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Tomorrow Daily 030: Google barges shut down, exosuits, high-tech headpieces, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 030: Google barges shut down, exosuits, high-tech headpieces, and more

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On today's show, we discuss Google killing its secret barge plans, exosuits helping shipbuilders lift heavy parts, and an odd couture headpiece that tracks brain activity.

It looks like Google has nixed their super secret barges, but I could have called it back when they named those barges the SS Buzz, and the SS Wave. There's an XO suit, that let's ship builders lift heavy things, one thing no one can lift, BlackBerry stock price. And there's a fashionable new head piece, that changes color with your brain activity. Kim Kardashian put it on and nothing happens. I'm so proud of that. Sadly, she doesn't understand that joke. It's true. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best. Tech talk show in the known universe. I'm host Ashley Esqueda and [UNKNOWN] Rich Demiro obviously getting the memo on wearing aqua today. I did this in honor of Google's barges, no more. I figured the only. Ocean colored shirt I own. Yeah, no. I, we don't coordinate our wardrobe. Like, Rich just shows up, and. Sorry. Sorry to burst your bubbles out there. I'm sorry, yeah. We, we did not intend for this to happen, so, which makes it very funny to me. So, clearly, today is. Bound to happen. Today is wear aqua day, guys. Wear aqua today, in honor of this show. so. Speaking of Google barges, let's hit the headlines. Oh, Google barges. Google barge. We hardly knew ye. Did not, it never happened. Never happened. It was gonna happen and it looked pretty, could be pretty cool, and then, they, they sank proverbially. I was gonna say, I'm sure there's like a ship term for like, something that never actually got out to sea. > Yeah. I just, it was landlocked. For life, never ever made it. So if you have not heard of this I, I would be surprised. Google was making these barges in San Francisco and also in Maine. And these are some drone footage that somebody Awesome footage. So good. Really good footage and flew it over the barge to check what is going on. And there was a lot of speculation as to what these were. Google never actually confirmed what they were supposed to be for but they did confirm what it wasn't for at one point. They said it was not a floating data center, a wild party boat, or a barge housing the last known dinosaur. So those are nice guarantees there of what it was not. But the word on the street was that it was going to be a place where VIPs, and also potentially the public, could come see Google X's projects. Which Google X is the labs division where they do all the crazy stuff like Loon. And at one point because it couldn't fit in the bay, they moved it to Stockton. Oh. They, see, here it is. Coming up. They transported this barge up to Stockton. And there it stayed until the project was killed. What a curious story. This really got me thinking of how Google as a company is not afraid to kill off projects, even that some are successful, some are not. But they've invested a lot of money in that. I know, like, how much did it cost them? I mean, clearly for Google its a drop in the bucket. But you know, it's just one of these things when they figured out we don't need it, it's not gonna work, whatever it was we were gonna do with this we don't need to do that anymore. [UNKNOWN] execute order 66 when the stormtroopers came and took [UNKNOWN] that's kind of, they were just like oh nope. We're good. But you know Google has a history of this, so Google is not. Really known for you know, sticking around with a product they don't think is working. And even some products that we all think worked just fine, cough, reader, [COUGH], Google reader, cough I was thinking about all the products that they've given up on that I really liked over the years. Like, do you remember when Goog 411 came out? Like, that was my Yeah. Favorite. Like, the fact that you can. I remember you used to be able to call. But then you could, like, text for, like, info. Right. And I thought that was literally the coolest thing ever. 'Cuz I could be like. This was like ten years ago. Right. You could like text, and be like, oh, I need the phone number for this, and it would like come back to your phone. And I'm like. Before you had Google actually on your phone. Right. In a browser. Sure. You had, you could text goo 411 Let's see what else, Google Fast Flip. Do you remember that one? It was like. I don't remember that. It was like a, it was like a. They would take snapshots of like, websites. Almost like headlines, and you like, flip through and look at that and one would like grab your attention, and you would click it and it would bring you to that site. How weird. So, it's almost like a very early version of an rss reader. Or like flip board. Or flip board. Okay, all right. Yeah, kinda like that. Of course the failures, wave. Buzz. Wave remember Wave. I remember Wave waiting for an invite to wave. Like it was the second coming People were very excited. Like I could not wait to get this thing on my screen. Oh and how you were wrong. How we were all so wrong. I actually I talked to one friend on it. One time. And that was it. And that was the last time I ever used it. Man and see I just. There are things google might kill off going forward. They did reader. They, they just. I loved Reader. That was my number one. The Shrink crushed Reader last year and that was really painful for a lot of people who used it for pretty much all of their news gathering, including many people in the technology industry, and journalism. Apparently we were the only ones because, like, if you ask, like, a lot of outside people, they wouldn't know about it. iii, what's Reader? I don't know. But for the journalists. For us? Especially, it's a big thing. And for the nerds. And for the nerds. I mean, it was literally after, I would say after Gmail, my second-most used, Yeah. well maybe YouTube. No, but I mean it's up in the list of services that I use with Google, that was up there a lot. Tools. Yeah. But yeah. So we don't know exactly why, because. Well, it's kind of a mystery. And I think it's one of those things that'll just sort of die die along with the myth of what these were going to be used for. So kind of a bummer, but honestly, you know, Google's got so many cool things in the works that I'm sure that whatever's next will be amazing. I mean, they've got balloons that give people internet. So. You know, what can you really say about that? I mean it's just it's amazing, and I'm sure whatever Google comes up with next will be pretty awesome. Did you watch Silicon Valley or no? No, I haven't. Okay. Well I saw one of the episodes where they went to a conference, and that was pretty great. But I [CROSSTALK] Just haven't gotten around to like, watching it. I have to binge watch. They have I don't wanna give for people that haven't binge-watched yet or seen the season it, now this barge reminds me of a scene. A very prominent scene where the, I can't say what happens. I won't give it away, but you know it. Okay. Very prominent scene if you. You know it if you've seen the show you know the guy is in a barge. Okay. Let's put it that way. So what's what's up with this exo suit? This is, I don't know why. Okay, we have the aqua shirts on. We have the ship theme. Ship. Yeah. We have the, we have the barge. Now we have these exosuits. The ocean theme. The ocean theme is very strong in today's show. So in a South Korean ship yard, Daewoo is using these experimental exoskeleton suits. That allowed workers there to lift up to 60 pounds without feeling a thing. Wow. So even if your the weakest person out there you can lift 60 pounds. The device itself weighs 60 pounds. It's made of carbon aluminum alloy and steal, but get this. It's so futuristic and high tech you don't feel like you're wearing 60 pounds. Well, I would imagine isn't it a lot of the weight lay in the bottom of the, you know where the feet are and like your, your braces around your knees and stuff. You're actually not putting a lot of weight like on your body. Almost kind of you know, like steady cam, well steady cams are really heavy. Steady cams are heavy, and they could, like if you could attach a steady cam to this, they're saying that you don't feel the 60 pounds that this thing weighs. I mean that's, I don't know how they do that, clearly, I'm not an engineer. But it, it goes for three hours, it's got a three hour battery life, and the neat thing is, it looks kind of like you'd be stomping around in this thing like big foot because it's so awkward. Yeah [NOISE]. But no, you can walk at a normal pace. Well that's awesome, I didn't realize that, that's pretty cool. And this is just the beginning. They say they're gonna get up to 220 kilograms, or I'm sorry, 220 pounds, 100 kilograms. Okay, so right now, it's like what, one, 150 pounds ish? They can lift up to 60 pounds. Oh, 50 pounds. Yeah. Okay, I thought you said. Of 60 pounds, yeah. Kilograms, okay. so 60 pounds. I'm doing everything in an american of course I know we have international viewers, the odds you're gonna have to convert that. The only conversion I did was the 100 kilograms is 220 pounds. Okay, so at some point, we're gonna be able to really expand on this and lift like whole people. Then lift a person. Pretty cool This is going to do great things for all kinds of industries and you know just the fact that we can do this and I have seen this before in Japan Ctech last year, its there big CES kind of show. Yeah. I saw a guy lifting like bags of rice like demonstrating this. Oh nice. And its just kind of, its. That great, super hero idea. Yeah. You know, we're all super hero, kinda like. Super human strength. Super human strength, and it's going to be a reality. I mean, these are things that people thought of decades ago. But, do you think this is a stop gap between like actual robots doing this work for us? Well yeah, I call it in-between technology. Oh, okay. So yeah, it's definitely in-between technology until. But I think that there'll always be, yeah until we're just, yeah. And then we'll just get fat again. [LAUGH] Exactly. Wall-E is coming. I'm gonna get my cupcake in a cup. I'm gonna drive around. Lastly I thought this was so weird and cool. I've, I gotta say I was really impressed with this. I don't know how, I wanna. See it in person and I wanna know a little bit more about the science behind it, cuz I'm a little skeptical, but we should talk about it. So, this is this woman. Her name is Lauren Bowker. She's a self-described alchemist, and she also runs London Fashion House, the Unseen. And their website is really creepy. Yeah. You gotta visit that website. It's very artistic. It reminds me of like The House of Gaga. Like, it's very interesting. Scares me. So she makes these sort of artistic structured wearable pieces that also have things to do with science and technology so this, what we're looking at here is a head piece in collaboration with Sorovsky. It looks like a swim cap. Now, let's look a little bit like a, like a really high fashioned swim cap, but it actually changes color. So interestingly enough, this is made of leather. Color changing ink that it, she has created, and 4,000 lab grown [UNKNOWN] spinal stones, which she's saying have the same type of Like feel, as human bone. But this changes color based on your brain activity. She says it changes color based on your brain activity and it's sort of like the energy that's being it's like, there's a little bit of like, wavy science here. Just a little. Yeah. There's a little wibbly wobbly science happening right now. But. They, I mean there have been things before that can measure brain wave activity. Right, of course. So like it's not now. Is this thing really doing it? But there's not like trackers on the inside. See, that's, that's sort the thing for me. Like. Oh. I don't know if there's any. Well I don't know. Cuz they don't show the inside of it. There's gotta be some metal. They show some woman sorta wearing it. Right? I think unseen is the best name for this company. Cuz let's keep this unseen. You say no? I mean what is that. Number one, who'd wear that? Number two, what is point of that? Well it's just super, like, fascinating. It. I don't know. It's. I love tech. I love the intersection of tech and fashion. It's like high fashion but, like, there's absolutely no purpose whatsoever in, like, everyday life; or even in, like, a, a. Oh, yeah. I mean, I get the mind reading thing. Like, that is cool to me. But, like. High fashion doesn't need to have a point. But it's ugly. Really? And look Would you ever wear that? I could see you on a runway wearing that. Yeah, definitely. It's very Couture. It's very Couture. That's it. I can see like the Kardashian girls like what are the two new. I wouldn't even see them wearing that. Ones. That are trying to get into. I wouldn't even see them wearing them. No. They would. If they got these things. They'd be like oh, this is cool. Are you really bummed that we've mention them twice. I know. In one show. That's a rule. We've just met our quota for the whole year. That is it. We will never. That's it. Mention them again. We will never mention them ever again. But we're in LA. So we're like inundated with. Yeah, just all the time. Like, this, this culture. Of like. In your face. Yuck. Yeah, culture of yuck. Icky yuck. That's about exactly what it is. We are going to go vomit and we will be back in thirty seconds. We're so disgusted with ourselves. We'll be back in thirty seconds with new releases for the week, and Rich is, like, ready to go. I'm literally leaving. New releases of the week, your user feedback and, of course, our phone tagger for the day. So don't click away. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hello, and welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. You done? He just [UNKNOWN] It was a terrible thirty seconds. Really bad. I rinsed out my mouth. So gross. I have to rinse out my soul mentioning that, mentioning those people twice. We have a very interesting docket of items that we need to discuss this week for new releases. First of which being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Got my tickets, ready to go. Nope. This Saturday. Nope, definitely not. You're not going? I will not. So you've seen sort of like it's, it's jumped over where like, you're like. Listen. No. The excitement is gone. Listen, the only Ninja Turtles I want to see is the one where Vanilla Ice sings. Ninja rap. Hm. The only, with Toca and Razar and the donuts with the ice cubes. Come on. My- This is craze, this is insane. This looks insane and not in a good way. So I told my wife, cuz it is our, it's our nine year wedding anniversary. Oh. And so we were going to, this is on our, this is our special night. Oh, wow. And I'm like, we're going to see this movie. I bet she was so excited. This screams romance. She was so, she's like really? I'm like look, I gotta keep up, because at Tomorrow Daily, apparently I'm not geeky enough. Because Ashley is one step ahead. I'm always one step ahead. And so I'm like we're doing this, we're doing it for the show. I'm so far ahead that I'm not seeing, I'm refusing to see it. And here it is I get my tickets and I've got the 3D seats and all this stuff reserved, no refunds and you're not even seeing so now that's. [LAUGH] It's so upsetting. I'll let you know how it is. It's not going to do a hundred million, it's actually, I know now, because Guardians- It's gonna bomb. Did so well, this is going to bomb. This is gonna be bad. I thought if it was PG it would have done okay, because there's not, there's been a dearth of children's movies, like general PG. But if it's PG-13- No. Just like Guardians is, no. I don't see it happening. And Guardians was a very entertaining PG-13. So. Exactly. It's good. Hulu I watched the, first two episodes of The Awesomes. See I hadn't heard of this until yesterday, when you guys mentioned it, and then now I'm very curious because I watched the trailer, and it seems hilarious. It is, it's funny, this is season two it's a Hulu original. What is it about? Okay, so it's a team of misfit super heroes, and it's right up your ally. I mean it's, it's Seth Myers is the guy who sort of created it. Just in the, in the two episodes I watched they had Will Forte, Rashida Jones, Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph. So, a lot of the SNL cast. You know, it's a, it's a base. We call this friends. You know? But it's funny. It's the perfect kind of humor, the episodes are, were they 12 minutes or 24 minutes? I can't remember. But they were, you know, they were kind of like digestible OK And, and, and it's just fun. It's just a fun little show. Season two. I think the whole season I assume would be available at the same time. I like the idea of the b's, like these sort b rate, it's like low rent super hero's because they can't get, they can't get any of the good super hero's so they have to find these like sort of second tier, and I kind of love that. Yeah, and it's just it's the kind of humor I enjoy, I'm sure a lot of our viewers enjoy the same type of stuff. Oh, yeah, for sure, for sure. And then next we actually have, on our new releases we have Pebble. And, What? Well, okay so. Pebble what? I have a Pebble smart watch. But, today they announce You're not wearing it, of course. Well I don't have it with me right now, I have a Pebble smart watch. It's now in 3 new bright, shiny colors. We can get it in aqua. Oh we get perfectly matched! Matched. Did did swaps buy them, what happened here? No, so they, they decided they wanted to go with this fresh green, hot pink and fly blue, are the names. I actually think they look kinda cool in those colors. I really did them, I love that green. Yeah. Like I'm, I'm really into that. And green Now Cool. And you can switch out the bands. OK, I was going to say, can you just swap out? Now, if you have an old one you can, could you just get a new band? I'm sure you can buy the bands on the site. I'm sure, I bet you third parties sold bands already. Oh yeah, no, I bought, I have a, actually the bands that I have I like so much better than the original band that came with Pebble because I think it's a little flimsy. The one that I got, I got from, I forget the website, and I'm so sorry. I got it on this web site. And it was like 11 bucks. Amazon? And, it was real, no it was, like I know. Specifically a watch band site that had, like, really nice silicone, like, thicker bands that were just as wide as the watch itself, is a Pebble watch. Okay, so it looks So it looks really good. They made it chunkier Yeah, and they also add two of the loops like to hold down the band, cuz otherwise with just the one, it doesn't, it didn't really work very well. You get that, you get that flap at the end. It slid out. Yeah. Yeah, all right. But it was flapping all over the place. I hated it. But switching it out was great. And I, I, really, really liked I have it, I think I bought like three different colors. And then I think I have like a whole pack of like 15 colors for like 100 bucks. Oh my gosh, that's, I mean if you want to coordinate with our aqua shirts you have to. If you're really into fashion. You have to do it. You have to get one of those. Okay do you like coffee? You don't drink coffee. I do I do on occasion. I'm not like crazy about. I'm not like crazy coffee person. I like chai, I like chai, but I do,do love me a vanilla latte. Don't lie. I like chai. I do like. I do this. I do like a vanilla latte. Actually chai is really good. It's got like that spicy flavor. We'll I love coffee, and well Dunkin' Donuts new release Tuesday. New coffee cream donuts, made with real coffee. They have two flavors, Glazed Coffee Cream and Glazed Filled with Buttercream. And I would eat both of these. I love donuts. [CROSSTALK] Just give me a dozen. I mean seriously, if you don't like donuts, you, there's something wrong with you. I like, good, fresh donuts. Like, a Krispy Kreme, or like a- When you eat a stale donut, it's really disappointing. But any donut you can put in the microwave for seven seconds. You want to hear a scary thing? What? I don't like Krispy Kreme. okay, I'm. [LAUGH] I gotta go. [LAUGH] Like, I'm done, we're done here. I am not a fan of Krispy Kreme. Well what do you like versus. I think they're too, they're too glazed. And I'm one of those weirdos who really likes the plain cake donuts that have like nothing on them. Like, that's when I'm like who ordered? Me. Like that's like a, to me that's like a grandma donut. Me, I'm the, I'm the Grandma who orders the Grandma donut. That's the Grandma that's like, I don't want any sugar. Sugar on my donut. That's too much sugar. No, that's me. I love that donut, and the one with all the crumbs on it are. Those are my two favorite donuts. I do, okay, I like that one. That one's really good. The crumb donut is like, I would say number one on my list, followed by a maple bar. Hm. And then the cake do, the plain cake donut that I can dip into my hot Chai latte. It's just so good. That's my favorite. I like the, the like standard like, I don't know what it is. It's like a glazed, but like the, the chunky glazed. They sell them at like Starbucks. Chunky glazed sounds like maybe. They went bad. I think you might wanna. Wait. Ask some questions about how long those donuts have been sitting out. No, it's like. I don't, maybe it's like a chunky cake glaze? I don't know, it's like very hard almost. It's like almost like a, it's really good. It's like crispy almost. Okay. It's my favorite. Crispy but stale. You just like stale donuts. It's not stale. It's just a, it's just a type. I don't know what kind of donut it is. This, but it's like an, it's an old-fashioned, I think that's what they call it. Ol-fashioned donut, okay. It's just a good old-fashioned cro-nut. Fancy donut, great. So yeah, if you have a Dunkin' Donuts nearby, which some of you guys do, some of you don't. On the west coast, they're a little bit more sparse. Tough to find. But they're around so they're starting to kind of make their way into the. Western part of the US, but yeah, Dunkin Donuts coffee flavored donuts. Who woulda thought? Who knew? It is to get into user feedback. yesterday, we asked you guys to send in your ideas for GIFs. JIFs. Not JIFs. By the way, I saw somebody tweet you and say, you don't jive a JIF. [INAUDIBLE] You give a gift. It's GIF. I don't know what that means. Chris Hardwick agrees with me, it's GIF. Oh, if Chris Hardwick says it, then it must be true. [INAUDIBLE] Chris Hardwick's king of the nerds. He says GIF, I saw GIF. That's what it is. Until he buys a Felicia [UNKNOWN] show, I don't care. But he did. No. Legendary just bought [UNKNOWN], sorry. Now it's over, forget it. Okay, that's it. So, anyway. our, we asked you guys about [UNKNOWN] and GIFs, and what you guys would show. And our first, user feedback comes from Matt. And he tweeted us and said I think billboards should be giant gifts showing someone enjoying a donut. Wait, donuts. Or maybe a giant gift on the side of a bus, new ads. Oh yes. Hash tag tdgifts. I can't wait for those ads. Yeah. They banned all, all digital billboards in LA. I thought they were the greatest thing ever, they have banned them. I thought they were so cool. Really? They got rid of digital billboard, I never heard of that. All, it was all, like literally you'd go like down the street, it be like, Like Minority Report. I love digital billboards. Right it makes sense. Environmentally like How sad yeah cause you can [CROSSTALK] have multiple. Have a screen, you don't have to send people up there, have all. [INAUDIBLE]. Distracting that's why. No, they were awesome. People can barely drive a car without distractions in LA so. That's very true. So you have to take away any and all distraction. And then our, our next tweet comes from a familiar face from yesterday Lan Di tweeted again to us today and said Street Art Propaganda for digital photo frames and made this. Gif, which I love, Cheesy Jokes Forbidden, Low, and there's Rich, All Must Honor the Merciless Landi. So, I just thought that was really funny. And high, seriously, high fives to you guys. Very good. That's pretty good. The fact that you're creating, now that, now that our viewers are actually creating original works, derivatives of this show. I like it. I feel like we've made it. I feel like we've really arrived. The hashtag for today is #TDGoogleAxe. And the reason why is because we want you to tell us what Google service you miss the most, that they've killed off. And I'm sure Reader will be at the top of everybody's list, but pick some, get creative. And then also, what Google service, or, you could also send- You get two choices. What Google service. Could you not live without if they killed it. So Gmail, obviously, get original here. There are a couple that are banned. You can't use Gmail, you can't use Youtube, you can't use Search. If you picked Google+, please enlighten us, [LAUGH], because I- There are a lot of people on Google+. No, there are a lot of people. Although I [CROSSTALK] They've been conscripted. Well, and supposedly they say they're gonna split apart the photo sharing [CROSSTALK] I'm really curious [CROSSTALK] It feels like they're separating out Google Plus to like just, I don't know. See ya. Yeah, we'll see. So that's our hashtag of the day today. And, now we are going to check out our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] With two pictures. Same person, two photos. I couldn't decide! Is this legal? I thought the rules were one picture. I couldn't decide, so I changed the rules just for today. Okay. Jason V. writes to us. And says the Nexus 5 has a great camera if you know how to take a good photo. Pics below were all taken on my Nexus 5 on vacation in Playa del Carmen Mexico. So here is beautiful Riviera Maya, I got married down that way Oh, wow. So I, very familiar, a very familiar scene to me. But I really liked this and then the second picture I also really liked. A lizard. Yeah, who doesn't like lizards. I mean, that's a really big lizard. It is. A giant reptile. I shouldn't call it a lizard cause it's probably, there's a specific name for it, that I, I'm not a hundred percent aware of. Old eye, dinosaur. Jasper, let's name him Jasper. Jasper Old man lizard. Jasper the reptile, mister Jasper. He looks tired. He looks so wise. Yes. I can just see Like a so many sage. Yeah. Like a sage Tell me. old reptile. Tell me reptile. I Everything I need to know. Yeah. Like I still, you could really get some great life advice, if he could speak. Well, that looks like a beautiful vacation. Yeah. I think there's like a rainbow in the background. So maybe, it's just Yeah. it's sprinkled a little bit. You can see the beautiful rainbow back there, it's just, yeah. Perfect paradise. I've always wanted to go on vacation where I, like, get one of those huts over the water. Oh yeah. Like that, but like. Like in Bali and stuff? Yeah. Pretty cool. I've heard though it's kind of boring, like, cuz it's really, that's what, you sit in the hut all day. And that's all you do. That's why you go. See I don't. I need to disconnect for like a week. See, I don't, I like to do stuff. I'm one of the, I'm a doer. I wanna go do things. Well, I like to do stuff. Climb things, and get crazy. Go to. You can do the zipline, I'm sure. Shopping, like. Shopping? What shopping? Doing something. Doing, I'm going to do. I'm going to do, I'm going to shop, I'm going to swipe that card. You know what I like to buy snacks from the different countries I'm into. Like, the UK, okay, you guys. All things we can do. Listen, before we close out the show I need to say something. In the UK you guys have the best potato chips, I should call them crisps. They have one that's prawn cocktail, shrimp crock, cocktail flavored chips, and they are so freaking good. Yeah. They are, probably one of my favorite snacks. And you just can't find them here. Why? Why? [CROSSTALK] This is America. We should have, we have maple bacon chips. I'm sure you can import them. No you can't, because they're expensive. Here's the weird thing. Snacks in other countries are always weirder flavors, than they are in the US. I know. I think Americans don't like weird flavors, cuz like you go to Japan. We have Maple bacon flavor glaze. That's not a weird flavor, that just like. That's a weird flavor. We have cappuccino flavored chips. We have, those aren't, they're not released yet, to the public. They're to, they're, you can buy them. I know, I've tasted them, but my point is, they're not like. Why? Like, Lays is testing those flavors. They always test weird flavors, and then they're like, okay, we're going back to original. Sorry about the cappuccino chips. We want to freak you out. I know, just. Fair enough, fair enough. Stand down. Listen, I really like those prawn cocktail chips. Anything shrimp flavored. I just, they're really good. They're really, really good. Anyway, that's the end of the show. If you want to send in your phonetography- Or snack. You can email us. Yeah, your snacks [LAUGH]. You could always email us. Send us your country's snacks. Send us your country's snacks. We need to set up a P O Box. Tomorrow at cnet.com is our email address, you can send. You can send in your comments, you can send in a hashtag of the day if you don't use twitter, but if you do use twitter, Rich will tell you all about our social media. Tweet us, Facebook us, Instagram us, Google Plus us, we are tomorrow daily at all those places and if you're on Google Plus before they kill it, it's tomorrow daily TV and of course you can find us on twitter, a lot of you guys have found us already, I'm Rich Demero on Twitter, Rich on tech on Facebook and Ashley I'm Ashley Skeva on both Twitter and Facebook, super easy to find. That is it for Tomorrow Daily. We'll be back tomorrow with a fresh new batch of delightful technology. So, be good humans and we will see you next time. Bye. [MUSIC]
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We'll show you all the new tricks you can do with emoji symbols in iOS 8.3.
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Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?
6:18 April 20, 2015
CNET's Luke Westaway and Rich Trenholm ask which of the two greatest geek franchises deserves the top spot.
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Smarter driver: How to spot counterfeit car parts
1:38 April 20, 2015
Brian Cooley tells you what you need to know to avoid buying bogus auto parts.
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Sony's newest $1,500 sound bar offers Bluetooth headphone listening
0:44 April 20, 2015
Sony's HT-ST9 sound bar is the company's newest flagship at $1,499 and it offers some unique features such as support for Bluetooth...
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Mini's concept begins where Google Glass left off
1:51 April 19, 2015
The carmaker's Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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