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uTorrent Remote: Tap That App

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Tap That App: uTorrent Remote

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A new Android app from uTorrent gives you the power to control desktop file sharing while on the move. Find, start, and stop torrents on your computer, from your Android device. And the killer feature? Remote playback.

Welcome to Tap That App, I'm Seth Rosenblatt and this is the show where we show off some of the hottest mobile apps around. You may think that torrenting and mobile devices would be more of a greasy oil-and-water combo than tasty PB and J, but torrent progenitor BitTorrent, Inc. has got something special cooked up for you with the uTorrent Remote for Android. And yes, before all you hataz start hating, I KNOW it's pronounced "micro-Torrent", but what do you type when you search for it? U-Torrent. Now that's settled, let me tell you about this killer app. It slices, it dices, it... It does none of those things. As you might imagine from the name, it DOES let you control your desktop torrents from your Android device. You can add, start, pause, or remove torrents, including torrents from RSS feeds, and you can check a torrent's upload or download status. While all those are pretty cool, the big feature that makes this app a must is that it allows you to transfer, save, and play back any completed file from your PC to your Android device. In other words, best to do this on Wi-Fi, because otherwise there goes your data cap. Now, to use uTorrent Remote, you'll have to upgrade your desktop client to the rough alpha of uTorrent 3.0. Once installed, go to the Web section of the uTorrent preferences and choose a username and password, then enter those in to the uTorrent Remote app. The app comes with buttons for viewing all your torrents, and then filtering by active downloads, currently seeding, and completed torrents. You can customize labels for your torrents, and add RSS feeds--an excellent way to stay on top of podcasts, for example. Tap a torrent and you're provided with a detailed list of information. Controls at the bottom will cancel the torrent, pause it, and view its files. Tap the folder icon and get a list of the files in the torrent. You can select on the fly which ones to copy to your phone. Once copied over, a process that depends heavily on signal strength and the size of the file, the icon changes to a playback arrow. Note that just because you can transfer the file to your phone doesn't mean that your phone has the ability to play it back, and uTorrent Remote doesn't include a file conversion tool. Be sure that if you're going to go through the effort of transferring a file that your Android knows how to handle it. MP3, MP4, and JPEGs, for example, ought to be fine without any tweaking. That's it for this week's show! If you've got any suggestions bang em on over to TapThatApp At CNET dot com. I'm Seth Rosenblatt and we'll see you next week.

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