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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 031: Wild new photo editing software, Google Maps on Mars, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 031: Wild new photo editing software, Google Maps on Mars, and more

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On today's show, we check out new photo editing software that lets you manipulate 2D objects as if they were 3D, talk about a new eHighway demo coming to California, and marvel over Google Earth's new maps of Mars and the moon.

New photo editing software lets you manipulate objects in 3D. Amazing software that will primarily be used on selfies. California is getting the nation's first electric highway. It'll be a highway to better fuel economy, savings, less carbon dioxide, better for the environment. All right then. And Google Maps is now allowing you to take a virtual tour of Mars and our moon. Somebody bring me an Oculus Rift because I want to play World of Marscraft. [LAUGH] That was ridiculous. It's Tomorrow Daily [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to tomorrow daily. The greatest tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Ascheveg joining me as always. Rich DeMuro. How's it going? Oh, It's going great today. You, you won't be here like a little, like there'll be a sprinkling of rich absences over the next few weeks. Over the next couple weeks. Yeah. So. But I am just giving other people time to, you know enjoy this chair. Ye, ye, well you know it is really kind of you to do that. I won't give this chair. I am like this is my iron throne. Yea like you will never be gone. I am a giver. You are. I know and I am just selfish. I like to just do the show and be here. All the time. That's okay. But I will be back, don't worry. Yes. So, we'll have a, we'll have a guest co-host a few times over the next couple weeks. He's a pretty cool guy. His name's Mike, so he'll be here tomorrow. You'll get to, get to know him. He's a little different than Rich. Not tanned. Probably, he probably won't have his cheesy. Oh, he's not tan? He's not tan. Well, I thought everyone that sits here has to be totally tanned. [UNKNOWN] Well, you know? It was short notice. So. Okay, well he can get a tan over the weekend. He's gonna have to. Maybe we can throw him in a tanning bed before he comes to the show tomorrow. How does he live in LA, and have no tan? Okay. You know, he takes care of his skin, he has good skin. Okay. Alright. Well it is time to hit the headlines. Unlike your leather skin, that was amazing. Our very first story I find very interesting because I use Photoshop. And a lot of people use Photoshop or Pixelmator, a different photo editing software. And this group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon at UC Berkeley came up with a photo editing software that uses 3D models and other things to let you edit pictures in crazy new ways. So here this them manipulating the way you traditionally would in a photo, so they cut out this chair and so here is the one of the researchers, she's like, you know, you could, if you wanted to move the chair in space, you'd actually have to move it. So you couldn't turn it around, you couldn't really knock it over if you wanted to do that, so now they took a picture like this. And this is their software. So they're able to cut out this image and manipulate it in 3D. LIke in 3D as if it were in space. And what's cool about this to me as a person who doesn't use Photoshop, because I'm very intimidated by it, is I can guarantee you that it's going to get easier to edit photos like someone who is a pro at Photoshop. And this gives you all 360 dimensions of this chair. So you can literally, like they're showing, rotate it any way. So for me this just means that I'm going to have awesome apps on my iPhone or Android that I can use to Some day. edit pictures in a very cool way. And already we're getting there. Right. I mean, there's things like canva.com that let's you kind of like do photo shop esque stuff. Well so they're showing right there in the video that, like, a lot of times like when you saw the green space in the picture that was. Something that you don't actually see in the photo. So, and then they showed sites that have 3D models available, so that was an Ikea chair. So you can see, here are the three different things. And you can see on the right, they have the texture of the actual photographed objects. And that's something that really hasn't been done quite in this way before. So, how they do it is. They would take a normal 3D render of a banana, so that's what they're checking out right now, and then they modify the outline of that, and then they take the texture of the banana and mold it to that shape, that specific shape. So that way there's no overlap or underlap, you're always getting the right shape and texture of the object that you want to manipulate. When do they get to eat the banana? Never. But no, it's such a cool piece of technology, and I really love that like you said, it's gonna get easier and easier to sort of do this. It does open up some very scary doors I think Mm-hm. in terms of photo manipulation and not really understanding what's real and not real. Well, I think that the safe thing here, because obviously you can put a person into like a weird situation. But I think right now, it seems like it's best for objects, or maybe even simple objects until they perfect this technology. It's not even simple though, Rich, like, they have this stuff doing this with a cab. Oh yeah, we need to show that part, hold on, we have to show the cab. See, these are simple objects, and here's, this is cool, they add a bunch of different fruits and stuff, and make it look like fruits are falling from the point of view of the. Camera. Like, it's really neat. So this is basically a. When we get. Let's get, get to the cab part. But, like, the reality is, like, Hollywood is able to do this but it costs multi-million dollars. Yes. Very expensive. They have people doing it frame by frame. Look at this. They're doing this. What? In real time. Look at. There it is. Look. That's. That car is. It just did a loop de loop right in the middle of the street. Talk about. We call this, in the news world. Burying the lead. That's nuts! This is the video we should have started with, That's nuts! because that is crazy. Not the little chair flipping over. Oh, that's just so cool. Anyway. And so, [INAUDIBLE] like this. They have an original photograph. They got like a pen. Oh look, here it is, it's gonna write stuff. There you go. Like, this is really cool to me. Yeah. It's gonna be fun. We're just gonna have to be on our toes in the future Yes. for what we believe. You know they I'll see it when I believe it, I'll believe it when I see it. Keep your eyes peeled We're going to have to throw that out the window. Don't believe it, unless you can prove it, and we're always going to have to bring back the phrase, shocked, I can tell by the pixels. Now, we're going to have to adjust that. Siemens, moving on, is building an electric highway. It's called a hard turn.>>Yeah that was a, that was a quick left.>>Siemens, I feel like we, I mean we>>But, continue please.>>Siemens is building an electrical highway in California and I thought this was pretty neat. It's kind of like what a trolley or street car would look like and in a city with like those electric lines overhead. But they're letting trucks run along this. Like big old commercial tractor trailers, okay? Okay. And the whole thing, this is kind of an experiment, it's gonna make for lower gas consumption, less smog, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and it's gonna be cheaper to operate. Right now they're gonna make this a one mile stretch of the highway. And it's going to go between the port of Los Angeles and the port of Long Beach or kind of built near those ports I should say. << Okay. << And here's the cool stuff. There's the truck. Finally we see it. << Okay there's the electric highway. So it just, it kind of makes the truck a trolley. << Yeah, I mean, that's exactly what it is, but here's the neat thing. The trucks can engage and disengage off the thing at ny speed. Wow. That's like the magic, secret sauce of this thing. So look, I mean, look at that. That thing is like barreling down the freeway. That's kind of amazing.And so are they using this, like, is this new technology or are they using this somewhere else? Like, where are they, where as that filmed, cause they haven't built it yet. I think they, they said, well that I think was Los Angeles. But they, I think they said in like Germany. They're using it already, it's Seamen. Oh. Isn't that a German company? Mm-hm, Mm-hm. I think it's being used in other parts of the world, but in LA we have big problems with cars and traffic and smog. So if they can prove that this works, and it's efficient, and better than what we're currently doing. Good. Cuz a lot of times, these trucks, they travel the same stretch of the freeway over and over you know. Right, that's true, and with the ports of LA and Long Beach, these are two of the most traveled ports in the country. Yeah. In terms of shipping in and out. So that might actually alleviate a lot of problems that people have in those areas so hey awesome when, when is it going to lunch do we have a day on this? I, I think it says 2015 but you know it's only a [CROSSTALK] But I guarantee that mile it's gonna take, it's gonna be expensive to build that mile. Yeah probably, but, but, that's, that's, really cool and lastly. Something I'm very excited about, I'm genuinely very excited about, I noticed it right before I left for the studio today. Google Maps has partnered with NASA and we have this We had this story a while ago about how we had mapped really well, Mars. Mm-hm. How we had all these great maps of Mars, and now, you can take Google Maps and zoom out. And you can explore, and you can pick either the Moon or Mars, and you can explore the the surface. Google. This is why people love Google. As if you're there. As if you're there. So much fun and you know, this is something that it, it looks just like kinda you, you know, you're the classic Earth scene on Google Earth. Yeah! But this is something the age, just like, we love when Google does stuff like this. If NASA would have done this, it would have been a five gigabyte PDF you would have downloaded.>>Yeah, it would have been big with pictures. Move it over like on your screen. It would all have to refill it. And the USGS map of Mars was extremely detailed but it was also very dense like to read about it. Yeah. This is the way people want to explore it. Yeah. Really cool. And it's like you can see..>>There's all of the landmarks on. Mars, yeah it was just street view, yeah, but you can see all the land marks on different planets. This is what it looks like. You can do that right now, you can head over to google maps. You have to, and I love that it is just in time for Curiosity's second anniversary of landing on Mars. How great is this for educators though? I mean, this is going to be used in the classroom. So often and it, and it's just gonna open up, it's gonna get kids inspired about space and the moon Yeah. and Mars So cool. and really have more questions, cuz when you see it all like that, you kinda get much more of a grasp of the whole, Absolutely and of it. I love that, so if you go to Google Maps, you startup Google Earth and you zoom all the way out. And then you should see the drawer, the explore drawer and once you're zoomed all the way out on earth, it will give you all the options for the Moon and Mars, and you can pick between planets, which so cool. They should do like a gravity theme, where you see like Sandra Bullock and Float by. Just floating. Well who's the guy in that? George Clooney? Yeah, George Clooney. You really do, don't remember names, you're not a name. I'm not a name guy, I'm not a name guy Whats your face. Ashley. We're gonna take a quick 30 second break. We'll be right back with into it, another round of into it and also your user feedback. Some really good Google axe feedback and of course you phone for the day, so stick around Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. we, we have returned with a round of things that we love. No endorsements. Mm-mm. No sponsors. It's just the things that we are into. This is Into It. [MUSIC] What's this? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just really enjoying my new headphones and, I figured I'd wear them today on the show. These are, these are what I'm into. So there are the Bose Soundtrue headphones. I just bought these this weekend. I have a really bad problems with headphones where I get headaches, really bad if I do any kind of long form. Gaming or if I am on a Google hangout for longer than about 20 minutes I start getting headaches. Okay. And so, I don't know why that is. My head is must be a weird shape. I'm assuming that's the problem. I'm always on the lookout for really good lightweight headphones that sound nice. And I have never bought a pair of Bose headphones before. So this was an interesting purchase for me. Because you probably wonder is it all marketing or are they actually very good? Right. Exactly. Usually I buy Audio Tech Mecca because I edit and I have, you know. [UNKNOWN]. Quality studio. Studio editing, right. It's got flat response, like all that stuff. These are probably the lightest weight around ear headphones I've ever own. They're not on ear, they go all around your ears. They're in an oval shape, which I really like, because they don't smash the top of your ear. They go like this. Like over. Yeah they go all the way around your ear. And they're totally closed there's not a lot of sound leakage. Which I totally like. They're super light weight and the the padding. Is just the softest it's so soft and it feels so good. And I didn't even notice. I had a marathon like play session of Legend of Zelda Length between Worlds. A couple days ago, and I just forgot they were on. And it was, it was so nice to be able to just sort of zone out and, and play a game with the music turned up really loud and not bother anybody else in the house. But I really, I really like them. But they're not noise cancelling, but they do have, it does have the controls, so it has a microphone and everything so you can use it with, like you said, hanging out. Yeah, inline controls. I also really like that the cable itself is not. Permanently attached to the headset. Mm-hm. You can remove it so it doesn't. If the cable goes bad, which we all know like cables go bad like you can always take it back. You can always take it back. I. How much? They're $149 right now. Okay. Which is pretty reasonable. Okay. Yeah. That's a, that's a decent price. I think, I think they're on sale on Bose's website. Yeah. Like they're originally I think $180? And they're $149. So and they were, I got these at Target. So they were the same price as they are on the Bose site. But I really like them. They come in some nice colors. I like black case black goes with everything. And yeah, no, I really dig them. I'm, I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I was very tentative about spending like, 150 bucks on headphones. Oh yeah, totally. Yeah, that's. When I, I bought the noise canceling ones. So I think they were three hundred. And this was like four years ago. Yeah I get so nervous about it. To me if the last two years That's a pretty good that's like $75 a year. I think so. It's a decent. It's a decent investment. Return on investment. For me the one thing I would tell you guys. If you're considering a pair of headphones. I like rock music as opposed to like dubstep or wub-wub. I don't need, I don't need the [UNKNOWN] so much. And these actually don't focus on the lows as much as other OEMs out there do. So this one has really good mids and highs. So would be in Vegas, like you couldn't use these in Vegas like this? Like. [MUSIC] Yeah, you probably as a DJ, if you were. Or like this [MUSIC]. Yeah no, probably not. No? Well you'd probably buy a lot more expensive headphones. These are like I feel like these for me, are very good for music. And the highs and mids are really clear which is what I'm into. We'll let me tell you what I'm into. Tell me. I'm into speed reading. And. Speed read. I don't know how to speed read, but this new Chrome extension has let me do it without knowing how to do it. It's called Spreed. Okay. And I don't know how I found this thing, but I stumbled upon it, installed it on my Chrome browser. And basically once you click it, it lets you speed read articles on the web. That's a really long article. And. So yeah, this is great for long articles. Okay. This is you know, a normal blog of mine, the American Cinematographers association, whatever it is. But here what, here's how it works. So, it just lets you read, really fast. And it seems a little crazy at, at the beginning like wait, I don't know if I can read like that. But you get very used to it, and it let's you read long articles, very comfortable, and you actually comprehend them more, I think because you're reading every single word. Because sometimes you get kinda, read fatigue. Uh-huh. Where you just kinda start skimming. Just glazing over. Yeah, exactly! Skip to the next paragraph. Why why is one of the le, one letter in color? So that basically keeps your eye fixed in one place and that helps you read even faster. Oh. You can adjust how fast you read, how big the font is, how many words it shows at once. I like, I tried it with a couple words, but I think one seems to work for me. Okay. So here's what I do. I basically put my stuff in Pocket. And then after I get a bunch of articles which I of course always do, I'll just sit back and for half an hour and just read through them, and- Read? The cool thing is, it tells you when you're on the web pages, how long this would take to speed read through. Oh okay, so it's like maybe if you only have a couple minutes and you want to look at an article that says, oh this is going to take five minutes to speed read you go, okay, maybe I'll wait for that. And I'm telling you it may not be for everyone, like. Some people may not like this but for me the way my brain works and like my eyes get really strained looking at the monitor. Right. It's just sort of a nice different way of reading and. Consuming. I don't do it for every article. I mean, I'm not gonna sit there. Right. And every single time do the, I think the thing is like Ctrl V or [CROSSTALK] But how long was that article you were saying? You said like 17 minutes or 15 minutes. That was like a 12 minute article. Oh okay, so. Yeah so. To speed read that is like, I mean you'd want to get, consume that and get it but then also get through it as quickly as possible But that article, if you tried to read it, would probably take a half an hour RIght Cause it's a long read Distraction. As somebody who considers themself a speed reader like I love to read things very quickly, I do find myself, like sometimes. I'll kind of zone out and like, speed read through something and then miss something or... Yeah. Or a page later I'll be like, wait, what did I just read? And then I have to go back. Right. So for me, this is something that I might actually, I might actually. So that's pretty cool. Try it out. And we'll put the link in the, in the show notes.But try it out, see if it's for you. And let me know if you like it. I personally really like it. I use it everyday now. That's awsome.>> For at least in our cool town>> That's that's pretty cool actually, that's a, that's quite a find. I feel like that's such a little gem,>> A little nugget>> Yeah, it's good. It's now time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] Yesterday we asked you to tell us with the hashtag tdgoogleaxe, what Google service you missed, or what Google service you would miss if they shut it down and boy did you guys deliver. Oh my gosh, we got so many emails. Lots of emails. We got so many tweets. People feel very strongly about Google services. Our very first tweet came from Ofek Zeevi on Twitter and he says, #TDGoogleAxe I miss Google Goggles. Was one of my favorite features of Google. It was very helpful in different cases, and also fun and cool. I thought they still had that. I have it on my Android. Well they have translate. It's not called goggles anymore, like didn't they switch it. No, it's a little app it's like a little. Maybe he's referring to some different aspect but I have goggles on my android. Oh well then maybe... It hasn't been updated in like a zillion years. Maybe that's what he means. Like it doesn't have any support left. But I use it to scan like QR codes and like... Yeah, bar codes. Sure enough. I don't know. Maybe they, because they haven't expanded on it. Maybe that's [INAUDIBLE] Maybe he is like one of those deadpool- Maybe he is just bummed about it. Because that is kind of a bummer. It's kind of dead. It's kind of in the, yeah, it's just like, like circling the drain. Well, it's just floating upside down at the top of the Google tank which is like [UNKNOWN]. It went belly up. And then our next tweet comes from Jose Bonilla, and he says hashtag Google axe. I'd hate to see Google Wallet go, but I can already sense it's next. NFC just didn't take off. Okay. But here's the thing. They pivoted this app. I know the NFC like, I always. Payment with NFC hasn't really. That has not taken off. And I always was like, at [UNKNOWN] juice and CVS where you can use, I would always use it and the person would literally every time be like. Seriously. Really dude. And, and I always ask. I'd be like does anyone else use this, and they're like no. So anyway, that, ok, I get that app, but here's the two things I do use Google, Google Wallet for and it works on IOS and Android, and it's awesome. Okay. Store your loyalty cards. Every single one of them is on there. Oh, I like that. And when you get nearby a store, boom, pops up on your phone and reminds you to use it. So that, Oh, that's good. that by itself is its best feature. Second feature, you can now scan your gift cards, and store them on there as well. That's pretty cool. And when you get to the store, like we have a Barnes and Noble right here. Hey you have a gift card. Says hey spend your 25 bucks. Oh, see for me that's always good because I always have in my wallet, an bunch of gift cards just laying around in there, and then I always forget to use them so. Scan em in. So those two features, Google Wallet is fantastic. Forget about the whole NFC thing, that's not going to happen. Right now. Use it- For now. For the loyalty, and the gift cards, and it works equally on iOS and Android. That's pretty awesome. So it works great. I like that. Give it a try. A lot of you also, by the way, had iGoogle- Mm. As the service you miss the most. And I was really surprised by that, but I miss it too. Yeah? I liked iGoogle a lot. Yeah. You have this, a custom little, like, widget Google. It was like. The earliest iteration of Google Now. well, yeah, or my, yeah, my yahoo, remember that one? Yeah, I do, I do. But I mean, there's nothing like that anymore now, now we just like kind of surf around. They have Google now, now it's like you just have cards that are customized to you that have cards that automatically do everything. You don't have to set anything up. So, I would really like. Actually, I don't know if they have this or not, but Google Now. They do in Chrome like you can say okay Google, but do they have I Google ask thing where you would have a full like, like it's okay so Google Plus sort of lay out have like three columns and then it has cards. For what? I'm, I'm Like Chrome? Like is there an extension where I can. I don't. Oh., no, no. I don't know if it exists, cuz I haven't really looked for it. Oh they do, well they do at the top of your screen, like your Google Now, like up in the corner. Right. If you have a Mac, if you install it. But that's. But like I was saying, if you just have, like you open Chrome, the first thing that you see is like, all your Google Now cards, would be awesome. Oh, is all your cards. That would actually be a smart idea. Because a lot of times, like. Google now is very early stage right now. Right. But, like sometimes the card, It's so good. I'm like I don't wanna swipe one away, cause I don't know if I'm gonna get it back ever. Right, right. But, it does some random stuff sometimes, like I, today I was just walking in the hallway, it said, 25 minutes, like, some random place, like, I didn't even search for. That you went once? Or, maybe, I don't know. You went there once, or drove past it. Yeah, exactly. Some shady, [LAUGH] Some shady pawn shop or something, like, hey. There you go back Aaron. We're on our way there, Rich. Yeah. You gonna check that out. Your hash tag today is #TDSTARMAPS. And I, I really like this one, because we want you to tell us where in the universe you want Google maps to be able to give you a virtual tour. Mm. So it can be, it can be a galaxy, it can be a planet, it can be. A star, a black hole. Oh that would be cool. Whatever you want, just tell us where it is in space and we will talk about it. Cause I think that's a really cool, I think that would be really cool. Like some of the exoplanets that they found like Kepler, like way out. All the way out there. I like the rings of Saturn. That would be a really good one. I like to imagine that it looks like the old HBO logo inside, when they go inside. Oh, yeah, yeah. Alright, alright. Yeah, so I really enjoy that and... I'm really excited to see what your responses to that are. And now it is time for our Phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] Well, our Phonetographer of the day today, I thought was just fantastic. Comes from a person named, I'm so sorry cuz I'm gonna just ruin this. Here comes the butcher. I'm sure It sounds, I'm sure it sounds much better. Like, natively pronounce it. Miyuru. That's what I'm gonna guess it is. And they said hi, I'm from Sri Lanka. And these are a few snaps I took out from my old HTC 7 Mozart. Colors are a bit funked up with Picasso, enjoy. And I picked this one in particular cause I just thought it was really lovely. Look at how nice the colors are, and it's a macro and it's. It's just, I really like it. Mm-hm. It feels so alive. Yeah. I feel, I feel alive just looking at this. This is just, like, [INAUDIBLE] dead flowers Well, I, I mean the flowers could bloom at little bit more, then can- I, that's no but, see, I like this. It's very realistic. Like, I think that. It is realistic, dead flowers. No, it's, you know, it's the circle of life. Look, there's nice live ones down towards the bottom. Big blooms- Yeah. That are nice and, you know, I just really like it. I thought it was really nice. I thought it was a good picture. It's a great picture. I picked it. I liked it. Good job. We're getting a lot of photographers pictures, by the way. And I, we, I do look at every single one. We do, yeah I can't reply to every single one of you, but like. Well I have to make sure that I pick that, cuz, I don't want to miss somebody. But you seriously you guys are doing a great job sending them in. Yah really good. And I love all the exotic locations. Options. Very. Yes, I love, that's one of my absolute favorite things about phone tography that you guys sent in. I get to see places that I'll never see. Just the fact that our little voices go to some random, like... It's amazing. Brisbane. I love it. If you would like to send in your phone tography you can email us at tomorrow at C net dot com, you can also, no attachments, by the way, just send us a link, upload it somewhere online, there's a million places you can do that, and send us, a link to your picture... You can also email us if you don't use Twitter. You can tell us what you want your TD star map to be and, and all that other good stuff. But if you do use social media, you can in fact find us online. Yes. You can find us in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Now someone said they couldn't find our Instagram. Is that. But I wrote back. And that's not true. Okay. So we do have an Instagram. I sent a link. It's Tomorrow Daily. Yep. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you're on Google +. Well that's still the round. We are Tomorrow Daily TV. Oh snap. Those are fighting words. That is that is it for Tomorrow Daily. If you want to find us online, you can find me, @AshleyEsqueda on twitter and Facebook. I'm Rich DeMuro on twitter and Rich on tech. On Facebook. And, be good humans, everybody. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye
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