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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 021: New video capture tech, the Rickroll 'Rickmote,' a new X-wing, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 021: New video capture tech, the Rickroll 'Rickmote,' a new X-wing, and more

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We're geeking out today over a new way to capture motion, a funny way to Rickroll people, and the Episode VII X-wing fighter reveal. Also, a projection wearable, and your user feedback. Will the Rickroll ever die?

Scientists have created a dome filled with cameras that can capture up to 100,000 points at once. If the Kardashians ever obtain access to this type of technology, I would like to resign from the human race. A hacker has figured out a way to Rickroll any Chromecast. Which further proves society is never going to give it up. Never going to let this joke die. And J. J. Abrams showed off a new X-Wing from Star Wars in his promo video for charity. The Milenium Falcon, on the other hand, was still in a timeout after breaking Harrison Ford's ankle last month. [NOISE] [LAUGH] Just like your iPad Oh no. It's tomorrow dailies. No, no cracks. No it, it has survived. It survived a drop. Whoo close call there. Right onto a hardwood floor. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the coolest, most fun technology tech talk show, technology tech talk show redundant, see department of redundancy. Show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Scavenger and me as always Rich DeMuro. With a, nonbroken iPad this time. Maybe a little scuffed up. I think I see some, I see, I see some Well, well, yeah. No that's when I dropped it in the drive way. You need to maybe just stop dropping that. It's a new chamfert edges, brand new ones that you created by just dropping it on the ground. Well it's good to be here. It is good to be here. Not dropping our iPads anymore. Good. Hoping. Lots of really fun stuff showed up on the internet this morning. So let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] Well this first story might change the way that we view sports replays. Might change the way that we see movies. Mm-hm. I know the Matrix definitely made an impact on us. Bullet time. That was a big thing, and it's still. We see it in lots of movies. 300. And now, scientists, a team researchers have created this geodesic dome. You can see this is their video that they released, so here's a guy now swinging a bat. And you can see in each honeycomb there, there is a there is a camera. So all of these cameras, is a two story dome. So there's 480 input videos and they're all tracking his motions. And when they're done, they are able to create this model of exactly what' happening where all of the motion is and has been as he swings. And they are able to actually stop the camera and rotate it around. This looks so cool. So they are using all 480 of these video cameras. To basically create something that you would normally need really complicated motion capture for. Mm-hm. Yeah. So motion capture generally put like, you know, a bunch of little dots on your body that captures the motion [CROSSTALK] You have to be on a green screen and there's a whole bunch of stuff going on there. And this really was made with off-the-shelf. Cameras, off the shelf materials. Which is really good. Now they said that the, to be fair, the scientists who recreated this, kinda did it in a very, very highly controlled setting. Yes. So I understand like, you're making a movie. It's probably a lot more of, moving parts and things like that. But still, to show what can be done with this technology, is kind of neat. Like, to have someone think differently about, hey how can we do this with, you know, like you said, off the shelf, cheaper technology. And what's required right now. yeah, and they're saying that in the future like I mentioned this might be used for sports replays. For example if you want to see if somebody actually made a touchdown or didn't you'd be able to Like you can go around every single little angle. Yeah, and they were saying that it's possible that spectators would be holding the camera. So there people would be using maybe their cell phones or there would be cameras kind of set up around. Think about it. Really neat. Think about all the people that are, recording at any given time inside a stadium or any, any time inside of a concert. And there's been some apps that sort of mix the videos together, like, they kind of synch them up. Yeah. Maybe that's how this would work as well. This all has big implications for Hollywood. Because like, even Planet of the Apes, like those types of movies Very big promotion capture. Exactly. Plus, less expensive. Which is always nice because those big budget movies are getting a little pricey. Maybe our movie tickets will go down in price using this technology. That would be nice. Probably not but this sort of reminds me of that, you ever watch E News and they do that red carpet stuff and they take like the 360? The 360 Glam Cam? Oh see you know. Yes I'm familiar with it, I'm familiar with it. So it's kind of like a more, a higher end of that. Yeah. That's very rudimentary. It. Yeah. They, they, they it's looks like. Well, it's like the Matrix, ?>> Oh wait. the bullet time. So that just means that Ian's going to be the first to adopt it. To have the 360, glam Glam to the cam. to the crazy, motion glam cam. Hey, might not be a bad use but they're also saying that, It's neat because you can do 3D reproductions of stuff you normally can't put little capture balls on. Yeah. Like confetti. Yeah. Like throw confetti from the sky and you can track exactly how it happens. Well here's some falling boxes. There you go. Boom, oh they all fell over. Why does it have that paintbrush look? Is that just to illustrate kind of the exact moment of. I think these are the- Kinda what they're tracking? Yeah, the points of motion. Okay. So this is where the, you can see where the person came in. They have, there's the confetti sequence. There's the confetti. Whooo, party. They were saying, again, with the hundred thousand points, they can, they can literally track every single one of those pieces of confetti. Very cool. And if it means cheaper, you know, technology to make cooler movies- Great. And off the shelf stuff, very cool stuff. Have you heard of the Rickmote? I have not. Okay, let's talk about the Rickmote. So you, you heard the joke earlier in the intro. A guy named Bishop Fox built a controller that basically is like a remote control that hijacks a Chromecast. 'Kay. And, rickrolls it. Great. Great, So, I love useless, I love useless but exciting and funny things. So, here's how he did it. if, he built it on top of the $35 Raspberry Pi computer, it finds a local Chromecast device on the network and boots it off the network using a very common wi-fi command, which is called, let's see what's it called, [UNKNOWN] off. Okay, yeah. [INAUDIBLE] off That makes sense, right? Takes you off the internet, takes you off wi-fi, and connects back to this, the remote control? And then it connects back to your little remote, and then, of course, sends any video you want. But if you press the little button that this guy did. It takes you right to the YouTube video of the Rick Roll. But wait, is it the Rick Roll video that got taken off the internet earlier this week? It was, but it's back on now. This one they're showing, this must have been before. Oh no, this is the one that's still up, the Vivo version. It has like 86 million views. But the original was taken down this week. How many views did that have? I, I don't know. It was a lot. It was a lot. If this one's like 86 million, I can't even imagine how many that one has. So, you know what this reminds me of? I don't know if you ever did this in high school but I'm kind of like a geek back even then. I used to like want to turn off the TVs with a remove control like the universal remote. Oh yeah they had the prank, well they also had the prank ones where you would like shut the TVs off at the airport and stuff. Which is kind of cool. I don't know. To me, that kind of stuff is just funny. Like nobody else cares. Yeah, it's super dorky. But it's just kind of fun like when you can mess. I used to bring like a universal remote and like just try it, you know? But you had to like set up for the TV and it's just stupid. But how old is this, I mean how long society are we going to take the rick roll. It's taking forever, like we just gotta move. We gotta move on from rick roll. So in the spirit of moving on from rick roll, let's move on. This morning if you're watching. Another time. This Monday, past Monday, JJ Abrams uploaded a video of him standing in front of an X-Wing. And the collective geek world squealed in excitement. It's a beat up X-Wing. What happened? They, maybe the next 30 years after the end of Return of the Jedi have not been so kind to the re, to the rebels. So many clues. So many clues. So much to decipher in this video. So what is the point of this? Why is he doing this? So he is doing this because there is, for-, The Force For Change is a kind of non profit organization and they're doing this really awesome charity drive, where you are able to donate some money and you get some entries. And if you win. You get a walk on role in Star Wars and they make you into an alien and you get a line in the movie. Wow I didn't know you get all that. I though you just got to watch the movie with 20 of your friends. Oh no that's new. Okay so the reason JJ Abrams had this video was because he was announcing that if you donate $50,000, which I think there were 5000 versions of this available and as of like maybe 20 minutes ago when I did the show notes, there were two left. So. Tons of people have bought that entry level for fifty grand, you get to have a screening of the new start in your home town with up to 20 people. Wow, that's amazing, Pretty awesome. So I love the idea that this video wasn't like overtly, he wasn't like saying here's all the cool stuff in this video. Yeah. He just kind of was standing there. Just stood there. And. Non shalant. Just let the internet go to the town on deciphering all the cool stuff. Speculation, oh sweet speculations yeah a little mouth destroying he's like who let that thing in there like who would let this thing out. (chuckles) Don't you think it's cool, JJ Abrams obviously is just such a cool guy, he is, like he kind of person like you just think he's very smart like you wanna have dinner with him, yeah, and you wanna just like pick his brain. I also really appreciate usually bad robot is from the school of like JJ Abrams. Secret-y secret. I never hear anything about anything until the movie gets released. So I really like that. I don't know if that's coming from him or from Disney or from Lucas Films. I think, I think it's a little bit of both. I think it's a little both. Like, he likes that idea. That they're getting information and stills and this kind of stuff out into the universe because people want. They want to know what the deal is, they want to see the new X wing, they want to get in there, and they want to check out all the cool Star Wars stuff. They want to speculate like we were saying about oh, man look at that X wing, it's all beat up, this looks so great! Oh yeah a little mouse droid going by. Did you see the video, it was like two weeks ago, of like the, it was like an airport where they had all the Star Wars stuff flying by, it was totally bogus. That was one of my favorite things. Yeah, it was a German guy, he was saying like oh yeah, and he made, he was like an animator and he. He made a whole empire. He was so awesome.>> It was cool but it was like, that's the kind of stuff like, clearly that was bogus, like, there was like.>> Oh yeah.>>Ten thousand things flying and. Yeah. There would be no live set where. No. 50 planes in the air at the same time.>>No it's fantastic .>> It's kind of fun. This is way better than that, it's not as overt but J.J. Abrams, the whole secrecy thing kind of backfired with Cloverfield. I think you said you were a fan of that movie. Yeah but, no, and it did with, it really did with Star Trek: Into Darkness. But yes, there was a whole lot of like, it's not Khan, it's not Khan. And then it was Khan. Spoiler alert. Oh no. If you haven't seen that movie, sorry. Great [INAUDIBLE] But yeah, trekkies were mad. They were furious and because it was just like you could've done so much with Benedict Cumberbatch's character, instead you just rehashed an old storyline and switched up a couple things. Have it worn out. I still liked the movie, I enjoyed it, but. It's still entertaining. A lot of trekkies were upset about that. That is it, that is it for our delightful news segment. We, we will be back in 30 seconds with a new back it or hack it, a very interesting wearable and your user feedback for ice cream. 3D printed ice cream, and of our course our phone tagger of the day, so don't go away. It's Tomorrow Daily [Music] Hey guys, we are back. Wel, welcome back to Tommorow Daily, we have made Rich put down his iPad. I don't need it. Hands off for this segment of the show. He will not drop it. But we have a, a, a wearable today on Back it or Hack it. Wait, real quick, can we just say. You know our show is, like, very live. When we leave like, me dropping my iPad in the show, this is real. Yeah, this real life you guys. This is a real show folks. It's serious. All right. Serious business. Let's back at our hack its. All right, back at our hack its. So, we are checking out the Ri, Ritot? Ritot? I'm gonna, say Ritot This is new to me. Ritot.com. This is a wearable that goes on your wrist, as many of them do, that projects notifications and the time. On to your, the back of you hand. Mm. It's very fascinating. This seems expensive. well, it's actually not that bad. So, you can either, yeah, you can shake your hand or you can touch the button so it's very interesting. And this is Absolutely safe. Well, for your skin and health because of the fit bit thing. okay. Well. They recalled the fit bit. That's why, I figured, they mentioned it. I wondered if it was like laser. Like, every time, it would, like, etch, the time into your skin, like permanent time. I'm sure people worried about that. I'm sure people worried and you're noticing right now. It is waterproof. And then, and then they say that there are two different models. There's a sport model that's rubber and plastic and then there's another one that's aluminum and leather. You can change the projection color. This is like a base that you charge it on, so you just put it on the little base and it charges. It is currently on Indie GoGo. Which I find very fascinating cuz they didn't choose kickstarter. Yeah. I'm always, I always wonder. Yeah. What the decision process is for different things. It must be how much you get out of the whole, you know, like. I guess so. They must take different cuts and maybe the promotion. Like if you, if they like talk to Indigogo and they said we'll promote you on the home page of something. I don't know. Yeah, maybe it is. And so. They say on their website. [UNKNOWN] .com, [UNKNOWN] will help you stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages, and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist. People are really gonna be shaking their wrist a lot. Like wear with wearables. There's a lot of wrist shaking in the future. We're all gonna be like shaking as if we have bells attached to us, like it's gonna be very weird. This looks really cool, I mean it's. Definitely a good take on the whole, wearables. I mean, I think we're going to see a lot of different variations of the wearable in the future. Mm-hm. This is just. And this look, it looks nice. Something a little different. Yeah, it's. And it's cool because they, they kind of mastered the whole, you don't really need a display on there. Right, there's no, because it's a projection. So it can be smaller, slicker, sleeker. And if you have like your hand up on a table and the phone rings in your purse, you can just look down at your hand without even lifting it up or, you know, having to silence it or whatever. You can just shake your wrist a little and it dismisses that notification. And apparently only good looking people can wear this thing. Oh yeah, apparently [CROSSTALK] the only people. That's very, very hip. I almost wonder if they just got a bunch of stock footage and just like Photoshopped the hologram and the bracelet on them cuz it looks like a lot of stock footage or pictures. Now I understand all those part except for the caoutchouc. I don't know what that is either. I don't know what that means, but it's got a little Peeko projector which is cool. So, how much does this thing cost? Okay, so, interestingly enough $120. For one. And if you want two right now and you go buy it, I believe it's 200. You can save 40 bucks right now. And it comes with a plunger? Yeah it comes, it comes with everything. Okay. Fill that. I mean I think it looks pretty cool. The neat thing is that it looks like a piece of jewellery. So I think, Yeah, you can get a nice classy one or you can get the sport one if you're really into active, active stuff My only problem is I'm worried about the, if you have your. Sleeve down over it. Which I normally when I was wearing my fit bit my sleeve would be over it most of the time. I wonder how it would get past that if it was trying to project. Well that's true. All these. I think that's not going to project as like All these folks in pictures have short sleeves. Aha see. Look at that They're not wearing business clothes. His sleeves are rolled up. Oh they're rolling up those sleeves. But. To be fair most of the time We gotta show off the watch when you look off, when you look at your watch you go, yeah, exactly you go like that. yeah, fair enough. so it's not a deal breaker but I'd be curious to see how it actually projects in real life. you know if it, day to day but I think that you can do it day and night so the projection is, there's a special kind of projection technology and future technology that they love and. It goes right on your hand. Okay. You can see it really well and that's it. I'm gonna say back it based on the fact that it looks cool, it's a fashion statement, it's kinda like jewelry. Yeah. And it's not that expensive. So I'm gonna back it. That's not bad. You're gonna say yes. Yeah. You're backin' it. I'm backin' it. I think, for me, I'm still torn about it. But I think for, I think without a screen, even though it has projection technology, I'm gonna say, okay back it, yeah. I'm gonna say yeah. Oh! And, I'm gonna back it also 'cuz someone's gonna hack it so you can watch a little movie on your. On your wrists. That would be kinda neat. Or pictures. Pictures. Like, that would be cool. You upload it into the app and then you can just show picture on your hand, which, bazaar. But you know, whatever. Hey guys, let me show you my vacation pictures. Yeah. Hey, look guys. Can you like swipe the hand, swipe the hologram. Swipe through. Now you shake. Yeah, shake. Let me just shake through some of my pictures here. Ugh. So delightful. Can be fun. again, that's the Ritot. The Ritot, Ritot? They need a new name. [LAUGH] It's a very strange name, for a, yeah. I don't, I don't understand the name. They must, is it like German or something, is it like a different? I think they are, they are European engineers. Okay, so no more. But yeah that's our, that's Ritot. It's a very very interesting wearable. I like when people. I would feel like you can do things like everybody else, but it's hard to play with the big dogs, you know? Yeah. It's like hard to run with the big dogs when you're fighting against Samsung. Yeah. Or Moto 360. I mean, that's tough. So I like that they're doing something a little different. Totally different. It's nice. It's really nice. ALright guys, it is time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] Last week we talked about 3D printed ice cream which looked delicious and also very time consuming, but we asked you to use the hashtag td ice cream. And tell us what flavor you'd want your 3D ice cream in and what shape. And you guys really came up with some good stuff. We got a lot. Tons of Tweets about this. I was very excited. Thank you. Thank you, yeah. Actually, the entire weekend. Just reading your Tweets. That. Can't even get it to do outside. I thought I did. I'm sorry. That and Nintendo. I played, oh, boy did I play Mario Cart this weekend. I was, I, I yelled so many profanities this weekend at Mario Cart that I really was convinced that a police officer was going to show up at my house. Ma'am have you been speeding? No, yeah, so much, yes, unless I get hit by a bushong in which case I am furious. Our very first Tweet comes from Lytning31, or XLighting31X. He says, My flavor would be electricity zap, and it would of course be lightning bolt shaped and bluish, and then he added a picture but it was just of a black lightning bolt, so to just give us an idea We got a them going. We didn't know. Yeah it really does. Twitter names. The name of the ice cream, makes sense. Yeah. It's really good. I love that it's electricity flavored. It's kind of a cool name for ice cream. Electricity? Yeah. And then our second Tweet was from Nacho Gonzalez. Ooh. Nachogp16 says, I would love to a sweet corn flavour with a corncob shape! ! [LAUGH] It would go a little savory almost. That's awesome. I totally like that. I like a little savory ice cream. That is a great idea. Maybe we'll have Thanksgiving dinner ice cream at some point in the shape of a turkey. Well mine- I think this would just look like one of those candy corns. Yeah. Ooo. Yeah. I like it. Like just a little popcorn kernel. Like a little kernel and it tastes like and then it tastes like corn. Remember Bugles? Oh yeah. You wear them on your fingers. That's what they're there for. Like little witches' hats. Corn chips. And then also of course, thank you for your hashtag, today's hash tag, by the way, just in case you, just in case you were curious, is hash tag TD starwars. I want you guys to tell us who, if you won that rock on roll, what kind of alien would you look like, and what would your one liner be? Oh. Like if you only got, like three to five words in the new Star Wars. You're not gonna get a lot of time in this movie. Yeah, you're not gonna get a lot of screen time. What kind of alien would you be? And what's your one liner? Mm. I like it. That's a good one. Or maybe even your rates, if there's already an existing Star Wars. You gotta put some thought into that one. Put some thought into it, but I really, I wanna see, I wanna see your answers. And then of course it's time for our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] We've got a little story for this one Okay. This is from Allen K. And he wrote to us and said I took this picture at Jerejak Bea, Breach, Penang Malaysia in front of my house using Samsung Note 2. My son woke me up early in the morning as he wished to collect some rocks from the breach. Inside the picture you can see the Penang Bridge at far. Lots of cars passing through each day, and it was the third largest bridge in southeast Asia. So you can just barely make that out there on the left-hand side. There are three ravens on the tree. One is about to fly away, one is just arriving, and the middle one is staying. [LAUGH] It reminds me that time flies. Wow. It's getting deep. This is deep. This is really deep. This is the deepest will ever get. It was the last week of our Muslim friend's fasting. The following same day will be the grand celebration of Fasting Month's end. Yes, the Ramadan just came to a close. He said I hope you guys like it, to be well. Really great. I love that picture. Very beautiful picture. And I love that we have such a world wide audience. Yeah, we do. Now I was, when I saw this picture, I was realizing, I was like gosh, we have so many people like around the world watching this show, which is really cool. But sometimes when you send in these pictures, you don't necessarily say if you're on vacation when you took them, or if this is where you live. Right. So, now this one specifically said outside my house. He said it was in front of his house, yeah. He's, he is in Malaysia. But let us know, you know, if you took this on vacation, or whatever. Cuz I'm sure a lot of people take pictures when they're on vacation. Yeah. Of these beautiful. In spots, or if you live there it just happens to be beautiful, like, man, waking up to view everyday? Pretty good. It's pretty nice. Pretty, pretty good. I and really, just like I love the story Yeah. and how it made him think like he was seeing the ravens and you know it's just great. Like I love these little just these little stories about you know a moment or an image that makes you think about something The more story the better. yeah, it's really good. So that is it for the show today. If you would like to send your picture for phonetographer of the day, you can e-mail us tomorrow@cnet.com. Send us a link, no attachments cuz I won't open them, number one. And send us the links to your best picture. Not, not your, not your whole Instagram profile. Cuz I can't- Good try though. Really good effort. That person who sent that. But we just, we don't have time to look through every Instagram picture you have to find your best. And you know better than us what your best is, so send us a direct link to that one. Yeah. Yeah, we'd rather have you say, and give us a little story, like you said. Yeah. And also you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and Instagram. We are TomorrowDaily on all those except for. Google Plus. Yeah. We are, we are Tomorrow Daily TV. And then, of course, if you wanna find us individually. I reply, I'm starting to reply to emails now. Yeah. And you, you know? Ashley does, too. But, Twitter's the best way to reach me, @richdemuro on Twitter. And you can find me at @ashleyesqueda, on Twitter. That's been Tomorrow Daily. We will see you guys tomorrow. Be good humans. [MUSIC]
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