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The 404: The 404 1,507: Where we don't forget to breathe

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The 404: The 404 1,507: Where we don't forget to breathe

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Discussing a word that's fallen out of the Microsoft lexicon: "Kinect," 250 new emojis including a middle finger might be coming to your phone, predicting tomorrow's Amazon announcement, and calling B.S. on a new kind wearable technology.

It's Tuesday June 17th, 2014. I'm Ariel Nunez, and from our CBS studios in New York City, welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] What's up everyone welcome to the 404 show I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. How's everyone doing today? Mm-hm [LAUGH]. Yeah [LAUGH]. We, I missed the pre-show cuz the pre-show would be kind of cathartic for me. I would have a whole group of people. They would have no choice but to listen to whatever I had to complain about. And now, we don't have that anymore. There was a time when, before we, you know, used to do the show live and before that almost sometimes an hour before. Yeah, yeah. Just streaming. Right. It's crazy. There was like a hundred people in there just talking to us. Just chatting, just shooting it, and we, you know, but what we just talked about before would never, would never air there. That would be the part where my mic would off, mute the stream. Right. I'd be like, whoops. Yeah. This is not it. The transitions, though, are always super professional. It's always like, hey, I killed a guy last night. All right, let's start. I mean, we'll just go straight into the show like nothing ever happened. That's professionalism. Yeah, for Sure. At it's, at it's peak for sure. But that, you know, we're a professional show, right? Yeah. I'd like think of us as such a thing. So we're going to be professionals today, and we're going to deliver the news in the best way we can. And I'm excited because what we're starting to do is, we're starting to give our intern Justin some power. And power is a dangerous thing, okay? A lot of responsibility comes with a lot of power, does it not? Certainly does. Justin's gonna start possibly pitching some story ideas, creating the 404 rundown, you know, he's been sitting in our shows for a couple of weeks now, so he kind of knows what we, what it is we do here, he's just nodding, and is going to be like yep, that's exactly what's happening. So I think one or two of these stories are, are from him. Yeah. And we thank him for that. What else is going on? I want to thank everyone who wrote in yesterday and early this morning for the Hardline beta codes. We blasted through that real quick. Mm-hm. I was impressed. A lot of people wanna play Hardline. Trying to get some more to give away. But thanks for tu, for writing in about that. And what else? I think that's it. What can we look forward to today? yeah, so, like you said, Jeff, we're gonna be getting some stories here from Justin. And this one came from you mentioned this one yesterday and we didn't have time to talk about it. But, I thought this was a great story. We're gonna talk about the Xbox Kinect cause that just hasn't had enough promotion lately. No one's been talking about the Kinect, not even Microsoft. So we're going to do that, and then we'll talk about a finally moment. You're going to get new update to your emojis Maybe. Maybe. We'll tell you what the catch is. And then we'll talk about Match.com. And there's a story about Match.com revealing a new premium service. It's pretty expensive. It costs $5000. So, you gotta wonder what that does. And we'll tell you what you're spending your money on. And then, we'll finish up with maybe a little bit about what we can expect from Amazon tomorrow. As well as a profile on a new type of wearable technology that tracks your breathing and whether or not that's a good idea. Okay. Still up in the air This is a chalk, story is chalked full of internet goodness. Yeah. So, Justin pointed this one out to my yesterday, actually I hadn't heard this before but he mentioned this story about a commercial for the Microsoft Xbox and it featured Aaron Paul. So, if you don't know who that actor is, he was Jesse from Breaking Bad and kind of a big actor. Funny there's a clip of him on the internet where he was on the Price is Right. Yeah. Have you seen that? Yeah, yeah he's done like small commercials and things. He just looks like an extra from a movie Encino Man. Yeah, yeah very '90s. Very weird. so, Aaron Paul, he's got a new commercial out for the Xbox and it sort of talks about him taking a break from his acting career to sit down and play games, and during the commercial he demonstrates a bunch of the features, including voice commands, so he didn't know you could turn on the Xbox using voice commands, right? Right. And the Kinect is always on, so you don't, it's not like you need to prompt it by saying like, okay, Xbox. Well, yeah, you do. Do something. You do? You have to say Xbox. Oh, okay, yeah, that's, it's pretty simple. Right. So, it's always listening, so you can sort of command that anytime you want. Sure. He opens up Titan Fall, and he also records the live game play, which is a new feature. But unfortunately, a lot of Xbox One customers that have the console in front of the television, they're reporting that sound of Aaron Paul in the commercial is actually activating game play commands. It is. So he's saying things like Xbox, turn on and record, and it will start doing that inside people's homes. Which is something I'm not sure they ever expected, but it's probably good to know that the card wear works. Were they not anticipating that? Yeah, right? Maybe they, even they weren't expecting it to work. It's it pisses me off because they, this happened before with when, when they made that big push during the South Park black Friday trilogy. Uh-huh. So Microsoft was sponsoring that whole thing and they kept running ads. And it would activate the Xbox during the Trilogy of South Park episodes. Uh-huh. [LAUGH]. And I, and I just didn't understand like, what their thinking was behind that. Right. Like all the, the millions of people who already owned an Xbox One are now having to deal with their thing going on auto pilot. Yeah. Dumb question, can you adjust the sensitivity of the microphone? Not to take care of that. No? I mean, like you can't tell it to not hear it sometimes. Right. You can disconnect it entirely. Yeah, but. But then you'd lose control of the voice commands. Right. It just, it just kinda blows my mind. I, I guess it's just one of those things where I go, like, there's no way around it. Right. Maybe there's like a weird silent, you know, alarm they could send out during the commercials that the Xbox will know not to not work. Do you use voice commands a lot on your Xbox? No. I stopped, man. That stuff sucks. Is that more of a kitchy thing, you know, that you only use once in a while. It's a novelty. I, I used to have it hooked up to my cable box. I used it for, like 2 months. I got sick of it. Just not good. Yeah. It's not, you know, I had, there was a lot of promise, I was very optimistic going into it, but man oh man, quickly did I learn that it is just not a good experience. Yeah, if it works then I would maybe use it for something like turning off the lights in your house. Activating things that would be a hassle to get up and do. It just does it, man. But for the Xbox, you have a remote there, you're already sitting on the couch, it doesn't really save you a lot of time. The only time I'll use it is to turn on the Xbox, and I get like a 75% success rate at that. And so you're screaming at it. Right, so it's like I'm yelling at a freaking box. Right. Which makes me feel it's just insulting as a human, and then, you know, it just doesn't work and then I gotta search around for the remote like some sort of hoodlum. Right. And, you know yeah, about 75% I'd say is the going rate for it to work. Yeah. To me, that's not good, that's a C, right? You've still got some time to improve. Kids, kids who get the Cs in class don't, don't, don't go on to do great things. Needs improvement. [LAUGH]. You know? So no other news to report from E3 about the Kinext they barely even mentioned it. Dude, they, there's an unofficial count. We were out there and I think they might have only said the word Kinect twice. [LAUGH] In their like 90 minute press conference. Really? Yeah. Dude, it's, you know, I'm getting so much crap from people on Twitter who are like, dude, why are you hating on XBox, you know, it's they had a grade E3. No, they didn't. And you're an idiot if you think they did. Because, I mean that there are like a lot of loyal fanboys, and I get that. Mm-hm. Like fanboys can't detach themselves. They're like, I'm monetarily, emotionally invested in this brand. And the second they crap the bed, or show any sign of weakness. I'll defend them to the death. Well, you're an idiot. Fanboys are idiots. Fanboys, idiots? Fanboys, idiots. Go ahead and send those tweets. Yeah. [LAUGH] If you don't really like your tweets, you're not doing much good, you should stop then. It's fine, but people need to realize, like, if you are a, and I get it you just spent a lot of money on something. Yeah. That's not turning out the way you wanted it to. Okay. Cry me a river. Yeah. They're making the best of the situation they're already in. I'm just saying, like, and it's the people, and like no one ever, like, the people who are in different, you know, it's one, it's an opinion, too. Yeah, there might be some people that actually really like Kinect games. Sure. Maybe they like dancing. They're probably lying to themselves but whatever, you know, whatever they say. I've played a few Kinect games in my life. I enjoyed it. Dude, it's not completely worthless. It's only mostly. So you wouldn't, if someone was buying an Xbox One now you would suggest they buy the unpacked version? Absolutely. Without a. No brainer. Without a doubt. The value there is just. What's the price difference between them? A $100? A $100 between them, and you can still buy the Kinect separately if you wanted to in the future, right? I just love that you know that. I mean expert, that's my job if you had seen it. It is. No, you're totally right my friend. And you can easily buy that later on. Right now, there's really, and, and the thing is like there's no killer app for Kinect. Yeah. There's no app, there's no game that you have to play. The way like the Wii, like Wii Sports was when Wii came out, everyone had to play it. They packed it in that was the game changer. There's no game changer for Kinect. There's no game that you have to run out and play, unless you're like a big dance central. Oh, I love that game. Stacy likes that game too, right? Yeah. She does. Oh. A little trouble at home, huh? Oh, you know. You guys have the Kinect connected, or not? We do. We're, you know, we're on the rocks with that a little bit. But that's a home matter that I'll have you stay out of. Not a lot of people, I don't think a lot of people will know what I'm about to say. But I feel like every time I see the word Kinext on paper or on the internet, I always think of K'nex, do you remember those? Oh, yeah the legos sort of. Exactly, I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about. Like K apostrophe n e x. I sound like a mad man, yeah they're like those construction poles, I guess. They, they, they're not blocks like Legos are. They're, they look like. Yeah, yeah. Bring them up here. They look like sort of a plastic Erector set. Yeah. Its really cool you could build like roller coaster. It's for the more refined nerd. Like once you graduated you go to the Kinect. Like this guy with the prius. Him and his freaking pi shirt. 40 year old virgin right here. Exactly. [CROSSTALK]. It's pretty obvious man. You don't think girls are waiting to get into [LAUGH] the bedroom for wearing a shirt with Pi on it? You don't think they're. His plastic [LAUGH] They're knocking down the door. I mean, sir, what are all these Kinects for? Right? Oh, my god. That's a whole another game, Kinect 4. Yeah. Oh my god, Oh my god. What did [UNKNOWN] just do. 35 year old virgin [LAUGH]. The table got me. Splinter. First splinter. The Kinect. How did we get here? I don't know how we got here. All right. Let's just move on then. To more childish news. Yeah, let's do it. Your vocabulary, at least through your smartphone, or maybe through your computer is about to get a lot bigger, so look forward on that. Because the company that regulates all the emojis you currently have on your phone, it's a company called Unicode. They're the ones that make the official emojis. There are some imitators, some cheaters, but those aren't the real things. Unicode just announced that they're going to be putting out 250 brand new emojis. You've been waiting for a new emoji? They got it. 250's a lot. And before you get too excited, I should make a note that perhaps not all of them are coming to Android and iOS. It'll be up to the hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers to sort of decide what they wanna put in their keyboards. But, regardless, 250 new ones are available. So you, I,I don't know. Let's bring some of them up here because there's a huge list. Well, there's no images, they're only. There's no images, but we can read them off and I think the one that people are going to be most excited about is that middle finger. What? Yeah. Well, I thought so, because there's on the right column there's like a top Emoji list. Right. And number is reversed hand with middle finger extended. Oh yeah, that's the one. I love that really drawn out description of just F you. Oh yeah, right, I like this one too, raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers [CROSSTALK] which is the Vulcan salute, they couldn't say Vulcan salute because it's probably a copyright law. Like, so,, so the ones on the right are the ones currently in circulation. And we'll link to this on the show notes that no one can ever find cuz we don't have a show page. The ones that they're putting up. Red. Are kind of specific. Oh, yeah. Like, derelict house buildings. Yeah, yeah, like a run-down house. A shant. A shack. A shanty. A shanty, yes. Basically what that is. What a, and there's a lot of like white and black, like white flag, black flag. Yeah, I'm glad that we now have a one button mouse, a two button mouse, a three button mouse, and a trackball to choose from. [LAUGH] How specific are you trying to say? Lower left pencil. Lower left ballpoint pen. Yeah. Yeah. That's like. I guess it's pointing like a forward slash. Not the backwards pen. Yeah, there's, you go through them. There's a, a overwhelming list. I know which one you're going to use the most. Which one is that? The old motorboat. Where's that, you old motor boating son of a. Eat that up. All kinds of new vehicles. I just searched motorboats and I don't see it. Maybe that's otherwise. There's a whole new list. If you go to emojipedia.org/newdashemojitech. This is my favorite one, and I expect I'll be using this one most frequently. Man in business suit levitating. [LAUGH]. David Blaine. Oh, finally. What is that to a human being? What do you, what message do you think that communicates? If you only wrote man with business suit levitating, does that mean you like smashed a job interview. No I Or killed it in a meeting today? What does that mean? It means you met David Blaine at work I am all that is man right? Yeah that's it, that's what happened. That's it. What I want to know is like when so, so someone who works at emojipedia.org. When they, when they, when they hand out their business card to someone. Yeah. What do you think their response is? Like do you think it's mostly people laughing or like you're not serious. What do you think. I mean, I didn't think that there were people that just made gifts for a living professionally, but. According to GIFFY last week, Tyler tells us there is, so. And they're making money? Yeah, they just have kids there that get paid probably by the hour. I can't imagine it'd be salaried, but yeah. It's all they do. They just make GIFs. It's probably the same thing here. Emojis are kind of like GIFs. Here's another one. They've got the motorboat, you got the Vulcan salute, the middle finger and there's also things like camping, cities, national parks. A lot of crosses too so there's a huge religious portion that's gonna get added. Well that's what we need. Right. There's a symbol for the Marx chapter, a white Latin cross which is different from the Celtic cross too. Om symbol and also the black skull and cross bones, which I think is your origin. Well, what, no. Look what it, it says big Jewish nose. No, that is not, that's not one of them. I'm reading it right here. That's the, that's definitely not right. Big Jewish. Get out, I'm not even gonna laugh at that joke. You can, if it's a joke. I don't get it. You're allowed to laugh at that. I'm not gonna laugh cause it makes it okay to say. I can't believe that. [LAUGH] I've got a bone to pick. [LAUGH] Could you imagine they just did like a bunch of. Can we do that? Can we have fun? Yeah, we can have fun? I can think of some. Wait. We've done this. What am I talking about? We've done this. What, like what the Jewish [UNKNOWN]? Well, the Jewish Emoji was clearly. It would be the same as the two praying hands but with a wad of bills in between them, right? Like rubbing them together? It would be pennies. [LAUGH] No, the. We've done this. Sorry. We did this. Yeah. Remember we, we came up with racist emojis. Right, right, right. And, and prejudice emojis. yeah. That's fun. That's fun stuff. Okay, so we did me now let's do you. No, no, no. Let's get back to the story here. >We're getting a little bit off of the mark. Equal opportunity man. Well, there's already a Chinese guy emoji with a rice picking hat on. No there is not. Yeah, there is. I think he has spoke to you too. No, there's not. You know what I'm talking about? I don't know, maybe he has back teeth I dont know, but I know what you're talking about, he's a right type guy. Yeah, in fact they have all the ethnicities except for a black emojis which is then a big controversy in the past few years, you know black emojis. So, hopefully, that'll get fixed this time. But, yeah, he definitely has one of those, There's no way, dude. Look, that's totally a rice head. Where? He's Chinese. That's, okay. I'm looking at. And, he's got, like, the almond eyes, and. No, he doesn't. Kind of a smaller nose. Look. Right here. I'm looking at it right here. He does not look. That is not racist in any way. Is that Asian? Asians wear Pokeman hat? I don't understand. That is a Pokeman hat. What? There's not anything racist about that. Yeah, and then there's looks to be. Oh, this is racist. This one is racist. The Asian poop. That's not an Asian thing. That's just. I'm offended by that you even assume that. Why would poopy smiling? Where's the guy vomiting emoji? You'd think that would be the first one on the list of new ones, right? Yeah, we need that. How many times did you want to say You know what I love doing though, I love using, so in viber they have they have like all those memes. Oh, here's the puking emoji. Yeah, that's not one of the official ones though. It's not? So good though, look at that. This one's always my favorite. That looks like a Russian thing. Oh is it? Yeah. Oh that's just me being racist. That's not racist it's like prejudice a little a peppering of prejudice. Right, nice. [LAUGH] Okay. So you're gonna get maybe some of these new emojis. Checkerboard. They're cute, man, I love emojis. They perfectly. [LAUGH] Bellhop, bell, oil drum. They somehow, like, perfectly express a sentence or phrase that I'm trying to. Right. Do, okay? Finally, the pineapple emoji. Where have you been? So that's the one those are probably come with the next iPhone, assuming with the next upgrade. I was waiting for that in the WWDC keynote. Gonna spend 20 minutes on emojis? Yeah, that's the one more thing. But all right, so let's, let's get to this next story because I think it's pretty ridiculous. Yes, the Match.com story. Match.com, one of the oldest dating websites, right, for online dating, they're dinosaurs. Generally reserved for older customers, I think, right? I, People that are on Match.com, the fact that you have to pay for it I assume that you know, it's usually older people. I feel like all the young kids are on play cupid. Anyway, so they're they've been around for a while. You gotta wonder why now they're getting all experimental, introducing new features that really won't ever catch on. And the latest thing that they're introducing is the ability to buy into a premium service that lets users send in photos of their ex's to determine what look you're attracted to. So Match.com, they're assuming that. You know, everybody has a type and if they analyze enough of your exes, well they're gonna find that things that don't necessarily match with ethnicity or things as basic as hair color, but maybe something more subtle like the shape of someones face and things that you might not even know you're attracted to. But here's the catch. They're partnering with a company called Three Day Rule, which is actually a separate online dating site that uses facial recognition technology to match you up with someone you're attracted to. But they're partnering up to offer a premium service that access Three Day Rule, and it costs $5,000 and that's only for six months of this service. But, here's the thing. The service also comes with a professional matchmaker. So, that's how they're making it up in value. The matchmaker basically bets. Your profile. They help you write your page, and then they also go through and coach you on what you should be saying and what you probably shouldn't be saying in a date. I still think it's it's taking advantage of people. I mean, extorting $5,000 just to use a face matching service. You could hire an intern to do that for you. I would do that for someone for $5,000. [LAUGH]. But like, to me, its kinda serious, right? You're essentially taking advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable frame of mind. Like they just broke up with their ex. They just broke up. Yeah. And they want, you know they missed Cathy and Cathy had a certain look about her. I would think that when you break up with someone, you would, you would usually go to the next person who would be completely opposite of your ex. Yeah, I don't know. You don't want anything to remind you of her right? This reminds me of like Eternal Sunshine, in a way. Yeah, totally. In a weird way. Where like they were paying these doctors to erase memories from their head. Right and then they inevitably found the same one. Right, and this is kind of the opposite, where it's like you're going out of your way. I, I don't think it should be okay to do this. Like there's certain services that I think should be. Yeah. They're, they're unethical, like this is unethical for sure, but. I don't think it unethical. Yeah, I think it's unethical. Why? I think you're, like, cause you're praying on a vulnerable person who's in a fragile state of mind. Yeah, you could say for all online dating [INAUDIBLE]. For five grand, no. For five grand, they're like hey, you just got dumped. Want us to find second place? Yeah, you know? If you're rich enough to play $5000 for someone to do this to you. I don't really feel bad for you. Money can't buy everything, man! You got a whole, you got a bed full of got money to lie on. Money can't buy you love. That's fine. It can't buy love. I got a few sites. I got a guy. [LAUGH] It can buy you love making, but it's not gonna buy you genuine, good wholesome love. But who wants, I mean, without getting too personal here, cuz I know all of our S.O.'s listen to this show. I don't think I have a type. You know, insofar as the way they look. You know, none of 'em, I can't think of anything right now that links them all together. Sure. Aside from the fact they're the same gender. Yeah. I don't, I don't, yeah, I mean as long as its a woman, you know, I think I'm. Not a lot of standard there, just one thing. Woman. [LAUGH] You know, set the bar kind of low there. [LAUGH] Kinda just grouping in about half the planet. You guys have a type, Justin, Arielle? I definitely have a type. Like as far as like relationships, I definitely have a type. But if we're not talking relationships, I'm everywhere. Like looks-wise or personality-wise? A little bit of both. Like looks-wise I'm into like cute girls. Mm. Like, like, you know. Yeah. You know, they look cute. [LAUGH] I don't know, I can't really actually describe it. [CROSSTALK] difference between cute and hot, for example? Yeah, exactly, exactly. Yeah. Like, like all of my girlfriends were never really like, Like super model looking, but they always had that cute, like, pinch-your-cheek look. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nice girls. That's kind of suggestive, right? Exactly. Nice. Yeah, nice girls. Not like a club girl. Nice, yeah, not, not, not, not club girls. Those aren't girlfriend girls. No. So you like nice girls. Justin over here likes bad girls. He likes naughty. Bad girls. You nasty. Nasty girls. I wish we could get like a slow zoom in of my face because I know [UNKNOWN] watching this right now. Nasty. [LAUGH] What about you Justin, do you have a type? Show me photos of your last three girlfriends. I'm gonna have to decline just cuz I'll get a phone call later. Not gonna go over well, so [CROSSTALK]. You have wisdom beyond your years. Smart man. [LAUGH] He's a young man but he's a smart man. We already all made that mistake. Yea. Been around that block [UNKNOWN]. This guy is sowing his wild oats. You probably don't have a type cause you're picking one from each column I might add. Cause your swimming in it. Still no comment. [CROSSTALK] don't fall for that trap. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] the hell out of you. Aw. We're jerks. [LAUGH] No, I think that I definitely have a personality type more than a looks type. I wonder if that's the same for a lot of people. Sure. You know, you kind of like, you have your personality, and as you, I think as you get older, the more you date. You realize that your personality matches with others in some way, and clashes in others. Well. You know? Depending on how you are. Yeah, I would imagine. I sorta figured that out. Mm-hm. I would imagine the more you date, the more you realize what you don't like. Mm-hm. Yeah. And then you kind of like, create this fictional, impossibly perfect person. Right. It's kinda like looking for an apartment, actually. Kind of. Kind of. Parallels there. Yeah. And Match.com's just trying to be the broker. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Wow, weird. Woah. Crazy. You get that feeling when a broker is showing you an apartment that you don't like either. It's the same feeling you get after you leave a date that didn't go well. But they're trying to like, sell you it. Yeah, but I always feel bad being like, I didn't like that. You know, I'm always just like pointing out things, like minor things, like oh yeah, the stucco was really nice, like some great moulding there. I'll call you. Then you kinda like slowly back away like, this was fun, you know, if you ever have anything in the future you want to show me. Give me a call and I won't pick up. Let me think on it. Yeah. So awkward. That's funny. We're just trivializing relationships. I like it. Or putting too much weight on looking for an apartment. [LAUGH]. You know, I was thinking when reading, when reading this, article I was, like, instead of just doing for a romantic thing, there should be this database that you can upload your photo to, and it would show you other people that have also uploaded, that look like you. Have you ever received doppelgangers of yourself in real life or your friends send you like doppelgangers, like, this you? Well, aside from human Shrek. Human Shrek is one of yours. This is kind of. Someone look like you? I don't know if this is the dude. Oh, yeah. People said that you liked Sheldon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A country singer. Yeah, it was just like a bad look. No, he's a good looking guy. I mean, he's a good looking dude, and I don't, I think he's. I can see it actually. Bring that, bring a photo of that up here. [LAUGH] Yeah, kind of. Right. [LAUGH]. He just got this grey hair though. Yeah. What, like, do you not have that? He has longer hair than you. He has beautiful. Beautiful hair. Wow, twins. Give him a little kiss there. [LAUGH] He's a good looking guy. He is. He's hella good looking. I would, I would totally, like. Put my arm around him. Almost there. I'd put my arm around him, that's for sure. It's better than Seth Rogen, which you've gotten compared to before, that's an insult. That one's bad. I mean, I don't think he's, I don't think Seth Rogen's that bad looking, but. He's not an ugly guy, but. He's sort of a normal looking dude. I'll take this hillbilly any day of the week. Oh, for sure. Yeah. Bring this photo up of a picture that my buddy Anthony posted on my Facebook wall a couple months ago. It's in the rundown. Ok. I, I put it down in the, the cell. You could probably see it there, but it's pretty good. Okay, what am I looking at here? You see that? I do not see it. Oh, it's not in there? No. Oh, I'll have to, I'll have to look for that. Yeah, bring it up cuz, is this your doppelg

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