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CNET UK Podcast: The best bits of iOS 8 in CNET UK Podcast 391

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CNET UK Podcast: The best bits of iOS 8 in CNET UK Podcast 391

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Put your feet up and let us take you through the best bits of iOS 8 and Yosemite, plus we pony up for a £12,500 phone, and find out why it's the end of the line for line rental.

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome, you're listening to Cnet UK Podcast. This is episode 392, for Friday the 6th of June 2014. Apple just dropped a bomb on iOS and the OS 10 and we've got all the important stuff you need to know right here. Plus, we find that out why it's the end of the line for Line Rental, pony up for the Underwood phone that cost $21,000 and we find out how Dyson invented Google Glass. I'm Rich and joining me in our secret London HQ this week is Andy Hoyle. Hello. Hello. Good to see you again. It's me, I'm here. You are here? Me, this guy. You're here as always. And also this guy. Hey. Hey. Thought you would never introduce me. [LAUGH]. I thought I'd make you wait for a little while. We are as always filming the Podcast so check out the video on CNET or youtube.com/cnet. See our exciting new Jerry Anderson style visuals. Yeah. And we'll put some, some new music as well. Could you use some more cuz you'll never see it, they've been working very hard. Yeah. On the look. They look cool. FAB. Yeah, seen it, it's green. Fab, that's what Rich means. Anything can happen in the next half hour and indeed we are trying some new things. So let us know what you think of the new bits and pieces. Okay, Andy lets roll back the listening tool and launch the newsrocket. [MUSIC] Apple had its big WWDC launch WWDC. Yeah WWDC keynote speech this week and it has given it a whole load of things, including, Iowa Sage, which we're gonna talk about a little later on. Yep. But right now, I'm gonna talk about Yosemite, which is the new name for the new version of. Yosemite Sam. Of OS X, for OS. It's a rootin', tootin' operating system. [CROSSTALK]. So, this has a whole new bunch of stuff design, it brings it much more into line with iOS7 it got the same flat icons. Lot of transparency and some of the many usual things, just looks a bit more fresh. We have got things like iCad, things to cross your Mac iOS and Windows. You can do Air Drop between your phone and your Mac. You can use your Mac to take calls from you phone, you will see caller ID on your Mac screen. And you can send encrypted emails, whole load of things. Rich early on you asked me for one really cool thing, do you want to know what that cool thing is? Yes I do. My cool thing. Yeah. About Yosemite is that it's gonna be free. Yeah. It's gonna be a free update. Oh. And I think that is really, really good. Well, Mevrix was free, wasn't it? Mm-hm. So they can't put the price up. Yeah. Can't they? That seems like exactly the sort of thing they could do. It's that's the sort of thing Apple is, it's open in their mind. Yeah. This time it's 500 pounds. [LAUGH]. But I think, you know, when we're seeing other software companies charging for, for their updates, I think this is great that we get a whole new release, a whole new version. Full of new features, full of new things, and you're not asked to pay for it. This is just part of the service that you've already got, that you've got on your Mac, that you get new features. I mean these are completely new features and a new look, I think that's, I think that's great that you can get that. You're not being forced to physically buy a new Mac, spend 1600 pounds on a new Macbook to get the new software. Yeah. Also. It's free. It's brilliant. No longer any pressure on Apple to make it good? Cuz I, well it was free? [LAUGH] You get, you get what you paid for, chumps. I think, I think the point of it being. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys [LAUGH]. And that's what the activity is a monkey in your computer. [LAUGH] It looks fine, I don't know why I'm taking such a strong [CROSSTALK]. I was going to say, you're really quite angry about this. Yep, so what are we, do we wanna see this? We're gonna see this in the fall. The fall. You're going to see it in autumn. End of the year, towards the end of the year, so you can have your summer with your, with Maverick. You can have summer surfing [CROSSTALK] and then we're gonna spend autumn in [UNKNOWN]. We're gonna go round and see the leaves change. Go round see some of the lovely as the fog rolls at the summit mountain. Accidentally open a chocolate bar wrapper and have a bear break into the tent. All these all these things can happen Alright bears will get all your they'll get all up inside everywhere. Be careful is what I'm saying. And they're a nightmare to get out. Yeah [LAUGH] once they're in just be careful. Cuz they have squatters rights, so what's happening in the UK? In the UK, well we got no more line rental what do you think of that, eh? I would like that a lot, if it was around the whole country is it? It's not that is the problem. So, what we've got is a is a new company its called Relish, and its a new broadband service in London, that is using 4G rather than fixed lines. So, a line runs for over 16 pounds a month, which is no its a horrible amount of money to pay when you don't use a land line phone like, myself. Anyway you were in British. You were at the launch mission. [CROSSTALK] You were- It was good, it was good. This is, this is, it seems pretty good to me. The thing is for the last, it kinda aimed at young professionals people in house chairs, people that ran for that kind of thing. House chairs. [CROSSTALK] You don't have a house chair? Well, I have chairs in my house. It's the most comfortable kind of house. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. So yeah, so the idea is that it's, it's aimed at people who, who, you know, can't necessarily afford to have a big broadband system and so, and, you know, don't necessarily use a land-line because many people don't use land-line anymore, a lot of people just have their mobile phone. I don't use a landline. Exactly, for the last ten years, everywhere I've lived, this would have been fantastic, but now I live in, like, a hole in the ground basically. Literally so I've got no phone service. Literally. [LAUGH] So I need a landline, all I need is a hole in the ground with a landline sticking out of it. So that's a bit annoying. It's, I think it's fantastic. And one of the cool things about it is if you move house, because it's not tied to a fixed line landline, it's just It's basically a three I'm sorry a 4G dongle that got like whistles and bells and extra bits and it's unlimited. Does that make the internet faster? Does it plug into the wall? It does plug into the wall. So it looks like a normal router. It does. It's just got one fewer cable going in the back. Exactly Right. And it's not connected either. And because it's connected to a fix line it's not connected to a specific premises or specific number it means you can move house and you take it with you, and when you get to the new place you just plug it in. So no installation, no engineer visit, nothing like that. But actually, how does it differ from just buying a 4D dongle? Well it's unlimited, for starts. Oh. So does this mean if, or example, I wanted to up sticks and bail and move house, would this, presumably, am I right in thinking that this would be easy, I wouldn't have to cancel? Yea. So. You know what I said about two minutes ago. Yeah. That whole sentence. About that whole sentence, yes. Okay, so that sentence you said two minutes ago was basically what you think. That is a true statement. That is still the truth. That is still the truth, yeah. Okay. Wait a minute, I'm just a, no, I can confirm that is still. [CROSSTALK] Yes. At the time, yes. Okay, good. What if I don't like where I'm currently living. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. Yes. But Reg what if I need to move house? Oh yeah, but on the other hand though if you do need to move house then, you know, Oh yeah, well. the only downside of it of course is, it all is bad depending on your, the faulty signal in your home. Of course. So if you've not got a great signal then you won't necessarily get a great quality either. But, it's, it's not a lengthy contract it's a 30 day contract so it's, it's, it's pretty cool outside actually it's only in London I Oh yeah. That's fantastic. And what if all of those of parts of London thought it was a great idea and signed up and it was suddenly a very clogged 4G service. Well that happens with landlines, that happens you know with regular broadband. Yeah but not to some extent though because landlines have much greater capacity. So surely this much be an issue at some point, Rich. Tell me it's an issue. Well it may well be an issue, I mean it's only new so we'll find out in due course. The real issue of course is what happens if you want to move house? [LAUGH] Yeah. So What's it's called again? Relish. We'll have to get to the bottom of that one. Yes it's called relish and it's it's available now. So try that if you live in London, why not? Who's 4G network does it use? Their own. Well. Yeah, exactly. It's basically that this, that this kind of existing commercial 4G spectrum holder and this is kind of one of their first consumer consumer offerings. Offering such a terrible thing. Well, good luck to him. Yeah, absolutely. So it's Kensington in the west to and then [UNKNOWN] all the way down to [UNKNOWN]. So basically, no one goes south on their tours. If you go south on them like I do, then tough luck. Taxis won't go there, neither will 4G. For the first part, I think we should just [UNKNOWN]. [UNKNOWN] North London now? Not ready. So that's broadband for poor people, whats going on for rich people? There is something going on for rich people. Thank goodness. Because they don't have enough going on in their lives They don't have enough, they need things to entertain themselves, they need things to spend their money on and I think I've got just the thing. It is the Vertu Signature Touch, it is a new android phone and this costs. Wait for it. Yep. Wait for it. Wait for [UNKNOWN]. 6750 pounds. That is nearly 7 grand. [INAUDIBLE] That's a lot of money to spend on a phone. And that's for the cheapest model. For the cheapest model. Whoa. Now. Crikey! We've seen Vertu phones before, and they're always extremely expensive. But. Yeah. Typically, they're just flash with no substance. And. You know, you're just paying a lot of money for some fancy materials. Now you do get some seriously fancy materials with this one, including titanium and various bits of dead animal stuff. Sapphire. Sapphire, you get all of that. [CROSSTALK] Fancy leopards. Seal face. But let me tell you why this one is actually. And also, a good phone. Ooh, this is a first. Yeah, I know, right? Firstly, you mentioned the sapphire screen. Yeah. It's also a full HD display. Mm-hm. The latest Android 4.4. Kit-KAt, the 4G that it has, apparently it has the most available band. So basically,. MySpace is going well, you should be able to use the local 4G. That's right. So everywhere you go on your yacht. When you go to Greece around whatever. You don't want to leave a signal around the horn. When you are in Monaco, when you are in Greece, when you are in Monte Carlo. Trying to take care of the portfolio. I had no signal when I was in Monaco. The Cayman Islands trying to be stuffing all of your money in a bin bag. [LAUGH]. We also have things like 64 gig of storage, wireless charging, but, what you also get, is encrypted calls. Oh. Using, from a service called Silent Circle, who I believe you've written about before Rich. They're the people behind the, the Geeksphone Blackphone. Blackphone yes, so this is, if you wanna keep all your calls and texts and things ultra secure. So when you are making your shady deals, which has allowed you to get that sort of money to buy a

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