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The 404 1,519: Where we send in the drones: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,519: Where we send in the drones

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Jeff literally spent the long weekend in a cave and gives us a solid review of Sportsfriends' Johann Sebastian Joust, the TSA bans uncharged devices from flights, shooting fireworks with drones, and more!

It's Monday, July 7, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez, and from our CBS studio's in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] Hey, what's up? Welcome to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Did you? Yeah. I had a pretty good weekend. Yeah? It was great. That's awesome. Did you watch fireworks? [CROSSTALK] I did. I tried to watch the fireworks. I was up on my friend's roof in Brooklyn, but the fireworks were kind of in a weird place this year, I think they had to move them. So they were on the East River this year, right? Yeah, but they had to move them down, I think for some reason. Oh like South? Yeah, yeah. Okay. And, anyway, I didn't get to see them cuz they were blocked by another building, but I got to see everyone else's, sort of, budget, do it yourself [CROSSTALK]. Oh, those are the best. Cuz those are the most dangerous. And there's nothing like, I mean, regular fireworks, they're are okay I guess. Yeah, those are like a mile in front of your face. Yeah, it's really fun when there's a sense of danger, like oh, someone could easily get hurt. Right. That makes things more fun. Did you see em? I did. I went, oh, I wasn't in the town. I was in I was, like, upstate New York and, I, I saw the fireworks display at at a place called Windham, which is like where, a ski mountain. But in the summer there's no snow, which I didn't know. It's just a mountain. It's just a mountain. Okay. With like trails, like hiking trails. And at the base of the mountain they have a fireworks display. So we get there and we're like waiting for it to go off and we're standing in this field and we think we know where the fireworks gonna be shooting from, but then all of a sudden a guy's like, hey you should get out of this field. And we're like, why? And he's like, because we shoot the fireworks off 'bout 20 feet behind you. [LAUGH] And we turn around and [LAUGH] it's like all the cannons up. And we're like, oh that's weird we didn't see that. So then we only went like a hundred feet away, and had to basically lay on the ground and stare up. Oh, that's so cool though. You were probably really close to it. Yeah, we were really close to it. I'm not about to hate on fireworks, but, I'm about to hate on fire works. Don't hate on those. Those are the inventions of my people. No they're not. Yes. Chinese people invented fireworks. So that everyone. You're welcome. No, it was Gandalf. [LAUGH] No, I don't, like I don't know, man. There just has been zero innovation in, in firework territory in [CROSSTALK] like the last 300 years. Yeah, cuz no. What else do you want with fireworks? I want them to like, you know, I want one to like, you know, do a Slimer hologram and have it like coast through the audience. [LAUGH] You want like a sound element to it. I don't know. It just, everyone gets so excited for fireworks, and I'm just like what, whatever man. I'm not a four-year-old. I don't care. You know, I wonder what it was like for people driving across the bridge that we're watching the fireworks happen. Because it looked like some of those shots were right over the Brooklyn Bridge? Yeah, cuz everybody posted pictures of that afterward. I think that's the best part of watching fireworks just seeing people in front of you taking really **** photos of the fireworks. [LAUGH] I took some good photos of 'em. I saw one that you posted on Instagram. But for every one really solid, like, just good luck firework photo, there's a million just really crappy, like, it's always focused and over-exposed by some dude in the foreground, you know. Yeah. That's on the roof with you, but then like a blob of light back behind it. [LAUGH] It's the best. I love seeing crappy firework photos. That one is good, though. You lucked out on this one. Well, you wanna know why? You Photoshopped it. No, because I took it with an SLR. Oh okay. I cheated. You freaking cheater. I cheated. You give people **** all the time for doing that. No I didn't. [LAUGH] Yeah I did. You totally did. But you know what? You can't get a good fireworks shot with a pho-, with a camera phone. No you can't, 'cuz you gotta focus and it doesn't work, the shutter's too- That looks like a nebula. Yeah it looks cool. Isn't that cool? Yeah. That's nice. Resp-, respect, all right I'll respect that, you know. Wait you were just hating on fireworks and you posted a picture of this beautiful firework. Well because that's a cool, nebulous sort of, you know, Space Oddity firework. Yeah, you're one of, you're one of those people that- You see how close I took that? Instead of watching the actual fireworks, you were watching them through a screen in front of your face. No, it was a viewfinder. Number two see how freaking close that was? Yeah, I get it. I get it. That's like nipping the tip right there. You're not supposed to be that close. Seeing photos of fireworks doesn't, doesn't give you the same effect as watching one explode in front of you. How about flying a drone through fireworks? Oh, I saw this. This one was really crazy. Great. So here's this crazy ****. He buys a drone and he flies it up through the fireworks. Yeah, this is pretty cool. Okay, as bad **** as this does look- Woah! I mean, come on, you're seeing the things go by him which, that's amazing! Yeah, how did this thing not explode? He's lucky. Here is why this guy is an idiot. Number one, you're just not supposed to do this, because what if, what if like, the drone you know, got hit by a shell and then plummeted and like, knocked the firework guy out. Yeah. I know the odds of that are super you know, rare. But that's really cool though. It's really cool, very cool. And maybe like, it could be done professionally. But this guy seemed to, like, not care at all, and just sorta flew his little helicopter into the fireworks. Into like, the war zone. Look how high they are. That's crazy. Yeah. It's pretty nuts. I mean, they go 200, 300 feet in the air. Right? Yeah, that's beautiful. It's amazing. And that's amazing, well, like he starts turning the camera within the [CROSSTALK] sparkling Right! You never get it in three dimensional look at fireworks. [CROSSTALK] Never. I think, I think he is kind of dumb, but at the same time, you know, there's gonna be regulations in the future for people driving drones and stuff. Sure, sure. [CROSSTALK] So he's lucky he got this, man. He's lucky as hell, he could have lost like the GoPro and the thing, but it really is amazing. Whoa. Oh my god. I'll be the first to, it's amazing Looks like it's in 3D, too. Right. It's like almost like Matrix bullet time fireworks. If you will. Wow, it's amazing. You need to sell this footage. yeah, what's really cool is in the beginning of the video when he starts it off in front of him, you know. Yeah. It's like on a ledge. I think he's actually holding it in his hand- Right, and just let it go. And it just takes off from his hand all the way up 300 feet in the sky. It was so cool, like, drones are everywhere. I was at a hockey practice last week and they were cutting the ice in between our practice and then all of a sudden this, one of the Zamboni operators had his drone come out and like fly over the ice- [LAUGH] At two feet of the ice. Yeah, it's cool. And it was just cool. It's rad. Wow, man. I mean. Yeah that's awesome. But you really trust in the guy who that is driving the drone right? I mean if he's flying that right in your face. Apparently Andy- You better have good control over that thing. Ooh. That one looks like it exploded right in front of the lens there. Yeah it's amazing. I can't believe the quality of these videos too. So that's just a GoPro? Yeah the GoPro is amazing quality. 1080. 1080p baby, live in the now. Yeah, technology man. It's pretty badass. He did look like he, he, he kept a safe distance from the actual points of explosion. You know and just sort of like getting like, wow, that's amazing. That's an amazing shot. He, he gets like, you know, the, the trailing, you know, chandelier sort of effect, but still, super dangerous dude. Yeah. All right? I was reading about this and some one commented on the article that while they were watching fireworks, somebody else. [CROSSTALK] Oh he just did it in reverse, that's pretty rad. Somebody else was also driving a few drones around in the fireworks, and he said you could see the little red dots blinking on the GoPro's, it was just annoying the hell out of everybody, but I guess if you wanna get that shot you gotta crack a few eggs. What's kind of funny is it's like, weird. None of this was around last year. Like nobody, I'm sure someone did it, but all of a sudden in 365 days time- Yeah. Everyone and their mother has a drone with a GoPro attached. I think they're just a little more accessible now. For sure, you're totally right. They're a lot cheaper. How much are those? You can get a cheap one for like less than 400 bucks. Really? Yeah. I mean it's not as good as something like this, but you can get cheap ones. I, I, I feel like if you're spending 400, you're gonna get a good one. Yeah? Yeah. I mean, the guy at the hockey rink said his was like 68 bucks. Wow. I mean it wasn't anything like amazing, but it had LEDs on it and it was, it wasn't like a quad-copter probably like this thing. I need one man. Amazing, right? Yeah. So, there you, there you have it. Some pretty interesting stuff. So, what did you, what did you do, like, for the weekend? Did you have like Had a picnic. Yeah. And went to Prospect Park. Rode my bike around a bunch. Sweated a lot. Oh yeah, you sweat a lot? Yeah, yeah. Did you? Definitely, on the bike, it's crazy. I didn't really sweat that much because I was upstate New York and at night, it was like 50 degrees. Oh, and you were in a cave too, right? Well, yeah. So I spent some time. [LAUGH] Wait, I think Steve Guttenberg who as here on Friday actually made a joke in the beginning of the episode that you were in a cave. But you were actually in a cave. [LAUGH]. It's true. I was actually in a cave. I was at Howe Cavern. Yeah. Which is in, upstate New York. And it's this amazing you know, sort of underground cave. One of the largest ones in America, I'm told. And it was discovered about 200 years ago by some swindler. Right? So, this guy discovers the cave, and he keeps going down there by himself because it's like 45 degrees underground, and it's 200 feet down. And it was all created by, you know, water slowly but surely, you know, a quarter of a million years ago. And, it's just, the water does this and over time it, it sort of like carves out this amazing cave. Huh. And so this guy, so they, had like this animatronic dude in the beginning. Explaining it. [LAUGH] Explaining it which was super creepy. [LAUGH] But it basically goes on to say, yeah it you know, it was discovered by this guy, he kept going down there, and then he goes to the landowner who didn't know the cave was there, and he's like hey you don't need this land let me buy it to you, buy it from you. Yeah. Cheap. And he was like, all right. $100 later he owns the land the cavern's on. What? What a swindler, right? Easy, yeah. It's the American dream right there. [LAUGH]. so, yeah, it's it's an amazing place. I was there like 20 years ago, it is shocking- [INAUDIBLE]. What water can do. Yeah. Like what water can do is crazy. I mean that's how the Grand Canyon got here. And this place is no different. It's stalactites, stalagmites, the whole thing. It's pretty rad. Mm-hm. You go under and it's like a two hour tour, and then you go, you even go on like a boat tour. Yeah, I saw that in a canoe or something, that's cool. Yeah, it's kind of amazing and there's this one and the finale of it. Stop. What? All right, I'm gonna go but don't ruin anything for me. [LAUGH] What's up, Dude, I mean, like, it just rocks and st. Yeah. [LAUGH] Like, you're not gonna be, like everybody gonna be, what, there's giraffes down there. [LAUGH]. did, I forget what they call it, but there's this, like, super narrow walkway which, I'm pretty sure, like a hefty dude could not make it through. There's a weight limit? It's not a weight limit, but there's definitely a girth limit. And no, and like I got through it no, and there were some parts where I had to like contortion my body, and you know [CROSSTALK] contort my body a little bit and do a little bit of limbo. But someone who may be weights like 300 probably couldn't get through there. So, I wonder. And then me and my friend were like, I wonder if they, like sort of eye everyone up and down before the finale- Yeah. And they're like, sir I think you might be more comfortable taking this exit out. You may wanna rub Crisco on yourself before squeezing in. Cuz it's intense man, and it go up for miles. And like, you just, there's so many spots in the cabin where is just like, nothingness. Yeah. Like you look down, and there' just nothingness. And they like the cave in a very dramatic way, so that, you know, everything is just scary kind of looking, and. Mm-hm. It's pretty rad. It's in the middle of nowhere. If you're ever in upstate New York, around the Catskills I highly recommend checking it out. This really reminds me of Goonies. Oh, totally, [CROSSTALK] Inspiration for Goonies was Holwl Cavern. Yeah. I see different colors, do, do they add that or- Yeah, so a lot of that is like the gels. Oh, okay. There's certain rooms that have naturally crazy colors, like this room. Mm-hm. I forget what they call it, I think they call it the bronze room. And, the amazing thing about this room is it's just white light, and what they do is they, you know, it shows of the difference sort of bronzes and stuff. Right. What's also really cool is there's moss growing everywhere. Yeah. So that adds this awesome like green hue to everything. And there's parts of the water, I mean, you wouldn't wanna drink this water, but it looks good enough to drink. It's clear, yeah. It's crystal clear, and the sound it's amazing. And there were, you know, the tour guys were super knowledgeable, and they were saying, after a big rain storm, maybe when it rains like really hard for like a day. Uh-huh. The place closes because it floods. Oh, right. Think about it, it's 200 feet below the ground. Mm-hm. And, you know, they sort of show like lines where water can go up to. So cool. It's one of the most peaceful places you can ever visit. Mm-hm. And then, the craziest part, so the end of the boat tour there's like this waterfall and it's guarded by chains. And after the waterfall they're like, yeah that goes about 1,000 feet. And you're like, what? Think about where 1,000 feet is. Yeah. And think about like, and she's like yeah that's where all the bats live. Oh my god. And were like, cool. Let's not go there. Yeah, yeah leave them alone. But it's amazing, and it's so cold. It's like 45 degrees down there. Uh-huh everyone [CROSSTALK] cuz it's hot. And I just wanna live there. Yeah. They should build a hotel down there. That would be rad. They should do something for Halloween in here. Turn the whole thing into a haunted house. They probably do. Would be amazing. Have a Big Foot jumping out at you. Yeah. In random places. There's a lot of places that they don't want you touching either because if, when, when, when the oils in our skin interact with some of the minerals on the rocks they stop growing. Cuz all the rocks are like kinda growing. Mm-hm. In their own weird, you know, geological ways. And yeah, there's one what do they call it? They call it like the China column. Mm-hm. Here it is, this thing. I forget what exactly the, the reason it's called that. But, aside from just looking like a big old bone, it's like a half a million year old stalagmite. Or what's the ones on the bottom? I should know this. Mite. Yeah. Mite. Man, I'm looking at a photo on my computer here on how you get underneath, like 150 feet deep or something. You take an elevator- Yeah, elevator. From the house that they built on top of the caverns. Yeah. And that is like a bat-cave. It is. Oh totally. It totally is. So now you know, like, how Bruce Wayne had to deal with the contractors. Right. It was probably a harrowing experience. Yeah, that's freezing in the batcave. Yeah I'm sure. The batcave is definitely freezing. If there's one thing I learn it's that the batcave is definitely freezing. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. I'll have to go check that out. Super cool. Also while I'm up there, and it was, it was just beautiful. I got away with a couple couples and we we, we hung out in this like cabin- Uh-huh. In upstate New York, I played some golf. It was very enjoyable. Right. You play golf? I don't play too much golf, I've never tried it before. Yeah, you're the guy I wanna play with. I wanna, I wanna play it though. I, I've been to driving ranges before, I've gone putting before, I played mini-golf when I was young, but I've never actually gone out on a cart, I think I would like it. I think you'd like it too. We should go. I just kind of enjoy, like, playing with people who've never played before. Are you good? I'm pretty, I'm better than average. Okay, all right. It's kind of hilarious. It's not your fault, I mean golf is incredibly hard. Right, right. But I've played with someone who had never even held a club, clearly. Like, we found that out way quick. Was he constantly chasing the ball around the field? Aw, he was a mess. It's like I'd just like give 'em a club and the ball and be like, okay, I'll see you at the green. Yeah. [LAUGH] He's like holding it by the bottom. [LAUGH] He would de-, okay, here's the dude who would have been better off throwing the ball. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not joking. That's fine. Golf is super hard. Anyway we, we played this game when we got back to the cabin called Joust. Uh-huh. Now, it's not Joust like you remember from the arcades. It is a game, it's a mini game within a game called Sports Friends. Yeah. It was made by this this guy what the hell's his name, I feel bad that I don't know his name. It was a Kickstarter campaign right? It was a Kickstarter campaign. I'll look up the guys name after I play this video. He's an independent developer. And he made this, it, it's in a game called Sports Friends. Johann Sebastian. No, [LAUGH] that's music. Oh, [LAUGH] oh, it's Bach? Yeah, he's named after Sebastian Bach. That's funny. I'll look up the guys name, he's a really good dude, I think I've actually met him before. Anyway, this game Joust uses move controllers. If you switch to my screen there's a dude holding a move controller. So, it's just a move controller, you can have up to eight players. And this only works on PS4 or PC, and you attach all of the move controllers to a computer. Uh-huh. Through Bluetooth. And the game plays music. And everyone has to hold this thing, and it's all, like, motion sensing and vibration sensing. Right. So the object of the game is to hold your move controller delicately while you whack it out of the other people's hands. So you're basically- Right. Just like trying to like knock over people's, you know, candles if you will. Mm-hm. And everything's color coded so you know when you're out and it vibrates when you're, when you, are getting a little too, you know, crazy. And there's different, like here I'll start playing it. And there's different like modes, right? Like, see these guys they're trying to like keep their hands straight- Oh. While knocking it out of other people's hands. You don't have to knock the thing out, you just kind of jostle them and. You can jostle them, you can like you can swing at them, you can push them, there's really no rules as to but, but your, your move controller will go red when you're out. Oh, okay. Which is pretty great. So how does the music factor in to it? So the music. The speed of the music dictates how fast you can move, so when it's playing normally you can move slowly, but then the music will speed up, and you have a little more leeway as to how much movement you can have. Oh. Okay. Right? So these guys are just playing it in the middle of the street. It's a great game to play when you've had a few. Yeah. I could see that. Yeah. And you don't have stuff around you you can break, doing it all outside. Exactly. Wouldn't recommend doing it by dishware. Now, see, he went red, and he's out. So it's amazing. And then there's a mode where, it's just free. And then, you are stuck where you're standing and if you move at all you're out. And what people do is they sort of like try and do psych outs, where they'll make some one else laugh. And if you get some to laugh, it's enough to get you out. Those controllers are pretty sensitive. Yeah, they're super sensitive. But see, red, it's amazing. And there's no rules, which is great, so you can like throw things at people if you really wanna get crazy. Right. You make up your own sort of thing. John Sebastian Joust Joust sorry, is the name of that game. That's pretty awesome. And yeah, it's- What's cool is that nobody in that video is actually looking at a television screen. Right. Like, you don't really need that necessarily. Yeah, all you need is a Computer and speakers? - It's a computer and yeah, and that, and that's really it. It's, it's just kind of brilliant and I'm looking up the, the new developer real quick, cuz he definitely deserves some credit. You know it's just, it's just this really cool kind of game that you don't expect much from in the beginning, but when you start getting into it, it's just a blast. The guy's name is Douglas Wilson who, who created it. It's kind of nice to see people getting together to play video games now. It's not, it's not, it's not a video game. It's not really a video game, but just any kind of game. For sure. I feel like people used to do that before multi, online multi-player came out. Right. Now not so much, it's kind of cool. It's so, yeah, there's something really cool in, you know, it like mixes the analog with the digital in a real good way. Because, you know, like you have your controller, and it's, it's your own color, and when it's over it says, like, green player wins. Right. Its just, it's funny. You just hook up like a Bluetooth speaker to your computer. Mm-hm. And you've got like an arena. Think about if you were really tall you would have an advantage in the game. No. You could just do that thing. No. And play with the kids where you just hold yourself still. Nope. Cuz hand jumping directions. No. Oh, cuz your whole body- When your body gets pushed. Violent. You kinda have to like, train your hand to be a steadicam. Yeah, yeah. Do you know what I mean? It's so much fun. If you have the means. The hardest thing about it is getting a buttload of Move controllers. They're not cheap. Right. We had six, but it works with up to eight. Think you can buy em for like maybe 25 bucks each. I read that you can use PlayStation controllers, just regular controllers. Yeah, you can use that too but it's way more [CROSSTALK] light. And you also don't, like, the Move controllers can kind of take a beating, like, if they knock out of your hand. Yeah. You don't want a regular PS4 controller just like hit the ground really hard, that's not good. Right, right. Did you guys break anything in the house over the weekend playing this? Just hearts, did you want to hear something funny? What? This is a funny story. I was not going to tell this, but I had to, I had to, I had to do it. The lady we rented this place from was like very, crunchy. Air B and B? No, just regular renting. I forget what the site was called. Stacy took care of the whole thing. Okay. Crunchy, like hippie-ish? Hippie, right, and like, the whole time, she's like, this a green house, it really wasn't a green house. Like a green house is self sufficient. A green house like, filters the bath water and uses it to water the plants, and does stuff like that. She was just like into that ideology. She was kind of like hippy-dippy, like artists, you know, maybe she's retired and she's like picking up painting. Okay She had really weird paintings spread across the house. What do you mean? Well, one painting, she's kind of like **** naked, on a couch. And it's definitely her. She painted herself? She painted herself. So, she, like, must've taken a photo of herself and [LAUGH] painted herself. **** naked. So, we're like, all right, fine. Maybe you don't, like, have that out for people who are renting the place. What was she doing on the couch? Sitting there. She's just kinda, like, lounging? Sitting there with her arms out. Uh-huh. Left nothing to the imagination. How old is she? She's probably like in her forties. Okay. [LAUGH], you're just sizing that up. So far, not seeing a problem. Right, okay. Well here's where it gets a little weird. So then we go into our bedroom, we open up the door and we're like oh this is a nice little spot, and then I get to the sink. And I look up at the sink and I look up and there's a mirror. To the right of the mirror is a real photograph. Upon further inspection, the photograph is of her through like, a, a hallway of doors and it's a like a selfie. But she took a selfie of herself and then you look really close and you're like. Oh, man. She's **** naked. So she was, like, really into, like, this [CROSSTALK] exhibitionist Right. Sort of, you know. Maybe she's a nudist. I, it was something like, there was definitely a weird vibe. Uh-huh. Throughout. But it was artistic, right? I wasn't pornographic or anything like that? It was not pornographic. So you stole the photo. No, it was just very artistic. Okay. So, like you know, the eight of us, we started like seeing her everywhere in the house. We just would discover another photo, and then things took a turn for like the creepiness. Like we found a photo of like nothing but dolls looking at the camera. What? Yeah, and then like a cross above it. Like creepy stuff like that. Stuff that like, maybe, we've seen too many horror movies and we're just like associating that with it. Weird. Yeah. Then we found, like, a really strange, Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party in the back yard, but it was, like, overgrown. Uh-huh. So it was, like, very weedy and decayed and paint-chipped everywhere. Oh. Yeah. It was a lot of stuff like that. And then we found something that I can never un-see. And the description is odd. I took a, I did take a photo but I don't have it with me, just because I don't want to like tip anyone off. You know what I mean? So it was what I can only describe as a bird house. But it was made out of what appeared to be human hair. Wait a minute, how do you even do that? I don't know. Now, now it gets weirder. So that was a thing like on a shelf in a room. Coming out of the bird house was like a steel looking beetle. What? Very creepy, yeah, I know, like you can't make this up. That's so weird, okay? So weird. A beetle coming out of a bird house made of hair. A beetle bigger than the bird house itself. What? And the roof of the, the bird house was like hairy. It looked like gray pubes. It was curly? It was a little curly? You could see the individual strands of hair? Yeah, it was hair, it was How do you put that together, I'm not even mad at that, that's just talented. Yeah, I, we were mad at it, it gave us nightmares [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, how do you fall asleep in that house? We were like, lovely house of death, and then we found like Webster's dictionary in the freezer. What! Yeah. No. Yep. It was inside the refrig, the freezer? Did you open it up to see if there was a compartment inside? Yeah. It wasn't like a fake book. No, it wasn't. It was a real book. There was nothing carved inside. No. What? Real thrill. That's where that goes. [LAUGH] Just tidying up. The, like, the place was so strange. What? It was nice but strange. And Yeah. She knew that people were obviously staying over. I mean [CROSSTALK], I'm sure she had rented it out to other people before. Exactly. There's reviews of this place. She wants people to see this stuff. Here's some more stuff, clothes in all the closets. Okay. So, what do you mean? But like. Other people's clothes. Like when you rent a place, maybe lock those closets, but every closet in every room had, like, clothes, and slip, and just like, it just looked like it was being currently lived in, and we just snuck in for three nights. Oh, that's creepy. Okay? Yeah. What, is, is she like a single woman? Do we know? We don't know the back story. Very nice woman. No photo's of her family or anything? Only interactions we've had with her, very nice woman. And, are you going to write that in the review, you probably should to warn other people. We wrote like a top ten creepy things in the guest book, but like we didn't do it at the end of the signatures, we like found a blank space in the middle,. Oh smart, yeah, yeah. So that they wouldn't think, like, oh, it was clearly the last people that rented it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I don't like that. Yeah, I'm trying to think what, Any, like, mason jars filled with weird liquids or anything like that? There were a bunch of, there were a bunch of, You didn't look in the closets did you? No, but we did because the closets were open. There was one. Half of this trip is just just you snooping through her stuff. She there was, I have, we wrote that there was an overwhelming sense that we were being watched. No there wasn't. There was, because everything had like a label everywhere, and it was like, don't drink in this room. I don't care if you're being careful. Like stuff like that. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's so weird. It was weird. There was, yeah. There was this strange. It was a big house, though, right? It was a three story house. Wow. But it was small because it was like sort of you know, in like a barn style so it wasn't like. Yeah. Weird, but like there was never, never a time like, what was that. It was just always, you know, people may have died here. Yeah, no big deal. It was just, it was just creepy and like, you know, I'm sorry maybe just living the lives we've lived for, you know, being spoiled by like, things like cell phone service. But when you're in a place where there's no service, it gets a little creepy. Oh, you didn't mention that. Yeah, there's no cell phone service there. Oh, the mountains are so creepy. The mountains and, like, you just, and it rained one night hard. And when that thunder happens, like, it cracks and echoes against everything and it sounds like, the gods themselves. [LAUGH]. Are like, you know, crushing mountains. Now you're scaring me. It's intense. Wow, wow. That's awesome. But it was cool, like, but it was strange. Yeah, you pay extra for that kind of stuff. Yeah, you pay extra. You, I hate seeing bugs that appear to be so big that you can see them breathing, you know what I mean? There were bugs in the house? No, there were gnats and stuff in the house, which is unavoidable. Right Cuz, cuz you're like in the middle of nowhere. But, like, when I got there I saw bugs, that, were probably living there before the next renters were coming in. Yeah they came [INAUDIBLE] And like, you know when you see a bug and you're like is that a bat or a bug? Yeah. And it's just so big that the wings are very vivid and detailed and almost veiny. You know what I mean? And like you can almost like maybe it's just my, and I hate. Your face is amazing right now. And I hate bugs so much. Right? Oh I hate bugs, yeah. Clearly. I hate bugs, and this bug was like. Yeah, he's like nodding his head at you. [LAUGH] It was like, top of the morning, you know. Aw, let's get that away. So I had to like poke at it with a broomstick and it just like, flaps away. It was like, I'll be back. You know like. Not to the mention the fake bugs too that were coming out of the bird cage. Right, and that just added insult to injury there. Like bugs that fetish on bugs just like that. Yeah. To have them as decorations in your house is not. That's so creepy. We took Marty. Marty had a great time up there. Yeah. So we, we were like look, if there's like a murder. Oh yeah. Evil. Dogs can see ghosts. Dogs can see ghosts. Everyone knows. Everyone knows that dogs can see ghosts. That's and easy one. And then, there were cows right next to us because there was like a grazing area. It was fenced in. So every, like, the cows were, you know, they knew people were there so. We were kind of messing with the cows a little bit but nothing bad. And they owned, they were owned by a farmer, obviously. But then one day, like, we woke up and I looked outside, and I was like, I'm pretty sure that cow's got out. And it was in our, like, lawn. Just grazing. [LAUGH] What? And it wasn't, like, running away. And we looked and there was like a low point in the fence it had gotten out. The cow jumped over the fence. It didn't jump. [LAUGH]. Raised it's feet. Yeah [LAUGH]. Like higher than he normally would. It wasn't an obstacle. It was just like this is easy. Wow. And it got out and it just started like going near the car. And you're like man, a cow's like a ton. Like what if it just climbed on top of the car? Even bumped up against it, it could. Right. Damage a car. [LAUGH] And I'm just like, we're just trying to like shoo it away. Yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] What do you do? You push that thing over. We were just like trying to do our best moo? Yeah. Ya know? And it worked a little bit. It did? Yeah. And [CROSSTALK]. Well, so, so cows don't go moo. They don't just like, that's like kindergarten ****, [CROSSTALK] they don't go like moo. They do like moo, like that, you know what I mean? [LAUGH] So we did that, and it worked, and the cow's like, that's my, the cow's like, I know that voice. Yeah, I've met him before. You know, Earl? So he, then he went away. Oh man. It's like he went to the forest, out of his grazing, you know fenced in area and I assume a cow lost, a farmer lost a cow in the process. These are the stories you have when you don't have the internet or cell phone service. Yeah, we were like grilling marshmallows, grilling, you know, roasting marshmallows and what not and playing, and playing joust. That's amazing It's kind of, I didn't realize how good of a story maybe it probably was. Yeah. Yeah. Were there creaky floorboards and everything too? No, but the wind was such that it kind of like echoed through the house in a strange way, and it was really weird, so Marty is very explorative, right. He loves, the second he gets to a place, he's like, I'm gone. You'll catch me in 20 minutes. I'm gonna sniff every corner of this place. So he goes upstairs and the door slams closed when he went upstairs. And he's by himself. And the eight of us are on the first floor and Marty is barking like crazy. And it was a big like, nope moment. Yeah. It was almost like we all ran, you know, and we get up and just the door closed from the wind and it was fine. But it was still like oh my god, what demon is eating my dog right now. Oh god, that sounds like every single horror movie. Like I watched The Frighteners over the weekend, and it sounds exactly like that. Like things coming out of the walls and paint dripping. Just like a lot of like. Girls with wet hair. Yeah, yeah yeah. You know and like, black faces. If I were in that house I wouldn't look in any mirrors. We did. Those mirrors are scary. And a, long hallways too I'm imagining, ugh, I hate hallways. Yeah. It was, lotta like, old furnaces, too, like, furnaces that could easily come alive and, and destroy the lives of anyone. No, I'm good. And you don't believe in ghosts though, right? Do you have to repeat that, to yourself? No! Oh no, I'd, I would never, like, wow, this house might kill us. Right. Cuz, you know, but is fun to joke, and it's fun to like, mess with people who are little sensitive about it. It's good. Oh, yeah. A prank city. I just, we used to do it like a lot, and even in the cave, like the cave is not the nicest place you'd wanna be alone. Yeah, it was fun. Oh men. I think that's awesome I got a few voices that I reserved for those moments that were roar and that sort of stuff. Halloween in July it sounds like you had a good weekend. That was my weekend man. Oh, man, it's so creepy. Yeah. Got the goosebumps now. Yeah. You, she should just really advertise it as a place to give you the spooks. I think so. That could be a good thing to get people to stay there. Yeah, cause the way she advertises it is more like, come, country living. Right, right. You don't, yeah. It's more like. Death come scare the **** out of your friends. Death. Yeah. I'm into it. Good story man. All right, cool. Glad I could do that. Oh, crazy. Yeah. All right, do we even have time for any stories now? Yeah, we could do one or two. Let's do it. All right, which one do you wanna talk about? I wanna talk about the, the ban on phones. Yeah. So this happened over the weekend and some people are pissed off, but I don't really mind myself. You may get upset at this. I wanna hear what you think. The TSA over the weekend, they announced some new security measures, specifically with electronic devices. Mm-hm. So a couple months ago, they announced that you can now use your devices. When you take off and land. So they eased up a little bit on that. I think that's the FAA though. Right. Who made that rule. Yeah. But the TSA, they announced over the weekend that cell phones and laptops must be charged and be able to turn on. When you're there. When you go to get it inspected by security. I thought that was always the case. I thought so too, right? But apparently this is news. Powerless devices. Devices that don't have anymore battery juice. They won't be permitted on board because. Apparently Galaxy phones and iPhones, in particular, are of concern because bomb makers of Al Qaeda and a couple other factions have been using these specific devices to, to hide bombs. Boom devices is what the TSA uses. I don't like that but yeah I. Like [CROSSTALK]. Who's bringing the device that isn't po-, powered up on board anyway, right. Maybe, maybe somebody, but, you know, look, if you are and it doesn't power up, like. I guess that kinda is suspicious. Yeah, that is suspicious. Why do you bring a dead phone with you? Yeah, if anything I always make sure to have not in my stuff charged up, but also like an external charger or something. Right, right, like who gets on a plane, oh I forgot to charge everything. Yeah. Never happens. I would be, I would be a little suspective. I've had someone say, look I've brought laptops that were off. Which is understandable. But I've been asked to turn it on. You have? Yeah. Cause I was gonna say that's never happened to me before. They said there would just be random screenings and stuff where they'll ask you to turn it on. But that's never happened to me. I always just put my laptop and my phone in there and it just goes through straight. They never ask me to turn it on. Yeah but I mean my phone's always been on. My laptop is usually off and I've had it happen once. Now I think we're also forgetting an important detail. What happens when they figure out how to put a bomb inside a working phone? Yeah Then what? Which is basically, after this article came out, priority number one. Yeah, like that's the next version of bomb phone. It's like, okay, all we need now is a working screen. Right. Like the screen could just have like a, like why can't someone just, I don't want to say this, but why can't somebody just like gut a laptop, put in a Raspberry Pi and fill the rest with C4, right? What the hell? Yeah, you could do that. It doesn't even have to be an electronic device. It could be something else. But that would show up on the x-ray. What, the bomb inside? Like, I'm right and I'm wrong. Like somebody could make a. Oh yeah. Dummy laptop, but the second you send that through. You'd see like C4 sticks. Like, the clay. Yeah, you'd be like, hmm, you know. Right. Hopefully they're paying attention that much to see. RAM or dynamite? Right. Right. Exactly. We're laughing. You didn't know they made hard drives in that shape anymore. [CROSSTALK] I don't even know. But I guess it makes sense. Don't go on a plane with a dead cell phone. Yeah. That's weird. That's weird! I mean, yeah. I know planes have outlets now and it's not an issue. You know buddy you have four candles tied up inside your laptop, just go, go ahead to the gate. I have a lot of friends that were, like really mad over this and I didn't understand it, cuz it makes more sense than the whole liquids thing, right? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I, I don't get it. What are they saying, your friends? Just, oh you don't think that people will have phones that aren't charged? This makes no sense. Who's gonna back up, you know, back up the security gate and blah, blah, blah. Yeah. It's like, I think they just want something to complain about to be honest. Yeah. You know who's probably gonna back up the security gate a little bit though. I mean, I don't think so man. You don't think so? I mean, just make sure you're phone is ready, you know like. Yeah. Just take two seconds, right? Yeah, I've had, I've had them make me turn on my iPad before. Yeah. It doesn't take that long, you know? You're right Ariel, I don't think it will back up the line. What I do think will continue to back up the line is the seemingly endless amount of dummies that show up at the airport completely unprepared. Like, where's your boarding pass? Oh, I don't know. What do I need that for? Right. It's amazing to me how many times I'm just slapping my forehead while in queue for the, for the check point. And people is just like fumbling. Like they will literal have 20 minutes,. Mm-hm. In que, zig zaging. And someone shouting the whole time telling you what to do, and they're still not ready. Yeah, he is like have your licenses, have your and the person is like, aw, I left it in my car. Yeah, what pisses me off is that there is always that one guy who has to, who refuses to get scanned in that body scanner. Right. And he has to have a separate person. And he takes up, you know, the attention of one of those security workers. Sure. Who could otherwise be helping people though. Right. To scan him physically, and he doesn't have anything to hide otherwise he wouldn't concede to that. He doesn't have anything to hide. He's just doing it out of principle. Right, right. Because he refuses to be scanned naked, I guess. Right, like he's throwing the brick through the man's office. Yeah, and that frustrates me so much. It's like man, you're holding up the rest of the line. Right, yeah. And we all agree on this. Just do it, you know? Right Like no one will disagree that the TSA is like mostly useless, but like we just have to do it. Yeah. We just have to do it right now. Right. Right. So, just power up your devices. That's all, and make sure that everything is charged before you leave. Or bring the charger with you. Yeah. Yeah. God. Leave. Yeah. We're normally the first to complain about stuff like this. We are. Which is leading me to want to pursue doing that TSA certified thing. What do you mean. You know you can pay money. Oh, yeah. You can do this like TSA certified check thing. Or whatever it's called. You know when you get to the line it's like TSA certified to the left. All you other idiots to the right. I haven't even seen that line. Yeah, you can bypass all that ****. Like a Fast Pass? Yeah, there's like an easy pass. Yeah, it's like a subscription thing, right? Yeah, or yeah, Mark and Mark and Sally, are both members of it. They, it's like an interview. They like inter, they call you up and they're like are you evil, and you're like no I'm not. Before you get to the airport. Yeah, this is like, it's an EZ Pass for the. You get like a background check, I'm sure. Uh-huh. And it costs 100 bucks or something. To make sure you're not a terrorist? Yeah, and that you haven't been radicalized within the last you know, couple of years. Right. And you just go, you go through. Holy ****. And it's always way shorter than the regular line? It's like empty. It's always empty. Mm-hm. Why aren't more people? You skip right through. Christine has it cuz she travels a lot for work. So, the work pays for it. What? And she just goes right through. Yeah. She leaves her, the house like 45 minutes before her flight's about to take off. And you're still scan your stuff right? And you still have to put your things in. Yeah, yeah but it's a separate line. Yeah, it's like your own personal x-ray machine. And you have to renew it every year. I don't know. Yeah I don't know, got to look it up. Go ask Mark, I'm going to do it before CES. It depends how much you travel but. If it's under 100 bucks I would totally do it. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Wow, that's genius I had no idea. They don't really advertise that. Yeah, well. It's worth it. Where does that money go though? I don't know, like more scanners or something. Yeah. That's, wow, that's awesome. Pretty cool, pretty cool. Okay. All right, we're running kind of late. Is that where we're gonna end it? Yeah, let's end it there, we'll leave the rest of the stories for tomorrow. Okay. Some of them are pretty good. And plus I wanna talk, I wanna read an email from, we have an 81 year old listener. Yeah, I read that, this one's cool, I love this guy. All right, should we do it now, or? Yeah, let's do it now. Hey, Jeff, Justin, he spelled your name J-U-S-T-A-N, that's fine. That's okay, I was- Spelled Ariel's name like the type face. [LAUGH] nice. I watch your podcast every day, you're the man Tony, you guys are really down to earth. I am 81 years old and I love the new technology available now. I have an iPad, an iPad mini, a Nexus 7, a Galaxy Tab 38.0. A galaxy tab pro 12in, what is that. 12 inch. Oh, okay. 2 kindle fire HDX's. Why do you have two for. Yeah, you got a problem Tony. Tony, I think we're Send me that iPad. I think we are gaining a lot of debt here. No, he's got a Lenovo desktop computer, a Sony Vaio laptop, two regular kindles, and I know how to use them all. So, all us old geezers are not dinosaurs. Keep up the good work, and Jeff, go easy on Justin. Yeah. Did I go hard on you? Go easy on me. Am I hard on you? I don't know what he's talking about, but thank you Tony. Tony from LBC, dude, that's amazing Tony, you're the man. Tell all your friends about the show. I want a solid senior citizen line up. I love that he's from Long Beach, too, that's neighbors to Huntington, where I'm from. So, give Orange County a hug for me, Tony. I love you, Tony. You are the man. Thank you for writing in. Very cool stuff. We'll get to all these undiscussed stories tomorrow. Shoot us an email, the404@cnet.com. You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. We're back here with a brand new show tomorrow. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 show. High tech, low brow. Have an awesome Monday. See you soon. [MUSIC]

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