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A 12.9 inch iPad Pro is coming
2:58 September 3, 2015
Apple gets ready to unveil the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and a new Apple TV; Google's Nexus refresh starts Sept. 29; Tesla announces pricing...
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The tech that brings 'Star Wars' droid BB-8 to life
1:29 September 3, 2015
Move over, R2-D2. BB-8, a new droid in the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie, has already captured the attention and imagination...
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This see-through fridge is the coolest we've ever seen
0:48 September 3, 2015
Coming to Europe and Asia next year, the Haier Smart Window Refrigerator has motion activated lights that reveal its contents as you...
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Samsung's Ultra HD Blu-ray player champions a 4K, disc-based future
1:27 September 3, 2015
Samsung's first Ultra HD blu-ray player will play the next generation of disc-based media, following on from Blu-ray and DVD. Hit play...
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Samsung Gear S2 and Ultra HD Blu-ray among the coolest new tech at IFA 2015
1:49 September 3, 2015
From smartwatches to spying fridges, here are just a few of our favourite new gadgets being unveiled for the IFA tech trade show in...
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Wheel-controlled Samsung Gear S2 puts a new spin on smatwatch navigation
1:36 September 3, 2015
We test-drive the Gear S2, which is controlled by a rotating bezel that lets you scroll through apps and menus. Hit play to see it...
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Here's how to control the Huawei Mate S without even touching the screen
1:12 September 3, 2015
See how you can control this powerful, sleek new smartphone with your knuckle or without even touching the screen.
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LG's HDR OLED TV shows off blacker blacks and whiter whites
1:13 September 3, 2015
HDR is the next big thing, so we take a look to see if LG's OLED televisions handle the challenge.
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