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Loaded: Top Facebook, Twitter topics of '11

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Loaded: Top Facebook, Twitter topics of '11

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You may soon be able to check-in to Google+, Android Market celebrates its 10 billionth app with a sale, and Facebook and Twitter share the most popular topics of the year.

It's Wednesday, December 7th, 2011. I'm Kara Tsuboi on CNET.com and it's time to get loaded. Verizon maybe planning to launch a streaming movie in TV service putting in direct competition with Netflix. Reuters reports of the company's (??) with program and partners for a possible 2012 launch for roughly 85 million homes in the US. Companies like Epix that has stream content to Netflix have contracts that expires soon leaving the door open for partnerships potentially with Verizon. Google Plus is adding a check in feature starting next week. Similar to Foursquare, Google Plus users can take advantage of discounts by checking in to a company through the social networking site. A new feature with Google Plus is that users have the option to share offers that they redeem with people in their circles. With Facebook being the top competitor, Google hopes adding new features like this will drive more people over to the service. In other Google news, it's Android market had a significant miles on this week. Announcing that 10 billion apps have now been downloaded. I'm sure it's got a long way to catch up with Apple's established Ecosystem iTunes and its 18 billion downloads but the Android growth has been steep and strong. In honor of that nice round number, Google will be selling select apps for just 10 cents over the next 10 days. Starting today, the app Flipboard will now be available for the iPhone. The super sleek app for the iPad came out last year. It takes (??) that your friends have shared inside your social network and gives them a magazine style layout downloaded for free from the App store. According to Facebook users, Osama Bin Laden's death was the most memorable thing to happen in 2011. Over the year, the social networking site keeps track of what's shared and what trends. Even breaking it down by country. For example in the UK, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Royal wedding ranked number one. Visit Facebook's own page to see all of 2011's highlights. Twitter also keeps track of top tweets according to the number of times a subject was tweeted per second and these results couldn't be anymore different than Facebook's. In 2011, Osama Bin Laden's death didn't even cracked the top 5. Number one was the MTV video music awards with nearly 9,000 tweets per second. And since these results are based on worldwide data, reasons why the FIBA Women's world cup and Brazil's elimination from the Copa America were amongst the most tweeted about. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Kara Tsuboi from CNET.com.

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