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First Look: The Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones

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First Look: The Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones

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The Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones feature top-of-the-line sound to go with their top-of-the-line price tag; they should be a top choice for audiophiles who desire ultraportable headphones.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Who says ultra-portable earphones can't sound fantastic. I'm Jasmine France. I'm here with the Westone 3. And these are some super expensive, super nice sounding in-ear headphones. They're gonna set you back $400.00, but I have to tell you, they're worth it. They sound spectacular. Now, a couple things about the design of these earphones. The first thing I wanted to point out is the cable. It has this kind of wound cable. And what that does is it makes more comfortable as it's resting against you, and it also creates a more durable design for the cable, which is always good if your spending that much on earphones. Another thing about these is that they're super, super lightweight. I mean these are lighter, probably, than most of earbuds that I see. And even though the earpieces are on the large side, they're still very light. Now, another thing about these is they come with 10 different sets of ear fittings. So, even thought they do have big earpieces, you should be able to get a fit with these with 10 different eartips. Finally, they have this case included in which you can store the eartips and the earbuds when you're not using them. Now, they're a pretty standard style. They're just all black. They have a tiny little red logo, and they have an "L" plug. Now, the "L" plug tends to be more durable, but if you use an iPhone, or like a case with your MP3 player, you might want to keep that in mind because sometimes the "L" plugs don't fit in there. Now, like I said, these do sound fantastic. They have three drivers in each earpiece, which again explains why they're a little larger than average. If you're super-picky about audio quality, and you don't want full size headphones, these are an excellent option. I'm Jasmine France, and these have been the Westone 3 earphones. ^M00:01:25 [ Music ]

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