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Things the smartphone replaces: CNET Top 5

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CNET Top 5: Things the smartphone replaces

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You can ditch that giant purse and empty out all your pockets: these are all the items you won't be needing if you have a smartphone.

Don�t you pity that poor Luddite you know who is still carrying some dumb flip phone telling you �I don�t need a smarpthone, I just wanna make calls.� Dumbass. OK, that�s a little harsh. But smarpthones aren�t really even about being phones. I�m B.C. with the Top 5 things the smarpthone places - not even including your home land line -- based on a survey done in June 2011 by Prosper Mobile Insights. See how many of these ring a bell with you. #5 is the MP3 player. 37.6%. Simple phones are generally crap or non-functional as iPod�s. But smarphones are usually at least OK with their big color screens, touch interfaces and plenty of and often expandable storage. Now, you may find a smartphone to bulky or delicate to sweat all over as your workour MP3 devices, but aside from that you can see why an iPod is rapidly becoming old tech. #4 is a personal planner. 41.6%. Ugh, thank you smartpone for jamming a stake in the heart of those hoary old Franklin Covey day planners with their bad pleather jacket that matches your bad tassel loafers. Of course, syncing calendars across various web services and your smartphone can give you a stress disease, but at least you won�t die clutching a little daybook. #3 is the digital camera. 44.3%. I don�t recall the last time I used my point & shoot digital camera. Not even sure I know where it is. For many people there just isn�t a gap any more between smartphone camera and a high end DSLR. Smarpthone take high res pictures and often HD video, and share it as well as GPS stamp it all in one little stealthy device. No more of that tourist look. Oh, if you want a great camera phone, check out my other recent Top 5 best camera phones at top5.cnet.com #2 is a GPS portable nav device. 52.3% There�s decent to excellent TBT nav in any recent smarpthones now. A lot of people will object saying there are too many compromises in screen size, power use and multitasking clumsiness with phone based GPS but since most of us only use Nav once in a while -- I bet you know how to get to work and back -- good is good enough. Before we get to the #1 things the smarpthone killed -- can you guess -- here are some other things it has knocked off farther down the list, including a disturbign 24% who got rid of their computer for one. Let�s not go overboard here. OK, the #1 people say their smarpthone put in the box to sell on eBay is...their alarm clock. Right? I don�t even know how to set mine any more. Your phone is you appointment, travel, To Do and home alarm device - why would have a separate one that does nothing back wake you up once a day? . For more T5�s like this go to top5.cnet.com. I am Brian Cooley, thanks for watching.

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