding one, that's so cool. Yeah. That's, that's, [NOISE]. And I, I, I will say, especially after seeing the very first Transformers, my favorite thing about Transformers is the sound design. Oh, yeah. Because the sound design is so dead on brilliant, so well thought out. It's just especially if you're in a theater that has really good sound, it just reverberates the whole building and it's just amazing. So love that. I really noticed the sound in the Winter Soldier. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not in an intrusive way, but it just made everything happening on the screen so much more life. Like heavy things are heavy. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think people really give sound designers enough credit and that to me, it can make or break a movie. Especially if you watch really crappy sci-fi movies on Netflix. Mm. And you do. And the sound is, like I do. Sound design's not there, it can ruin a whole movie. It really, really, can. So I think that's something that people should, you know, give kudos to. So, we're all gonna go see this one in IMAX, it sounds like. Not me. If I can kickstart it. Yeah. I can't afford IMAX. Maybe I'll just sit by a speaker. If I can find the speaker, I'll sit by it. I'll come over and crush tin cans outside your window, Bonnie. Okay, cool. [LAUGH] I appreciate that. Awesome. That's Transformers Age Of Extinction coming out in June. So the next one on the list is kind of the oddball Indie film on the list. It's called The Signal it's starring Laurence Fishburne. And I watched the trailers and I looked for as much information online as I could and I still can't really tell you what this movie is about. All I know is that it involves hackers and waking up imprisoned in the desert and some kind of conspiracy theories. I was kind of interested in it because it was filmed here in New Mexico and actually, here in Taos, where I'm sitting right now. And yeah, that's, I mean, I don't know much about. It's kind of intriguing. It's a Sundance movie. Like I said it's, it's indy. Do you guys know anything about this that I don't? You've said everything I know. Yeah. I don't, I don't really know anything about it. Like I didn't hear any buzz about it or anything. So I don't, I mean, it's good to see Laurence Fisburne and something other besides and insurance commercial. So I"m glad he's acting again. Yeah. That's awesome. I do wanna know what's the Signal is though. It is intriguing. Yeah. Yeah [CROSSTALK]. Good to see an indy film tackle something in the sci-fi sort of realm. You know [CROSSTALK] It looks really slick. [CROSSTALK] massive productions, to see a small, well, maybe a smaller budget film tackle, tackle the genre. And it looks really slick for, for what I'd expect from an indie film. Wow, there's a cow. There is a cow. Are you sure it's about hackers and it's not about alien abduction? I know, it looks like it, well could be both but these, the characters are definitely hackers. Well, if aliens are smart, they would start abducting hackers and not dumb farmers that just get probed. [LAUGH] I mean I grew up in Kansas, and I've never met anyone that was abducted by an alien in Kansas, but as soon as I moved to Colorado, apparently everyone in the trailer park kept getting infected. So I don't know what that means. It has something to do with drug consumption. Yeah, good sound design. That was Taos right there, by the way. Who directed this? I saw that earlier, I don't remember. If only we had the internet. Oh, I have the internet. Okay. I do like that more and more indy directors and film makers are trying to do sci-fi and monster films. I think that's great. I mean obviously, District Nine was a great thing, Monster with Gareth who did Godzilla. I mean, you started off with Monster so. Director of The Signal is William Eubank, by the way. Oh, okay. Is that, no idea. Alright. IMDB him please. Okay, I'm doing it. [LAUGH]. I'm gonna, I mean I don't know. I'll probably wait til it's on Netflix or On Demand or something. I don't normally go to a theater for indie films. Yeah. When I saw the the trailer, it kind of reminded me, Yeah. A little bit about of, of the, Europa Report, which is a really lesser known indie film from last year, space travel, sci-fi thing, it was, it was really good and nobody saw it. I saw it. So I guess some, I like that. Did you? Oh yeah. It was, it was good, Yeah. And it was well done and it was smart and I don't know. So I have hopes for this based on a slight renaissance of indie sci-fi that I think might be building. Was that the one where astronaut, an astronaut was sent out into space to, I missed the name, Europa Report? Europa Report. No, they land on Europa, which is a moon. Oh, right, right, right, no, I'm thinking of a different trailer that just came out. By the way, one of the things that William Eubank has done is called Crave. okay. Wow! Wholehearted endorsement, then. Full circle. And he looks really young. Cool. So it sounds like we're waiting for Netflix on this one. What do you think, Michael? yeah. I, I'll go along. [LAUGH]. So the next one on our list, I think by the way, that comes out also in June, The Signal. So another one, now this one's coming out in August, but I think will be worth the wait. This is Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh yeah. Which. Oh yeah. Another Marvel one. [LAUGH] With a really super weird cast of characters. To quote Rocket Raccoon. Oh, yeah. [LAUGH] We're all in, kind of getting excited about this one, guys. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] It's got Chris Pratt in it. I didn't wanna talk during the trailer, I'm so excited. [LAUGH] I think the first trailer's better than the second. Clutch the ball over and over and over. Sure No! Yup, hey Gomez, no problem, no problem at all. Who are you? Star Lord. Who? Star lord, man, legendary outlaw. Forget it. So good. He's so cute. I mean funny. They arrested these five on Zandar. Check out the rap sheets. Drax, a.k.a the destroyer. Since his wife and family were killed he's been on a rampage across the galaxy in a search for vengeance. Gamora, soldier, assassin, wanted on over a dozen counts of murder. Rocket, wanted on over 50 charges of vehicular theft and escape from lock-up. What the hell. [LAUGH] Bruce has been travelling recently as Rocket's personal house plant slash muscle. [MUSIC] Here's Jason Quill. He's also known as Star Lord. [MUSIC]. Who calls him that? Himself mostly. He's wanted mostly on charges of minor assault, public intoxication, and fraud. Oh, I'm sorry, I, I didn't know how this machine worked. So good. Mm-hm. To me this is like channeling, Chris Pratt is like channeling Nathan Fillion from Firefly, but I'm like, he's better. I prefer him, I think, which I know is backwards. Oh yeah, oh yeah. We'll he's been more of a loser thing, like Mel in Firefly was not a loser. This guy is sort of a rebel in the a misfit offbeat sense, more so. I, I don't know Captain Mall definitely had this misfit element to him and an angry sense of humor. Yeah, yeah the short fuse. I think more in a heroic, obviously heroic way perhaps. Yeah it wasn't, yeah, it was temperamental in a different way Yeah. They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. [UNKNOWN] And you know, anytime you had a raccoon. What a bunch of a-holes. You know, it's so great that they have a good mix of Americans and Brits in this too. That was Peter I can never pronounce his last name. I know how to spell it. Serafinowicz. And geeks will know him as the voice of Darth Maul. Oh. But he's also been in a bazillion things. I mean, he's a really well known comedic actor in, in the UK as well and he was also on Parks and Rec because when Chris Pratt was in London filming Guardians of the Galaxy. That's why they had a London, British episode of Parks and Rec, is because they wanted to let, have, make sure Chris was still in the show while he was filming. And Karen Gillan's in this too, yeah? Oh great. From Doctor Who. anyway. And Zoe. And Peter Dinklage. Yeah. Peter. Oh really? And Zoe's in everything. Great. Zoe's in every sci-fi show, which I'm okay with. Bradley Cooper is the voice of Rocket Raccoon, which, I, I don't really like him as an actor. Me either. But I might like him now. Because we can't see his smug face. And Vin Diesel is in it, too. Well, his voice is in it. His voice has always been the best. I mean, I love Vin Diesel, but his voice is really. His voice is great. The big thing. So I, I'm looking forward to this because this is the misfit sci-fi movie of the year that I've been wanting to see forever. I'm actually more excited to see this than the new Star Wars when it comes out. I know that's blasphemy. Sacrilege. Sacrilege? Especially since I work. For you. Yeah. I worked for Lucas Films for like, a decade. So I feel like I have to return my Lucas Film card, but or ewoks are gonna come for me in the night. But I, I cannot wait for this. I love the comic. I've been wanting this to happen for so long. It's funny cuz Star Wars sort of has a equivalent to this called, Race Squadron, which has a Jackson the Rabbit, which is the green rabbit in Star Wars. This is all expanded universe. It's expanded universe so as we know, Disney's already said yeah, you're not getting that movie. But it's got like a, a Gramerian guard Jedi in it to. I mean there's so many great things. I'm, I'm always for misfits. I'm always for animals that shouldnt be talking but are. I'm just so excited for this. I think it's going to be funny, it's going to be witty and it's going to be action packed. The trailer really sold it to me that this one is going to be a little different from the other Marvel movies. It's going to be the one with the attitude, the one that's a little more offbeat. The sideways one and yeah I'm really looking forward to it. I have nothing but faith in James Gunn. I think he's a great director. I'm excited that he's doing this. I think people are going to be surprised pleasantly about this movie. Joseph Nit says on Twitter that the complete, our complete silence during the trailer shows that this is pretty clearly our favorite. [LAUGH] Yeah, how could you tell? I guess I have to agree. I, I actually watch this trailer at least once a day now. [LAUGH] I watch all the trailers. I really knew. And then I compare them. I do,' cuz I can't, I'm so excited for this. It gives me chills and I'm just so. I'm just so thrilled it's, it's, when you're a jaded sci-fi fan and a jaded comic book fan like I am, when you finally see something you're like, oh my God. [CROSSTALK] And you get to see it working where it's suppose to work. Yeah, that's how you're suppose to feel with all of these movies we're talking about. Right, right. Well, because nice effort, good effort. Yeah. But this one's. I'm actually not looking forward to this one, at the risk of being ostracized. Oh, okay. We appreciate that. [CROSSTALK] and really, all the same reasons, you are looking forward to it, I kind of don't like comedy in my Sci-Fi Mm. You know, I like them, the more big, serious, you know, kinda sci-fi things and the comedy just always irritates me. In general, I don't watch comedy movies. So that's probably why this one's just not resonating with me. I tried and tried to like it but it's just not. Are you more of a? Not a Simon Pegg fan? No. You're such a kill joy. Are you more of a, are you more of a DC guy, the the Batman or Spiderman? No it's not even that. It's just like the characters look cool but I think the comedy is what's turning me off a little bit. And also I like, like, you know, I'm more of an X-Men kind of fan. So I like people who have powers and these characters don't look like they have any powers. But there's comedy in X-Men. It's not the same. Oh there's comedy with X-Men. I mean, that's what Wolverine, I mean it's funny Deadpool's just put in there to irritate Wolverine. The last movie, I mean I'm still waiting for a Deadpool movie. I was hoping that was going to happen with Ryan Reynolds but who knows where that lies and that's definitely comedy. Because all he does, all Deadpool does is break the fourth wall and upset Wolverine. I actually had a question. Do I have to see the most recent Wolverine movie before I see the new X-Men movie? Is that necessary? I don't think so. I don't think so. Because you're back in. Well? Yeah. I don't think so. Okay. Because I haven't seen that one yet. I don't know. I've watched them out of order and it's been okay. That's a good twitter question. Oh yeah. Perfect. I, I think people on Twitter should answer that. Because I honestly, I don't think, I think it's going to be fine as a standalone. But that is a good question cause there are things that might tie it in as well. It can, it will. Yeah, anyway, okay. This movie gave me kinda a Galaxy Quest vibe when I first saw the trailer. That's one of my favorite movies of all times. Yeah, it's awesome. It's probably the music too doesn't hurt. Yeah. Hey, Steven, so we've got three more movies worth 30 minutes. Are we cool to keep going? Yeah, yeah. Let's do it. Ok, cool. All right, well I think, so we're, we're three to one on Guardians of the Galaxy my [UNKNOWN]. Going twice? Yeah, I count as double. Yeah, there you go. We gotta wait till August. We've gotta wait til August for that one. He said he's going to [CROSSTALK] much sooner, so I guess he wins. [LAUGH]. So another one, so, okay, this is another one that I forget one of us was excited about this one. It's called edge of tomorrow [CROSSTALK]. Oh yeah. It comes out in June. Yeah, a few of us. [CROSSTALK] With, Tom Cruise, and this is basically a movie where you see Tom Cruise wearing an insane exoskeleton get killed over and over again. So I would think. He just tweeted about that, right? Yeah. About the Darpa? Darpa. The Darpa outfit. We have a post about that on Crave. Yeah, he's [LAUGH] It's Chris, it's the politically incorrect blog. And that's Emily Blunt, for those wanting to know who else is in this film. Right. It's basically Starship Troopers Groundhog's day. Yeah. So you just watch him die over and over again. Bill Murray's good. Except not as funny as Starship Troopers. Well, I never saw the movie. I'm talking about the book, actually. Okay. Touche. Sorry, no, I'm not, no, I'm not attached, alright? I just read the book a long time ago. Look at those, oh, look at those uniforms, though. Yeah, kind of Harkness going on there. Yeah. Captain Jack, Torchwood. So I have kind of mixed feelings on this one. I haven't been too happy with Tom Cruise's sci-fi attempts. So I wasn't big on Oblivion. Really? Oh, okay. Not really. So I don't know. I'm withholding judgment. Bonnie, you have feelings, though? [CROSSTALK] This has, you know, I, I don't entire, besides from the trailer I don't know what this is about. But it seems to have this Oblivion theme of it in that he can get killed and keep coming back. So, I find it odd that he's in another movie where he gets killed and comes back. Well, no, it's the Groundhog's Day plot. You know, every day you get a chance to do same thing over. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] in Oblivion, he's a, he's a clone. And I guess here he actually. Yeah. He's not a clone. He's just a regular dude, but he has to be trained by Emily Blunt over and over and over, so he can actually become a soldier. And I think it's pretty funny that she keeps shooting him to start the day over because that's. And she's the one that's the ultimate soldier, which I love that. That they make a female the ultimate soldier that's training him to be a soldier. Well, there's the line in the movie where she, he says, I'm not a soldier, I'm a weapon. Right. Yeah. Well, she tells him that. You're a weapon. Yeah, but there's still a very lengthy training montage. Cuz you have to have that in a Tom Cruise movie. Which is basically what reminded me of Starship Troopers. Cuz it's like you're going up against this you know vile, endless alien over and over. But what does that make you? You're basically a human fly swatter. You're just. Yeah. You become nothing. But luckily, there's no Busey in this one. I said Starship Troopers. Starship Troopers had some real political overtones. It really does. And it's probably the most quoted sci-fi film ever. Like, I love the humor in it. I mean, Michael would hate it. [LAUGH] But I don't, I don't. Does the fact that he is doing these movies where he keeps, you know, being reincarnated [CROSSTALK] Are you, are you trying to do the Xenu thing? [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe we should stay off of that. I, I, here, here's the thing. I, I, Scientology is what it is. I, I was raised in a very religious Catholic family. So to me, all religion sort of has that sci-fi element to it. So whether it's angels or aliens, to me it's all the same. It's just a matter of what you put into your faith and Scientology is crazy controversial, but Tom Cruz as an actor, I think, is really good and he totally commits and I don't care if he's crazy. If he's a good actor and I believe him in that character. I think he's great, cuz there's a lot of really crazy actors in Hollywood, Hm. Religion aside, and if you could put their, kind of their personal life to the side and really focus on whether or not they're talented, to me that's what matters. If your characters are known for their intensity and you're really good at being very intense, that does work out. Yeah, I mean, he does, he does his own stunts. A lot of time he's paying for a lot of these movies to be made. He's producing these movies. I'd love that he likes sci-fi just as much as he likes Mission Impossible or Jack Reacher. Don't get me started. I love that show and I can't believe what they did with it. See and I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. So I am glad that he does sci-fi but you are correct in that some of these movies are starting to blend in. So Oblivion and this could kind of be blending into each other. It does, it just makes you wonder how he makes his decisions of what he's gonna do. But who knows? I think he just goes for it and honestly, you know, l, I can't think of to many flops he's been in recently. So I feel like a lot of this money is well spent. I don't know. I, I'm, I'm excited to see him in this. I'll go see it, because I, I love Emily Blunt and I love the concept, and I like movies that kind of warp timelines. Yeah. And I was a big Groundhog's Day fan, so you know. Yeah. By the way, if you guys like the, sorry, the Groundhog's day plot, there's a cop thriller with the Groundhog's Day plot starring Taye Diggs, Adam Baldwin from Firefly, Victorian Pratt from Cleopatra 2525. You can get it on Netflix. It's really good. I recommend it. What's it called? Day Break, two words, like daybreak, but two words. Okay. Nice. Yeah, Adam Baldwin is another one you have to separate personal life from acting. Right, he's this little conservative, right? He's horrible. He's really bad at conventions. And he's bad to other actors, so, you know, but again he's really good at being Jane though. Yeah, I mean I went to see Ender's Game, even though there was all that controversy with Ender's Game. So it's just a matter of what you care about and what you wanna throw your money at and I don't know. It is hard for socially responsible sci-fi fans these days [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I just found out that Emily Blunt was in Foyle's War. Yeah she's great. Fortunately since we are talking about sci-fi, we don't have to bring about Woody Allen. Anyway, so Edge of Tomorrow comes out in June. And so, okay two more to go, and I am really hoping that we'll all universally pan this next one. Okay. Because this is my least favorite reboot, I think, ever. Let's hear it. So it's the second one in the Planet of the Apes reboot. Awww. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so this is number two after Rise of the Planet Apes with James Franco. So now we're 15 years in the future beyond that one. We don't have James Franco anymore. I think we just have. This movie is apparently just a bridge to get us to the third movie, which is already in process. I have no desire to see. Noon on Planet of the Apes. Yeah. [LAUGH] Good cast, though. I mean. Who was that? Gary, Gary Oldman? Gary Oldman was at the beginning. How old is he now? He's timeless. [LAUGH] He's a vampire. He's Dracula. He doesn't eat. Trick question. Yeah, look at those eyes. Does this seem to anybody a bit, maybe. Okay, I'm not gonna open that can of worms. You were gonna say Mel Gibson, weren't you? No. It's not just about power, it's about giving us the hope to rebuild and reclaim the world we lost. Just for the record, I always root for the ape. I never root. [LAUGH] I never root for the humans. Thank you babe. The humans have it come, humans had it coming. Yeah. They really did. Like Tolkien said, he always roots for the trees. Yeah. Seriously, humans had it coming. I, these movies, the original movies, were some of my favorite movies because the political aspect. It's supposed to reflect the times they're made in. And that's, I mean they're, they teach these original Planet of the Apes movies in social history classes a lot of times in college because they reflect directly with social injustice. And they used to be great and I mean, they weren't, the special effects weren't there clearly. But, they were believable. Now, I don't know if that is still in those movies or if they're just kind of sci-fi horror films now. I don't know if they still have a political message. Hm. So, I, I might go see it. I might, I don't think I'll go see it in a theater, like I'm, I'll. I don't know, saying I'll wait for Netflix is such a lazy cop out because I watch everything on Netflix, I mean it doesn't matter. So it's true. So I'll still watch it. I just won't throw money at it. I don't know, what do you guys think? [CROSSTALK] I was gonna say, so you'll watch it instead of sleeping. [LAUGH]. I know, I mean, what do you. How do you, how do you pan something as a movie fan, when you pretty much watch everything anyway? I just won't go out of my way to see it. But if it's on Netflix, I'll watch it. So I don't know what that makes me. Passively caring? I don't know. Normal? Normal. Normal. Lazy. Very normal. It's part of your job. I don't know. Cheap. Yeah. Efficient? Efficient, yeah. Who's directing this? [UNKNOWN] It's cause, didn't Tim Burton direct one of them? Did he really? Oh, the, the. The one with Mark Wahlberg. Yeah. Oh [UNKNOWN] I never, I never saw that one. Marky Mark. Marky Mark. I'll never call him Mark Wahlberg. Director Matt Reeves. Who's also done? Oh, well, if you want that too, you have to click something else. Oh, Okay. I don't know. It's not that it really matters. Felicity? Wait. Oh. [LAUGH] Wow. Maybe I clicked the wrong thing. [LAUGH] I might change my mind. Wow. So, is he part of the Bad Robot crew, then? Under Siege Two Dark Territory! That was terrible. Oh, no. So wa, was anyone interested in this? What did you think Michael? I'm not interested, especially since James Franco's not in it who shares my last name. [LAUGH] Valid, valid point. Go Team Franco. He's spewing a bunch of other stuff though. I think he has another movie that's coming out that he wrote the screenplay, I mean he doesn't sleep and he. Have you seen his weird art movie? Yeah It was on demand I did see too, I did too I liked it a lot. He's like whispering into the mike it's like, you can't even understand what he is saying half the movie he's just going Yeah, I think he's like, I don't I am probably going to get lambasted on our Twitter for this but I kind of feel like he's. Like a young David Lynch. In the sense that he's got a lot of weird stuff going on. He's very David Lynchy. Yeah, cuz you know Dave. Creepy. David Lynch has, he's doing films. He's doing films that he just wants to see. He doesn't care if you want to see it or not. And, he does coffee, he does weather reports, and he writes books, and he does art shows. I kinda feel like that's what James does is. He's just doing whatever he wants and if you want to come along for the ride great and if not he doesn't really care. Buy he's got a great following. I loved him on the soap opera he did where he basically playing himself as an actor on a soap opera. Like that was a giant art project, like a medium that a lot of people take a very seriously so I James Van Der Beek move there That was kind of a Van Der Beek move though. Where's me Van Der Beek sci-fi movie? I've been waiting for that forever. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you on, on at least on James Franco, that if, if I were in his position, I'd like t-to think that if I had like a month to kill or so I'm going to go film and Alan Ginsberg movie... Female One>> Yeah. Instead of make a Capitol 1commercial. One Yeah. You know? Yeah. Yeah. And the great thing is, his choices are so left field. I mean he did a weird art show where he was basically just drawing male anatomy on everything. And then he's done, like, poetry readings, and then he's done audio books, which is kind of a no brainer, most actors do audio books, but just what he chooses to do in his off time is just so bizarre, and, and kind of commendable because no one can really figure him out. And he's cool with hipsters, but also that's okay, cuz even though he's cool with hipsters we still like him. Cuz I know that's like the thing to hate on hipster love, so I don't know. I, I kinda want him to do sci-fi stuff. So maybe he'll do more. Well he was in that Oz movie. That's true. It's fantasy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He actually got his masters degree in my little town here in North Carolina. He, you, you know, so there were all these James Franco sightings around town. Hm While he was working on his. His poetry masters. So, he [INAUDIBLE] He's got a lot of masters. He's got a P, two PHDs. And they weren't honorary. He like actually went to class for those. He can hang out with Kesha. [LAUGHING] Anyway. So basically we were, so we endorsed the actor that's not in the movie. Yeah. Sorry. [LAUGHING] [INAUDIBLE] I don't know, I, you know what. I am not gonna go see this movie. So there. Yeah. So done. Next. So okay, so that one is in July, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. If you totally disagree with this go check it out. So the last one, let's do one more, we'll save the Batman stuff for a future Craig cast. So one more that's coming out this summer. Is Lucy. And I am excited for this for I think both the right and the wrong reasons. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Wrong reasons probably being associated with Scarlett Johansson. I don't know what you mean Eric. [LAUGH] And the right reasons being it's kind of a fascinating premise this. The basic idea is that she's a woman who is taken and, and forced to, knocked out and then they basically put drugs in here. She's a drug mule against her will and the drugs leaks and somehow, this gives her access to more of her brain, than the average bear and she basically turns into a insane fighting machine. So it's basically a lot of Scarlett Johansson just kicking ****. But also it's kind of an interesting you know, I guess, bio-tech aspect to it. Did anyone else here read Hyland's book Friday Is that what this was based on? Not, I wouldn't say so, but the whole thing, so there's this super strong, like, genetically altered woman, and in the beginning, she's told that she's smuggling something in her belly button by this lady, and then it all turns out to be a scam and they're gonna kill her and I think actually she was pregnant. Sorry, book spoilers. But, yeah, it just made me think of that in the beginning. I wanted to know if anyone else thought that, too. I guess not. I'm just gonna pretend this is black. Went on vacation. Pretty much. So I have a question, I think Michael Franco shares this with me, once she gets so powerful where's the story go from there? Like, if characters don't have limits it [UNKNOWN] the question of what does she want? What's her goal? What's her endgame here? Yeah exactly she's pretty, she seems like she could do absolutely everything you know from reading wi-fi signals in the air to disintegrating people with the snap of her fingers so that, I think that is the question. [CROSSTALK] A trailer that it kinda becomes a battle against herself because she is like battling against you know the old her just making her less human and less. empathic. But. So she's kinda battling to preserve her old self. Then there's this Morgan Freeman character that seems to be playing some kind of a guide. And I'm guessing that's where it goes. I don't really know. Well and the first. The name, Lucy. You know? The first human, is called Lucy. Yeah. I forgot about that. The first human skeleton. So. Oh, yeah. It's a sort of a, a nod to human evolution. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Look at you! Pulling in the science! [LAUGH] I wish I could swipe traffic away. [LAUGH] I love that ending. [LAUGH] It's like [INAUDIBLE] and that's true, putting everyone to sleep. I can't tell you how many annoying drunks are outside the bus stop outside my home at three in the morning I would love to do that. And I'm going to be there with the tin cans [LAUGH] He has all the powers I want. Which is being able to find things quickly, change my haircut and still [CROSSTALK] she's like shape shifting fighting machine. I'm down I'll watch it. I mean it's interesting idea, what could you do if you could use the full potential of your brain. Not sure why expecting you hair color in the physical world would actually be part of that but you know it's interesting just go with it. It's a Harry Potter talks thing we all want to be able to change easily like a shape shifter. Cause then it's also you can hide within plain sight as well not just identity issue. But, you know, one thing I really love about this movie too. Not only because it's a strong female character kicking ****, but you have to kinda wonder when you have that much access to everything in your brain, how quickly do you go insane? Right, cuz we're gonna see that probably And are we going to see that? I mean, We kind of. You know that's a, that's a trope that shows up in a lot of sci-fi, TV, comics, movies where. Mm. If you kind of get the god gene. If you suddenly become. Right. This overly powered human, what do you do with that? Cause you have the power but you don't have the practice. You don't have the setups. Yeah. You haven't built the control mechanism. I mean that also. You don't know how to use it yet. That also helps with the [INAUDIBLE] superheros or people that have sudden powers. Right. You use it for good. You use it for bad. Do you just use it to cheat things that you didn't get before? If you're lucky you have some baby steps. I'm interested that the other recent movie, which had pretty much the same premise had not come up yet. And I'm thinking maybe that's because it starts Bradley Cooper. Which movie? Limitless. Right! Yea, I found that. That's with DeNiro, right? Yeah. Isn't DeNiro in that? Yeah. Yeah. [COUGH] I don't know anything about that. It's on Netflix. Can somebody tell me? He takes a pill or something, right? Yeah. He takes a pill and then he. Yeah. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Then he writes his book. Right. I think he's like a frustrated writer, and he takes the pill. And he gets his book done, and then gets a whole lot more stuff done. I'm not sure that's the real message. [CROSSTALK] But he gets power. [LAUGH] That's like the anti-Entour, or anti-Hangover. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, right That's like pre-Hangover. Yeah, it's like college. [LAUGH] It's just like college, cramming for the exam. Yeah. Mm-hm. [LAUGH] I don't, I don't know. I like this one better cuz I think, I love where it's set. I don't know. I can't wait to see, I would go see this. And I love seeing Morgan Freeman as any kind of guide. Right [CROSSTALK]. Or any kind of like Yoda-esque character. It's kind of funny because it seems like she's gonna turn into a god at the end maybe. But Morgan Freeman is God. So how can they both [INAUDIBLE]. Morgan Freeman is always God. Yeah. [LAUGH]. Yeah. It's so funny. [LAUGH]. We were talking about this. Not to give any spoilers away. Because, we won't. But at the very season, or series finale of Supernatural. Oh. On CW. I'm hoping that God shows up. And I really hope it's Morgan Freeman. Cause that would be great cause he just needs to play God in everything, I think he'd be great. Scary that it would be a woman also. But if it's a woman and yeah that's the CW. Best show issues about fathers. Well the problem with CW and super natural they don't always they'll probably you know, it the first two seasons of super natural like every demon was a Hooters waitress, so I don't know if they'll really [LAUGH] make that. And vice versa,. And vice versa so anyways sorry. Change it but yeah yeah I'm excited for this movie I will totally go see it. Michael Franco okay. Yeah, Micheal what do you think? Yeah, Franco. I kind of agree with, with your initial assessment, Eric. I'm definitely gonna see, you know, probably largely because of Scarlett, but -. [LAUGH] I think, you know, it, it, it looks like a good movie and a good action movie, but, you know, I guess I also have this thing that I said earlier that, you know, when a character becomes so, so powerful the movie just, it can almost get a little bit boring, you know, where. She could just wave her finger and pretty much do absolutely anything conceivable. It's, it's you know, I don't know that it makes for a good movie, but we'll see, I'm gonna see it. Something just occurred to me when talking about choices of character choices and roles people take so this evolving transcendent character is kind of also what happened with. Scar Jo's character in, Her. Also, I wonder if, maybe, maybe she's has some sort of a, uh- Well keep in mind, too, movie release date is not signifying when they were filmed. So alot of time, movies are filmed- Mm-hm. That are released, are filmed out of order of when they actually were in them. So, her evolution as an actress and what she's choosing as roles that may not quite have the same relevance we kind of wanted to. But I loved her. I thought that was a great movie. And I guess yeah it's sci-fi? Right. Yeah. So I would or just is it just from five years from now? I don't know. [LAUGH] Hey, I've got a comment from favorite colleague Jess Sparkman On Twitter here, and I'm not sure what he's referring to, but he says that basic premise reminds me of the Teen Titans villain the terminator. Both are based on that 10% myth. Of, the using your brain? Mm hm. Yeah, I just, I wonder about that too, if you could have the capacity to use all of your brain. Would you really be that much smarter or would it just be amplifying how you already are? You'd just have a headache. Would you have an amazing memory? Yeah. Yeah. You'd have a migraine. If you were always a douchebag and you could use all of your brain, would you still be a douchebag but with powers? Can you imagine having a migraine ten times as bad? Oh God. And you'll be annoyed with dumb people even more. [LAUGH] So, maybe, maybe you'll be above annoyance. Yeah, I guess you can just put them asleep like she does in the trailer. Like Milificent did. Yeah, but it's just, I, I feel like if you're already kind of annoyed with dumb people and you'll become like godlike smart. How do you keep from just pushing everyone off a bridge that you think's stupid? I mean I just. Cuz you know you're gonna get a stern lecture from Morgan Freeman. Oh, that's it, that's it. [LAUGH] Morgan Freeman's your base of morality. [LAUGH] For everything. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. I think we have a real world analog here. I think you become Bill Clinton. You become really smart, really charismatic and, but still sleazy. Oh, I would like that in a movie character. you become a sleazy, a really sleazy superhero. Well, actually,um the young professor X that they are showing in these movies is kinda like that. Is he pretty sleazy? Yeah, yeah. We did a drinking game one time last year before class and one of the things you drink on is every time. Xavier does something that is kinda douche-y. Yeah. Yeah, we were all pretty puzzled in the first minute or so. I mean, Captain Kirk is probably the, one of the sleepiest of. Yeah. But he's not really a super hero. [CROSSTALK] He's just, you know. Excuse me. Oh, sorry. Sorry. [LAUGH] Sorry. Yeah, I mean we should do that. Maybe we should write a CNet article of our favorite sleazy superhero. I feel like that. Really? I mean, it's a little Buzzfeed-esque, but I think we could get away with it on CNet Crave. Let's do it! Okay. Budget that. Budget it! I'll budget that. So, Twitter send us your suggestions of your favorite sleazy superhoot, heroes and we'll Yes. We'll [LAUGH] Take a look. And we'll go read there stuff. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Recent research. Yeah. There you go. Well hey I think, I think we're pretty much wrapping up here. Lucy comes out in August at some point. So watch for that. So one last thing we can do Kelsey you suggested, maybe we could [INAUDIBLE] Go around and, and. Just kinda blurred out some, some things that we would like to see. Maybe we could do movies we, we'd most like to see in the future [CROSSTALK] Sure. That we want somebody to make [CROSSTALK] I'll go [CROSSTALK] All right. I'll go first 'cuz a [CROSSTALK] Go for it [CROSSTALK] Story just went up today. The Blade Runner sequel. I'm a huge Blade Runner fan. By the way, I got some angry comments on Twitter from people saying, how dare you saying that Deckard's a replicant. I didn't say that. In the article it says that some fans think he's a replicant. So, you can draw your own conclusions. So the whole thing is that Alco entertainment asked, this week, Harrison Ford if he would be interested in reprising his role as Deckerd in the Blade Runner Sequel. If you recently watch, read his AMA on Reddit, which we covered on CNet. He did actually cover this artic, or, this comment, last month when a fan asked him about Blade Runner sequel and if he'd do it. And he said he'd be, if the script was good, he'd be very interested. And he liked working with Ridley Scott even though before they had sort of a, a weird past where they argued a lot on set, when it first was being filmed, the original in 1982. so, but he's, he's interested in coming back. We'll, in the AMA he said that. He hasn't said that recently, because of course, as we know, he's in London right now, filming Star Wars as Han Solo, reprising his role. And, even though the 2008 Indiana Jones movie didn't do so well when he came back- Mm. As Indy, there is- Shia LeBeouf, again. A pretty heavy rumor that he's gonna be doing another Indiana Jones movie after Star Wars, so we'll see if. You know he's going to be playing Deckard. I would love to see Sean Young come back as Rachel, but, we'll see if that happens too. But I'm excited if there is a Bladerunner Sequel because Wrigley Scott will be the director. And the original screen play was written by the original screenplay writer of Bladerunner. The original one. But it's being reprised again. I, not reprised, it's being re-written again by another writer. Hopefully it will be good. So fingers crossed. Sorry. How about you Kelsey? Oh, I'm waiting for Wonder Woman movies. Oh yeah. I'm not too thrilled by the casting of the one that's happening I'm not gonna get into that but I just want to keep making more and more Wonder Woman movies until they hit one that like. So that's what I'm hoping. I, I double agree with that. I can get behind that too. Yeah. Michael Franco, you got one? Well I'll, I'll quadruple agree to the Wonder Woman show. My crush on Linda Carter when I was little so. Right? I would like to see that reprised. And speaking of Chris Pratt, there's you know, these rumors of a, or maybe con, confirmation that there's a new Knight Rider move, movie coming out. So. Oh. I was kind of a Knight Rider fan. [LAUGH] I like that like man and his car against the world kind of thing. Mm hm. So I'm looking forward to that. Cool. Stephen Beacham, do you have any suggestions? You know, we saw like a little preview of it in that HBO show. Why is it escaping my mind right now? But I'm interested in Aquaman. Oo! I heard some rumor about Aquaman recently. Varying choice. Yeah, what was the show? Oh! With all the guys Wasn't that the guy from Supernatural, Jared Jenson? No they, they had the HBO show with two dudes and they are in the movie industry. I don't know why I'm forgetting it right now. Entourage? Entourage. Entourage. Yeah. Oh right. He was on Aquaman and entourage. There was actually a pretty stable rumor. Yeah. Yeah. When that story in Entourage was happening. Yeah. That that actually was going to happen because some of these fans of Entourage were actually Aquaman fans. [LAUGH]. So, never, [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I mean, never say never. But if it's not a movie it could end up as a TV show like The Flash. Yeah, yeah. Well, I'd rather it be a movie. I don't know. Okay. [CROSSTALK] There was an Aquaman TV show. I think it only made two or three episodes before it got canceled. Yeah. There was this guy, the guy from, I think he was on Smallville. Was it a, was it CW that did it? I think it was. Yeah, we'll see. Well you could get. If they could do, if they could do a good one, do it right, it would be awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. And the movie's 3D to get really in, with that budget, you get good underwater stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Important. I'm down with that. What about you Eric. What do you say? So I'm gonna go dark and topical and current. I want, I think it's time to do 1984 again. Oh. Because I think it would be. I think it would be very [CROSSTALK] Yeah, you could do it. I think what's scary is it might not even seem like sci-fi. It might just be the NBC nightly news or CBS, CBS nightly news, I agree with you, I. That's one of my favorite movies and I would love to see something like that. But it's hard to, it's hard to review a movie like that when it's past and it's supposed to be futuristic. You never know what fans and sci-fi people are gonna say to that. But I would love to see that. Its got one of my favorite soundtracks by the [UNKNOWN], so I was always a big fan of 1984. Then I guess it would have to be 2084 or, or, or it could be like a, you know, an alternate universe game. Blade Runner was set in 2019, and we're coming on that pretty quickly, and I don't have a hover car yet. I don't know about you. I like the idea of retro sci-fi though. Like, we have, we have terms for, you know. Alright. [INAUDIBLE] is awesome. Everybody loves that obviously, 1950s style retro look. But, what would the term be for 1980s style? Oh. right, leg warmer retro? Like. Right. Your new romantics. Oo, I like that. Eurythmics. Yeah. Futuristic new romantic. Or, retro romantic? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know Something to think about. Something to think about. I feel like I09s probably talked about this ad nauseum, because I that Charley Jean cares about 1984 as well. And I have other writer friends at CNET, also, who. Love that kinda concept of retro future. Yeah. So I would like to see- Bioshock, that's what I was trying think of. Somebody call Craftwork now. So, do we need a sequel to Sky Captain? I think so. Sorry, crickets. [LAUGH] I saw that movie, I had just drunk a great deal and that's how you see it, that's how you see it. I love Rocketteer movies. Jeff wants to know, Jeff Sprockman. Clever username on Twitter, who had the greatest American hero movie? Huh? Yea! That's a good idea! Who will, who most looks like William Katz right now? Hm. I don't know. I think we should take that to Twitter. If you want an America's greatest hero, who would you have cast in that. I don't know. See these are the things that sci-fi fans get together and we get drunk and talk about how we would cast different people. Although we are completely sober right now. We really are, that's the sad part. But, yeah, no, I just, I feel like that's. I don't know and it's the same thing with Godzilla everyone says, you know well now that there's going to be a sequel because I think did we already cover that in CNET today that there's a sequel coming? There's supposed to be a sequel coming For Godzilla? Yeah. Oh yeah totally. Maybe we can merge Godzilla sequel with America's Greatest Hero. I'd watch that [MUSIC] And he says the eighties retro future look should be called Xanadoom. Oh, Xanadoom! Xanadoom. That's brilliant! Steven you're awesome! Look at the quality of this [CROSSTALK] Wow [LAUGH] We weren't even, we weren't planning to talk about this. [CROSSTALK] And just so you know that actor auditioned to play Luke Skywalker. So if Mark Hammel had not, that would have been our Luke. [MUSIC] There's Mark. [LAUGH]. Mr. Hamill. Well, Terry Nunn would have been Princes Leah if Carrie Fisher hadn't come along. So that could have been an interesting [UNKNOWN] video. Yeah. I'll have to look that up. Oh, really? Her? Wow. I could go all day with that. [LAUGH] Alright. [LAUGH] On that note, On that note. That may wrap up the Crave Cast. Thanks so much everyone for. For joining us and be sure to tweet ideas for future [UNKNOWN] and also let us know what movies we missed and how we're going to do vintage, sci-fi, retro for the 80s. And sleazy superheros. And vanadoom. Vanadoom. [UNKNOWN] was born today. 80s utopia. Yes. AKA, the 80's. Yea Alright, well thanks everyone for joining us, and as always check in at cnet.com/crave for the latest in your geeky universe. And we'll be planning another one of these for June. In the meantime, I guess it's time to go check out Godzilla. X-men this weekend. For Bonnie Burton, Steven Beecham, Kelsey Adams and Michael Franco, I'm Eric Mack and we'll see you next time. [MUSIC]

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