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First Look: The WD My Cloud is totally down to earth

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First Look: The WD My Cloud is totally down to earth

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In another effortless demonstration of his irresistible charm, CNET editor Dong Ngo manages to single-handedly bring the cloud totally down to earth with the WD My Cloud, and then he smiles at it, or at us all!

Hi, guys. Now, have you ever wondered when you put stuff on the cloud where it actually resides up there? Well, think again because it's very much down to earth. I know that because well, I'm Dong Ngo and also happen to prove right there. That's right. This is the MyCloud for WD. All right, this is a Network Attached Storage device or a NAS server and what I mean is, it's very much like an extra hard drive but instead of connecting to a computer, you connect to a hop, a switch or a router and become available to the rest of the network. Now, in NAS server like this, it's not new. In fact, before this, WD has a few of its own such as this My Book Wall right here or the My Book Live that is newer and yes, have everything. But the MyCloud is different though, because apart from serving the local network, now you can actually share data through the internet very easily. Let me show you. For example, I can take, you know, a photo. My friend behind the camera over there, a few of them like that, looking good. And then, I would upload this to the MyCloud, and now, I can actually view it on my laptop or share it with many, many other devices. And that can happen even if the studio file is here, a thousand of miles away as long as they are both connected to the internet. Well, I can say for sure that the MyCloud is very easy to set up. You have to do plug into the network and power and download the app on your mobile device right here and that's it. You run the app as long as the two of them is in the same local network. The two devices are gonna be connected. And when you go out and about, it's gonna work too. Now, if you have a friend who lives really far away and when he wants to connect to the server, you just have to send him an access code. The code will help his device to connect tot his completely remotely. Now, of course, you know, for security, the person also needs a user account to access the thing you want them to access on the MyCloud. Now, there's a lot of thing you can do with the MyCloud device here. Apart from being a personal Cloud server, you'd also serve the local network being a server for streaming, for a time machine backup, as well a data sharing and so on. Be testing it off for up to 67-megabyte per second for writing and some 87-megabyte per second for reading. That is very fast for a single volume device like this one here. In fact, it is the fastest I've seen of its kind. Now, note that this is a single volume NAS server and that means if the hard drive on the inside for some reason die, you will lose everything. But the good news is, it actually comes with a very nifty feature called safepoint, allows you back up its content to another drive plugged into its USB port right here, or to another unit of this one. And it's actually easy to get two of these because it's quite affordable. The MyCloud is available in 3-capacity, 2-terabyte, 3-terabyte and 3-terabyte that cost $150, $180 and $250 respectively. For more of this, check out the full video at cnet.com and by the way, when watching this, I'd be out and about for about few weeks. So, ladies, in the meantime, to feel that emotion [unk], you can play this video again and again and again. I'm gonna seal it with a smile right after I say this. And that's because I'm Dong Ngo, and this has been the first look at the MyCloud for WD. Be good and see you again.

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