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The 404: The 404 1,508: Where the Amazon Fire phone puts a shopping mall in your head

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The 404: The 404 1,508: Where the Amazon Fire phone puts a shopping mall in your head

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Today's 404 episode is all about the new Amazon Fire, a smartphone with shopping-centric features that can scan and recognize 100 million objects using four cameras - even in the dark.

It's Wednesday, June 18, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez and, from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to, The 404. [MUSIC] What's up everyone. Welcome to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. So here is the deal today. It's an interesting kind of show. We're recording a little later in the day than we normally do. Mm-hm. Because today Amazon had an event, it was in Seattle? Yes. It was in Seattle. Dreary, cloudy, over cast Seattle. It didn't matter cuz the, chill was inside. You didn't have to see any of that. Exactly. And guess what. Jeff Bezos announced that they've gone an made a smartphone. So I know it's a shock. The shocker of the century it all leaked out basically. Mm-hm. Pretty much every detail, including my drunk friends of, history checked out. That was true. For the most part. He no longer has a job. He got fired. But we're here, we're still gonna sum up, our take on the Amazon, fire phone announcement that happened today, so that's all we're gonna cover today, if you don't care about this phone, well then turn off the podcast, cuz it doesn't matter. No no no, don't say that, [LAUGH] it's a good- . [CROSSTALK] Look I'm just laying it out there, I'm being honest at the top of the show. It's an interesting phone, even if, you're maybe not shopping for one right now. If you have AT&T, maybe check out the show, cuz, you might wanna get it later on. Right, and, and I'm glad you brought up AT&T cuz that's like the top level information. So real quick July 25th, $300 for the 64 gig. $200 for the 32 gig. You get a year of Amazon Prime for free when you get the phone. Yeah. But guess what? It only works with AT&T. And you have to use it. [UNKNOWN] Awesome. And that's a, that's a philosophy that worked out really well for the iPhone. Why, they should do that, right? They should choose one carrier, that most of the planet hate. [LAUGH] Okay, before we get into that stuff. Yeah. Let's show the phone. This is what it looks like. Here it is. It's really not that exciting Oh. From from just a physical perspective. Right. Right. It's got a 4.7 inch display so, It's funny, when we were talking about rumors a couple weeks ago about the iPhone 6, a lot of people think the next iPhone is gonna be 4.7 inches. And that's exactly what this one is. So it's got Gorilla Glass with a rubber frame all around it. So they're, sort of saying, it's really durable. That's kinda cool, I like that. See the other specs. It's got a Gorilla Glass on both sides. Yeah, yeah. So it's got a, glass frame all around. Is that safe glass? No, no. It's got--it's a rubber frame. Right, and then glass for the front and rear- Right. --panel? Exactly. Okay. So you, and I don't understand. That's what the iPhone has, the glass on both sides. Mm-hm. Or the old one did, at least. But not Gorilla Glass. I don't think. I mean, ooga booga, I mean, what do you, like, come on. Like, I don't get it, right? Mm-hm. Mm-hm. What else? I mean, from a specs perspective it's not that great. I think it's really similar to the Moto X. Right, so, specs wise you're talking about a quad core 2.2 giga hertz processor and. Mm-hm. Adreno 330 graphics processor and 2 giga bytes of RAM. That's high end. Mid-range. It's mid-range. No. What's higher than that? Not a lot of stuff. The Moto X came out and it has the same specs. According to CNET that's mid-range. Okay. Not amazing. But, it doesn't matter cuz the features that you really care about. Just all operate on, on that platform so. So, the thing I was really curious about is. We were speculating yesterday about what kind of operating system it'll come with. And it's not, an Android, the system. Right, they don't really talk about it too much. But, it was my impression that they kind of built it themselves. So that's something I'm not 100% clear on just yet. Mm-hm. I don't know. I gue, I guess it's Androidish, but it's, their own version of it. Yeah, they didn't say Android. They didn't say the word Android once at all. Mm-hm. But like, I mean, you look at these pictures and it looks like it. That resembles Android more than it doesn't, right? Yeah. Am I right? Yeah. So, we're looking at the screen and sort of, taking a tour of the hardware right now. It's got, actual buttons to launch the camera app, as well as a few other apps. I think it's a universal button cuz they kept showing. That same thing being used to launch multiple applications. Right. But it's kinda nice. It's gonna have a 13 megapixel rear camera, so that's better than what I have so far on my iPhone 4. Okay. All right, let's get to the exciting. [CROSSTALK] Right, right, okay. So, let, so like the big thing here was that. You know, they're introducing this technology called Firefly. Yes. This is pretty cool. Firefly is, basically, a visual recognition technology that can, understand and see objects, QR codes, bar codes, email addresses. Songs, books. Mm-hm. URLs, TV episodes, phone numbers, songs, movies- [CROSSTALK] Like, Shazam for everything. Everything. So it sniffs it out. It can hear stuff. It can see stuff. And, basically will, you know, tell you what you're looking at, what you're hearing, and then offer a way for you to buy in on Amazon. Yeah. So, that seems like a cool feature on paper, but what, like the first thing I thought of when I heard of that was like, all right, I'm never, when would I ever need to use that? When would I ever be in a store, where I'm like okay, I don't know what this is. Mm-hm. Let me find out what it is by taking a photo of it. Oh, it's a mangosteen. Oh, it's a, right? And then not only that. And then, I need to remember that to go buy it later. Maybe. It's a weird kind of work usage. Yeah, I think, for times where you're in You know, a retail store. And you're wondering whether or not you can get this item cheaper online. Maybe it's not for recognizing things, but you can automatically just pull it up without having to type in, the exact bar code. Cool. And there is, there is that stuff already. I mean, you can get an app that will take a photo of a bar code. Yeah, the amazon app did that before the phone came out. I though it was really funny that when the AT&T. CEO came out, after Jeff Bezos was done. He described the phone as compulsive, and to me that, perfectly sort of encapsulates what the phone is, because it's all about shopping. Right, they make the process so painful. Yeah. Painfully easy. Yeah. And painless, rather. You can get anything you want. Yeah, before you know it you can spend. You can buy anything. Which is cool, and they say it works with, over ten million items. 100 million. Really, 100 million? Wow. So it's not just, those aren't things in the store that you can buy, because it recognizes anything. Yeah, it's just- I don't even know how they would go about developing something like that. But I think Google, Goggles tried to do that a couple years ago. Right. [CROSSTALK] Didn't really work that well. They were doing stuff with image recognition and, face recognition, stuff like that. Mm-hm. Like you would take a photo of a box of cereal, and it would be like, oh, you've got, you know. Fruity Pebbles. God you're right. I was, gasping at ten million. But 100 million. 100 million. Ridiculous. Yeah, it seems, silly but it's. And then it keeps a history of everything that you've scanned, so you can remember, a lot like Shazam, which it also does, too. Right. But separately. I mean, my whole general, Perception of this phone is that, you know, there's a lot of cool things on paper and, what, what really is obviously a shopping-centric phone. Mm-hm. But it, but there's a lot of things in it that seem to be a little antiquated. For me, like this, shopping thing where, I'm, I'm never complaining about, man I wish I could skip a step in this process. Mm-hm. I'm never like man, I need to. Because I feel like anything I wanna buy, it doesn't necessarily comes from a physical object. Right. It comes from like. My head, or something I saw on TV, or something that, my friend has, or something like that. I guess it's something that a friend has, I just take a photo and sort of more it into the Firefly. Right. We are just trying to come with a practical, cases where I would use such a, functionality. Do you remember, I think It was last month, we talk about an Amazon product that has just come up that's call the Dash. And it was basically a wand. A separate wand. Yeah. That you could use, exactly in the same way. Except it didn't have a phone attached to it. Right, a microphone it it, or something like that? You could scan things. I don't know if that had a microphone. But it definitely, it was basically a glorified bar code scanner. I got it. And you bring it to the grocery store, and it would, build a shopping cart based on things you've scanned. Right. This is really similar to that. I'm surprised we didn't, predict it at the time, that this would come into a phone. [INAUDIBLE]. But I don't really see. I don't really see how I would use it either, and that doesn't necessarily mean that the, that the phone is flawed it just means that we haven't figured out a use case for it yet. But that's what's really cool about this this phone is that they've opened up the SDK. Right. Which I think that's really. Creative of them, generous almost. They were talking about a few different apps that are being developed right now, like there was a wine app, I forget, what it was called. The Vino. Vino! Yes! There already is, that's already out. Oh, they have that already? It just doesn't work with the phone? Yeah, so like, yeah, everyone's wife uses it. Okay. What? Because you know, everyone's wife drinks another wine. Okay. [LAUGH] In my experience. Yeah [LAUGH]. All right? I think you're sorta projecting here. No. I think that's like. [CROSSTALK] It's a generalization, but everyone's wife is a wine drinker. Really? Ariel [INAUDIBLE]. Sorry, can't back you up. [CROSSTALK] Stacey [UNKNOWN] is fond of the drink. [LAUGH]. But dude like the second she whipped out her Vino thing. Every wo, woman in the restaurant was like [UNKNOWN] and I just, was like, I'll have it. Was that, were you imitating a woman by going [UNKNOWN]? [LAUGH]. Is that like a bird noise? Give out your twitter handle, again. Honestly, I'll pick any kind of attention. Jesus Christ. @jeffbakalar, you can reach me. [LAUGH]. Tino. Yeah, that was actually the software that, that the sort of demo. And you can scan, a bottle of wine and it will tell you what kind of flavor is. Right, is basically a wine sort of network. Right. That's such a great thing about that. So, you take a picture of the. Front of the, the label on the wine bottle. Right. She doesn't drink wine, what does she drink? Mm-hm. No? I don't know, water? [LAUGH]. We don't drink wine in our house. I mean, we have some bottles of wine but we don't. Lucky you. we don't drink a lot of alcohol. I mean, that's, it's like insane how much wine, she goes through. Anyway. You're good. Yeah. So you take a photo of the, the label. Right. And you know, it's like, you get to rate it, and they tell you like, what, the best year was for it. Oh, okay. It's basically a big middle finger to that obnoxious sommelier in the, in the restaurant that tells you all about the wines. Right. That guys that is hired only to describe the wines. Oh. The som. Is that what they're called. Yeah. A sommelier. Yeah, the sommelier. The guy that pours the wine for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then, what is with the whole give you a sip of it? Right, right. And that and like what if you don't like it. You just say like. Bring it back, you like smash it. [UNKNOWN], [LAUGH]. Anyways, I wanna do that so bad. Would you do that? I've never seen anyone do it or known of anyone doing it. So, that's Vino. And then there's other things that the demo do is one call MyFitnessPal. Mm-hm. That, I guess that scans the food that you pointed at. Right. You sit down for a meal, and you are not sure whether or not you should eat it. Hm. It's pretty easy. If it's fried, if there's like a lot of sauce. Yeah. Heavy sauce with it, it's probably not good for you. Don't eat that. You know what they should have done? You know those like Kickstarter projects that are, you know, they're like examining the molecular makeup of stuff. Right. They'll tell you what anything is. Right. Like, that's. The jump I wanna do. Yeah. Like I wanna point my phone at, something that's completely unmarked. Mm-hm. And like have my phone tell me, the freshness. Yeah. The quality, the born on date and, a link to get it on Prime. Yeah. That's a phone I would buy. I'm assuming that's gonna happen, pretty soon. Mm-hm. Yeah. Or maybe if you're. I don't know. Walking, toward somebody and they're wearing a shirt that you like, you could scan their shirt [LAUGH] without making it super awkward by asking where they got it from. And, are we like ready to just, I mean, I know we kinda do this already but are, are we ready to just start looking at the world through- [CROSSTALK] Yeah, everything's. Our cell phone camera? Yeah. Or like just, constantly looking through the world on our camera phone, and just being like, oh, what are you? What can I buy that you're a part of. Right. Eh. Google Glass. That's, those two are eventually gonna come together. Well, Google Glass didn't catch on, yet. Not yet. All right. So let's Firefly. I think Firefly's really cool. It's a cool, it's, it's amazing technology. You gotta give them that. [CROSSTALK] And if they'd outsource it, maybe to, other Android phones or iOS. That's not gonna happen. One day. Not gonna happen. That would be amazing. Dude they just came out with a phone. [LAUGH] Yeah, there's no way. An exclusive phone with that on it. Yeah. There's no way you're getting this unless you buy a Fire Phone. And I hate that name, Fire Phone. You don't like that? I mean, I get, it was kind of like a no brainer. Right. I just think the alliteration sucks. Alright, Let's talk about the 3D element because this is. Yeah. Something that, I'm the most. Confused about having not seen it, in person. Right. And they also did live stream- But I, I did see a version of it being done. Yeah. Yeah. I'm, and I'll try and like, look it up while, you introduce it. Okay, so, it's technically not 3-D, in a way that, you would see at a movie theater. They call it. Dynamic perspective, which is sort of another way of saying that, when you tilt the phone, it sort of shows you, a three dimensional view of whatever you're looking at, whether that's a picture or they also demoed maps. Interface where. Right. When you tilt the phone, and your looking at say the Empire State building, well it will show you the perspective of like an aerial perspective. Which is kind of cool. Right, the effect of the 3D goes into the phone. Mm-hm. [CROSSTALK] It's not like a pop out- Right, right, it doesn't pop out or anything like that. The effect is exclusively. it, like, goes deep inside of it is the best that I can describe it. Right. But it's really responsive like and, and I'm trying to find the, the bit of video where I did see it working. Mm-hm. And you can see the effect on, a video, on, on a 2D video online. Mm-hm. So I encourage everyone to go check that out. Maybe there's something on CNET. I'll keep looking. But. It's pretty impressive. Yeah. That, it work seems to work really well, and, you know, I would imagine there's a lot more, development that goes into a 3D piece of content. Mm-hm. Which, you know, would make things a little more cumbersome. Right. And battery intensive. We'll see if that makes a difference. Yeah, yeah. I'm sure it will. Right. I think they did a great job of explaining the technology behind, dynamic perspective as well. It uses four, cameras on the front. Mm-hm. That's not even including the one on the rear. Yeah. Four cameras just on the front that are constantly tracking your head movements. And so, it knows when you're looking at the phone, sort of at an off, angle and it'll just display the 3D. As a result. Right. Which is cool. And it also does that in the dark too. What I thought was really funny is Jeff was talking about how they really only needed two cameras to track your head. Mm-hm. But they figured what the hell, throw in four just in case your stupid hand covers one of the images. And that's what it really was. [LAUGH]. Think about it when you're using the phone, odds are that you'd be covering one of those two vital cameras. Yeah. So I think it sounds kind of boneheady, but, yeah, you do need that kind of coverage. If your bear paw gets in the way. How big are people's hands when they're using this phone? Dude, when you hold the phone, you're gonna cover one of those corner cameras. I guess so, yeah. So each one has this. 72 degree, viewing angle, right? 120 degrees. I'm sorry. So they said most cameras have 72- [CROSSTALK] Most cameras have 72. This one has 120. Right. You know, those combined, four together, to give you a complete 360. Correct. Which I think is cool. Another thing is there is infra-red lights in each one so it can track you in the dark and they. Pulled up some pretty terrifying images, of how well it can see you. Right. In low light. So, that's pretty terrifying. It's constantly looking at your head too so, you'll now get basically a shopping mall inside your brain. Right. That's essentially what they're doing. Beaming a shopping mall- [CROSSTALK] 3D directly into your cortex. 3D directly into your cortex Which, you know, I've been clamoring for a while. What else about the phone. The 3-D stuff is kind of cool. I think. It's tough to really put into words how it does work. But, it's all, but, like you said, it's all about head tracking, and. And movement tracking. And, and movement and also the, the distance between your head and the phone. Yeah. It's a major issue. They, they call that the Z axis, right? The Z axis. There's a lot of axis-es-es. So scary. Involved in all that. So here's some other features about the phone, in case you wanna get to the nitty gritty about it. Hm. It's got steel connectors, so that there's no, like, wiggle room. I don't know if, I've never experienced stuff like that. But, the screen is, is 4.7 inches, IPS LCD. Mm-hm. It, they claim that it has greater outdoor viewing, capabilities,. Oh, right, right. Which seems to be an issue for phones in the sunlight. They have been bragging about the photo quality,. Oh, mm-hm. Of images you can take with it. They had it side by side with like a darker environment. Galaxy S5. Yeah. And an iPhone. Mm-hm. And of course, magically the fire took a brilliantly clear photo. Right. Apparently they're gonna let the shutter open for that much longer to absorb, low light situations. They're gonna, it's gonna have a one button photo, I like that, I don't understand why more. Phones don't have that. Mm-hm. They're bragging about their dual stereo speakers. People are saying, Yeah, that's cool. These speakers on the Amazon Fire. Mm-hm. Kindle Fire, are amazing. Me personally, I think, if you're playing music off a phone, you're, you're a little wacky. But, these, supposedly sound good. Tangle free ear buds, right, so like, I don't know how they did it, but they look like they have a flat ribbon wire there in the package. Fettucine style, that's not new. We- Has anyone ever used that? I do in my [CROSSTALK] other headphones that also have the same thing. Excellent. And It's kind of a smart idea and it works for the ones that I've tested. Yeah I haven't looked at the Amazon- It's all about that pasta influence. Yeah. All right. And then they're also magnetized, you could stick the ear buds together which also prevents them from getting. Tangled, that's not cool. Yes, that's not cool. They claim that the phone is going to be great for people who like watching video. The video will work as a second screen for movies and TV shows that I assume you would play with, that can be sent out with Firefly or if you're using your Fire TV. Fire TV. Right. [CROSSTALK] You flick it from you phone to the TV. There you have it. They're gonna have Netflix, HBO, ESPN, YouTube, Showtime, more apps out of the box. That's cool. That's pretty cool. Then we have something called asap which is predictive, caching and other features that will sort of like. Get and idea of what you do at what time of day to make things appear more interesting. Mm-hm. Amazon music is bundle in there, kindle news fan is bundle in there. There is a dedicated MayDay button which will open up the MayDay service that's open 24/7, 365 and get a real life person, in 16 second, or less. Yeah, that's pretty cool, that's. Fire, tablet Yes. So, when you call this person, they can't see you, but you can see them, so a tiny little image, a video image of their face will pop up in your corner and they'll basically guide you through. Whatever you need in the troubleshooting. Right. [CROSSTALK] Looking nice and they can also like, hit buttons for you and access things on your phone, just like a remote desktop would be on your computer. That's kinda scaring me. This would be the fun I'd buying my parents though. Right, so you could just bypass that altogether. Just be like, I'm not gonna get a call from them anymore, all they got to do is annoy this MayDay person. Yeah. Let them deal with mom and dad. This is what I thought was the best though, with the phone, you get unlimited storage for your photos, through the Amazon Cloud. Sounded great. So, it'll back up, I assume, all of your pictures, and I also assume Amazon will take a look at all those photos and decide, what they want to sell you, based on. Things that you're running low on, or you've worn that shirt three times this week, maybe it's time to go shopping again. I'm telling you, there's, they're gonna do something with that. That is not just, [CROSSTALK] charity work. Yeah, you're, you're the product. There's something that's going to be happening. Mm-hm. that. You know, whether or not it takes advantage of you, is another story. But, yeah. You know, when they announced the pricing, Brian Bennet, I'm sorry, Brian Tong on the, live stream for CNet was also talking about sort of like predicting. He was predicting the price. He thought it was gonna be $99 and I was a little bit surprised the base price. Just for the 32 gig is $199. Yeah, I'm not surprised by that. I kinda thought that if, you know, you had prime for the last three years maybe they would have cut you a discount because you've already invested in the company so much. You know that is $100 a year. [CROSSTALK] And I mean, if you subsidized prize you'd get- Yeah, and you technically say, you could knock $100 off it cause they. Give you a Prime, account. Even if you already have one, they'll, tack another year on service for you. Which, [CROSSTALK] is pretty great. Which is nice. I mean, that's cool. I mean that's, so that's $99 right there? Yeah. So just, you know, I'm fine with, with. Taking you know, taking that off the, the price. So, yeah, 16 gigs kinda is 99 bucks. Yeah. Still a pretty good deal assuming you need, you can, store all your photos in the Cloud. I think that plus MP3's are probably the biggest. So it's probably would take up the most amount of storage on your phone. Without those, you're good. Right, I mean, all that stuff happens in the Cloud. Yeah, you have to have an internet connection to get it. There you go. What else do we got? MayDay, we talked about that. I thought what was really cool was the cruise control feature they introduced. On to the phone they had on the table, fire. But basically what it does is that, it uses your phone accelerometer. Oh, okay. To track how fast you are reading. Right. And then automatically scroll for you, based on your reading habits. Right, and then we call it. Auto-scroll [LAUGH]. Right. Everybody loved there, right. Makes sense. But, yeah, there's a, there's lot of cool stuff with the accelerometer, they're gonna kind of use it for like, navigating the store, the Amazon store. Yeah. There's gonna be stuff with that. I'm not a huge fan of doing. You know, gesture based, or tilted based navigation. Never super [INAUDIBLE]. I'm happy my thumbs work. Yeah. So I'm gonna, trying to use it as much as I can. You can try to turn off the effect by just holding the thumb down on the screen. Mm-hm. So that's cool. but, yeah, that is, basically, the long and shortened. Yeah, I think that should cover it. So, what do you is this something you considered. I mean. The price, I think the price is competitive, especially with the unlimited storage. Yeah. Especially the year of Prime, which is, that's $100 value but. As far as I'm concerned. I mean it is. You're gonna end up spending more, probably. Because of, of all the things that you'll be exposed to now. Well not necessarily, you get the Amazon. So its sort of a freakonomics thing going on there. The Amazon music is built into Prime. Yeah. The, streaming video is built into Prime, you don't have to buy anything. Right. Once you get this phone. Right, Yeah, yeah, you won't turn off Firefly. Sorry, like, I've, I haven't bought a lot of stuff on my phone. Have you? I've bought stuff on my phone, but nothing that I would not have bought had my phone not been in my pocket. You know what I mean? It was just stuff I needed to get and my phone was there. There you go. There you go. The app never really, influences my purchasing. If anything this is the phone that might increase, or make that experience that much better. Mm-hm. I'm, totally willing to buy stuff through my phone. Yeah. You know, and, and I think this might. Ease in people to buy apps. Mm-hm. More frequently, because I, I feel like Android people are not as willing to buy apps as much as iOS people are. Right. Because this, I know it's not, strictly Android, but it's like this Amazonian, Amazonian. Mm-hm. Android facelift thing, maybe that's what it'll lead to. Yeah, I also wanna see the 3D in person, and I'm curious to know if people will latch on to it, or they'll throw it away like a gimmick, the same way they did when Parallax came out on the iPhone, remember that? Yeah, this makes Parallax look like. Yeah, and that was, so Parallax is Apple's 3D thing. Right. That they have on their iPhone, and that's literally just taking the icons on your desktop and popping them out a little bit and making them move along with your hand. Right, so- [CROSSTALK] But. That was head tracking. Yeah, people were getting nauseous looking at that, and they turned it off. If, the Amazon phone is what we think and it's way more pervasive in your, daily usage, we're gonna see people puking on the street for sure using this one. [LAUGH] I don't think we will. I don't think we're gonna just walk down the street seeing people just like oh, I got my new phone bleeh. It's just not gonna happen. That Gorilla Glass is gonna really get tested. It really will. It's, it's antibacterial, isn't it? Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. So, parallax only worked with the accelerometer. Right. This works with your head tracking. Yeah. The effect is way more pronounced. Mm-hm. I, I'm so pissed I can't find the video of it working, but when you. See it. Yeah. Even through the even through a video. It's kind, it's, there's a wow factor there, for sure. It's cool to use. There's like a wow, it's like a wow moment. I feel like it looked good when, the guy's head wasn't moving, but what's gonna happen when you're walking around and using their phone at the same time? Head tracking. It's fine. It's. It's gonna work! It's gonna be weird! Yeah, yeah. I want to test it out myself. Yeah. I'm not hitting on it yet. Yeah. I'm not detracting from it, so I want to see it in person, and I am sure other people will too. And just to play the opposite side of that, you know, I think its a really cool technology, but that's where it ends. Like where the hell, why does that matter? Yeah. Like think about, and all of this, I know the camera's are only activate when they need to. But you, you, cannot stand there, and tell me this thing is gonna have great battery life. Mm-hm. Didn't, didn't mention anything. didn't, didn't mention and like come on, that thing went on for like 90 minutes. Mm-hm. You're not mentioning battery life, well, you're not proud of it. Yeah. If you're not bringing that up, even in the least. Right. Something's suspect about it, there's some fishy element. Mm-hm. To your battery life. Yeah, and if you're pulling things down from the Cloud, you're constantly backing up your photos that you take,. I mean, every phone does that. Yeah. But there's something. Right, you're with me, right. Yeah. There's got to be something that they're not, super-psyched on. And it's a pretty small phone, too, it looked really thin, so I have no idea. Who knows, maybe that's why the RAM is so low. Cuz everything else just relies on battery life. But RAM isn't that bad, two gigs of RAM isn't bad, man, there's only a few phones that have three. Yeah, I kind of just wanted, them to push it. I don't know. I was, I was expecting a little bit more from the hardware side of it. It seems like they're. I feel- Are concentrating more on what, to me, seems like gimmicks at first. Even the, most powerful phone available right now, as far as I understand. Yeah. Is only a quad core 2.5. And this is 2.2. Nothing. I want ten. I want ten gigahertz. You want an octachord? I want 500 chords. [LAUGH] Yeah. I want to push it, man. You want this phone to literally burn a hole in your pocket. I get the feeling that Tim Cook was watching this, live stream, and he was just laughing, 'cuz who knows what's gonna happen with the iPhone 6. Obviously, people are gonna wait for that. Especially if they're already on AT&T, before they make a shopping decisions. So, that's gonna make a big difference. Breaking into the smartph, well, okay. I'm with you on that. And I wanna circle back with that, too. Yeah, version one? What? People are, you think people are gonna buy version one? Yeah, they will, because Amazon is a brand now. Yeah. Amazon is, it's not an Apple. But it's a mega powerful brand. It's a mover. And it's on the first hardware they've introduced. Right, it's a mover, and they've proven themselves. Hm. Like, the things they make. Are really good and reliable. Yeah. It's really tough to break into the, the mobile market. Mm-hm, mm-hm. It's, borderline impossible. And, look, but you gotta go in with something ballsy, and that's what this is. Something that separates it from the pack. You know? It's got this 3D effect that seems kinda cool. But what exactly am I gonna use it for, besides a really awesome. Lock screen, I guess this is going to be a few games that take advantage of it. Yeah. That I might be into. [CROSSTALK] The 3D effect, it, I'm telling you right now, I haven't seen it in person, but I can, I can visualize and understand after seeing that video what it is and it's gonna be better than 3DS and it's gonna be better than Parallax. Yeah. So, you know, if 3D is your thing? You, you might be pretty psyched about this. Yeah, it's gonna be, either one of those things where people don't realize they, need it until they see it, or they just won't use it all. There's not gonna be people that just switch it on 3D just to doing some shopping and then don't do it for anything else. Right. It's got, like that effect needs to be. Woven into the experience. Yeah. In a way that it doesn't come off as stupid. Right, right, right. Did they mention anything about, the app store, at all? I think they did, but. Cuz I don't really remember. They did, they touched on it. But, again, don't forget, this is a phone that doesn't have access to a universal store like an app store. Right. Or a Google Play store. Right, that's what I'm curious- But they do have a lot of apps, like, Amazon does have a lot of apps. Mm-hm. in their app store for, which is also for Android. [LAUGH] They have, like, a weird. it's like a weird vertical, that runs parallel to the Google Play store. All right, I think that's enough on one phone. Would you agree, sir? Sure. Let us know what you think about the new Amazon Fire Phone. Shoot us an email. The 404 at cnet.com. Or. Feel free to twit us @the404 or call one of us at Twitter as well. That is gonna do for us, we'll back here tomorrow with a brand new show. Thank you, for checking us back here later on the day. And that's gonna do for us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. And, we'll see you tomorrow, where we probably won't, ever mention the Fire Phone again. Hm. Yeah. A couple months, probably. I think we're, I think we're, like, good until it comes out. Yeah. Again, it's July 25th is when it comes out. $300 for the 64 gigabyte. $200 for the 32 gigabyte. You get a year of Amazon Prime for free. And it only works on AT&T. We're done. We'll see you tomorrow. This has been the 404 show. High tech, low brow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Ariel Nunez. Have a fantastic Wednesday ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you tomorrow. [MUSIC]

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