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First Look: TiVo's latest DVR goes whole-home and mobile

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First Look: TiVo's latest DVR goes whole-home and mobile

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The TiVo Roamio combines a six-tuner DVR with new streaming options for viewing recordings and live TV anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Hey, there. I'm Josh Goldman with CNET and this is a look at TiVo's newest DVR, the Roamio. Yes. It's a little hard to say without a chuckle, but for long-time TiVo users this might very well be the box you've been waiting for. For those fed up with their cable provider's DVR, the Roamio is a convincing argument for dumping them once and for all. The Roamio comes in 3 versions, a standard Roamio and Plus and Pro models. This is the Pro version which can record up to 6 shows at once to 3 terabytes of storage or up to 450 hours of HD programming. The Plus drops the storage amount holding up to 150 hours of HD while the base Roamio records up to 75 hours of HD and has 4 tuners instead of 6. However while the Plus and Pro are CableCARD only, the standard has support for CableCARD and over-the-air TV. Now inside all of them is new hardware for speeder performance and for the first time built-in Wi-Fi. Moving around the interface which has been updated slightly is quicker and apps launch faster. The latest versions of Netflix and YouTube are on here too and thanks to Roamio's new HTML5 platform there will be more apps coming soon. There are other new additions such as What to Watch Now which shows you what's on at the time you're watching but broken down into categories, so if you're looking for a kid's show or sporting event to watch, you can find something fast. On top of all that the Roamio Plus and Pro models also have the capabilities of TiVo's stream device built in so you can use that to wirelessly view live and recorded TV on iOS devices. Currently it requires you to have the device on the same network as the Roamio but soon out of the home streaming to iOS and eventually Android devices will be available so you can stream and download shows anywhere. That's just the start of what Roamio can do, and also we have a new remote that's RF so you can use it just about anywhere in your room and don't even have to be line of sight with the device. Again the Roamio is packed full of features so check back for a full review soon. I'm Josh Goldman and that's a look at the TiVo Roamio.

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