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The 404: The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode 2013: A tour of the new studio

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The 404: The 404 Yuletide Mini-sode 2013: A tour of the new studio

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Go behind the scenes with the guys from The 404 Show for an full tour of their old podcast sound booth and the brand new TV studio in New York!

-What's up, guys? Welcome to our special Yuletide episode of The 404 Show. It's a tour of the old studio and a tour of the new studio. So, we might as well get the old one out in the way. -Yeah, you wanna know what the before picture looked like? -Bad news, I just wanna prep you guys. -There's a lot of wires in there. It's kind of fire hazard. -Yeah. -I think we'll make it around. -All right, check it out. -So, we have a fantasy card scanner, and this is what you guys use to see everyday. -Here we are. -The skeleton of the old studio. Remarkably, it actually looks cleaner in here now than it did when we were actually in broadcast. -It definitely looks better now. There's no doubt it. So, yeah, this is where I sat, obviously, Justin and Ariel-- -Yeah. This is what it's for. -Things are little in disarray now because we're in a much better facility right now. But this was it and all that's left is a couple-- -Compressors. -compressors, an Xbox One, which is kind of cool, that's here. -Let me get that off here. -And that's really it. -And the old mixer. -And this was-- this was the situation. Here's the mixer that we used to use, an old Mackie. And this is where the show is produced every single day. Obviously, all the cameras are gone. We've moved them into the new studio. -Yeah. -The TriCaster used to sit back there, which is where it used to make the room about, I wanna say like a nice, 97-- -Yeah. -degrees. -If you ever wondered why the show maybe didn't sound as good or if we had technical errors, let me just guide you over here. -This is-- this is-- -This-- -the stuff. -let me just-- oh yeah, these wires right here is the source of the problem. -It's like a radio shack threw up. -It's bad. There's a lot of random junk in here. -Yeah. -Half of which I don't think was ever even plugged in while we were broadcasting. -So, now we're just using this studio for some recording. We've got one mic hooked up. There's still and ISDN which lets us talk on the radio and get really good sound quality. All that is remarkably functional-- -Yeah. -in some way. -There. -I don't know what's gonna happen with this room. We kinda wanna keep it for audio recording and stuff like that. -Yeah. -All right, but enough of this junk. -Wait, wait, wait. -What? What? -But we forgot one of the most important things about the old studio-- -What's that? -that I think we should actually move in to the new one. -Okay. -It's right behind Ariel here. This is our Hall of Fame. -It's the Wall of Fame. -Wall of Fame. It's actually started before I joined the 404. You guys started it. -Yeah. -And we basically had these business cards that we had all of our guests sign. So, you could Clayton Morris is on here, and Libby Goad, ye old Natalie Del Conte, Dr. Bruce's first appearance. -Wow, look at that. -Was that in 2008? -I don't know when that was, but I bet you can get some good money on eBay. -Yeah. -Yeah. There's-- -And then there's murderer if you're really a 404 fan, you remember James Ray. -That's correct. -Murderer. -Well, it was man-slaughter. -Yeah, let's be specific. -But you know that's [unk]-- -Carolyn McCarthy. -Yeah. -Phil Ryan, remember all these-- -Look at this, David Carve. -Yeah, that's worth something. -What's up? Billionaire-- well, not billionaire, but mega, mega millionaire. -Yeah. -So, good times gone by, good times gone by. All right, let's go out with the old, in with the new. Justin, lead the way to the brand new studio. -Okay, this is gonna be fun. -All right. -Let's go. -We're gonna go in the subway and go-- -It's a long travel, I know. Wait, let's also show this part-- -Okay. -which is sort of vessel for graveyard here. -This has been like the studio overflow. Some of the stuff that doesn't really work anymore kinda lives here in the graveyard. -Right. -Yeah. -I think we have a green screen-- -So, come here and check this out. This is what the inside of the internet looks like-- looks like that. Look at that. It doesn't work too well. -Yeah, all right. Let's continue. We'll walk over here. Hey, Sally. -Hey, Sally. -Hello. -All right. So, here we go. It's a short walk. -Looking over here, Ariel's cube. Hello, Ariel. All right. -Okay. -So, here we are. -Sophisticated equipment here, so On-Air lights. Okay. -[unk]-- make it from the old studio. -Right. All right. -And let's go in. -After you. Woah-- you guys, I should play like super candy eye opening music right now. -Yeah. -Here we are in the brand new studio that we can do this in. -Woah, woah. -They're sensitive. -Who's that? -I think that's the producer. -Could be our man. -I've never seen you move. -I know. -Yeah, that was cool. -I'm sore. -I like that. -So check it out, the new studio, it's divided into quarters. The first-- you know, ours is obviously, kinda like the bigger sort of section here. This is where we do the show now. This is where we're gonna do our new show. -Uh huh. -If you come where I'm standing in and look at Justin, you can check out this updated corner of the studio. -Yeah. -I mean look how good this man looks on that camera. -I don't know if a lot of people knew that update and The 404, the new versions of both films in the same studio, but we're actually right next to each other-- -We are. -which is very cool. -It's pretty rad. -And so this is Bridget's stuff, and then over here, this is my favorite part of the whole studio, which is the control center. This is where if Ariel had a mic, he would be describing right now. But he does not. -Get some of that board man. We paid good money for that. -Yeah. -Show it off. Pretty doped. -She got some of that board porn. -Yeah. -Or born, as we call it in the business. And here is the last FM section of the room. They have a nice football stage and some really space to interview people, live performances that's already been well, like a half a dozen people come in here do a little live set. They have that cool sort of set up for live music that works out really well. Check out some of the equipment we got. All brand new cameras, we got a [unk]-- look at the frigging crane we got. -Jib. -Look at that. -Yeah. -Looking pretty tight. Obviously, we move the TriCaster back in here. -Uh huh. -And all seemed problem solved along with it. -Yeah, yes. -No, but I guess that's it, right? -No, that's not it. -What else is there? -There's so much more to look at. -Okay. -Come over here, Ariel. -There's more. -I wanted to sort of get a close-up of the stuff that we have on the shows though, this is a work in progress. It'll kind of-- it will be fluid, so these things we will change out every once in a while, but Jeff, do you want to sort of give a tour of your side, 'cause we kinda splitted up Jeff's side and my side. So, this is-- this is all Jeff's stuff. -Well, so I was home for Thanksgiving and look what I found, a bunch of old Nintendo games all getting this side, these are like the classic, classic, classic, unbelievable stuff that prob--that's probably worth something. -Yeah, like $2, $3 maybe. -At the most. Old school Dreamcast, come on, you gotta respect that. Taxi Cab for Sweet Lou. -Yeah. -And then, I mean, the Holy Grail, which I think the freaking cartridge is still in there-- -That's pretty cool. -What am I thinking bringing this in? I don't have Genesis anymore, so I can't really play it, but yeah, we got our 404 custom controllers that you guys remember from last time. -Right. -Oh this is my favorite piece right here. This is a Riddler Trophy from the Arkham City video game, classic. -I like that. -Thanks to the guys at Triforce for that, pretty sick. -Yeah. That's the-- -And we also found these novelty CDs. -Oh yeah. -Look how big they are, right? -It's so weird. And they're-- -Isn't that crazy? -And they're black. -We found them on the street. -Yeah, I couldn't find a player for them yet that'll fit in. -Doesn't matter. -They do look really cool. -Man, I didn't realize we had all of that Beatles record there in those CDs. -Yeah, yeah. All right, so swing around to the side, the much cooler side in my opinion. -Yeah, the Atrium. -Yeah, we'll start with my Mink plant and my fern. You'll see these plants get switched out too, so, I'm gonna spend the next half hour talking about the different plants [unk]-- -But what are their names? -This is Beyonce, and Ciara. We have all the other characters in the other room, but you'll gonna see them as we broadcast. So, that's the plants and up here, we got some books, more records-- this, I'm very excited about. If there's anyone who is into keyboards out there, and I know there's at least one, maybe two, aside from myself. This is the Model M, but if you'll notice, it's the 10-key left version, so no numbers. This thing is worth $150 or $200. -You know, he throws a great party and he has a great-- he's a great host. -Yeah. -Is he? -He really is. -Come over to my apartment. -Like he's the talk of the fricking town. -I'm cooking dinner. -You wanna be there. -So, this next thing is what sort of the same thing as Jeff's old Genesis games. I found a bunch of these VHS tapes at my house back at Huntington Beach. -That's cool. -And these are actually tapes that my mom recorded old television shows onto. So, there is Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Fantastic Four. -That's pretty rad. -Yeah, those are awesome. And we got, you know, a couple of the books and then the old junk-- the old junk shop over here. -It's cool that-- -I'd like to say that this is junk. -No, of course, not. -It's cool that people get to see like the close-up of like what actual-- like all these little, you know, panels come out, which is-- -Uh huh. -kind of amazing. -Yeah. -Everyone did such a good job. We've got some cool lighting, in case you wanted to see like what the deal was with this. We could change the colors of that. -Yeah. -Are you gonna go do that? -I'm gonna try-- I'm gonna check it out right now. -Okay, ready. Watch this, watch this, watch this. I hope he know how to use those three switches. Do you think he knows how to do it? Probably not. I want this to be red. Red. Come on, make it red. -All right. -Woah. -It's just turned off. -Are you serious? You don't know how to this. How hard can it be man? -Yeah, I got it. I got it. -What do you think those red would stand for, purple, no? Red. Just the R. Just the R. -There we go-- there we go. -Yeah, man. Yes. Wow, that took forever. That's why he sits here. -Yeah. -So, check it out, like give him a little techie, a little nerdy, all by mikes pop interviews, dope. Little bored, we got there. There's snake through the room. -Uh huh. -It's not the most glamorous solution, but you can't see it when it's on video, and it looks fantastic. -Yeah. We got a couple of cubby shelves over here. There's a lot of room over here. So, that's what's going on with the table. I didn't realize when I first saw the designs for the set that the back of the table was hollow. -Yeah. -I thought that was pretty cool. -Well, instead of-- he throws-- -I thought it has to be one big piece of wood. -Yeah. -But later that-- -And it's cool that where you're sitting at right now, that's our view. That's what we see when we're doing the show. -Uh huh. -You won't care about that. You know, we move this camera around and that's how it works. So, yeah, I'm pretty psyched about the tour. -Yeah. -I hope you guys dug it. And thanks for bearing with us during this interesting time in 2013 as we transition into a new studio. But, I think from all of us, we wanna wish everyone a very happy holiday and a happy new year. And thanks for sticking with us. -Yeah. -And a lot more awesome crap is coming your way in 2014. -We'll see you guys at CES. -Yeah. After CES the cool stuff starts out tonight for sure. All right. -Yeah. -Well, thanks for tuning in guys. [unk]--

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