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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 016: Rolling up your TV, reading with your finger, haptic shirts, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 016: Rolling up your TV, reading with your finger, haptic shirts, and more

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Tom Merritt returns as guest co-host today, and he and Ashley discuss LG's newest roll-up OLED TV, MIT's FingerReader, a shirt that aims to convey emotion, direction, and touch via haptic feedback, and more.

LG has an 18" OLED TV that can roll up like a poster. I can only hope they also offer them in 5 fruity, delicious flavors. Mm, tasty. MIT has a prototype that actually uses your finger to read, out loud, not kidding. Great for finger readers. And we discuss shirts that use haptic feedback to convey touch and emotion over the internet. Gee, I can't wait to use that with YouTube commenters. Don't touch me. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the Internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily the, the tied for first place, best daily tech talk show in the known universe. Very gracious. Its I figured it'd be nice, since we have such a nice guest. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda and joining us today again, Rich DeMuro, how's it going? You are not Rich DeMuro I could never be Rich DeMuro. I'm sure he feels the same way about you. Tom Merrit. Well, Rich will be back tomorrow. No, not on tomorrow, Monday. We're back on Monday. Oh, he'll be back the next, thing. Yeah we're almost daily. So maybe we should say we're almost daily talk show. But, Tom Merritt from Daily Tech News Show is joining us, for his last day of filling in. This is fun, thank you for having me, this is really cool. I'm sure we'll have you back. Oh, cool. Maybe not every day but, there's really no there's no extra chairs and I think Rich would feel, really awkward about sitting. No that would not be cool. Yeah, that would be super weird. But we have a lot of cool stuff today. But first, before we get into the news, we want to say Happy Birthday to a very special viewer, Nicholas Tesla. We know you're not out there but Happy Birthday anyway. We know you're not out there watching but. 158 today. You look so good for 158. Not a day over 86. I agree. I agree. Yeah. And really good news for the Tesla Museum. Oh, right. That the Oatmeal put together. They he Elon Musk, the proprietor of Tesla, the car company is donating a million dollars to the Tesla Museum, and he's putting a a charger, a supercharger station in the parking lot. I mean, a million dollars for Elon Musk though. I know, it's like change. I think he, That's right he, it wouldn't be worth his time to bend over and pick up a million dollars. That's true. He probably carries a million dollars in his pocket at all times [CROSSTALK]. It says million dollar bill. Yeah, I'm sure they'd print them out for him, right? Right. That's gotta be right. But let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] Well, if you've ever wanted to roll up your TV. Have you ever wanted to, roll it up? You know, I really have espec, or, or a display? Yeah. Computer display? To just kind of stick it in your backpack? Like a newspaper in your back pocket? Yeah. Well now that looks like a thing that is going to be reality. Like now, it's real, but,. It's a real thing. Yeah, there's a, so this is some older technology from LG, this is the G-Flex. Yeah, that's tiny. So this a screen, but this is released from its casing, yeah, and it's a 6 inch. Screen. Right. But still kind of amazing technology that they're able to, you know, get this old led screen in a phone, pretty cool. Yeah, and the, look at the, the pics is a developed screen, the pictures gorgeous. Yeah it's really beautiful. And it doesn't deform or anything when they move it. Yeah, there's no real, like, crazy distortion [LAUGH] yeah, except for the whole, flickering thing, yeah,. Yeah. For sure. But, Logan, you need to show the thing that was unveiled today, LG at a press release, and they announced a roll up TV. Like a big screen TV. Eight, well not a, It's not a 55 inch but,. Bigger than that. 18 inches. Yeah. So three times what we saw in that image. Boom. There it is, roll up TV. That is a roll up TV. 18 inches. That's a real screen size. That's a, that's a monitor size. Yeah. That's legitimate. Yeah. You could play Diablo on that. And. Well maybe not Diablo. It'd be hard to see when it's rolled up. Yeah, it would be very difficult. If you could unroll it. I would love to just roll up a screen like that, and just take it. I like the idea of just being able to take a screen wherever you go. I've always wanted to have the laptop that I could just pull the screen out. Like it's just rolled up into the laptop. Like a shade? That's kinda cool, I like that idea. Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Just a suggestion. Just roll up the whole tablet, that'd be pretty awesome. Instead of a convertible, you just roll up the whole thing. Yeah, just roll up your whole entire,. Make everything rolly. What if your keyboard was also roll-uppable and you just roll it all up? They can do that, because they have those keyboards for tablets that are rolly. Yeah, just those really nice flexible keyboards. Patent pending. Patent pending, yeah, that's on us. They're saying, LG is saying, that they're gonna do a 60 inch version of this by 2017. I would like to see them do that. I would also like to see them do that. You know that's gonna be the big CES thing, right? Yeah, of course. Flexible television. They're gonna be like, we have the biggest flexible television. Of course. Well now it's, you know, curved screens, but next it'll be flexible TVs. And it'll have the models, you know, Do we need this in the TV though? I feel like, A 60 inch screen? What are you- What are you going to do with a 60 inch screen? Where are you taking that? Could it deform while you're watching something, so that, you know, it gives you like, if you're in a canyon, it bends out automatically and then? Maybe, I don't know, that seems very strange. But you sent me a thing going further even farther, with television technology Yeah. You sent me a link today about screen technology that has phased changing material, so this is material that can also be flexible. Yeah, they, you can, you apply an electric current to it and it melt a part of the device. It was saying like if you send a current it melts a column. And it, and if, yeah like you said it melts a column. And if you do it fast enough, it turns colder, and then that can change the color of the pixel. So weird. And they, and then they can put that over Mylar. They can lay it over Mylar and then my. You know, mylar is destructible. Boom. Yeah. Yeah. It's even more flexible than that. That's flexible, That's flexible because of the substring. Right. This is like. Just straight up, you can just manipulate it however you want, which blows my mind. Yeah. Amazing. But yeah that's the kind of TV technology you guys can expect to see at CES and beyond in the next probably five years. Kind of, kind of exciting. I don't know. I mean I do agree I don't know what I'm going to do. Like one of these TV's back here, or you just roll that thing up like a 50 inch TV, where are you taking that? I guess that's it, right? You could just roll it up out of the way. Oh, like egg, okay, so like hiding it in your house? Right, maybe. Maybe I don't know. I don't think people will do it. No I don't think so. It is a good demo. Speaking of good demos. Fingerreader. Fingerreader, yeah, so. This is from MIT. MIT Labs, right? MIT Media Labs created this. Okay. Right now, it's kinda bulky, but it's a prototype. Yeah. You can point it at any text. Okay. So, text in a book, text in a, eReader, and it will be able to do some optical character recognition on the fly, turn it into speech while you're moving your finger across the words. Wow. Yeah, and the cool thing is, it actually will sense the beginning and the end of the line. So if you're thinking I can see my finger to follow along, then. I don't need to use this thing. Yeah. Yeah. But, but it's actually able to sense where the line is, it gives you haptic feedback, and when you get to the end of the line, it vibrates. And goes hey. [CROSSTALK] And you know, oh, okay, I'm gonna go down to the next line and it kind of guides you to the next line. That is pretty neat. That's exciting for accessibility. Yeah. I mean this is a, this is a really exciting thing for people who, you know, either have vision problems or are outright blind. I mean, this is a big deal I, I don't think you would sit and read an entire book this way. No. Like audio books might be better for that, or braille. Newspaper article. But yeah, if you need to read something real quick. It's like, oh, I've got my finger reader. I can read a pamphlet or a menu, or, I could see a million, like, little every day,. Small things. Yeah. Well, and the details matter. And I think, one of the other things that MIT media labs is saying they were hoping to sort of do with this is also make it, useful for translations. So, when you go to Japan and you, you don't read Japanese. And you need to read something on a menu, like you said. Totally. You can just use your finger reader and that will translate it back to you, you know, in your native tongue. And that's gonna be great for signage. Yeah. For any kind of pamphlet. I don't know how long pamphlets are gonna be around with smart phones. But there's always gonna be something you're gonna need to read, and. In real life. Yeah, yeah. And I, I mean, I think this is really cool. What a, what a neat application of OCR tech. And that's what MIT Media Labs here is all about, like trying to come up with different interfaces for us to use. And, and this is, this is just one of the projects that's come out of there. And it's a great op, I think it's a great example of pure research saying we can do this, now let's figure out what it's good for. Right, right. And hopefully, you know, a few companies will pick up on that and be like hey we want to license this technology. Yeah, yeah. You get some more money for more research, we make some money making an actual, you know, retail product for you to use. And people can then read with their fingers. Yeah, pretty cool. That's exciting. Yeah, I like it. I mean I like stuff like that. and, lastly today we have the haptic shirt. This is a very interesting article I came across this morning. The internet's going to give you a hug. Oh, wow, I can't wait. Are you comfortable with that? Man, you know, just so many YouTube commenters are just the nicest human beings that you'll ever encounter. Of course, Reddit. Reddit. Well, I love Reddit, so I'm a Redditer. Secret redditer, I'm a lurker. I, I, I like reddit. I'm around. I got my own subreddits. But ya know, I'd the haptic shirts are from the creators project. That's a group of people kind of checking out different designs using haptic feedback. So one of the things that they have suggested was this right here, which is. Oh I feel a vibration or you know pressure in my shoulder which means I should go right. Oh so it's navigation. Yeah, navigation. So I don't have to look down at a map and advertise to everyone in new york city that i'm ready to be mugged. You're a tourist. I could just subtly like, oh I need to turn right here, I always knew that. Yeah me to they look so fashionable. Yeah, yeah. And so fancy A lot of times you see these kind of like wearable tag and it is not good looking, Really dorky. This morning I tweeted Samsung Galaxy gearings and a lot of people on the internet, were like stop, please stop. Don't give them any ideas. Just hang them. Yeah, and also said that the VR double should be called. They should be called gear goggles, and then the case that they charge in should be called the gear koozie. Yeah, no. I'm with it. I like a pun. I love a terrible pun. You're welcome Samsung. But yeah, so this is pretty cool, and then there's other applications too. You were, we were talking about this. The athletic application, where you can actually watch sports. And feel what the person is feeling. That is terrifying to me. Especially if you're watching really violent sports like rugby. Yeah, I mean, it, like you, all of sudden you just get like punched in the chest. I mean I'm assuming [CROSSTALK] They said it, yeah, they said it's not the full force. Well yeah you wouldn't get the full force hit. Thank God, Cuz nobody would ever wear it. Yeah. But I love this idea of, we, we had talked in the control room right before the show about, like, the Olympics, for example. So you would have this shirt on. You know? Maybe the Olympics sold you a shirt. Yeah, right, the luge. And it's a luge. And you're watching the luge, and you get, you know? You put on your, your Oculus Rift, and you open up the Olympics app. And then you are watching a point-of-view shot from the guy's feet who's doing the luge with like a GoPro or something. Yep, and he sees already. And you sit there and you're watching it. And then, all of sudden, your shirt sort of like tilts you one way or the other depending on where the luger's tilting. And there's haptic feedback designed to like nerves, right? So that you can feel how like, anxious a person might be. You're in the luge, feeling they're anxiety. You can be in the luge, yeah, pressure like, I mean, there's lots of different ways they can integrate Kickers, right? Yeah, oh man, icing a kicker. That would be, you can feel what icing a kicker really felt like. Yeah, that's crazy. I just think that sounds so cool. I don't know if I want that. We, we should do it on the show. We should. Yeah. As soon as this comes out, we gotta try this on the show, 100%. You could just deliver a gut punch to me for any puns that I make. Well maybe if people donate to your patrion. Say, for like, for 100 bucks you can punch Tom Garrett in the stomach. I'll take up a, over the internet, that's, that's the best way to get money. Yeah, raise a lot of money that way. It's just like a dunk tank. Yeah. Just way more intense. Yeah, raspberries. Yeah. An endless amount of torture you could put yourself through. Truly endless, truly endless torture that people can inflict upon you in order for you to make a buck. I can already see **** capitalizing on this. Oh yeah, absolutely. 100%, great. We're gonna take a quick break, but our hashtag of the day today is TDrollup, we want you to tell us, where or why you need a roll up television and what the heck you would use it for. And what flavor you want it. And what fruit flavor you need it in. We're going to be right back. It'll be 30 seconds, so don't click away. This is Tomorrow Daily [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily you're again, this type refers best TL techno show. I'm Rich Demuro. Yeah, not Rich Demuro. I'm also not Rich Devero. [LAUGH] And we are back, from our break and we are ready to get into a little segment that we call, Into It. So every week on Into It, we like to talk about what we're into. Pretty, pretty straightforward. Tom, since you are our visiting guest co-host, please by all means indulge us. I'm sorry, what. Yeah what are you doing? I'm playing civilization revolution 2 on the iPad. Tell me all about it. Really into it. I can tell, you are really into it. He's actually loading this onto his iPad right now. Like this is a real thing. This is probably a bad idea for me to even joke with we do that. This has sucked away all of my time. All my free time. Okay. I'm playing civilization revolution. If you've ever played Civilizations, it is a strategy game. You try to build your empire, and you can win by conquering everybody, or have a cultural victory or a technological victory. And what they did with Civilization Revolution, which is great in Revolutions two, is simplified it, so you can have a faster game, and it's easier to manage on a touch screen. Oh that's nice. And it's only available on iOS. Yeah, Revolutions two is only available on iOS right now. They said that Android is coming soon. I don't know when exactly. And, what about Windows Phone? I didn't hear them say anything about Windows, Cronos, [CROSSTALK] sorry or Firefox or whatever. Yeah, so. But maybe if it came out on steam they would be able to get it on, if they had a surface pro, they could get it on Heat. Yeah! Right! You could do it through Windows 8. Yeah for sure. That'd be cool. Yeah, so so how much is it? It's $14.99, which is a little bit pricy,. That's pretty good. But the tradeoff is, no in-app payments. No IAP guys. There's no advertisements. They're not going to hit you up for anything. Once you buy it, you play it. Love that. I'm a big fan of that. Big fan. So, you're really enjoying that. I am really enjoying Shovel Knight, which. That's 8-bit wonderful. It is 8-bit wonderful, it's kind of the best thing ever. I almost want to double dip. I bought it for the Wii U. I've been playing it on the Wii U on the eShop. And this is a, it is a gorgeous 8-bit game. But, it's a brand new game. So this is not a remake of anything. This is about a knight with a shovel, and he is out to rescue Shield Knight. And he is, it is a very beautifully done 8-bit game. The music is fantastic, it's all original. There are some really neat things that they sort of do in this game. So that right there, that move is almost like Duck Tails so the controls are kind of like a cross between Castlevania, and Duck Tails, and Mario. Like there's a lot of platforming going on. It's so much fun. I can't even tell you guys how much fun this game is. And I really like the fact that because you're a Shovel Knight, there's like little piles of dirt hanging around and you dig and you get, like, you know, gems and things. Dig in the filth. You can buy power ups and things like that, but, I also really like that they do some things that are just a little bit different than a regular older 8-bit games. So, when you hit a checkpoint for example, it's this globe that you walk past and then a little light flame lights up in it, which is fantastic. But, you can actually crack open that globe and get a bunch of gems and forego your checkpoint. So you, so it gives you in, in game choices. Yeah. Where that neither one of them are wrong. Right. It like changes your style of play as you go. That's really cool. Yeah, so if you want more money, you can choose to totally wreck your checkpoint. Right. And cash out of it, or you can keep your checkpoint if you're not feeling so confident about what lies ahead. Right, but your gonna, your gonna lose out on all that cash. And lose out on all those gems, but pretty great. Or them rocks. It's so, so good. And I, I, like I said, I'm tempted to double dip. I'm also tempted to buy it on the 3DS, that's how good it is. It's 15 bucks on the eShop, totally worth it. They both have games that are $15, but if you love 8-bit games, I cannot recommend Shovel Knight highly enough. Now if you have a shovel instead of a sword, does that make it shovel and shorcery title? That was, amazing. Epic feedback. Yeah. I'm punching you through the internet with my mind right now. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] So Into It's over, we're gonna move on your user feedback, with some good user feedback today from the water slide, which is very interesting. There were some people who also share your fear of roller coasters, but not of water slide. Yeah Doug Tollet said I learned on Tomorrow Daily that we share the same feelings on roller coasters versus water slides. I agree. It's quite the mystery. There's got to be a name for that syndrome. We should think of one. I was thinking earlier. Okay. I'm going to try it out on ya. All right, hit me. Aquaphilicacrophobia. I get it okay. So it's like, you know, water, Yeah. Love water, hate heights. All right, I'm in I'm in. Yeah. That's actually pretty good. Yeah. So doctors. Again, trademarked. Let us know. by Tom Merritt, that's p.m., can't have that. But yeah that was a really good tweet. And then we also got an email from the very lovely Brandon S., who says, hi Tomorrow Daily, yesterday on the show you guys talked about Samsung's potential reality headset and Goggle Cardboard. Just a thought, but what if Google created a virtual reality headset where you could walk and shop in virtual malls and stores so you don't need to leave your house? This would be a whole new kind of shopping. I could definitely see people doing this in the future. What do you guys think? Could you imagine tying this in with the haptic feedback clothing, so you're able to kind of pick up things and feel them? Like some hyptic gloves? That would be amazing, I would like that. And then you're like, you're walking through the stores. You've got your virtual reality headset. You've got your haptics for feeling, like you don't You could try on clothes. Yeah. Like if you, if it was Oh, right! If it was good enough as Kinect at recognizing your body you could totally try on clothes. And then, you don't have to look for a mirror, you just like do a gesture and it would like show you right in front of you. Yeah. Oh, I like this Brandon. I like it. Good stuff. I think you're onto something. Really good stuff. I love it. Nicely done. And finally it's time for our photographer of the day. [MUSIC] Our photographer of the day is Hansel Van Boxstael, Boxstael? [CROSSTALK] Not bad, sure. And again, I'm sorry if I butcher your name. He writes to us and says first of all, I really like your show because I'm a very future-minded guy, and that's exactly what your show is about. And also the way you casually talk about those news items is very entertaining and pleasant to watch. Oh, thanks. Thanks. So he likes to take pictures of interesting architecture and landscapes with his Sony XPeria SP. And he says that this picture was taken a couple of months ago in Brussels, Belgium. The building is called Palace of Justice. Meanwhile, at the Palace of Justice. [LAUGH]. The headquarters of the Belgian justice system, it has been surrounded by scaffolding for over 30 years now. What do they think they are Los Agradas Ameilia Cathedral in Barcelona or something? I just, yeah, like this things is just never done I guess and he says even the scaffolding itself now reportedly needs repair. We're still gonna put some more scaffolding. You know what? Scaffolding. This is a job-creating building. Yeah. I think it's an amazing building, and its dimensions are impressive too at its top. So at the top of that at the top of that dome there, it's 104 meters or 341 feet tall. It's the Belgian stimulus package. That is pretty great, he said it was built that way to impress the people and to invoke a feeling of fear. Whoa. Especially toward those who tend to commit crimes, so that the justice system would be more effective, or maybe they just wanted to show off. I hope you like it, well we do like it. It's a great picture, yeah. Hansel. Thank you, Hansel Great job, I like, I think it's great, it's so pretty, it's in a golden hour, you've got the nice light. Good light, yeah Falling onto it, onto the building. Nice perspective. I totally love that that has been 30 years, huh? They're just never gonna finish it. That was the thing, right? Now the traditionalists [CROSSTALK] will get the scaffolding to be called a historical site. Yeah. It's now a historical part of the building. Yeah, you're done. You've got scaffolding forever. It's a metaphor for government. Metaphor. You guys are never gonna figure that out. It's a metaphor for government! Cuz that's probably a really good metaphor, but that is it, that's the end of the show. What? It's over already. Really? I know, I'm sorry, I wish we could go for an hour but sadly... I guess Rich can come back. Rich can come back but don't worry I'm sure we'll have you back. You can find Tom online at DailyTechNewshow.com, that's his show. Yep. And you can find him on the internet right there, there's his Twitter handle @acedtect. Yep. And, I'm going to be on Daily Tech News Show tomorrow. Yeah, you and Don Reisinger, so it will be all CNET-y up in there. It will be all CNutty. CNutty, that will be great. I didn't mean to say it that way, but it works. But it really does. It works very, very well. Yeah. If you guys want to send in your phonetography, please send your links. To your best pictures to tomorrow@cnet.com. Tell us a little bit about your picture, what you took it with, where you took it, just like our friend Hansel today and, you can also find us on social media. I thought you were going to say Hans Solo there for a second. No, no, no. Not Hans Solo. But Hans Solo maybe costume play or something. Don't forget tomorrow daily on Facebook. Tomorrow Daily on Twitter, Instagram, it's what? Yeah, Tomorrow Daily. And if you're anywhere else, it's probably Tomorrow Daily. And unless you're on Google Plus, in which case, it's Plus Tomorrow Daily TV. Okay. Plus wouldn't give us just Tomorrow Daily. Really? Nobody can have just the default. What are they planning? I'm not really sure. But Google, I've got my eyes on you, that's all I'm saying, I'm watching. But that's it for Tomorrow Daily. If you want to find me on twitter I'm @ashleyskeva, and of course @acethetech you can find Tom. Thank you so much for coming on the show its great. Thank you! So glad you were able to come and sit in for Rich. Yeah, it's been fun. And we will see you guys on monday, have a great weekend, and be a good human!
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