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CNET Update: Twitter set to fly on NYSE
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CNET Update: Twitter set to fly on NYSE

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The network is set to become a publicly traded company on Thursday, Nike pumps Fuel into a new iPhone chip, and Google Search adds new tricks for its iOS app.

Twitter soars to the stock market and Nike pumps Fuel into a new iPhone processor. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. On Thursday, everyone will be looking at Twitter as it becomes a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. The stocks price range will start at about $23 to $25 a share, making the network worth as much as $13.9 billion. Every month there are more than 231 million active users on Twitter but that's less than 1/5 the size of Facebook. There are a few other interesting tidbits, revenue shows that Twitter makes most of its money from its U.S. audience but 78 percent of the users are not in the United States. If you own a PS Vita and you plan to by the new PlayStation 4, well then, you'll want to download a software update for the Vita that's out now. There's a new feature called PS4 Link. It allows gamers to use the Vita as a second screen for the PS4 and to use it as a remote control. Some PlayStation 4 games can even be played directly on the Vita. But even if you're not getting a PS4, the update has a few other perks. You can use WiFi to transfer data to a PS3, there's a panoramic camera setting and parental controls can be set to restrict playtime. The PlayStation 4 will launch in North America next week on November 15th. The iOS version of Google Search as been beefed up to include many of the same features that are already on Android. The updated Google Search app for iOS includes handsfree voice searching. So, you could just open the app and say the magic words "Okay Google" followed by your search question. Also Google Now can send Push notifications and reminders of your appointments, tasks or news items without requiring you to go and open the app. If you own the new iPhone 5S, you wanna check out a Nike free fitness app that takes advantage of the iPhone's new M7 processor which is dedicated to just tracking movement throughout the day. The app is called Nike Plus Move and it's designed to push you to be more active with daily goals. Movement is measured by Nike Fuel points and you can get competitive with your friends and their Fuel point scores. Of course, this is assuming you workout with your iPhone strapped to you or you keep your phone in your pocket when you're going about your day. It really is just an app to what your appetite for the program so that you'll buy the new Nike FuelBand SE wristband tracker which costs $150 and those FuelBands began shipping to customers this week. That's your tech news update but you can find more details on our show blog, From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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