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Apple Byte: The New MacBook Pros

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Apple Byte: The New MacBook Pros

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We'll cover the details from Apple's latest product release, Mac OS X Lion gets released to developers and we get the latest intel from Apple's iPad 2 announcement.

-What's up? I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. This week it's all gravy with new product announcements and even more to come next week. Can you guys say iPad 2, so let's get to the good stuff the all new MacBook Pro. Apple's laptop line will now feature the latest Sandy Bridge processors from Intel with the 15 inch and 17 inch model Pros rocking a quad-core configuration for the first time ever. They will also feature AMD graphics cards while the 13 inch line will feature dual core i5 or i7 processor and Intel's integrated graphics. Now all MacBook Pros will also feature the all new thunderbolt port that supports high performance data and high resolution displays all through a single connection with 10 gigabytes of throughput. -Wow unbelievable. -And with an adaptor, it will connect to its Apple's current cinema display, DVI, ACMI, or VGA displays. You will get solid-state drive built-to-order options for every model and you will also get a high res display option only on the 15-inch models to increase the resolution at 1680 to 1050, that's 36% more pixels than the standard 1440 x 900. -Wow. -Apple stuck with the same cosmetic design; so, we might be waiting for 2012 to see a drastic physical change of the line, but it's all about the power under the hood, we told you the Apple Byters to wait it out and now you are being rewarded. Now Apple also releases the developer preview of Mac OS X Lion. You have to be part of the developer program to get accessed to it and we've talked about some of its features like launch pad, full screen apps, and mission control. But they also showcase some new features like a [unk] mail versions, which automatically saves successive versions of your document in a wireless file sharing system for computers nearby called AirDrop that also be integrating the server version into Mac OS X Lion for free, so we sure to have more details on the OS for you guys before its summer release. Apple also launch the face time for the Mac App that was previously a public beta and will now come preinstalled for new MacBook owners. Some of you current users might be a little take off that they have to pay 99 cents due to accounting requirements for the new functionality. Alright, let's take a break for our app of the week. This weeks app is tune in radio. Now I've been using others, but this is the cleanest radio experience I've had, plus you can record live radio, listen to it later, its 99 cents right now, which is 50% off, but its by far my favorite radio app right now. So, you guys wanna check it out. Now, there's these other product, the iPad choosing that you know I guess people have been talking about. Well apple have sent out their official invitation for the event on March 2, that's this coming Wednesday in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Garden Center and we'll do our best to get into the event for you. -Now I can't tell you what we did learn and so the intelligence we collected. Apple will be releasing a new line of color dust, they aren't scratch and sniff, they do taste sweet, and apple will be calling it iCandy. Yeah, you got that? Alright, everyone wants to know what the next iPad will really look like, but could this be it? We'll probably know by the time some of you watch this, but a Japanese blog site has posted images of the Mac app that shows a significantly thinner iPad with tapered edges that also coincide with some cases and covers. Now Apple has called an all-hands-on-reading for the retail stores this recent Sunday. Employees are signing nondisclosure agreement and it typically only do these things before a major product release. Now, good point to the iPad coming even sooner rather than later, we'll get all of our answers very soon. Now to the quick bytes, final cut users who have been waiting for a couple of years for the next version might be getting one soon. TechCrunch reports will be coming with a complete redesign of the user interphase, which maybe a good or bad thing for long time users, but we've been waiting patiently for the next FCP. Apple has discontinued the box version of MobileMe and remove it from their online store, which could point to the rumored free version of the rebound service and we might be a day or a few days late when you watch this but we like to wish Mr. Steven P. Jobs a happy 56th birthday because lets be honest, without him, I probably be making balloon animals for a living. Alright, that's gonna do up to this weeks show, send your e-mails, your questions, and your comments to the Apple Byte at CNET.com, I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching, we will see you next week for another byte of the Apple.

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