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Tomorrow Daily 039: "Swarmies" of NASA robots, fish playing Street Fighter 2, and a shotgun flute: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 039: "Swarmies" of NASA robots, fish playing Street Fighter 2, and a shotgun flute

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On today's show, Ashley and Khail check out how NASA might use tiny robot swarms to search for resources on other planets, watch two goldfish play Street Fighter 2, and discuss an art installation consisting of a shotgun re-imagined into a flute.

NASA's working on robot swarms that will locate resources on other plants and asteroids. Meanwhile, I can't find my keys when I want to leave the house. A couple of fish are playing live, Street Fighter 2, and you can watch it. Next up, Call of Duty. Cuz the abbreviation is cod. [LAUGH] I'll never stop laughing at that. And an artist has turned a double-barreled shotgun into a flute. I'm telling you right now, if this is not used in a Army of Darkness broadway musical I will be so disappointed, life. I will be so disappointed. I think we all will. Agreed. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greeting citizens of the internet. Yes we have our studio audience. Kale is our studio audience. Welcome to tomorrow daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda and join me and once again, Kale anonymous. Good to see you again! People. Good to see you again. Good to see you too. Yea we didn't see each other until we just entered this room. To, I know. No. We never did. They actually hide us. They hermetically seal us in envelopes and ship us to the studio. Like before a wedding. You can't, Yea. see your host. That's exactly right. But you guys seem to really enjoy Kale on the show so we had it back for another day. I enjoy you too. He does. Just you though not whoever [Cross talking] Not those other people. Not those, Yea. other people. But yeah we, we had so much fun, so we brought Kale back, and we're going to talk about some news, let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] So robot swarms. Back to robots. Back to robots, we love robots. We love all this future tech. But NASA is working on this really cool thing where they're using swarm of robots, and it's a small swarm now. Four robots. Not as exciting Oh, okay four. But we've seen a thousand robot swarms and So what they're doing is this is actually what you're looking at right now. This is a robotic vehicle that they're kinda of, it's a concept vehicle and their sort of evaluating designs for future crafts that they can use on a planet like Mars. But that point of this would be. So this would do all the heavy lifting. So what you're looking at is a machine that would do all the heavy lifting for these little, tiny robot swarms. And so the swarms are, they're being called swarmies, swarmy. [LAUGH] You're like I can't even, with that. swarmies. They are. The, the point of them, is to locate resources on other planets and asteroids. So, one of the most expensive things about space travel is getting resources off world. So if we wanted to ship stuff to Mars, it would be really expensive. Right, because you have to like get the fuel to get there, then you have to build a craft to get there, and, it's not coming back. Right, it's not coming back, and rocket fuel, it's nuts. But NASA says. That if you have ice, you can have water. With a little bit more hard work, you have air and with a little more hard work from that ice, you can make fuel. So they, NASA is obviously much more intelligent about this than I could ever possibly be, but they, because Mars has polar ice caps, they're saying that they would send for these forms of robots modeled after ants. And so the would go out and look for resources and when they found them. They would notify, sort of bigger machine that would do the heavy lifting. That machine look like a battlebot for sure I love it Yea, it's a, I feel it yea, I feel like this is absolutely the way to do it you know, have them go and do all the exploring rather then have them be. Go down in a space suit and poke around. Right, well and then, if they have smaller robots, then that means that they can spread out. They can, they're very cheap compared to these very large, like Curiosities were pretty expensive. So, it's a little bit cheaper. And if they lose one robot, it doesn't totally kill the mission. So, they can have these other robots sort of pick up the slack of the robot that was lost. Wow. Kinda neat. That was, yeah. So it's very scalable. Can, can we, so, we're paying for this? I, I hope so. Okay. I hope we're paying for this. Okay. I want one. If not I'll send 20 bucks tomorrow to NASA. We could name one. If we, if we paid for it we should be able to name one. We should be able to name one. I agree. Great way to explore space. I think it's fun. You brought this next story to my attention and I am. I am dying to hear more about it. And also I watched some of it today, it was very compelling, I could not look away. Gamers are getting really, really creative with the way that they don't play video games. That's true. If you remember there was something called twitch plays Pokemon, in which people in the comments, were choosing how the character moved through their comments, well now they decided to have. Two fish go toe to toe playing Street Fighter II. Basically, they set up this aquarium with different, locations and if the fish swam by, it would either do a move or a jump, and it's not really, as you can see, it's not really, you know, they're not play, they're not smart enough to make moves Pressing the buttons. Right, right, right. So, you know, it's all, it's all by sensors. And, it's just a fun, it's just fun to watch, and then, oh, also their names. One is Aquarius, and there one is, what is it Bruce? Robert the Bruce. Robert the Bruce. so, again, it's just, it's just fun that you can watch this live right now, and, and cheer on your favorite fish. It's hilarious. Look it. Look. Honda's gonna win. E. Honda. Yeah. They never do any of the moves. [UNKNOWN] No. No combos. I like Aquarius. You're gonna go with Aquarius? He just won as Aquarius. You gotta bet on Aquarius. Yeah you should definitely check this out, it's really interesting if not just to see what people are doing with technology I'm always amazed by this. They did one with, obviously the Twitch plays Pokemon Well you said there was one with fish playing Pokemon Fish plays Pokemon was boring. Really, really boring, cuz he never left town, he never got in a battle. But this is really cool, check it out, watch, waste some time. It's a waste of time, but so cool. But it's such a good one. I love good wastes of time. Our last story today is, as we mentioned the artist who has turned a double barreled shotgun, or two of them I should say, scrap shotguns into. Musical instruments. Air flutes. Now, and this is I found this, kind of terrifying actually. This is called the last gun. And they also have another one called Chifte Kavali which it means double barrel flute. This guy, Constantine Zlatev, uses industrial scrap, surplus tech and open source electronics. And the point of this is he's. Actually sending this message about the evils of war. And so what it plays, is it actually plays it sounds notes when compressed air is blown into them, so you can see that's how it's, that's how it's working. And what does it play? It actually, it's programmed to play music based on the rise and fall of annual US arms. Port, from like the 60s. I think it's 1960 to 2009. So he has that data, and basically the song as it goes through all those years of US arms exports, if it rises, the melody gets more sombre, 'cause it's like the evils of war. And then if it gets lower the music gets happier. That's intense and also very scary. It's not loaded right? no. I hope not actually. The, the other cool thing is that, the stoppers are controlled by our adrenals. And the last gun. The one that you're seeing is a raspberry pie board. So it's just. Oh wow. And you're right $25 bucks and you're controlling this thing. That's what he's doing. That's really cool. Yeah and it's so neat that he made that. It's It's a really neat art installation. It really has a very powerful message attached to it. That's really neat. But yeah. I just really like that people are super creative about stuff like that. Like I would never think to like I'm gonna make a flute out of a shot gun. Yeah well when you described, I didn't think of there being robotics involved. I thought you would have to like blow on it. Yeah. But like this is way cooler to have that. It's yeah, it's all controlled by [UNKNOWN]. Really, really cool. Way to go, art. Yeah, hey, thanks Art! Not as, not as cool as Fish playing Street Fighter, but. Nope. [LAUGH] That's ain't RD [LAUGH] But really let's all be honest here, there are a few things that could get better than that. Yeah, like Fish play poker. Fish play gun flute? No, no. Not as good. Canceled. Let's cancel that. Let's just kill off that twit stream. We're going to take a quick 30 second break. We will be right back with another round of Into It. We're gonna find out what Kale's into, and what I'm into. And then also, we're gonna talk about your user feedback and of course, your word phonetager for the day. Don't click away. It's tomorrow daily. [NOISE] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. Wow. That video that we went out to a break to was pretty incredible. What do you give that? I give it an eight. Eight? I give it a ten! Oh, ten. Good to. Ten, you gotta go ten. You seem partial. It was good. It was all right. I had to check my ten. Yeah, it wasn't a mic drop, but it was pretty good. Fair enough. All right. I mean, next time, why don't we watch you? Get hit, hit our car and do a flip. And then land, stick to landing on a roof. I'll, I'll send you the video. All right. [INAUDIBLE] yeah. I'd better, I'd better go viral. I will be ready for that. I'll be waiting. We've had a talk about what we are into. So let's, let's, let's hit into it. It's a little heart. Cuz it's what we love. Okay Taylor Swift. Calm down. [LAUGH] She stole that. That's screwed up. See wait till you hear about the, screwed up crap I'm into. Yes. Well, wait a minute. [LAUGH] You seem so well adjusted. I love totally. This is this Five Nights. At Freddie's, and it's a horror game where. I can see why. [LAUGH] Right? Where you're in like a Chuck E. Cheese type place where you know, they've got these animatronic guys. But at night, you're the security guard. It's a video game, by the way. At, at night, you're a security guard and they all come to life. And they try to, I guess, kill you, scare you. I don't like that at all. Yeah, no, it's, it terrifying. And then watching a bunch of game plays of them. And it's, I gotta, I gotta play this. It's terrifying. Look at this. It's on steam for five dollars. So okay, so I was like. So it's limited time. So it's, basically you're the security guard like you said, at night. And then you have five nights that you have to get through, and you have to keep the power on. You're running out of power. Okay. And, and you can you only have a 100 percent power and the only way that you can see if they're coming to get you is to flick light switches on but when you touch the light switch you lose power You lose power. Ooo. And you can close the doors but that uses power to keep them closed. So you're just going click, click click, click click click, click and you get a security cameras in the back clause. Tension all the time. I'm sure I don't like that.' I'm not ready. That's almost as bad as out Out Last. Yeah, yeah. Do you play Outlast? Yeah, that's the one you use your phone, right? That's the, the journalist where yeah, where you like basically all you can do is run and hide? Uh-huh. On Steam? I didn't like that. No weapons, nothing. That was terrifying. Yeah I didn't, I didn't care for that. So fru, fu, Five Nights at Freddy's. It's available on Steam. You should watch the, yeah available on Steam. If you pull up one of the videos you can watch and see how. Scary it actually is. Even that trailer wasn't as scary as that. No. And we watched some of a Gameplay, like walk-through. Somebody live streamed it. And it was [CROSSTALK] serious. You didn't want to look at it though! No. Like I was look at this Gameplay! And you were [CROSSTALK] like no, no. The renders of those bears are scary. Yeah. They're really terrifying. What I'm into this week is I like gifs. Animated gifs. Like, who doesn't love a gif? Nobody does not like a gif. That's true. Or a gift. Everybody loves gifs, [LAUGH] And gifts. I thought it was Jeff. No, it's, it's Gif. So I really like Gif YouTube and you can now just pull up a YouTube link, so let's say I'm like watching one of your shows. Awww. And I can say alright here's the YouTube link. You click on it. It'll load the video, so here's. From our show a couple days ago the face projection technology, you can choose the length of your GIF so you can say oh I need it to be this amount of seconds, and then you add it to a que and it will load it up and it will create you a GIF of exactly what you were just watching. That's amazing It's super easy and so now people can actually have GIFs. Of whatever they want that they see on youtube. And you can post it on twitter too, because twitter takes gifs now. You can share it anywhere yeah, you can save it to your desktop, I love it. I want somebody to make a gif that, remember when we both did thumbs up? I want somebody to make a gif of us going. So good, yeah. Here let's practice. Somebody send us that [LAUGH] Please send that in. But yeah, that's what I meant too, and I, I just think it's really neat, it's a neat little tool for people who love, animated gifs on the Internet. Why not? And it's free. Everyone on Reddit loves it, yup, it's free to use. And it's super easy. I like ease of use. It's good. Absolutely. Alright, you ready to get into some user feedback? Let's hear it. [MUSIC] Are you calling? Are you calling for user feedback? I'm trying to get the user feedback. It's not working- There's no signal. All right. There's no signal in this studio. Not in here. Yesterday we asked you guys to tweet us with #TDCharging and tell us what sound you would use and what you would charge. And a couple of you came to from a very clever ideas. Robbie wrote to us and said td charging I would use a summer beach that way as my phone recharges, so can I. And who doesn't like the beach? I'll tell you who doesn't like the beach anybody attacked in jaws. Oo. Yeah but you at least, you at least have the, song going. True. But that's great. I like that he also used recharging in, in 2 ways. Yeah. Yeah. Very clever. I still don't think that would be loud enough. I know you were like Crashing of the waves I thought maybe. Yeah like I, nice try. I like the next one better. The next Seagulls? Maybe seagulls. Seagull's [NOISE]. You're annoying. Recharge it. That doesn't' sound like a seagull to me. But what's the what's the next one? [CROSSTALK] like that one. The next one is from Devin, and I thought this was brilliant. Devin says #TDCHARGING I would have songs on my iPod play while the speakers cause the iPod to charge, I would never have to plug in the iPod ever again. I feel like I should give that a ten. Booya! That's a ten. What's his name? Connor? Devin. Nice job Connor. Completely not even close to Devin. Nice job, man. That's a really good one. That is a really good one. Your hash tag today if you are so inclined is and this is maybe one of my favorite hash tags. I'm excited about this one. Hash tag #TDFISHFIGHT. We want you guys to tell us which fish you would use to fight with. What game you would want it to fight in, and what character your fish would play as. For example, yours is? I would go with a guppy. Mm-hm. Playing Mortal Kombat as Raiden. You even, okay, is it Raiden or Raiden? I don't know. I've always said Raiden, so maybe I'm wrong. Okay. Mine, I would pick a great white shark. And It's a fish It's a pretty big fish [CROSSTALK] Great white shark and he plays the bear from Tekken. You remember the big bear Yeah the giant bear perfect. So, I really want to see that. I would like to see that actually. [CROSSTALK] ' Kay guys get on this on twitch. [CROSSTALK] People much smarter than us with live streaming and twitch programming please on this. And funnier and more clever. So, definitely tell us what you guys think. Yes. For sure that's your hash tag of the day. And lastly we're gonna talk about phonetographer today. [MUSIC] For phonetographer day today is Rich O. But we're just going to call him Rich O. Rich O. Rich O. Rich O. says. I took it with my Galaxy S3 at the butterfly exhibition in Rogar Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island while enjoying a day off. It's gorgeous. That's really ni, how did you get that butterfly to stay still? I know. So beautiful. I always am, baffled that people who can take pictures of insects, because I feel like I could never. Get my phone close enough without scaring it away. Did you touch it? It looks fake, it doesn't even look real. It looks like he just put like a little Hallmark butterfly that you get in like a greeting card, just put it, photoshopped it right onto that flower. You know, you know what I give that photo. What? An eight. Yep. Come on. It's, it's the, it's the only I, I this photos locked I can't really. I know, I was gonna say you can't really make a new one. Well, listen Rich-o, Rich-o I'm giving you a ten. You know what? You know what I give this episode. Better not be infinity. Infinity. Forever. That's the best, the best score. You know what I give the show, a 1. Oh, no. the only think I have. Maybe I give it this symbol. It's just some kind of, it's divided by 0. that's what I, Oh divided by 0, Divided by 0, that's what I'm giving it. There ya go. Divide it by zero. That's my score. [LAUGH] Oh no! Kale divide it by zero. All right you guys. That is it for to, and that is it for Tomorrow Daily. If you guys want to send in your phonetography then emails us tomorrow@cnet.com. You can also hit us up on social media or if you want to send your hashtag of the day you can email us that too. We're on social media everywhere. It's Tomorrow Daily except for Google Plus which is Tomorrow Daily TV. You can find us on Twitter, find us on Facebook, find us on Instagram. Tomorrow Daily. And for, as for you. Uh-huh. They can find you all over the internet. Yeah, I'm on YouTube at, at kale. Well, it's not at. It's Kalenonymous. Go, just go down that. Or just. Yeah. You don't really put that into anything. I say just put it on Google. You should put kill none of us, and just get all of the results. Yeah, yeah. And then you could pick whichever, like, oh I like twitter, I like Facebook. You can pick out your favorite social media channels, as if you were eating a box of chocolates. I'm not telling you what to pick, you can pick whatever, maybe you like coconut chocolate. You're free. Nobody does, I dunno why anybody likes that. Hashtag coconut chocolate. No, no, let's not. Because people will get sick. Send us your pictures of you being sick. [LAUGH] After eating Coconut chocolate. [LAUGH] You can also find me on social media same, same way as Kale, Ashley Ascaves google it, I'm everywhere, you can just choose. I don't even know what you're doing, we are going to close out this show, there you go it's a smiley face of a person who did not pick coconut chocolate. That's what it is. That's it for Tomorrow Daily, guys. Be good humans. I will be back tomorrow with Rich, and Kale, I'm sure we'll see you soon. So, once again, be good humans. We'll see you next time. Bye. [MUSIC]
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