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The 404: The 404 1,500: Where we're 1500 episodes older

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The 404: The 404 1,500: Where we're 1500 episodes older

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Steve Guttenberg is back on the program to celebrate 1500 glorious episodes of The 404 Show. He also brings gifts, a contest, his wonky opinions on video games, and why no band can touch the sound of Led Zepplin.

It's Friday, June 6, 2014. I'm Arielle Nunez and from our CBS studio in New York City, welcome to The 404. [MUSIC] Hey everyone, welcome of another episode of The 404 Show. Justin Yu, once again, not with us today. I know. [CROSSTALK] It's kind of a shame. Yeah. It's a little sad, because today is- [COUGH] The 1500th episode of the 404 show. Amazing. It's amazing. Amazing. Steve Guttenberg has joined me to fill in for Justin and once you found out that today was our 1500th episode, you really wanted to like. Look back, [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN]. I've been here since uh,episode 48. So, tell everyone about that, you told me an interesting story before we got going in the air. The 40, what about 40 again? Well, I didn't, so you've been, so you've really been one of the guys [CROSSTALK]. So, so you were here on our 48th episode ever. Right. [CROSSTALK] And that was which year, like 08? Yeah. Before Justin- Right. Was me, Wilson and Randall. Randall Bennet. What do you remember from that because I don't remember a damn thing from it. You know? It was like 8 life times ago. It was more chaotic and out of control. Yeah. And, and I fit right in. And I. Yes. Was making it more out of control. Uh-huh. And Wilson was panicking that I was saying. [LAUGH] Nasty things. It was, and it set the tone. Right. It like, it happened. Immediately. Yeah. Then, I felt really comfortable and I totally got it. Cuz you and I had sorta hit it off-. Yeah. Outside the show. Right, right. Through CNet stuff. Right. So I guess you invited me. Right, and I, yeah, but that's really all I remember. Oh. I mean I don't remember any of the context, but it sounds like you, you really remember. You've really remembered. Maybe I'll link to that show today. Yeah. For people. That was great cuz. To go check that out It holds up, cuz it's, it it's not like it. [CROSSTALK] Does it or are you a little biased. Well. I mean, you've only done 47 shows. I only watch the ones I'm on. [LAUGH] No, I'm just kidding. No, no, no. Okay. [LAUGH] Right on. But, no, if, if the tone was there, it was fully intact. Yeah. You know? Alright, well, that's good to-. And, even though, Randall was actually the, the main host guy, you were very much part of it. Maybe, cuz I was more comfortable talking to you than, than Randall. Yeah, that, that makes sense. Because you and I have the existing relationship. Right. So yeah, it, it's a big deal. And I wanna thank you for, for joining us all these times. Oh. You really do add an element to the show that. I really enjoy it. I don't think anyone ever really expected. [LAUGH]. And it's something special and when people, you know, we have a tough time with you know, being on CNET. It's, you know, we definite are against the grain in that regard. Hm. But when, I find when people sort of. Walk through that opening, that door, they, they start to get it. And, you know, you're a big part of that. So, thank you. You know, I had a dream. You know sometimes you have a dream because you're thinking about something. That's usually the case, yeah. So you go to sleep thinking about something and you have a dream [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. So I had this dream that this wise old man, he kind of looked like Santa Clause, big bald white beard. Yeah. He said to me. Steven, he called me Steven, most people don't. Yeah. Steven. He didn't even call you Sphere. No, he didn't call me Sphere, very disrespectful. [LAUGH]. Yeah, what a bastard. And, and he said Steven, you have this, this, this thing that you're gonna do in life, where you're gonna be extremely easy going. And likeable. But you're gonna really piss people off. [LAUGH] You're gonna do these thing simultaneously. This is very [UNKNOWN]. This is your mission. This is what you're, you're put on planet Earth to do. Yeah. Is to make people comfortable, while you annoy them and challenge them, and, and **** around with their expectations. That's kind a paradox, but I think you've accomplished that on the show. I do that, yeah. Yeah. That's that's your thing. But it was weird that I had a dream that this is what Santa Claus told me to be. But why was it Santa Clause. You know, it wasn't the Santa Clause [CROSSTALK] but it was it was just the big-. [INAUDIBLE] News alert we have to let you know about I just heard that there have been 1500 episodes of the 404. So yeah we have to kinda interrupt your show. I'm sorry about that. Wow. That's okay. Wow. [LAUGH] Congratulations, guys. Thank you so much. Alright. That's very, that's very nice. This is from the CNet family. Wow. Wow. Is it edible? Or is it Oh, there's a lot of edible in there. You've gotta get the plastic off first but, then, we could probably eat that. Okay. Wow, this is great. In fact,. In fact there's so much junk food in there I'm sure Justin will,will Yeah we almost at some because there's a lot of sugar. [LAUGH]. Yeah. Well that's so, that's so, that's so thoughtful. Wow. Thank you very much, that's awesome. How momentous. It's a lot. 1500 episodes I mean if you watched one a day that's like four years of watching the 404. Is that cool or not? I can't tell. It's, it's. What if his friend all together, back by back hours how many days, how many months would that be? I don't know. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Well that's when you get to realize how depressing it might be. That's depressing. This is so cool. This is very cool. Thank you very much guys, [COUGH] that means a lot. Well, well I have to get back to CNET update. Okay. But [LAUGH]. Oh, what a bummer. [LAUGH]. Yay. Oh, thank you very much. Congratulations, guys. Thank you very much. That's awesome. That is. A real surprise. Wow. Look at that. I think you were genuinely surprised. I was genuinely sur-, I'm like, I feel like, it's like one of those, like-. Why are people knocking on the door? Shouldn't there be like an on-air? I know, it's like one of those things where you're like, oh ****, is this happening right now? I feel like, like, as if it's a fire drill or something. Yeah, that was like a. The very like angry knock, almost. Yeah. Well, thank you. Who's behind this Ariel, did you know about this? I knew about it. I just heard about it today, though. It was, Bunny, our executive producer there. Oh, well thank you. And a big thank you to everyone Did you see the ribbon? Yeah. It's got the ribbon, and it says something on it. It just says congratulation, oh wow. Cool, Happy 50th, that's so sick, wow, that's amazing. Awesome. That's so cool. Yeah, thanks everyone- [LAUGH] Who who did this. It's got Cheerios. Does it really? Oh, no, no, no, sorry. Cheese sticks. Cheese sticks? They got me cheese sticks. What is that, a Dove bar? They got us Dove bars and cheese sticks. Ooh, ,my favorite [LAUGH] My favorite. Oh this is great. Thank you to everyone, you know, but we gotta thank, obviously we gotta thank. People like Ariel who's been rocking the board for all these years. I've only been here for, like, a couple of years, so. But it feels like seven. That's a big part of, big part of the show. When you got here, things, all of a sudden, became way more smooth. Well, thank you. You know, I feel bad because Jus. This is a shame that Justin's not here. Yeah. I think you gotta do. This is- Episode 1500.2 [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. This is a bummer. He's back Monday, and then obviously I'm down all next week in, in Los Angeles. True. We should thank everyone in San Francisco, Bonnie and all those people. Absolutely yeah. And obviously, the biggest thanks has to go out to you the listener that have stuck with us that, that interact with the show, that gives us nothing but love 24/7. That is why we do this. And we're very lucky to be able to something like this that we love. Yeah. So it's all because of you. That's it. At the end of the day, it's just people who check us out everyday. Or even if you don't, everyday. Occasionally. But you said, I just feel guilty [LAUGH] And if you told a friend, you should. You should. Feel guilty, if you don't. [INAUDIBLE] Okay, two. Uh-oh. Yeah. No. Right. After two we, we're not thanking you any more. Three. Three, you're out. You're on your own. Wow, this is ridiculous. So thanks to everyone and we're gonna keep doing some interesting stuff. Yeah, so think ahead to-. [CROSSTALK] Episode 3,000. Yeah, we're, that's, I mean, you're talking like six years from now, so that's terrifying. Oh, oh. You'll be old then. I can't. I can't promise. You'll actually be old. Yeah, I cold be, right. You could actually be over 40. No, not in 6 years. I can't promise that will happen, but we're doing new stuff, and we've talked about the new stuff we're going to do and how it. You know, comes to fruition. How it shows its face is still sort of being talked about. We've shot a lot of stuff. Ariel, Justin, myself, have been working on the lives of some other people in the New York office. And we're. It'll start happening soon. But there's a lot of, like, behind the scenes stuff we still have to figure out. Of course, you know, my whole plan for you guys was to replace Letterman. Right and it [CROSSTALK]. But it's in the family. [CROSSTALK] Well it's Steve, Steve Colbert. Oh. You didn't hear about that? I think that was just to sort of, to. Mask. [LAUGH] Alright, he was a placeholder. A placeholder, right. Untill we got [UNKNOWN] Yeah, no, no that it's really gonna be you guys. [LAUGH] Right. But they just said that because. They're like, how do we somehow underwhelm everyone? [LAUGH] I have an idea, let, let's say it's Colbert. No but yeah, this is pretty rad, this means a lot. Maybe you can replace Colbert. Oh that's the wrong. Oh he's been replaced too,right? No, he's replacing him. I know, but who's replacing him on comedy? Oh, oh we are. You are? Oh no, on comedy? Yeah. I do know, who it, who it is. It's a, it's a, a gentleman whose been on the Daily Show a bunch. I forget his name. Oh. But he does this thing called, like, the Minority Report. I believe. So that's pretty funny. So yeah, wow. This is tough to transition out of. Yeah. I've got a party hat. We got a gift bag. Yeah. And this is pretty rad. So thanks to everyone again. And like I said, we're very excited to show you what we've got cooking. Its really cool stuff and you'll some of that very soon. Alright. Lets, lets pivot out of uh-. So speaking of a party favour or present so I remember I have a gift for the listeners or viewers. You have a a gift? Yeah. Oh man. This is just like-. Its in my bag here. The day of gifts. I know. It was here. Oh no, Steve. I think I lost it. What happened? Did you really lose it? How could I lose it? Where could it go? What are you talking about, the uh- Oh here it is. Oh you found it. Okay. Oh cool. This. Beautiful and gorgeous. What is that? This is a Bravo b2 headphone amplifier, has a vacuum tube in it. Look at that thing. Has a jack, you can plug your headphones in. Has a volume control. So this [CROSSTALK] Has input, its like a, its an exposed amp. Yeah, plexiglass, square, 3 inch square. Its sounds really nice. It's sold on Parts Express, but they donated this for review the other day. And you like it? This I really, really like. For this kind of money, first of all, it's too beautiful for $75. Yeah, it's beautiful. Check this thing out, this is amazing. so, you brought it to us here [CROSSTALK]. And I'm like what the hell are we gonna do with it? So we can give this away? Yeah, give it away. This is legit, if you put in any sort of audio source in here. Any source here. Your phone or your. Record player, whatever it is. Record player, you have a phone on preemptive, put your record player too before it goes there. Right. So, I think this should be part of like the grab bag give away with the Tinder contest [CROSSTALK]. Okay. Alright? Sounds. This is what, a $75 value? $75 value. Alright, so it's already at $75. I didn't think you'd go above $1,50, okay? [LAUGH] But now it's already $75. Right. Well, thanks man, we're gonna put this in. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, we're doing- You can look for my review. Yes. On the audio philiac. It's the bravo audio V2 headphone amplifier. And what we're gonna do is we'll link to that in the show notes and I just want to real quick explain the contest we're doing this summer. We're doing a fake tinder profile contest. All you have to do. You don't make a real account. Okay? We just want a Photoshop sort of fake profile of the three of us, Ariel, Justin and myself. We already had a few submissions coming. They are pretty funny, so put it together. I am gonna try and pull up the one example we did yet. Cuz it's pretty funny. But all you gotta do is send us an email to 404@zena.com. And then what you do is, you very easily attach the image. Okay. And we'll, and we'll have a look at it. But wait, there is more. What's more? Remember, I've got this other thing. Oh my god. Okay. So here real quick is the, the first example that we got. If you wanna throw this up on the screen there. I don't know why they got to use me licking lollipop. [LAUGH] I don't know what that's about. That will attract more on, on Tinder, man. I think so. [LAUGH] I don't like the fact that that says you're 52 years old here though. What's that about? Oh, man. [LAUGH] I didn't even notice that. I just realized. I'm like. What a jerks, man. What do you mean jerks? [LAUGH]. This one came in from our listener, Ryan. You loose Ryan. Yeah, Ryan automatic disqualification. [LAUGH] You loose. But no, check it out, it's really funny, you just put the image there, a little description and you pretty much have all the freedom in the world. Great job Ryan but you did lose. Yeah, you did lose [LAUGH] Okay. Now what do you got here. We've got clips. Okay. R6I ear buds in your headphones. Okay is this part of. Can we. We can. We can throw this in here too. Throw this in too. Maybe give the basket. Okay and how much are those worth. Those are worth 100 bucks. 175. So we're up to a buck 75. A $175 dollars of Guttenberg crap. Of valuable prizes. Yeah, I love it. It's not crap. It's not crap. Not. crap. These kind people are letting us see. If you like bass. Yeah. You'll love these headphones. Great. And if you love a crap load of bass, you'll like these even more. So, again. These are like bass. The Kripse, R-S-I. No, R-6-I. I'm sorry, R-6-I. Okay. Great. Fantastic. David Carney and I are writing this review. So, but what do you think of it. Can you tell us? I think it's a very bassy headphone. If you love bass-. And that is a euphemism for, crap. No, no, no, no. No, I'm joking. I'm joking. Some people, that's their main thing is bass. Bass is popular these days. If you like bass, you'll love these. And if you like a lot of bass. You like him even more. Yeah, right on. Cool. That's exceptional for an in ear, to make that much bass. Yeah. Sweet, all right great. And, and they also seal out noise like if you live in a city with noisy public transportation, these do a much better job than average of blocking out noise. See I'm always like I think that's a double edged sword there. You're just paranoid that bad people are gonna come and get you. Well, not that they're gonna come get me. But, I'm paranoid maybe when I'm walking through the streets of Manhattan that a taxi cab's gonna clip me [CROSSTALK] So, you take one out. After it's been honking. [CROSSTALK] You take one out. Yeah? Yeah. All right. That's what I'd do. Fair enough. Then you [CROSSTALK] left channel or right channel only. What is that about? How, how, how could you endorse that? Like, oh, that's cool. I got not problem to live into your stereo. All right. I did think that was the case with you. [LAUGH] Fair enough. Okay. So, there we go. All right. Two biggies. Two great gifts. Retail value $175. This pot will continue to sweeten. We promise you. I'm sure. By the end of the summer we'll have one gigantic. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, I mean it looks pretty much non-parishable so we can do anything we want here. Beautiful. So when the show started though. Yeah. What, what, what did you think? Did you think it would, had any lasting possibilities, did you just [INAUDIBLE]. I still don't think it's gonna last. [LAUGHS] Really? No, no, I don't know, man. We just, we were just dicking around, we really were. And, it, it somehow, you know, turned into, to what it is. And, I don't know. I think my whole thing is that, it's cool that we were able to just sorta do what we wanted. And there really was never a time where someone came in and said, you have to stop saying this, or do that. Mm hm. And, you know? You gotta thank everyone for. Mm hm. That kind of freedom. It's pretty rad. But, but, you know? We, I feel we were talking about this before, that the,the chemistry. Was there from the first time I was there, episode 48. Well that's your opinion, I appreciate that. Well as long as you're gonna post it and let people see. Right, yeah. But that's what, that's what makes the show good. Is, there's lots of people who can sit in front of a microphone, or camera, and talk. And, you know, point to the thing. So, so. But it's the, it's the interaction of the people that makes it the, the real hook. Okay. That's what makes it compelling. Well, thanks man. That's really nice to hear. I, you know, we have, we have a buddy out in San Fransisco. His name is Steve Page and he's like a big radio dude. And he always, he, he, kinda got into us early on, and he, we work with him a lot on extra curricular, or CBS radio stuff. Mm-hm. And he always was like, you guys, this is 20 years. You'd be like. You know, morning drive or, or you know, drive home. Only it [CROSSTALK]. But this is twenty years ago. Yeah, I know. And I'm like, that sucks. Yeah, you missed. And I'm like, cool. Right. But it's not 20 years ago, so what do we do? [LAUGH] But, I think like, you know,? No, the advantage of this time, unlike 20 years ago, is that you have a, a podcast. Yeah, for sure. That they can see any time they need to. Right. Alright. And there's a visual part of it which helps. Right. So that didn't happen 20 years ago. You're 100% right. And, you know, that's more of a joke obviously. I think what's cool is, is, you know, we've sorta been writing this like podcast renaissance. Mm-hm. In a way, you know? We're not the most popular, but. We are, you know, we sort of been able to tap into that a little bit which is pretty fun. Hey, when Mark Marin was on the second time I think he was jealous of all that. No I'm sure. No he, he sounded like wow I don't have, I don't have like three sound rows. That's how would, you, you that's how you took that? Yes, that's how I took that. I don't know Areo, is that how you took that dude? He just. He seemed like he was mad at life. [LAUGH] So I don't really know. I don't really, I can't read him, man. [LAUGH] He is a tough dude to read. But no, I know you really like that episode, but he, yeah, I, I think he was, you know? He was great on camera speak. He was into it. You were great together. Yeah. If he ever has like a double, you'll be. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. No, no, you, you know when he becomes, when he runs out of things to say he''l need a second guy to bounce off, and that will be you, you'll get that call. You could just be our Manager man, that's what you need to do you know, I would trust you with that. You know Howard Stern once had on Jack Bruce from you know, this band Cream. Of course. And Jack Bruce said that he was totally screwed by his contract. Uh-huh. When Cream was banned- Yeah. In the 60s he just had a contract where he drew a salary. He didn't own anything. Really? He didn't own the songs that he wrote. [UNKNOWN] Clapton and? No, just the management company owns everything. Right? Okay. And he was on Howard Stern. So this was in maybe the late 80s. Yeah. And Howard sure goes, and who, who was, what was the company you were working for? And he says this guy, and the name just popped out of my, oh, Robert Stigwood. Okay. Robert Stigwood organization. I"m gonna call up Robert Stigwood right now. I'm going to get some money for you. You've been screwed all these years, I'm gonna get you your money. And he does it right? And he calls up, cuz you know how Howard was, right? He used to just do stuff. You know like the secretary [CROSSTALK] I want to speak to a [UNKNOWN] right now. I'm representing, you know, Bruce. And it was really fun. Did you get the money? No we didn't get any money. [LAUGH] But it was a thing [UNKNOWN]. That's awesome. [CROSSTALK] I'd love for you to make calls on our behalf. Okay. We'd love to have something like that. Okay. So going I told you. I'm going to Los Angeles on Sunday. Oh, yeah, yeah. Right, right. Yeah, so. To do what? I'm going to a big video game expo. It's called E3. E3? Yeah. Was there E2 and E1? [LAUGHS] It's the third one? No, it's like the 30th one. Oh, I don't know how many E3s are. Oh, it's the 20th one we've. Well it's E3 because it's like, the electronic, Entertainment Electronic Expo. So there's the three e's. So, nice. It's a high end way of saying games. It really is just video games. And what it really just is, is like. And that deserves a whole thing? Yeah, man. It's a big deal. Games are a big deal. Games are a big deal? You don't, so you're not connected in that world? Dopey games are a big deal? Dopey? Dopey? I'm sorry. You said dopey? Who uses dopey? That's a crazy word, no Yea man, it's a big deal. Like you understand how big of a deal CES is? Yes. Right, so that you know, is it's a way more concentrated version of that for games, and it takes over the entire. Los Angeles, you know, convention center. It's not like. But isn't, Los Angelas, their whole thing is movies. How does this whole game thing come in [CROSSTALK]. Your right. It is, it is odd that the very thing that. We're a movie town. Well it's true because it. You know, the very thing that is pretty much, you know, making a dent in the Hollywood armor. It is. I mean people, you know, games are a threat to movies [CROSSTALK]. A threat, they can't coexist peacefully? Well, I mean, you know, movie ticket sales are down. Huh. Over 20 years. [UNKNOWN] joy, but I'm just saying. You know and they, they, they chalk that up to the Internet and video games. Right, and video games. Absolutely. The fact that people can see movies for free on Netflix Well yeah, but you get what I'm saying. I mean, there's just so much more, you know avenues for entertainment. And gaming, I mean, gaming pulls in more money than movies already. Oh, no. Yeah. What do you? [LAUGH] Oh, man. It's sad. You just, why is it sad? [CROSSTALK] I gotta ask you a question though. I just thought of something. Alright. This would convince me that games are not bad. Okay. So when you, when you're, in it. Right now, if we were playing a game, [UNKNOWN] multitask [UNKNOWN] Um,not really [CROSSTALK] I guess you could if you wanted to. You do that thing with the thumb right? [LAUGH] Playing a game? Yeah. [LAUGH] Can you make that motion again, for everyone at home? Cause, it looks like, it looked like a T-Rex for a second. There you go. So, you can't be texting when your, when your doing that, right? No, man. But, why would you want to? That's the beauty of gaming, it's full emersion. I, I'm saying, that's a good thing. I admire [CROSSTALK] OK, so now your sold on gaming. I am, not that I would ever dream of playing a game. RIght. The last game I played was chess. Okay. That's fine but I still [INAUDIBLE] And you can't multitask when you're playing chess if you're playing it well. The same sort of involvement, you know, but games are important man. Important? They are important. Can you say why? No well I don't know they keep like a kid from like doing something bad. No an old lady getter. Money? Right like they keep, they keep a kid in. They have games that encourage violence. Yeah, if they like, virtually. Ever some were realistically. How about this, I truly believe, I mean think about it what was came first right? The chicken or the Egg? No it's not about that. It's definitely the chicken Right, that's what Luigi gave me. No I think, I think when you look at games like what's in games. All the ideas that were, are in video games Uh-huh. Pretty much came from, like, fantasy Mm-hm. Like, books Mm-hm. And all those things then came to movies No original thought, you're saying I'm just saying, the violence depicted in video games Oh, okay. Is just emulating the violence in movies. These. Like GTA is just emulating, you know, like a James Bond, or, you know, like a. Is there like a, like a Stanley Cooper kind of games? Sure. Is there an Orson Welles of games. Sure there's, there's a couple approaching that level. In that world there's famous and genius-like as those guys? There's a, yeah. Really? Absolutely. There are famous story tellers, yeah. Absolutely. And like 50 years from now they'll be having, you know, exhibitions in museums about those people? There already are. Really? There already are, yeah. Oh, OK. It's a big deal. It's interesting, like. So one thing you just aren't giving any credit. [LAUGH] You are not giving any credit to game, just that. You remember I just did like ten minutes ago, I am being like easy and ****. Yeah, you are doing that for me. Doing that now. Yeah, doing that now. But that old [INAUDIBLE] guy was telling me. Alright, well he was right and you are succeeding at pissing me off. No, I am kidding, I am not pissed. So now it's, it's your turn to make, poke fun at me. Right? Aw, that's what I do every day, man, behind, your back. I know. Well I can't see it even if it's in front of me. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] You don't have to do it behind my back. You can do it right there in front of me. I'm glad you can make fun of that. All right, so. Here it is, here is my equivalent. Because I'm going back to my teenage years. Okay. All right? Led Zeppelin. So on Tuesday, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, the guitarist from Led Zeppelin [COUGH] remastered the first three records. Okay. Very imaginative titles. One, two, and three. Wow. That was the first time anybody actually did that with records. Stop doing the drugs. Yeah. And so there's definitely war in play. But the thing was they were so amazing. Yeah. It was a good film. And they touched into this like, teenage boy brain. Right. Yeah. That 1960. 8 or 9. Right. And it sounded big. Sure. Like all the other bands, Cream, Beatles, they were tiny, they were puny little things compared to Led Zeppelin. So is that like a recording aesthetic, was it something that they did. It was him. It was how he. Thought to make this record sound. So how do you accomplish that? Well here's the amazing thing. Jimmy Page was before he was famous for that band and other bands he was in, he was a session musician. And he was this was a rare thing in London in the 60s. That rock, musicians that were session players. Right. So, that meant that he would go to a recording studio where the Kinks or some band was doing a record. And they would put the music in front of him and he would just play the music. Most rock musicians can't read music, then or now. Right? So, it's like he would just show up, he would play his part, get in the thing and go to the next session. Kind of strange right? He said that he learned how to make records, by being on thousands of other people's records. And so all the mistakes were being made. So, in his head he was like cataloging all this. When I get to make my own records here's what I'm gonna do. Uh-huh. So when he did it. He knew exactly how to make this sound. They would blow people away. So, I mean, you had, like, Phil S, Phil Spector was doing, like, the wall of sound and stuff, right? Yeah. [UNKNOWN] had that sound. That made it, that, that was, a jump. Those made [UNKNOWN] That was an evolutionary jump. Yeah. Oh, abso, there were others before him. Yeah. That sound, that bigness, that ballsy. So what was he doing though? I understand what you're saying. You mean how did he do it technically? [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, technically. Like what was he doing in the studio. It's just the way he recorded the drums, and the bass. Yeah. Was just bigger. It was bigger, it was more dynamic. The way Robert Plant was. Screaming, people did seem that way. Just the way they miked everything up. And the way he sang. He just blew everybody away by making something. He just zeroed in on exactly who it was intended for. Yeah. And now, almost half a century later and he remastered these things and you listen and go. It is still amazing, it's still amazing the way it just jumps out. And it made me an audio file. That's the thing. Yeah. Because I notice the sound. I said, why does this sound big, I mean the Beatles have all the money in the world to make the best sound. But they [CROSSTALK]. Records. All their records sound a little hollow. But they sound puny. Yeah. And tiny next to. For those Led Zeppelin records. I kinda understand, what you're trying to describe. It's not, at that same level of magnitude, but I remember when I was twelve. Wait, wait, wait. A, a magnitude of what? Compared to games? Of, of, like, what? No no no, I'm talking about records [LAUGH]. Talking about. What you experienced in the mid 60s with the Zed Led Zeppelin record, Mm hm. That sound that you'd never really heard before. Mm hm. And when I was growing up, most of the stuff I was listening to was cassettes, Mm hm. But then, and again, not as big of a deal, but for my generation. Mm-hm. Maybe a big deal. I remember in 1994. Mm-hm. Was the first mega studio produced record from Green Day. Okay. Right? And it was Dookie. Right. And I remember putting that on in my Discman and when I first listened to it, I'm like why does this sound so good? Mm-hm. Like I couldn't quite. Put my finger on it. Mm-hm. But I had listened to, CDs before. This wasn't like the first CD. This wasn't like the jump from cassette quality to CD quality. Yeah. But, I, and I, I gotta look up who produced that record. But there was something about that album. That seemed way louder. Like there was something more compressed. No, I don't, no, I don't think so. In 94 were they doing that sort of thing? Yeah, yeah they were always doing it. It's a matter of degree. It was Rob Cavallo, have you heard of him? I've heard of that name, but I don't really. There was something about the sound of that. Uh-huh. It sound, but you know, I would have noticed if there was like a degrad, a degradation, like a. Like a, something. The compression was rather well. And it sounded so loud. Mm. And you could, and I remember being able to like hear, like. Drums hitting the sides of, of, drumsticks hitting the sides of the, of the, of the. The rim. The snare drum or something like that. And you can almost hear, like, the pedals squeak. In some of the, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, I remember being able to hear that, and being like, man this is, you know, sounds on such a professional level. Right. And that record really does sound amazing. Right. So when you do that. So when it sounds better. Can, can you do that for me? Can you, it's not a, it's a 40 minute record. Uh-huh. Go listen to it. Okay. Front to back. Okay. Are you going to do that? I will. You will. And try and find it here on YouTube. That's what you're gonna, [LAUGH] that's what you're gonna listen to? And you're gonna get like a flack version of it or something man. Right? Calm down. I'm just saying. The audio file just asked me, can I listen to that on YouTube? [LAUGH] It was a joke. I know. Still can't blasphemy. Led Zeppelin. Yeah. He was so big. And the fact that, it, you know some things when you were a kid are a big deal, and then you listen later and go oh that was kinda stupid. Yeah. But this still has that power. Very cool. And, and it's, and it's fascinating to me that. How that ma, how that works, you know. Yeah. I mean, part of it, as I said before, it was the physical connection of buying this thing. Sure. And when I was, when, and I was gonna buy a pair of speakers, I would take my Led Zeppelin records to the store, before the internet, they had stores, and you go to the store and I bring my Led Zeppelin. And those are the records I would always use when I would pick out a new pair of speakers. Right on. Very cool. That's amazing. alright, what else do you got, for us? Well. Go to the videotape. Go to the videotape. Well, I do have my concept. Okay. These are really quick things. Alright. I'm in a contest. Totally separate from what you gave us here? Yeah, yeah. It's your own contest. This contest doesn't have physical prizes. It just has fame and fortune. Oh, even better. Yeah. It's like you can be, well not you because you work for CNET, but you, you can be the audiophiliac for a day. What does that mean? Means you can write my blog. Okay. You're just outsourcing? So, you can, I'm outsourcing I guess. I'm taking a vacation. So, I want someone to do my work. That's good. You deserve it. No, no, it's more work because people send them in. I have read them and edit them and all of these things. All right. So, you can contificate. The people can, you know, talk about all the things that I've missed that I haven't been writing about. They, they can take the floor. [CROSSTALK]. So, are we letting you do this? Yeah, yeah, I did it last year. So, so, you're gonna be able to write. A piece for CNet. Anybody can. Anyone can. Right. Under, pretty much under your like, byline or your. Well, no. It's. It's not gonna say Steve, by Steve Guttenberg. But it's going to be like. It, it, it actually has to say by Steve Guttenberg. But I do an introduction and then I introduce that person, who, who I've selected. On, you like pop in their copy. And I pop in their copy. And I, get over it. I mean, I gotta tell yeah, last year I had I lot, I mean, I had to wor, like [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. I had, I had like ten that were really, really strong. [UNKNOWN] Hard to pick the one that I was gonna go with. So what the, what's the fine print here? The fine print is that, they don't actually win anything, except the chance to. Bask in my So all of a sudden the stakes are low. All of a sudden things are not as important. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. No, they, they get to have the four. It's a big deal. It's on, cnet.com. It's a big deal. And it appears in Australia. Yeah. And in the UK. Well, it's the internet. People all over the. Well, look, cuz, you know, CNet UK, like my things and probably. Right, but you could still go to the website where we were. But people in those countries tend not to go to the US website. So now Sure, sure. So this will be a [LAUGH], for the first time ever. The World Wide Web. The web, the international internet. We just invented that. Well, we should call it the audiophiliac. International internet contest. Yeah. There it is. It's kinda like the world series. [LAUGH] Right. That always struck me as bizarre, because it's not the world. I love it. I'm calling it the international internet contest. Okay. And then to enter. Well, you should read my blog. Be an audiophiliac for a day. Okay. But to enter. Yeah, don't you get that You email me at my [LAUGH] email address, which is theaudiophiliac@hotmail. [LAUGH] What the hell are you doing with a Hotmail address? What? You don't have a Gmail? I do. But I have a Gmail. That's my personal. You know you can make another Gmail address, right? He is looking at me, he is looking at me. You blew his mind. Like I just told him the secret to the universe. I think your talk about Santa Claus, before, has flustered you. Man, the drugs are wearing off. Or they're warming up. Or they're kicking in. I think that's what that means [CROSSTALK]. Oh, no. Is kicking in. My list is gone. What happened to your list, man? Alright, while Steve looks for his list, theaudiophiliac@hotmail.com, that is, and wha, is there any like specific subject line these people need to, use? No? You're just gonna No. The only thing that goes there right now are people entering the contest. Oh, right, the audio philiac, right? But, before my mailbox is full. Yeah. They Should be entered. Okay. But, seriously the deadline is June 20th. Friday june 20. So they don't have too much time. Yeah, they gotta start scratching the wagon. All right, they adiofiliac@hotmail.com. Enter to become the audiofiliac for the day. Right. Beautiful. So, speaking with the world wide web. Yeah. Can you. Get it into my brain what net neutrality is about. Oh, Explain it to me like, I'm either very, very old or very, very young. [LAUGH] All right. So, I think the John Oliver thing helped to imagine it. The John Oliver thing should have helped you. [COUGH] It did. All right. I guess. But the way it is now. What, what do we have now? Now. Before the change We have net, we, we mostly have net neutrality right now. We, we already have this thing. Right. It, the, the, the problem is that it, it's likely going away. Okay. So. Why is it, why is it bad people gonna change? Well, it's all about corporate interests and like the control of and flow of data. Right? With like corporate interests in mind. And like who owns the pipes. Who owns the content. That sort of thing. That's. The, the very, like, top level reason why net neutrality is in jeopardy. Net neutrality basically just says the internet is, is free and open to everyone and everyone is entitled to the same content at the same speed. And you shouldn't have to pay extra money to visit a certain web site. You shouldn't have to pay money to, you know, have a certain access to exclusive content or whatever it is. So that's [CROSSTALK] roughly. So, if YouTube uses like 40% of the bandwidth at any given time. Right. They shouldn't pay extra cuz they're hogging all that bandwidth. Right. The argument is that, you know. The internet free everyone, so if that's were everyone chooses to go, well then they should, I should be able to get to YouTube just as quick as I should be able to get to, you know, Joe Schmoe.com. But does YouTube squeeze out other people? Well, you. It's not. It doesn't work like that. Like there's not like a. I guess there is [CROSSTALK]. I guess there is like a, a, like the internet, I guess, is sorta like a resource where there's like this, but you can't think of it like there's only so much internet. Okay. Right? You can't. It's not like gold. There is so much bandwidth though. Right, but like we can make more of it. And, like, you know, YouTube. But who pays for the extra bandwidth? Well, look at it. You Tube needs to buy all these servers and server farms to host, so that's their prerogative. You' know. Basically it's about, it's really not about that, it's about people's you know the limited access. To, to the internet. Right? And it gets way more complex than that. But that is sorta like an intro to what it is. And, you know, when you have Comcast, who owns NBC, you have conflicts of interest, and, you know, you, you have people making these deals that. You know, cap bandwidth and that you know, give faster access to certain sites because of vested interest. Mm-hm. And stuff like that. And that's where people are upset. So they don't have net neutrality. The, there, for the most part it's still there. But it's, everyday it chips away. And the, and the. real worry is that the FCC will somehow rule, make an official ruling that will open up a floodgate that could really compromise net neutrality. More so than [CROSSTALK] that won't happen cause they got flooded and their server crashed and everything. When John Oliver, you know, I mean he gets it, a lot of people get it, I think google's, google is gonna make a big, you know, campaign. Against it. Major companies would do it. But, you know, it's, it's, it's kinda like that SOPA thing all over again. Nah. If, and, and I'm trying. I know people are gonna write, you can't just, you know, belittle the issue. I just doing it for Steve. [LAUGH] With the old man, young child, okay. So, that's who I'm doing it for. The easy going guy who provoke, provokes people. People. So that's net neutrality in a weird looking nutshell for you. So, you know, I have one really other very quick thing. Alright. That wasn't quick but, okay. Well, you know, it was pretty, you talk a lot. [LAUGH] It's, okay. Now I understand a little better. Good. So I've been into vinyl a lot lately. Yeah. When you get old records. They can sound kinda scratchy and noisy. Right, right. Justin just bought a bunch of records that sound like crap he said. So, one thing is they have record cleaning machines that, the squirt flu, you know, fluid on and vacuum. Right, you talked about that last time you were here. and I was playing a record a couple weeks ago, and I don't have a record cleaning machine but I have a lot of records. So I was playing this record, it was kinda noisy. So I just went over to my sink. I poured a bott, I had a bottle of distilled water. So I poured distilled water over the record. Went like this with my fingers. Mm. On it. On both sides, as I recommend. [INAUDIBLE] the water off. Set it up, let it dry. Played the record. It was much better. So, it cost almost nothing. I think. [INAUDIBLE] distilled water. Or nothing, if you use tap water. I'm not gonna lie, man. I think you told us that exact story last time. [LAUGH] Right, [UNKNOWN]? Did I? I, I did hear it. But I don't know if it was during the show. [CROSSTALK] Alright [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH]. I wanna say we did do that. How about this [UNKNOWN] talked about this before [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]? I am really bummed out. You know the J and R, this J and R music. Yeah. Did I do that too? I don't, I don't remember this. I don't remember this. What is it? Well because J R's closing. J R's closing. But wait, there's, there's even more. This record store on St. Mark's place in the villa, it's called sounds which has been there since the. Yeah I think I've heard you talk about that. I definitely didn't because I didn't know about it until a few days ago. It's been there since the seventies. And right in the middle of this, of, St. Mark's place, the hub, the epicenter of the village. It's closed. It's sad man. It's really sad. [CROSSTALK] It's like everything is ending. Yeah, it's been around for how long? 40 years. Yeah, that's sad. That's enough, you think? [LAUGH] No, I'm not saying it's enough but like it, it's enough period of time to warrant sadness. Oh, yeah. Unfair Where, like, who gives a crap Barnes and Nobles are closing. Like who cares. Well, yeah. I bet bums care but that's about it. I bought so many records, I went in there and the guy told me and I was like, wow. I must have bought 500 LPs. Did you hug it out? No, I don't hug. Yeah. I'm not a hugger. You're not a physical contact kinda guy. No. Well, that sucked, man, but that, you know, look, the fu, you can't get in the way of the future, you know? You feel like you're a guy who, like, kinda stands in the way of it? You know? Like, you're like the dude in front of, the bulldozer? No, not really. But, emotionally, you are. Well, I guess. You know, like, you don't want Sam's to close. Right? I feel bad that is closed. Yeah, but, you know. There is not enough people buying stuff from them. They expect they'll close so it works. I hear you man. It's a bummer, that's what happens in the future. The future sucks. And then you die. And that's it, the future sucks and then you die. [CROSSTALK] But meanwhile, but meanwhile we have fifteen hundred more. Episodes? Episodes of the 404. [CROSSTALK]. We're gonna go out? Yeah. [LAUGH]. The extra few hundreds. [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] We'll see, man. You know there's a lot of new stuff, and hopefully there's still that we can work on with you. Oh definitely. Yeah, yeah, we just might have to get you like, a new wardrobe. What are you doing? No. [CROSSTALK]. My wardrobe is perfect. You just have to wear your crayon shirt. I was gonna wear that today. I was gonna say, you haven't worn any of your wacky, sort of, shirts that you wear today. I'm, I'm maturing. Alright. You're maturing in your old age. I actually have an infection on my arm. You know, I was gonna. That's gross. Well, that's why I didn't wear the, I was gonna wear the crayon shirt. [CROSSTALK]. Are you alright? That my infection would look kinda weird on camera. Yeah. I appreciate you sparing us. So, what's the deal real quickly? I don't know. You gonna be alright? Yeah, I think I'll be okay. What is it? It's not gonna fall off, or anything. No, but what is it? [CROSSTALK]. I don't know. It just. [INAUDIBLE] up. It just materialized. This kind of blotch. Oh. Jesus. Alright. Well, hopefully you get that checked out. It's kind of like, oh, can we talk a little about Louie? Sure. I feel like we're alienating a lot of people. [CROSSTALK]. Really. It's a national. It is. It's probably on the world wide web [LAUGH]. I realize. People all over the world. Real quick survey in the room. We have Justin and Ariel behind the board today. Yeah. Okay, okay. Do you guys watch Louie? Yeah. You do. Yeah, yeah. So 100% [CROSSTALK] What do you want hear? What do you wanna about Louie [INAUDIBLE]. It's the greatest. I think this season, the fourth season. Hold on. Earthquake. Hold on. Let it pass. Is that the subway? [LAUGH] We're on the tenth floor. Man, is somebody else coming in with more gifts? No, I think its the elephant celebrating our 1500th episode. It's Justin. He's trying to get in here. Yeah. Alright, I think that's passed. Wow. That's what we're dealing with. What is, what is that? They're doing construction above us and to the side of us. It's like the. And they're, like, don't worry, make all the noise you want. They don't film anything here everyday. Oh, alright. There you go. No respect. No respect. So, Louie. But anyways, it's the fourth season. Is it the fourth? Yeah. And it's the best season. It's excellent. I think he's really matured. I think he's a much better actor. Yeah. I think the stories are better. I think all the other characters on the show are better. He's definitely maturing as a director. As a director. And an editor. Yeah. Pretty much, he does everything besides. You know, hold the camera. Yeah. Especially on that show. And just, and what really makes it special is, it has, it has emotional depth. Yeah. There's feeling, there's human feelings. It's not just funny lines that are bouncing back and forth. It's, it's David Linchmeat's Woody Allen. I like that. Is like a good way to describe it. I think, I think it has, it has depth. Yeah, it's very weird. Right. It's uncomfortable. Right. And at times, it's hilarious. Right. And very New York City. Oh, definitely. [CROSSTALK]. And that could be, kind of confusing. And it's funny, because we, we get emails, you know, we, we definitely do a little navel gazing with New York here. You know, because. Well, let's be honest [CROSSTALK]. Cuz we have the New Yorker's view of the world. Right. With that big space in the middle and then there's L.A. [UNKNOWN] going. Right. So, you're in the flyover states and stuff. Hm. So, I think, you know, New Louis sort of suffers that same, you know, bubble issue. Right. Where like, someone in Iowa can't really relate. Right. To what's going on there. But you know, I think that's fine. A lot of people email us cuz we talk about New York a lot. And they're like, you guys are dicks. Hm. New York's not the only place in the world. And we're like. Really? We're like, I didn't know that. [LAUGH]. And we're having that now. It's not the only place. It's just the most important place. Right. So the only place that really matters at the end of the day. So I think. [LAUGH] It's addicting to say. But it, it's true. [LAUGH] You couldn't say it if it wasn't me. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Right? Justin, you know it's true? Of course. He said, of course. You know it was weird. I was, I was in Minneapolis or Denver [LAUGH]. There's other cities. No, but I'm walking around these cities. Yeah. And there's no traffic and there's no people. They all left. There's tall buildings. Right. With huge spaces between them. Yeah. And I was there and I, and I went out and I said, but there's no delis. Right. There's no cabs. And that's the thing, and that's the thing like. There are. [CROSSTALK]. They're not real cities, which is what I'm saying. Even in San Francisco, which I do happen to really enjoy. Yeah, that's a city. It is a city, but like ten o'clock rolls by. Mm-hm. And you need to be in a, in the right place. Uh-huh. Like you ca, like if it's a Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Mm-hm. You could easily stand on a city block and just. Have nothing, nothing. Really? Right Ariel? For sure. In San Francisco? Yeah. Yeah, I think it's getting a little busier now but yeah, that's for sure. There is, I mean. Wow. Yeah. There are areas in San Francisco that are dead. There's a lot of, like when I go, if I'm ever going around the country, or like when I used to tour. We would go out kind of late during the week. Mm-hm. And, New York's really the only place where like it's just, always people and stuff going on. Baltimore. Empty. When I worked as a projectionist. Yeah. And I would be taking the subway home at 2 o'clock in the morning. Yeah. I couldn't usually get a seat. There were just too many people. Right. Too many people. That's interesting. It, it, it's. Like they used to say, it's the city that never sleeps. For sure. But it's true. There's a reason. But no. Louie's very good. Yeah. Louie's very good. And you know, I just, it's, it's, it's crazy that there's things that he touches on that you. Like the fat. Lady episode. Yeah, that was, that was moving. That was amazing. And that was all, like, one take, too, it looked like. Yeah, it was incredible. And the fact that he wrote it. Yeah. I mean, she sang the words and she feel. Right. And she's a great actress and she's feeling it. Yeah. Basically saying, you won't have sex with me cuz I'm a fat girl. And, meanwhile, he was a fat, dumpy guy. Yeah. But he's basically saying. I can do better than you. [LAUGH]. I don't need to have sex with you. That was the message, right? It tackles some really controversial and moving sort of stuff. Yeah. On the show. And then we'll just have like of an episode of like that Jerry Seinfeld episode. That was [INAUDIBLE] Which just yeah. If you haven't checked it out check it out. Yeah. From FX. Fully endorsed. I feel like we've had. It's Woody Allen. [CROSSTALK] I wanna say we had. Oh no, who did I say, oh last night, do you. You should get him off. Who? Louie. Oh yeah, that's easy. Have you seen [LAUGH] Have you seen the Amy Schumer show? You know I used to not get it and now I get it. Yeah. I think she's really funny. She's very funny. Really, really, funny. I went to college with her. Oh really? Yeah I did. She had Reggie Watts on last night. [INAUDIBLE] much older than you. No, I think I'm actually a year older than her. Yeah she. She had Reggie Watts on the show last night. Mm-hm. So, if you're a fan of [CROSSTALK]. [CROSSTALK]. On our program go check that out. Alright. Okay. 1500. In the books. [CROSSTALK]. Thanks for being here, man. Oh, I'm honored. Alright. Follow Steve on Twitter @audiopheliacman. And read the blog where can we check that out, CNET.com/ CNET.com/audiophiliac. There you have it. A big thanks to everyone who has one way or another directly or indirectly been a part of our show in our 1500 episodes, and the biggest thanks of course to you the people watching and listening where ever you're doing that. I don't know Ariel do you have anything to add to that? Thanks for letting me get down. I've had fun, so, so far, you know, a little more to go. Alright. Excellent stuff. We're back here on Monday. Justin will be back. I'm gone until a week from, probably, Monday. We'll see. I might take a bad Monday off. Depends. On how my E3 goes. Follow me on Twitter @Jeff Bakalar for everything out at E3. I'm gonna try and tweet as much as I can, all the latest news. We're gonna be live blogging Microsoft's press conference Sony's press conference. And then I'll also be appearing onstage at Game Spot's E3 booth. I'll be doing like ten minutes every day there. So that's gonna be fun as well. Wow, you're. Your calendar's full. It's really full, but what do you care, Steve, cuz games don't matter. I'll be listening to Led Zeppelin. Alright. If you don't mind. One, two, and three. Marvelous. So you have your instructions, participate in the Tinder fake account contest and you can win what's already an amazing [CROSSTALK] of 100. And $75 worth of cool **** stuff from Steve. We're gonna throw in some stuff too. And I touched it. Some video games, you coughed on it. You touched it. Yeah. That's more -. Couple of boogers are in there. That's a great pitch for, for the contest. Thanks for bringing that dimension to it. We're back here on Monday, Justin will be back in the house. Tutorial, and someone else probably. Until then, we'll see you, have a great weekend. I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Steve Guttenberg. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 Show, High-tech Lowbrow. Thanks again to everyone tuning in, and we'll see you on Monday. [MUSIC]

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