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First Look: The Toshiba Excite 13 is a monster of a tablet

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First Look: The Toshiba Excite 13 is a monster of a tablet

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In addition to its Tegra 3 processor and 32GB storage capacity, the Toshiba Excite 13 sports a whopping 13.3-inch screen to boot.

-- Debut the iPad tablet screens at -- -- -- about ten inches. Now with the release of the Toshiba excite thirteen -- -- has blown away in size cap expectations. And ends up. I'm Eric Franklin and today I'll take a first look at the Toshiba excite thirteen the world's first as far as I -- -- teenaged -- If you're familiar at all -- -- and you know almost exactly what you're getting. Except the larger scale he still give -- 120 gigabyte SD card expansion slot. Micro USB micro HDMI headphone Jack. And -- rotation lock switch the tablet heavy textured metal backside and maybe by nature of its size doesn't feel quite has been the as the excitement. But I still notice and build quality issues with how it weighs about 2.2 pounds and is a full thirteen point five inches wide. This makes typing while holding the tablet pretty much impossible. Unless you possess some kind and -- finger stretching ability. Also thirteen inches means more -- the clean. -- -- but using it's there's a two megapixel camera on the front. And -- LED flash supported five megapixel camera on the back. -- which produce typically mediocre tablet quality video and images. The screen resolution hasn't a quick and -- and from 1280 by 800 to 16100 by 900. It feels responsive -- swiping and navigating menus. The tablet houses a tegra three CPU and with our go to game retired GPU. Re release -- on it. With the expected tegra three splashing -- 1080. I have to admit watching movies on a larger higher resolution screen will always be the preferred method. Prices start at 650 dollars for the 32 gigabyte version and 730 dollars for the 64 gigabyte version. While movies look great larger screen at these prices you'd be better -- -- an actual HDTV. If movies -- that important. Bottom line yes this is a larger tablet but it really doesn't offer anything new to the tablet experience. And 650 -- 150 bucks. That price. The question what it's worth it for something that feels talent and -- Once again America frankly it's been the first look at the Toshiba excite.

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