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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 035: Robot butlers, invisible plane walls, tattoos powered by sweat, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 035: Robot butlers, invisible plane walls, tattoos powered by sweat, and more

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On today's show, Ashley and Mike both agree they want their own robot butlers. Also, a concept that replaces tiny windows in planes with panoramic digital views, and a temporary tattoo that could power your wearables in the future.

A hotel in Cupertino is wanting a robot butler next week. And Bruce Wayne was seen ordering an entire shipping container. Poor Alfred. A new plane concept replaces windows with panoramic digital screens. Now there's no more fighting over the window seat. And researchers in San Diego have developed a temporary tattoo that converts sweat into power. Of course my Facebook friends who do crossfit have been saying they convert sweat to power all the time and they never shut up about it. I have really terrible Facebook friends. Tomorrow Daily. Greetings citizens of the internet, and welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. Maybe one of the best. One of the best, okay, one of the best? I am your host Ashley Esqueda, joining me today, once again, MIke Hobbs. Hi. How is it going? Good. I see you brought a toy today? I did. We will have to, we are going to play with it later during into it. Yeah. And we're gonna talk about it. But, before we do that of course, we have to get into the headlines. [MUSIC]. Mike, have you ever wanted a robot butler? Since I was a kid. I know. Ever since I saw the Jetsons. The Jetsons. I gotta get me a Rosie the robot. When will that ever happen? Well, it's happening at a hotel. Kind of next week. Mm. What is it? [LAUGH] So, Starwood Hotels is launching what they are calling Alo, alo. That's A L O. Yeah, A L O. And it is, they're calling it Botlr. It's the Botlr, that's very clever. And Botlr is a robot butler and so, they are their starting us Aloft hotel in Cupertino. This will be first hotel that gets Botlr and as you can see in the video, if somebody call down the front desk. And says hey, I need I need a tooth brush, Towels. I need a towel, I need a pillow, I need something,. You can send butler with it and he can navigate the hotel the hallways the elevators with wi-fi and then go to the room. And then you'll get a call from the front desk so that's about to happen butler shows up at your room and then the front desk calls you and it lets you know hey that your your delivery has arrived. [LAUGH] The towels are here. Because you can't knock on the door. Can't knock yet. Oh, doesn't have a knocker yet. No, and there is botler and he opens up his little lid like a little trash can and then you get your stuff and then you give it a little rating and then it goes away. And you do not have to give it a tip. No, the only tip it wants is for you to tweet about it, with hash tag meet botler, it is on the side. Well yeah, you can actually tweet from the, I am going to call it a robutler. And RoButler I think is the best. You can tweet from the RoButler. Or you can, and he gets so excited when give him a good rating. I mean, you pat him on the head and then he goes away. He goes away. And he goes back to the front desk. It's really cool, I really like this. And this is built actually by a company called [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, that's right. And they have kind of, they're looking to serve license these out over time to lots of different hotels and service. You know service businesses. And they're saying that they're trying to bring the **** down quite a bit. Of course so, Obviously that's their goal. But they're saying that if a hotel wanted a license for one of these it would be, in the thou-, it would be like low thousands, not like tens or hundred of thousands of dollars to have a few of these in their hotel. I like the little bow tie it's got on. I do too, it's a little binal, it's a little binal colour. Which I just think is real classy. They gotta class em up, he's a butler. That's right. He's a robotler. I mean hopefully soon, I don't think it'll do food delivery, right? You can't get -have food serv- room service delivered to y- Ya know, if it was like small snacks, sundries, things from the, Sundries, dried snacks, beef jerky and that- Well yeah, like stuff from the gift shop, like something in a gift shop maybe. From the range. You can send that up. That would be fine. Hm. But I can't imagine you know, like a you know, a two course meal. You probably couldn't, couldn't take that. But at some point, I would imagine they would develop it enough to carry the weight, yeah. Put a tray on the top. Put a tray on top. Yeah. So, and that would be able to just take it right up. Now, the name: AOO? What does that mean? It doesn't say anywhere. I've looked all over. It, it looks like, it's short for something, but you can't find, I can't find what it's short for. Hm, that's too bad. Automated. Living. Living O, something. Organism. It's not an organism. It's not, it's not. I have no idea. They should have said, they should have said I feel like A should be automated something. Yeah. LO whatever we figure that out. OK. anyway, that, they're gonna launch it next week on the 20th in Cupertino and then. Starwood Hotels is saying they want to roll these out in some other hotels as well over the next few months. So you might see a Robot Butler in your hotel when you stay next time. If you're lucky. Yeah. If you're lucky. Try it out. You've got to tell me about this plane thing because I, it makes me a little nervous. It makes me excited, there is a French design studio called Technion has come up with a concept for a windowless private jet. Where basically you replace all the little windows on a plane with floor to ceiling high resolution displays. On the floor and the ceiling, as I said. And they'll be feeding images from the camera on the fuselage to the outside world. So that's not, that's not clear. It's not glass. No, unfortunately it's not glass, it's kind of a cheat but... It gives you the illusion that you're, that there's no plane, that there's nothing around you. That you're just looking out into the world, [INAUDIBLE]- That would be so terrifying to me. And also what plane, look at this plane. There's like four chairs in it. Well this plane is going very high in, in the space. Yeah, in the space. Yeah, but [LAUGH]- But the idea there is that you don't actually have to show what's outside. You can show any kind of imagery. Even, you know, say some injury because you are flying through space. Yeah, for those who are not brave enough, or have the money to take a flight, a commercial flight into low orbit space. You are true, that is not quite yet. You can just get on a plane like this and pretend. And pretend that you were in space, so that is just the concept for now, but there are some advantages for this, apparently the planes would be lighter without having to have windows and reinforcements for windows. The view. Oh, that's interesting. Lighter and more efficient with these displays. So fuel, fuel efficiency for sure is a big deal. Right. Well that's pretty cool. So well they say a similar concept was shown earlier this year by a company called Spike Aerospace and they wanna make a supersonic version of this. but, it does not have the display on the ceiling. So, it's not quite the same. Just the sides. Wrap around effect, just the sides, still cool. so, I don't know, look for this maybe in the next five years. Let me ask you this, how long do you think it will be until we start seeing this in self driving cars? I think, that you could adapt it immediately. Yeah. THey could be there and you could look at, well they could be anything. Yeah, you can drive through space. You can drive through space, you can drive through your Twitter feed. I don't want to drive through my twitter feed. Black holes, whirlpools, anything, I don't know. That would be kind of neat, make it look like you are underwater. [LAUGH] You are going through, yeah, underwater, sharks swimming around. Yeah, you go with the sharks swimming about and you like. Or you are just driving down the road. That is another great option. That would be kind of neat. Our last story today [LAUGH] it is kind of gross. Gross and it is great. It is gross and it is kind of great, this is a story about researchers at UC San Diego who were trying to find a way to develop a sensor for lactate, which is a substance which is found in your sweat glands, in your sweat, and a lot of times if you have high lactate in your system, this will give you muscle cramps. Right, and before then, well the reason they developed this technology was that the only way to test for lactate was before was to take blood samples. While you were working out. At various stages of the workout. Which is very difficult and really kind of a pain for the athlete, i'm sure, Especially high performance athletes who don't want to be bothered with a blood test right in the middle of their, you know, olympic level workout. Who does. So they developed this, which is a temporary tattoo, you can see she's attaching it to this guy's arm right now, and then it'll, it you know, you put it on like you would a normal temporary tattoo. She's got a little alcohol there, she's you know dab it on. Pretty clean. And then you just slide it off, so it's a little sticky. And what this does, is this is a device that monitors lactate. There's a sensor on there, and it's printed into the tattoo. huh. And then the strip it, it strips the electrons in your sweat>>Right>>And it generates and electrical current>>Right>>And then they use that electrical current to measure the level of your lactate in your sweat>>Exactly>>So then they decided to take it a step further and this is where it gets really cool for our future technology not just measuring a substance in your sweat. They actually added a bio battery. yeah. To this where you can now store this energy and it's very very small right now. Well I think it generates I think, what 70 microbols I think is what it said, or micro watts. Micro wats. 70 micro watts, not a lot, not a lot of energy. Not a lot yet. But. Mm. They were saying that in the future the application of this cold be that you would use it to power a wearable, or a heart, heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor, a watch, I think they threw the word phone out there, but I think we're a ways off from this. Quite, I think quite a ways from that. Powering phones, but in a way that's kind of I hate to use the phrase Holy Grail that's thrown around a lot, but it's charging. Kenetic energy. Yeah, by moving or just your own bodily fluids. Could somehow charge devices so you don't have to think about it anymore. That would give people the the incentive to go out and like take a jog if their phone was dying. Go like jog up some stairs. Yeah sure, yeah, get on a machine. Yeah, get on just like that video when you jog around the corner if your phone was dying. [UNKNOWN] Do you think that would reduce me to 10% battery? Maybe. I think at that point, well. Too late. Just plug it in. Yeah, just plug it in. Just plug it in. But it would be a nice thing to have if you were just out and about. You know, you don't have to think about it. It would just work. That's true. You would not have to think about it. It would just work. I think that's actually sort of the goal, the wearable thing, where it's like. Maybe if you have, glucose monitor. Hm-hm. Yeah. Or maybe if you have some, some device that monitors your blood pressure or your heart rate. Things like that where you would need to know immediately if there's an issue and you didn't want to worry about recharging it or you know, having batteries that. Hm-hm. Were working or things like that. So, this is a really, for me, it's, it's really fascinating. I just think it's cool. Yeah, for sure. Pretty, I guess, to maybe, maybe it's the bigger the battery. [UNKNOWN] The bigger the power you could get. I'm sure, but then you have the bigger. You get a big back piece. Mm. A big dragon. The bigger the thing, the more power. Yeah. Yeah. It could be fun. But that is it for the headlines today. We are going to take a 30 second break. We will be right back. We have another Mario Kart throwdown. Uh-oh. It's round two. I wonder what happens. We also have another another instance of Into It, this time with Mike. And we have, of course, your user feedback and our Phonetographer of the Day. So, don't click away, it's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Alright, welcome back to Tomorrow Dailey we have to continue our long standing rivalry>>Yes>> And it's time for another Mario Card throw down. We don't have a graphic but just imagine a cartoon version of us punching each other, I don't know>>Our me's punching each other>>Yea, me's punching each other. Today, Mike and I raced in Yoshi Valley. Yep. And we have, both of us kind of blew it. To truly be honest with you. Yeah, we did not come in first and second [CROSSTALK] because we are meant to. No, we didn't. Very rarely this happens. But here I am and there's Mike. We're on the same, I'm Rosalina and Mike is Mike. You better shut that thing up! Danger Sumo's going crazy over here. That's correct. So here's Mike, he's racing. He looks cool. I've got, He's got his pony cart. Yep. There's me, I'm flying around on my sports bike. That's my bike of choice. [CROSSTALK] Here's me, with a green shell. Here, here's where it gets good. Mike comes around the corner. He's trailing me. I've got a green shell, he's got a green shell. And then here comes Mike shoots this off and I shoot Mike and then Mike shoots me. It's amazing. And then I came around this corner and went into the next lap, so this is the last lap. At this point, I had gotten turned into a tiny person and gotten hit with a blue shell, so then Iggy passed me. And then as I came around this corner, I hid dumb banana peel [LAUGH] and then I got hit, that's when I got hit by a blue shell. And then Mike hit me and passed me. And it was a mess. Oh, but it was a fantastic finish for me. It was a mess. In front. I was first in the last like 6, not even 60 seconds of the at race. But you see I got happiness And I came in fifth. Well, and I came in fourth which. Unfortunately does not put us, does not put me in the lead of our overall standings. No I'm still ahead by 2. 23-21 that's how many points we have in our tournament. Yes. So I'm still beating Mike. Just barely. Just barely but I'm still winning. Well. This things been breathing down here so I think we need to start getting in to Into It. [NOISE] It jumped right into your lap. Did you see that? There it is. What's that thing? It's the Parrot Jumping Sumo. That is amazing. Rolling Around Mini Drone. Here we have the official video of this thing. As you can see it, it jumps out. It makes lots of noise. I'm turning him off now. Okay. Shut him down. Shut him down. There's a lot of WiFi interference. Yeah, yeah, yeah. In, the studio. So trouble. Something like that. Trouble staying connected. But, here you go. It's a little two-wheel drone, which has a, front-mounted camera. Oh, that's fun. You can drive around with your iPhone, iPad or, Android device, even. Okay. Get the little app from the store. I wouldn't jump that out a window, I don't think. Well as long as you have a drum down below. Gotcha. To catch it. I made a short little video showing it that I'm. A short little video, so here is, here is Mike's video. This is, I used my PS4 to charge it. So USB charge it. Okay. Start it up. And this is the thing. You have to connect to it with WiFi. And then you launch your little Parrot Freeflight app. Okay. Which also controls the roll, rolling spider. Oh, that's the one I wanna get, I wanna get the rolling spider. And so there you see the display from the, the So you can see the camera. And there you got a little on screen control. And I can spin, I can do fun things. There's me driving around. It looks just like a commercial. Doesn't it? This has a Luigi in it. I think it looks like a commercial. It does, it has a giant Luigi. Hop on to my couch, about one meter, it will jump, so pretty good. Okay, that's pretty exciting. And has another little mode, where you can flip it over. And the jumping mechanism then becomes like a punching mechanism. Great. So when it becomes sentient, this is what it's gonna do to attack us? Pulls back, drives the punt, and then you let it go. And then it punches something. [UNKNOWN] Right in the face. That looks painful. So, yeah. That's what it does. It's a lot of fun. I love it. How much is it? It's $159.99. $160. Hm, so if you have some extra spending cash, it could be a fun choice. Obviously, a little, not so cheap gadget. but, it has, I wish it had an SD card slot for saving video. Oh for the video? Yeah, that'd be nice. Because for now, you can only use the mini USB. So just export it out? no you have to a little microdrive or a mini usb and they're kind of hard to find and hard to fit. that's that if you want it you want it mike wanted one he wanted it its fun playing with it. So I have to, I have to tell you what I'm into. And this is gonna be 100% shameless plug. I am into the Geekie Awards. Uh-h. And this is, full disclosure, an award show that I am the co-head writer for. This is last year's footage. Alison Haislip was our host. And what the Geeky Awards is, is it is an awards show that honors indie creators in all kinds of different nerdy categories like fashion and armor and short films and web series and online personalities. And it's a lot of fun. It's a really fun show. And it's gonna be this Sunday. One of our very own CNETers, Bonnie Burton was in this clip. She she presented last year, arts and crafts. And it's just a really fun show and if you guys watched it I would love it so much because you know, I worked really hard on it with our other writers. You have, I know that for a fact. And, yeah, I worked really hard on it with other writers and it's really been a blast so if you want to write it, if you want to watch it you can go to the Geekieawards.com and check out all the different places you can see it. I believe if I'm not mistaken. Xbox has it like via Twitch, you can watch it on Twitch. You can, it's gonna be live streamed all over. All the geeky stuff. All the stuff. Am I gonna go? Shameless. I, I could not procure you a plus one, I'm sorry. Okay. Are you quitting? I'm not quitting, bit I'm pretty disappointed. I know, I'm sorry. I wanted to go. I'll just watch it at home with everybody else on the internet. You'll watch it at home with your cat. Even worse. Reggie, would, will love it. I hope so. [LAUGH] So that is what we're into but now we wanna talk about what you're into. It's time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] Yesterday Mike and I talked about the holograph. Video, Uhuh It's pretty interesting, I never heard about that Holograph? you don't remember that? No You look in, you can move O yeah, the room, the magic room, yeah The magic room. So we ask you to tweet us with hashtag TDholograph and tell us what you guys wanted to see in a holograph and how you would see it. And you guys really rose to the occasion on this one. [UNKNOWN] wrote us on twitter and said #TDHolographs, I would like to see a full movie, like Die Hard (or any other action film) as a holograph, in the cool room Mike suggested! That sounds awesome. That sounds pretty great. I can't wait to be in movies or famous TV shows. Like, I always think of being in the faulty towers hotel. Oh, that could be fun. Would be something I would love to do. Just weird. Just as like, an added extra, like, just like a bystander. Well you just watched the episodes play out, but you are there in the room with them. That would be pretty neat. Excellent. I would really like that. One of our viewers sent us an email, and I am so sorry I do not remember your name off hand, but they sent us an email and actually sent us a link to a movie. About World War II, a group of soldiers in World War II that's being filmed, completely as a first person VR experience. Oh. It's being shot like for Oculus Rift. Okay. So it's already happening. He was, he, he said hey look, you guys mentioned, you know, movies being shot in first person for VR. It's already happening, here's a link. And it was really really neat, and. I'll try to remember to bring that on the show tomorrow but I just, thank you for sending that in and it just reminded me of that today. Yeah, yeah. Well that going to take off. I can't wait for first person story telling. That's good. Well the one thing they have to, the hurdle they have to get over is sim sickness. Right. That's a big thing. Right. Well a lot of that is how you shoot it but then also the latency that their, you know Right. investing in the the aculus rift I think will help a lot. But, I'm sure I, you know I get sick, motion sickness pretty easily. Yeah. So I'll probably Oh, I remember, we went to Magic Mountain once, and you got Oh, I became green. Mike turned green. I became green. And I've never been green before. Like shamrock shake green, it was really bad. But I'm still looking forward to it. Maybe I'll take Dramamine before I watch a very intense movie. Yeah, that's a good plan. That's a good plan, that's a good plan. And then Hi-fi Rick, on Twitter, one of our long time viewers says, #TDHOLOGRAPHS Times Square New York in the 1940s on VR using Google Cardboard. History Class Redefined. Where would he get this footage from? Well, I would imagine. Archival footage? You know how you can, sort of, repurpose older footage? How they've been able to, kind of, rebuild it? Thread you can kinda make it parallax, type thing. Yeah. Maybe you can do that. Well maybe that technology we talked about yesterday. Yeah. We could perhaps take some old footage and Old footage and kind of rerender it in 3-D. Three dimension. In 3-D so you can move around inside of it. Sure that'd be great. that would be really cool. Mm. I'd really like that. Yeah. And then today's Hashtag of the Day is #TDSWEATTAT. Ew! I know it's, I, I. I thought about not doing that hashtag, but I thought it would be really fun for you guys to tell us what your energy creating tattoo would look like. Ooh. Would it be, like I said, would it be a giant back piece that's a dragon? Sure. Would it be a specific, would it be a hipster tattoo on your forearm of like a key? Yep. And, and some inspirational words? Well, yeah, but I think, you know like you said, the bigger it is the more juice it'll make. Well, that's, and that's the other half of the question. So what would it look like and what would it. Power tell us what your sweat tattoo would look like I have some ideas You have some plans? Yeah All right I'd get a giant Mario kart. Me beating you in Mario kart tattoo What would that look like I don't know it looks like me beating you Well I don't like that I know and then of course lastly we have our phonetographer of the day. Our phontetographer for the day is Hessen F. Mm hm. Another F. Another F. We had an F yesterday. He writes in and he says this picture is one of the coolest pictures on my Instagram, pun intended, which is also filled with other cool photography. He says I waited for the icicle to form for days, and I finally got a good shot with the setting sun behind. Excellent! Really nice! Excellent, nature cooperated. Yes, very much. See the depth of field there? I love that, I love a good macro shot. yeah it gives me a wonderful chilly feeling. Yeah, it makes me even in this horrible drought and heat wave it makes me feel just a little bit cooler. I love it. I hope you left it as is. Yeah. I hope he, I'm sure it melted at some point. Well it's tempting to just punch and break that. With you sumo? Yes. No you gotta leave, you gotta, you, you go in and you take memories and you leave footprints and that's it. Is that what you do? LIke you do in nature. All you do. Mm, interesting okay. But that is it for the show today. We we are happy to check out your phone-tography and maybe feature it on the show. You can email us tomorrow@cnet.com if you want to. To submit something. Pease don't attach anything cuz I won't open it. Please send us a link and, upload it somewhere on the Internet where I can easily access it. And then, you can also Tweet us, you can Facebook us, you can Instagram us, we are Tomorrow Daily at all of those. Things, expect for Google Plus, which we are Tomorrow Daily TV Mm-hm. you can find us at. But Mike, where can people harass you on the internet? They can harass me on Twitter @valis23. With a V like victory. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. The thing you have barely experienced in Mario Kart. I have an almost equal amount of victories as you do. Almost, you're only 20 races behind. That's not much when we got like 300 races between us. That is a lot, that's true. Okay, fair enough. It's less than 10%. > That's true. I'm Ashley [INAUDIBLE], you can't miss me. Look up Ashley [INAUDIBLE] and I'm sure on Google I think that's all over the shop. All over the shop. But that is it for Tomorrow Daily. We'll be back tomorrow, Mike won't be here. Rich'll be back. Yep. but, but be good humans you guys. Please. And we will see you tomorrow. Bye. [MUSIC]
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