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CES 2014: The CNET Stage and South Hall set-up at CES 2014

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CES 2014: The CNET Stage and South Hall set-up at CES 2014

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Brian Tong gives you a sneak peek of the CNET Stage and the South Hall a day before CES 2014 starts.

Hey, guys. Brian Tong here, right outside the CNET stage here at CES 2014. Now, over on our stage, I mean, you're gonna see tons of coverage all day long from the 7th through the 10th. I mean, today is really the set-up day with all the press conferences. So, we'll have Brian Cooley, Donald Bell, Bridget Carey, a bunch of our talent up there, kind of breaking down what you'll hear from people like Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG and more. And you know, this is really the home of CNET. So, if you guys are out here, make sure you come and check it out. Tons of programming out here and just like a good place to hang out. You know, maybe you can use a WiFi and I'll hook you up with the password. Just you know, tweet me on that, okay? So, let's just hang out over here. This is really the first day. CES just getting ramped up, a lot of the booths, clearly they're not gonna be completed yet but we wanted to give you a peek inside the South Hall to kind of show you what's happening and what it looks like if you haven't done this before. And this is the main entrance of the South Hall. We're upstairs right now. And if you kind of take a look, everyone is still-- they're not even close to being complete. You have a lot of cars, a lot of trucks, people kind of just navigating through here and also assembling their different displays. But we're gonna kind of walk over here to show you a few of the things that you can find here on the South Hall? The South Hall is really the collection of, you know, a lot of you know midsized to smaller vendors that are showing off their stuff but for example, we're here at NVIDIA's booth last night, they announced a variety of different things. One of them being really their new mobile process with Tegra K1 Chip and it was the graphic processing power more than, you know, what we've seen in the PS3 and the Xbox 360. And this is really taking those chips, put them in your mobile phones or mobile tablets and really getting more out of them. It's the tough that we don't see everyday but that's NVIDIA, the company behind all of this, to really make the stuff look great. Now, in their booth also, we have cars, they're gonna show off kind of NVIDIA's you know, graphics and a car interface set-up. We have a BMW i3 out here right now. And then another thing that was like the rock star last year was the NVIDIA Shield. It was their hand-held gaming device that they're gonna be showing off here more. You know, it hasn't really picked up from a consumer's standpoint but it was one of those kind of unique things that you see at CES and you don't know if it's gonna take off or not but they're gonna be showing that over there. So, let's just kind of keep on walking through the show floor to kind of give you an idea, right? There's a lot of set-up over here. These guys are loading these chairs. We're gonna squeeze through this little area right here because we like to shimmy on through with light. It's narrow. Everyone is setting up here and I just kick the box. All right. So, we're coming through NVIDIA's booth. As we keep on going down to the South Hall, we're gonna see a lot more. Last night also, you know, Drones. Drones are gonna be a big thing everyone is talking about. You know, Amazon's Delivery Drones, you know, Google is working on drones their own. We've always had Parrot here and these are their AR Drones. Right now, what you're looking at, this is one of their new drones called the Sumo. It kind of has two wheels and it's a jumping drone as well as their Parrot Mini Drones. If you kind of see that guys setting things up right now, those are versions of their larger drones kind of scale down to really small miniature size. The control on them, now they've really kind of started a fine tune this year, after a year how you can have them fly over people's heads and do all these different things. So, you know, this is gonna be one of the cool demos you see. They have kind of a coordinated show going on at CES. So, if you're at the South Hall, you wanna check that out. All right. So, over here, really you know, again, everything is still being set up here. We're still one day away from the launch day. Today is really press conference day. But there you have it, you know, just kind of a look at the South Hall. Everything is getting set up. Again, keep on staying locked on CNET.com to find out more of everything going on at CES 2014.

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