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Mobile: The latest in smartphones

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Mobile: The latest in smartphones

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From the BlackBerry Storm to the HTC Touch Pro, CNET senior editor Bonnie Cha and Brian Tong answer your questions and give their two cents on the latest smartphone releases on this edition of Editors' Office Hours.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> All right, what's up guys. I'm Brian Tom here with CNET TV, and joined by my favorite intern editor, Miss Bonnie Cha. >> Did you call me an intern? >> Intern? Isn't that your role here? You're an intern editor. >> Yeah, I'm here interning, I forgot. >> I mean senior -- senior -- >> Yeah, senior editor. >> Oh, my bad. Senior editor with cell phone and GPS, but you know, she's my intern. Can you get me some coffee while you're at it? >> Really? >> Yeah. I left my mug outside. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Okay, anyway, you know [Inaudible] it is the [Inaudible] we're here to talk about. Cell phones, smart phones, there's been a lot of cool news coming out. One of the phones that just recently came out -- >> Something like the storm -- >> >> Okay, we have the storm, and then some other software was recently released. >> For iPhone. >> Oh yeah, that too. And we know you guys probably still want to talk about the G 1, more iPhones, tons of Blackberry. Whatever you guys want. Even crave stuff, things that we crave. Maybe you can drop it on us. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Anyways, guys, we're going to jump to your questions. If you don't know already, if you haven't been here before, below us is our chat box where you guys can interact and have some fun with each other up in our -- my left, your right -- this box over here. You guys can submit your question to us, and if you don't have an account with CNET just create a user name and password and an e-mail address and I guess should we just jump to a question -- or how about this, let's -- I want to know first of all, people might have seen your review, don't want to talk about it too much because we're going show the video about it. >> Sure. >> But first impressions. >> Slow. >> The interface is slow? >> The interface is slow. Don't like the keyboard. >> Yeah, while you talk about it, I'll hold it out there. She doesn't like the keyboard, that push thingy. >> It's not even that, it's the keyboard, the onscreen keyboard is too cramped, and I couldn't, like, type e-mails or text messages very well, or quickly, and I'm like -- >> That's a problem. >> It is. [ Laughter ] >> Okay, all right, cool. We're going to show -- we'll do the video a little earlier than normal so you guys can get the skinny on this. But we're going take a few questions to get things rolling. We'll take this first question from Dark Cobra. All right Dark Cobra. If you were starting from scratch would you want a Blackberry Storm on the Verizon network or the Blackberry Bold on AT&T. I need to know the pros and cons of each phone and their networks. Sounds like you should just wait for a prize pack, but we'll talk about it here -- [ Laughter ] >> We'll do a little preview. >> I guess we'll help you out right here. >> Um, the thing is it depends on what you want to use your smart phone for. The Bold is obviously going to be very messagingcentric, because of the keyboard. [ Inaudible comment ] >> Yeah, but I found it's a good multimedia device. You saw it, I mean the screen is amazing. >> Oh my gosh, the screen is juicy. >> For videos. Yeah, and like, this -- the -- the -- the speaker on the back is amazing too -- it's just like the best sounding smart phone I've heard. Blackberry Storm, kind of more of a -- they're going more for the general consumer. Maybe for the business person who doesn't really need -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> -- while you're talking about it. >> You know, who doesn't need e-mail all the time or just wants to check their e-mail, but doesn't necessarily want to write back or anything like that. As far as the networks, I mean, they're both 3 D. The Blackberry Bold is [Inaudible] on AT&T, and this is [Inaudible]. I don't know if you have [Inaudible] on either networks. I mean, they both good for coverage, I think. >> Yeah, I mean -- most -- with -- I mean, everyone talks about AT&T has more dropped calls, and that's true. So I mean, if you want better call quality and less drops, I mean, go to Verizon. But then again, when I saw the Bold I was like -- I actually felt after messing around with it that this is probably the best mix of a -- of a multimedia phone in actual legit business. >> Yeah. Oh definitely. >> That's how I feel about the Bold. Whereas this, I haven't played with it enough, unlike Bonnie has, but it's maybe more multimedia-geared, but maybe not good enough for business, [Inaudible] -- >> It's not. And my problem with the Storm is there are some little performance glitches that really got to me. You know, after a while, you know, the camera takes forever to activate. I'm like, hello. Are you there. >> Hello, Bonnie needs to take pictures of herself. >> Great, my subject's gone now. >> I would not appreciate that -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> So from a performance issue, the Bold's better. So that's another thing to consider. >> Okay, cool. Excellent. Okay, this next question is from BenoJ89 [Assumed spelling]. Where did it go. It disappeared on me. Oh, here it is. Okay. The question is have there been any rumors about the iPhone and put possibility of the unit changing carriers. I had heard AT&T had a fixed-length deal, and was curious if they may branch to more carriers. We talked about this. >> Yeah. Chances are pretty slim. >> Chances are pretty, what, slim to none -- and slim just left right now. >> Yeah. >> So, well maybe it could. But they walked into a five-year exclusive contract. And even it's -- it's proven that people are willing to switch to AT&T just to get the iPhone. Where people weren't sure at first, but now it's like, people are doing it left and right. >> Unfortunately, like, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint -- I just don't see that happening. >> And also the fact that it's not a CDMA phone. >> Right. >> So it wouldn't be compatible on Verizon's network in its current form. So yeah, that's a pretty easy no. >> Easy. >> [Inaudible] -- BenoJ89. [ Laughter ] >> Okay, this is the phi effect. Is that right? The phi effect. That's a heavy name. Is it worth it to buy a G1 now and wait for all those software revisions and updates that Google and G1 fans are promising. >> This is a short answer too. No. [ Laughter ] >> We talked about -- because -- well, let's hear your words first. >> My whole thing -- first of all, the hardware in the G1, not the greatest. So I mean, I would wait. You're going get the software updates on the other devices as well. I just don't think the device right now is worth it. I mean, you've seen it. It's awkward and -- >> It's awkward, it's bulky, and it's chunky. >> And it squeaks. >> It does. Someone just wrote us that the question box might be having some issues. I don't know, but keep on sending your questions. I'm getting them at least, so that's a good thing. But we'll just keep plugging away. You know, how about this, because people are all curious about the Bold, let's just jump in -- I'm sorry, not the Bold -- the Storm. Let's just jump into your video and I'm sure that will spark people. We have a ton of questions here anyways, but let's just watch that first, yeah? >> Okay, all right, all right. >> Yeah? Cool. ^M00:06:47 [ Music ] ^M00:06:49 >> Hi, this is Bonnie Cha, senior editor at cnet.com, and today I've got your first look at the new Blackberry Storm from Verizon Wireless. Now I know a lot of you have been waiting for this smart phone, and it's finally here. So let's just get right into it. The Blackberry Storm is big news because it's the first touch-screen Blackberry, and it's not like any other touch-screen phone out there. Research and motion developed a technology called sure press which uses a suspension system that lies beneath the display so when you go to select an application or inner text, you actually push the screen down like you would on any other tactile button. In terms of text entry, the Blackberry Storm features a sure type keyboard where the smart phone is in portrait mode, and then switches to a full quarta- keyboard in landscape mode. When using the keyboard or selecting applications you can do a simple finger-touch over the item until it's highlighted, and then you press down on the screen to register the action. For example, you can tap on the screen twice to zoom in on a web page or a map, or you can do quick finger swipes to scroll through web pages, up and down like that. While the sure press technology is cool it takes some acclimation. It's not a natural feeling to physically push down on the screen, and I often found myself forgetting to actually press down on the screen and instead I was just tapping or double-tapping on the letter button or the link. You do get used to it after a while, but as far as e-mail creation and text messages, I did miss having a tactile keyboard. I couldn't comfortably type long messages as fast as I wanted, and when I did, I ended up with a lot of errors. So if you are a heavy e-mailer, the Storm may not be for you. Otherwise, the screen is really beautiful and sharp, and there's a built in accelerometer, so the screen will automatically switch from portrait or landscape mode when you rotate the phone. There are some navigations below the screen. You get talk and end keys, a menu button an a clear button. But there's no track ball navigator. And I actually really missed it. I think it would have been a nice addition to have, just for easier one-handed navigation and for selecting certain items like hyperlinks on a web page. As far as features, the Storm runs the latest version of the Blackberry operating system, which is 4.7, includes an updated interface and documents to go standard edition for viewing and editing Word, Excel, and Power Point applications. The Storm also has a link to that Blackberry application center, which is new. Hasn't officially launched, but it will let you download more programs for your device. Currently there are just some basic applications like Yahoo Messenger and Flicker and Facebook. Of course you get full e-mail support, including Microsoft Exchange, [Inaudible] group wide, and Pop and iMail e-mail access. The Blackberry Storm also offers dual-mode functionality, which means you'll be able to use the phone overseas. When you're making calls here in the states it will use Verizon CDMA network, but when you travel internationally where they use the GSM band, it automatically switches over and there's actually a SIM card included in the package, so that's really nice. Blackberry Storm also has full 3G including [Inaudible] Rev A, and HSDPA. So you get faster download and up load speeds. Unfortunately, there's no Wi-Fi. And I know people think it's not necessary since there's 3G. But I still like having the option. Especially when you're not in a coverage area. Other goodies include GPS, 3.2 mega pixel camera, and a pretty robust multimedia player with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which we're always happen to see. Obviously, the Storm has a lot, and it's a great value at $199.99 with a two-year contract. Definitely gives the iPhone a bit of a run for its money in terms of features, but I think as far as ease of use and web browsing the iPhone still wins. So the Storm is very cool, and offers pretty good performance, and it will attract both consumers and mobile professionals. I think long time Blackberry users will need a little bit of time to get used to the touch-screen keyboard. As I said before this isn't going to be the best device for people who e-mail a lot for work. Would probably be better suited with the Blackberry Bold or another [Inaudible] smart phone. I'm Bonnie Cha and this has been your first look at the rim Blackberry Storm. ^M00:10:51 [ Music ] ^M00:10:55 >> All right guys, thank you for that in depth first look. That's probably the longest first look I've ever seen. But I did enjoy your brown cardigan sweater. >> It was a V-neck. Hello. >> Dam IT. Okay. Sorry -- [ Inaudible comment ] >> I'm trying to be, but obviously not. Now we wanted to just jump back to the [Inaudible] question because we basically realized we just started to rip on the G1 without answering your question, dude -- or dudette. So first of all, yes, is it worth buying now. It depends for you. Like, if you don't really care about the feel and the size of the hardware I would say yes, because as a developer if that's the type of stuff you want to get into and play around with, then without a doubt I would say it's okay. Because there always will be software updates that can help enhance it, but it's the form factor that's never going change if you buy it now. >> Right. Yeah. And that's the cool thing about the G1 is these updates come over the air. So you're always going get them. It's going to be a preference about hardware. I know Motorola is working on one, I believe. So there will be more. So if you can wait and want a better design, maybe hang out. >> So hopefully now we earned your creditability and respect back, instead of just throwing your question out the door. Okay, cool. This next question is from -- oh, here, let me take it. Sorry. I can use my mouse properly. BenoJ89. Do you think Verizon can compete with AT&T's ability to attract younger users. AT&T seems to have so many great phones, but Verizon is lacking, especially in the smart phone category. What do you think about that [Inaudible] -- >> Um, you know what, AT&T definitely has the better smart phone line up. You know, and I don't necessarily know the smart -- I don't know if he's looking for -- he or she -- is looking for, you know, specifically for a younger person, or he wants a smart phone for a younger person. You know, I have a hard -- Verizon to me seems more of like a -- I don't know. They don't really have that younger audience, I don't feel like. >> They don't -- I mean, they're not known for having hip phones. The Storm is a cool phone and they're kind of trying to use that phone to their its identity. But then when it gets lukewarm reviews from not only you but other people, then it kind of kills the whole idea of oh, like, we have a really cool, hot, hip phone. >> Yeah. So I do think AT&T has an advantage. And I don't necessarily know if Verizon will catch up. >> If you have the iPhone you basically have the coolest phone. >> Is that because you have it? >> Yeah. Because, you know, I'm cool, you're cool. >> I don't have an iPhone. >> This is your iPhone, isn't it? >> No. >> Speaking of iPhone, you guys heard that they did a software update. So if you have any questions about that fire that away to us. But because we're going to play with it a little bit. It's cool, it's nothing earth-shattering or anything. But there are some cool things. Okay, this question is from unrealgk [Assumed spelling]. I wonder if that's unreal geek. Okay, I need a little help with the HDC Pro. The phone looks good but the battery life is bad and it is a little slow. Is this true, or is it me. >> No, I heard that too. And I don't know if you're at the -- [Inaudible] the HTC Fuse which is AT&T's version, or the HDC Pro for Sprint. But there are a lot of wireless radios in that phone and it's going to drain the battery. And I haven't heard -- there are some little performance issues I ran into, but I found that kind of just typical of Windows mobile devices, than -- just kind of one of those things you live with. But you know, I would say to kind of conserve battery life do things like turn off the radios you don't need, like, if you don't need Bluetooth on all the time you can turn that off, and you know, backlighting, and things like that. So try to conserve that way. >> Also, if you turn off your phone it saves power. >> You are so brilliant. Wow. >> I'm just saying. Okay, that was supposed to be a joke. Really, but some people that first meet me don't think that's funny. They think it's stupid. Okay, next we got a question from Hip-Hop For Prez. Hip-Hop For Prez is always in the house, I love it. What's good, Bonnie and Brian. Is it true that Walmart and Sam's Club will start selling the iPhone. There are rumblings that that will indeed happen. We don't know, obviously, like official, official conformation. But there's plenty of word on the street that's it's going to happen, which will be crazy. Just another outlet to distribute them and wow, Walmarts and the Sam's Club. That's kind of mind-boggling. >> I know, well, Walmart picked up -- gosh, I'm forgetting. I think it was the G1, and they were selling at a lower price. So could be. >> Well, I mean, you know, when they sold the iPods at Walmart they were like, $4.95 cheaper. So maybe they'll do the same for the iPhone. You get a killer deal there. But yes, from all indications it looks to be pretty true. Okay, this question is from Sidekick2012. Sidekick 2012 asks I want a Sidekick with one width -- one slide or -- what? [ Inaudible audience comment ] >> Huh? [ Laughter ] >> The question is kind of confusing because I don't understand how to read this. >> You just don't know how to read. >> No, no, no. Oh, I want a Sidekick. Which one, a slider or 2008. >> Huh? >> Okay, they have the slide one and they have the flip one. I don't know if that's what they're asking between the two. >> Maybe, yeah. Or maybe the new Sidekick that came out, the one that you can kind of customize, remember? >> Okay, okay, yeah. >> You know, I've -- I've heard, you know, are they still selling the slide? I don't remember. >> I used to -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I don't -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> -- but not so much any more. >> I actually really like the -- this -- they went back to the old naming system, it's just T-Mobile Sidekick. I really actually like that one. I think it's a good value and you can customize it to your -- with the casings and things like that. Lots of good features, so if I had to choose, there's that. I don't know about the prepaid -- >> Yeah, I'm not sure. >> -- stuff. As far as [Inaudible] I don't know if you want to switch over to AT&T. They have something called the AT&T Quick Fire, and it actually has a touch screen and a lot more capabilities than the regular Sidekick. So you might want to check that out. >> Okay, cool. Excellent. We will move forward. This question is from -- sorry, I'm going through this, from [Inaudible] -- 123. Should I get the iPhone 3G or is Apple planning to release a new one soon. I don't think they will be a new one any time soon. >> No. >> So if you want to get one, get one now. Just update the software with some Google Street View [Assumed spelling], which I rip on all the time on a phone. But that's just me. [ Inaudible comment ] >> You got it now, right? >> I know, but they gave -- they gave Google Street View instead of other, like, more important -- >> Oh, like -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> And it's like, do you -- do you really go to a location in public and then pull up the street view and be like, yep, I'm here. No, you don't. You freaking don't. So, I don't know. It's more of a toy. It's, like, whatever. I don't care. >> Like, whatever. >> I just don't care about that. Okay, here's a question from Svuguy. Which touch-screen phone has the best Wi-Fi. Best Wi-Fi. So, what range or maybe less power consumption. >> Or which -- which one's the best touch -screen phone with Wi-Fi -- is that what he's asking? >> Yeah. >> Oh gosh. >> There's -- I mean there's a lot out there. >> There's a lot, yeah, and I'm trying to, like, remember them all. >> Now, I may be lame, but does this -- does the Storm -- does it come with Wi-Fi? Because almost all Verizon phones don't. That's one of their things. >> Yes. >> Okay. So -- >> That one does not. >> This one's out of the conversation. Do you have stiff like the Omnia, although that's not with a carrier right now. >> It's unlocked, right now? >> Yeah. I think the Touch Diamond does. That's a good one. And that's the one without the keyboard. Probably faster than the Touch Pro, I believe. See what else -- there's the Samsung Epics from AT&T. It's like the [Inaudible] but they actually added a touch-screen, so that's good. >> I personally played with the G1, with, you know, things like the Omni and the iPhone. I haven't seen any phone that has Wi-Fi seem like, oh, this is the best Wi-Fi. I haven't seen 80211 N Wi-Fi in phones, so if that's, you know -- if there was one, [Inaudible] I'm sure it would take a lot more power consumption. That might be a differentiator. But all the phones I've tested with Wi-Fi have pretty much been the same performance. So hopefully that helps you. Okay, hold on. Okay, this is just a comment from -- just because we want to be, you know, equal opportunity people. This is from Veesino22 [Assumed spelling]. Verizon has no hip phones. Does the Dare not qualify? The Dare is cool. The Dare is cool. The camera on the Dare is the bomb. I like it. So I just wanted to get your views out there, because we're equal opportunity people. Okay, here's a question from the live chat below. Pat Gamer [Assumed spelling] said why do reviewers find it necessary to compare every smart phone to the iPhone. >> Listen -- >> What's your take, yeah. >> I don't like, you know, it kind of bugs me every time that a touch-screen phone comes out. Oh, it's an iPhone [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Who started that whole iPhone [Inaudible] comment. >> I don't know. It wasn't me. But you know, people are curious about that, so we address it. I don't -- like the Storm or any other types of -- I don't particularly like always comparing it to the iPhone. Sometimes I think they're totally two different devices or two different sets of users. But, you know, people are wondering. I get a lot of reader questions about that sort of thing, so it's something that we address in the review. >> I think another thing is hard that when Apple did different things and now other phones are trying to emulate that or use features, you can't help but compare. Because when you have one device that kind of started different trends and then other companies are following those trends, it becomes a natural comparison, almost. >> Totally >> Especially -- let's say if the Storm did touch-screen better than the iPhone, then people would be comparing it to the iPhone. >> Right. >> It's -- you know, there are obviously -- the thing is the iPhone has its flaws. People talk about them. Everyone kind of knows what's good and what's not about it. But the things it does great, everyone kind of wants to see how other phones that come on the market, if they do it just as well. >> And that's the thing. They -- I mean, iPhone did a lot of things right, as far as the touch-screen. So you know, people are going to want that in their phone if it's not an iPhone. You know? It's inevitable. >> But then when you have a phone like the [Inaudible] did has a [Inaudible] keyboard you don't compare it to the iPhone because the iPhone doesn't have a physical, corded keyboard. >> Right. >> So that's not compared to the iPhone. I'm saying -- >> No. You're right. >> In that weird voice. >> You are weird. >> I'm weird? What? >> Yes. >> Okay, here we go. Um, I'm just taking a questions. You can take questions [Inaudible]. This is from Elizahk4 [Assumed spelling]. I currently have the Samsung I-760 with Verizon. I feel the need to get a new phone every year to be a trend-setter -- ooh -- what is a phone that they have out or is going to come out that is comparable. >> There -- you know, they really haven't come out with something like the I-760. They just released the Samsung Saga which is like the Blackjack, but they've added a touch-screen and it's got world roaming capabilities. So it also ships with a SIM card. So if you go to Europe or something like that, you can use it over there and have the same number. I've been playing with it for about a day and it's pretty good. So that might be a good choice. >> Okay. Quick question from Jsack6267 [Assumed spelling] -- [ Laughter ] >> Okay -- [ Laughter ] >> Any idea when the Bold is coming out from Verizon, and which has better features, Storm or Bold. >> As far as the Bold coming to Verizon, I don't have any specifics. I think it will make its round to other carriers. >> Eventually. >> Yeah. But when carriers have exclusives they've got it for, like, a couple months -- with the exception of the iPhone, for years. So I would say maybe after the few year it will eventually make its way to Verizon. As far as features, the Storm and Bold pretty even. I would say Storm has better multimedia performance -- I'm trying to remember -- I've seen so many phones I forget what has what. I think the Bold has Wi-Fi whereas the Storm doesn't. >> Yes, correct, correct. Okay, I just want to take this question because I like the users name. Talkalikenakka [Phonetic], which phone do you think will have the most staying power in two to three years. For example, will it seem like yesterday's new technology. Could it be the iPhone, the G1, or the Storm. >> Most staying power. >> The most staying power. I mean, with -- now, okay -- let's take -- I would personally take the Storm out of the equation because the iPhone and the G1 have the ability to continuously improve with their [Inaudible] app store. Now Blackberry doesn't have an app store for -- do they have it for the Storm, though -- do they have -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> It will launch in spring, 2009. They are accepting applications from developers starting in December. So it will be coming. >> The difference is their platform isn't necessary -- there haven't been much talk about it -- it's not entirely open -- >> It's not entirely, yeah, exactly. >> So that might be a limiting thing. I would say from a -- which of those phones has the potential to blow up, I mean at least from an OS standpoint. It would be the G1. >> Yeah. >> The G1 would definitely be the one to have the biggest potential. But I don't know. I think they're all -- they're all -- who knows what's coming out in two or three years, right? >> Yeah, who knows. Who knows. >> That's so -- that's like light years for technology. >> Yeah, it really is. >> In a year a phone could take -- come out and wipe them all out. So we may not even use phones any more. >> We might not. Just might, like, come through your mind. >> [Inaudible] communicators on our belt or something. [ Laughter ] >> I'm just saying. That's really random and stupid. >> You're weird. >> I know. That's why you love me. I said love, L-O-V-E. Okay, do you want to take a question -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I saw one earlier. >> Really? Can you find it? I just want to let you guys know while she is looking, during her video she wanted to write please feel free to harass Brian, but he was going to write it in the Please Submit Question box. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Which I would have seen, because it would have entered into our question queue. Way to use technology. >> Go away. So -- I just lost the question. >> Let me help you. [Inaudible] -- 541. It's at the top of your page after you -- >> I know, that's not the one I wanted. But I'll take it anyway. Thanks. [Inaudible] 541. What's the word on iPhone navigation software. [Inaudible] software? I actually really haven't heard anything. You know, there was a lot of talk that this functionality would come together, like turn-by-turn directions. There is a rumor for a while that TomTom was in works with iPhone -- >> And Telenav also. >> Yeah, so -- >> But we haven't seen anything. >> We haven't seen anything. >> So I want -- I don't know if it's -- maybe -- I mean, what if they developed it behind the scenes and Apple's just like, hell no. We don't know this. >> Yeah, we don't know. >> But they -- you know, I would -- I would like to see them working on it. Oh, this is an awesome question. [Inaudible] asks would you guys just kiss already. Anthony, why don't you come over here. [ Laughter ] >> And give me a kiss. >> I'll leave you guys alone. [ Laughter ] >> I'm just playing. >> Here, I'll take this. Moving on from rabidmonkey92. What do you think of the Storm's keyboard. I do not like it. Oh my God. >> Okay. You don't like it at all? >> No. >> Okay. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Keep it professional. >> I'm trying. >> I am totally being professional. This is what I do at work. >> The onscreen keyboards are pretty small, and the whole idea is you can hover over the keys and highlight it, and it let's you know that this is the key that you're pressing or whatever. So -- [ Laughter ] >> Scotto14541 said he just threw up a little in his mouth. >> Can I answer -- >> Yeah, answer the question. Keep going. Sorry. [ Laughter ] >> But when I go to press it, like, I have small thumbs, but it still never got the right letter. >> Let me see -- let me see how big your thumb is compared to my thumb. >> Oh my God, you have smaller -- >> No way, dude. My are monster -- look at this. My thumbs are freaking monsters. >> No they're not. >> Okay, here we go. What do you -- this one's from Moapps [Assumed spelling] -- we have a lot of awesome questions today. What do you think of the lag on the Storm and how soon do you expect a patch. >> The lag is pretty bad, I will say that. Especially with the multimedia. You're going to see a little clock go around and around and it's actually really frustrating. >> You actually get a spinning clock? >> Yeah, you get a little spiny clock that you'll get very familiar with. So, you know, I think as far as a patch, I think it's more [Inaudible] Blackberry will be on that pretty quick. Yeah, you know, and it's little things like [Inaudible] takes a little while when you turn the phone for the screen to turn with it. So -- >> That's what's crazy to me is that a lot of these phones have had times to actually work on these models now -- >> Right. >> -- and know what they want to do. And it's still not as snappy and as efficient as whatever -- that other phone. >> Right. >> But you know, it shows how hard it is to actually pull it off. >> No, and it's true. And Rim is very good about, like, not releasing products until they're really ready. And that was one of the delays for the Bold. They wanted to make sure that the 3 D wouldn't effect battery life and things like that, and you have good coverage. So I'm a little surprised that they kind of released the Storm as it is. >> You thought it could have been a little better. >> It could have been better. Yeah. >> Okay, this is a question -- this is a great one. I have -- this is from Marcosamora05 [Assumed spelling]. I have the iPhone 3G. Do you think it's worth leaving AT&T for the Blackberry Storm? Thanks. >> I do not. >> Thank you, Bonnie Cha, for that honest, short [Inaudible] -- >> Again, it's because of the bugginess, you know? It's just not worth it right now. >> I agree. John91cs [Assumed spelling], who has the better apps, iPhone or G1. Right now the G1 still has very limited apps because it's very young and fresh. I have noted that in my prize fights [Assumed spelling] if you ever watch any other videos other than this one. >> You know, the ah! >> Oh, you like that, huh? So right now the iPhone has not only more -- a larger number of apps and more diverse, to say which one has better apps that's kind of subjective at times. But I would say the iPhone is currently leading with that. >> Here, I'll take one. >> Yeah, take [Inaudible] -- >> This one is from Silvertonin -- >> Tonic? [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Okay. Should I get [Inaudible] or the LG Insight. We actually just got the LG Insight and my colleague Nicole is reviewing that. So I would say check next week for that review. The one big difference between those is you're going to get a keyboard with the fuse. So if you really want the keyboard [Inaudible] -- >> This question is from Georgie28le [Assumed spelling]. I miss Monica Belmont. She's hot. >> Monica? >> Monica Belmont. Sorry, I don't look like Monica. Actually, Monica's never worked here. You might want to check on that, but I'm just saying -- that's all I'm saying. And I'm sorry I don't do it for you. I will -- I've done my best to appease you. All right, we're going to -- we'll take two more questions, it's 12:01, but you know, we had a lot of people watching and a lot of people asking questions, which is bomb dignity-diggity. So -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We'll take a couple more questions and I promise you won't throw up in your mouth any more. >> This question is from Magnum4413 [Assumed spelling]. Bonnie and Brian, what is the deal with the Omni from Verizon, and will it compare to the iPhone. There is a rumor that the Samsung Omni is coming to Verizon. As far as an iPhone comparison, I don't know. I found it pretty good. The web browsing, probably not as easy, again, as the iPhone, because it has a multi-touch. And that was another thing that iPhone did well. But I think it's going to be a pretty good competitor. I can't really say much, but I will say stay tuned. >> Stay tuned. >> Yes. >> Okay, excellent. Do you think it will be better to buy the Storm now or wait for them to patch it up first? >> I would wait. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> Okay. And then someone wrote real quickly they saw an unlocked Bold on Amazon.com and asked if it would work on Verizon. But I would say no, because it's GSM phone and not a CDMA phone. And you know, since we like to at least educate our viewers, could you briefly just say what's the difference between CDMA and GSM. Because everyone talked about it a lot, you know, but sometimes it's nice to clarify. >> So GSM, which is T-Mobile and AT&T, they use a SIM card for your phone, and you know, that holds your contacts and -- >> And you can pop that SIM card. >> Yeah, so they're swappable, if a phone is not tied down to a network. Whereas CDMA is Verizon and Sprint. And they don't use a SIM card. >> It has to be activated through the carrier. >> Yeah, through the carrier. They're two different technologies there. So, yeah. As far as GSM, I think it's a little better for roaming. You're going to get world roaming capabilities. If the GSM bands match over in Europe you can use your phone from here over there. >> I would compare you to a CDMA phone because you're not swappable. You're irreplaceable. [ Laughter ] >> I didn't know where you were going with that. >> All right -- all right, anyways, if you guys want to know when Editor's Office Hours will be on, it will on at 11:30 AM west coast time -- you better come back, come on -- 11:30 AM west coast time, 2:30 p.m. east coast time. We're changing the schedule up. We used to be doing this every day. But from now on you will find us on Tuesdays at 11:30 and 2:30, because people basically said they don't want to see me as much. And that's fine -- >> You're no Monica Belmont. That's why. >> I know. Who is? Geez, I don't even know -- >> Who is Monica Belmont? >> Okay, who is -- thanks for coming out. Thank you for joining us. >> Sure. >> And I'm glad you -- shake my hand. I put my hand out to shake. Thank you. That's proper etiquette. Anyways, thanks for coming out. It's always fun, and we'll see you guys next time. >> Bye. >> Bye. ^M00:33:12 [ Music ]

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