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The 404: The 404 1,472: Where we're staying neutral
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The 404: The 404 1,472: Where we're staying neutral

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Bridget Carey is back to break down the new proposed FCC net neutrality rules, Amazon's deal with HBO and which ISPs aren't delivering on advertised bandwidth speeds.

It's Thursday April 24th, 2014 I'm Ariel Nunez and from our CBS Studios in New York City welcome to the 404. [MUSIC] What's going on everyone. Welcome to the 404 show, I'm Jeff Backalar. And I'm Bridgette Kerry. Thank you Bridget Carey, thank you for bailing me out once again. [LAUGH] Bringing me from below the ocean's floor to the surface, to the top. That's what you do for me. I'm your little arm floaties. You are, you really are. [LAUGH] I still wear those. Is that weird? Huh, not really. [LAUGH] Only in the ocean though. The pool's uncomfortable. Thanks for being here. Filling for Justin Wu once again. Justin is gonna be back next week from what I hear that's all that's only like rumors and stuff I'm told he's gonna be here next week. You gotta know if your co-host is going to be here or not. You would think so but, these are all, you know. Things that we just, really have no control over. Yeah. Ultimately. So we also have really awesome guests coming in next week. Which I'm very excited about. I will tease at the end of the show. Okay. And we can, we can get to that when the time comes. There's a lot of news going on today Bridget Carrie. Tell me about it. There's a ton! There's a ton of stuff. So you have a busy day. Yes. How are you gonna cram an entire day's worth of news into a two minute and forty second spot? That's what I do baby. That's what you do. Yeah, Facebook and Amazon and FCC, there's just a lot going on. There's a lot going on. The first thing that jumped out to us was the FCC stuff. There's there's information coming out today that there is a new proposal from the FCC could could potentially allow companies to pay ISP's for faster service. It's kind of like saying, pay a toll to drive on the faster lane of our highway. To get to consumers. So, Comcast saying, hey, Netflix, if you wanna have a better speed, you should pay more. Right. To go on this extra highway. The problem is the controversy of, of this, of this concept is It's not fair to everyone. Not every company is gonna have the resources to pay for that extra lane highway, and so, you have start ups and other web sites going well, great. So, now I'm going to be slower just because I can't pay Comcast or pay Time Warner more to be able to have, to be able to get to people. It should be an even playing field, that's the argument. I, I agree with you for the most part. I don't, and, and look, I am not a fan of you know, the issues that come with net neutrality, like I, obviously I think that it should all be free game and open to everybody. The problem I see is, for me I just don't want anything throttled and changed compared to the way it is now. Like, I don't want all of the sudden my internet to sort of like chug along. Like right now I can stream HD video, using anything. And I guess maybe that's like a threshold. I just don't want anything to go beyond that. Right now, you can visit any website, you can do any service, you can do anything like that. I think from this sort of starting point, maybe you could introduce other extracurricular sort of things that possibly you may have to pay extra for. But I don't think like, like you said, like we right now, we're on this highway. You shouldn't have to pay anymore. To, to, you know, get in, get in a faster lane or something like that. It worries me about the potential for just, just shady business deals. I mean, you have a situation where maybe some company like Comcast, which is part of NBC, says you know we like our Hulu shows maybe have this faster speed, you know. Maybe you don't pay as much as someone else is more of a competitor. You don't, you know, you, you gotta hope that. FCC would be a watchdog that everything's being done fairly and that there aren't, you know, privileges given to some over others. It, it just, it doesn't make me feel good about also having that main highway, that average person highway, you know. Well, is that just going to be neglected? Yeah. Is, are there gonna be no improvements done for, for. Well, you have to pay more if you want- Right, right. Yeah, it kind of can incentivize them to to make it even better if you pay more, and even better if you pay more. Doesn't this really start to worry you a little bit. It's kind of like we don't realize how we've good we've had it this long. Cuz it seems like corruption and all of that other junk that usually infiltrates it's way into all things that are fun and good took a really long time to get to the internet and now it's finally happening. Because they're giants. Yeah, sure. They're just giant companies now. I mean let's be honest. There were ulterior motives going on when like NBC and Comcast was you know, very much interested in acquiring these content distributors and content makers. Alright, let's read a little more. Whenever you're here, I feel like I have to put on my, my journalist tag. [LAUGH] And it's like, really play by the rules, and not speculate. So let's read what Maggie wrote here. She says that the new rules would prevent ISPs, internet service providers, from blocking or disrupting traffic to specific websites. So that's good. That's a good thing. That's good. Don't block, don't, don't slow it down. Don't [CROSSTALK] don't do anything like that. But, it's a big but. They would also let companies pay for special access directly to customers, allowing for superior service. And that is where you get the terrifying notion. Look, there's no blocking, there's no limiting. And that's kind of like satisfying my initial, you know anxiety. Where I was like, look, I don't wanna all the sudden have to pay extra to visit Mh-hm. So they can't do that. But they might be able to, loophole that and finagle that language, so that they do wind up charging you extra money to do something perhaps you might already be doing on the internet. It's, it's more like worry about competition, you know, think of it as sure a company like that's well known like a Netflix or someone else can say, you know what, I'll pay Comcast or Amazon. I'll pay Comcast and Time Warner more to get faster access to you, Jack. Hm. You know to make sure your experience is awesome, but that start up, that one who could be a good challenger. That was a bigger fight to make a difference, and the giants remain the giants. Well the only think I can come up with for that. I like those small people will just use the big time service, until they get big enough where they can afford to fry to. That the highway, or, Yea. I don't know, I don't know. It's a crazy sort of way to look at it. Just keep it fair and square. I know, it's well, it's crazy, it's a scary time again. These are just like proposals. Yeah. Nothing's written in stone, the FCC seems to move at a glacial pace. And, and this is changing by the day. So it's a story to definitely keep watching. Here's an example Maggie gives in her story here. Such a plan. Is this Maggie? I just want to make sure. Oh, I'm sorry, this is Roger Chang reporting here. Such a, such a plan would allow media streaming sites such as Netflix or sports websites like ESPN to pay extra. To ensure that their traffic would get this customers in a speedy, unobstructed manner. So ESPN gets, gets to you. Your experience is great but man, that other sports website, experience is so slow. I'm now, as a consumer, thinking it's them. And not realizing maybe they just can't, they're just not paying the extra fees. See. So, it kind of warps your perception of that company unfairly. Exactly, you're totally right. Ak, it's crazy. Doesn't that seem to directly conflict with that first detail that says that it won't limit and won't obstruct access? The word neutrality! Oh, God this makes me nauseous! [LAUGH] Yeah. So anyway, there's a lot to talk about here. It's a developing story. And won that, I'm actually gonna really pay close attention to it. We should be outspoken about these things. I'm not gonna let the bad guys win. Yeah. I'm not gonna let the bad guys win. There, and I'm not saying anyone's a bad guy yet. But who has their interest of you in mind, right? Right. Oh, no one. Come on, no one does. alright. We'll, we'll get out of the net neutrality talk for a little bit and. Keep it in the realm of streaming, and stuff like that. Yesterday, a big time distribution deal was announced. HBO signing up with Amazon Prime. They're gonna get their app on Fire TV. This is a major deal. This is the first time HBO content is gonna be available without an HBO subscription. I think that's pretty cool. It's pretty cool, but then when you read the fine print you're like wait a minute. At least I did a big wait a minute. Cuz I'm like ready to call up Verizon be like, hey you can take that HBO subscription and shove it. And they'd be like oh, I guess you don't like watching Games of Thrones. And I'm like what are you talking about. Right So the b-big sort of detail here, if The Game of Thrones is not included, in your Amazon Prime subscription, you HBO access. Anything that's being aired right now, actually isn't included. You, I mean, first off Game of Thrones is not gonna be part of it at all. But, like, if you Girls or the Newsroom. Or Beep. Or Beep. Or anything awesome. You have to wait. Three years before it airs on TV. Oh, that's it? Oh just three years. You know. I, I have something I wanna get off my chest here. Get it off right now. Okay. Oh man, this is a first for me. I have, I, I have not ever watched an entire series of an HBO show before. I've never seen The Sopranos. I've never, and I'm excited. [LAUGH] Oh, I lost him. [LAUGH] What the hell are you talking about? I'm saying I have seen you know, a repeat on TV here and there for things that are syndicated, but I never owned HBO. I don't have any friends I've stolen the password for HBO Go for, and so. It's not stealing. It's borrowing. You know what I mean. But, what I'm getting at, as someone who has prime, I'm like oh, finally I can, you know, kinda catch up on these old shows. I'll have no one to talk to about them. Because everyones way over all these shows, these, these, they're old shows. But it's kinda cool to be like oh, well, huh, I don't have to pay for HBO to kinda get a chance to see them or pay for the DVDs or that kind of thing. I mean I have downloaded some, you know, like episodes here and there to see things but it's not like I've every been oh, wow I saw a whole season of this show. Because I never had HBO. And so they're, [CROSSTALK] they're targeting me. They're targeting people like me who go hm, I never had HBO but I hear all this buzz about all these shows. You start watching it, get into it, and then say three years when when the newsroom the first season comes out I'm like oh, man I'm all caught up now. Yeah. Now I feel so compelled to pay for it. I must get HBO. And so they're really targeting people like me. I, I felt like, I, I just. I'm kind of, I'm kind of in the camp that's at least like hey, I can finally see The Sapranos. [LAUGH] Wait, wait a sec. I feel like I've time traveled. Or I'm talking to a time traveler. From a far away- I'm cultured! I have seen, Curb Your Enthusiasm, I have seen these shows. But I've never been subscribed to like see the full season and stuff, yeah. What is the most upsetting about your admission? [LAUGH] I'm trying to think is it. I think it's The Sopranos, because The Sopranos is probably the best series ever made. The Wire, that's another one I hear a lot of talk about it's always been like oh man. I gotta go to The Wire, I gotta find out, I gotta go down to The Wire. What's it like? Never seeing that? I've never met anyone like that! My world is open to so many more possibilities. The first step is admitting you have a problem. No, I'm joking around, it's just very rare. For like- Yeah. Yeah. But wow. But you know what I'm, I, I'll tell you another thing. What have you been doing? I've been lazy. I've been watching things that are available to me, instead of hunting online for it, you know. Right, right right that's amazing stuff, man, you know, wow. That's, so, I'm speechless. I, I basically, if it's not on the TV or easily downloadable I'm like guess I missed my chance. [CROSSTALK] I'm not gonna go hunt for it later. But they released like DVDs of The Sopranos. That's what I mean. I've, I've never cared enough to go buy them cuz I felt like eh, it's such a time investment. But when it's on Netflix, sometimes you get caught up in things. I binge-watched Breaking Bad. Okay. I watched the whole thing on the last season year. When everyone's buzzing about it. You watched all of them. I was like you know what, let me go on Netflix and just binge on it, you know right. Right. And so I got caught up more or less by the time of the finale. Well, look, at least you didn't have to suffer through True Blood. Because that show sucks. [LAUGH] All right. So there's I guess a silver lining there. Yeah, yeah thanks. Man, even like Deadwood is good. Even the shows that aren't good. You know what, I'm not disrespecting the shows, I think they're awesome. You know, I wanna see them. So that's why I'm kind of like, all right. Finally. Right. I guess Primes gonna pay off just a little for me. It really will. And now I can make pop culture references that are really old. Right. I'm gonna feel like [LAUGH] You're gonna be like, you're gonna tell, you're gonna start telling people to go to like the bada bing and everyone's gonna know what you mean now. Yeah you're gonna be excited about that. Oh I can't wait, I can't wait. I have no idea what that means. I know the futures very bright for you. [LAUGH] Okay fine, so in your very unique situation. [LAUGH] Very unique, remarkable unique. But yeah, you still got to pay for it if you want to be on top of all the good stuff. Sure, right so. Like, like even Shrewd Detectives I guess is not gonna be part of this either. Yeah, it's, but anything in that three year threshold is- Mm-hm. And, guess what? That sucks. And for, yes I know, the anomaly that sits to the left of me, is taken care of, okay. But for, norm, us normies, no I'm kidding [LAUGH]. For anyone, they, they're, they're opening to a new audience, right? Right. And so. And I joke, but it's true, like. You know, you pay a lot of money for HBO every month, I think. [CROSSTALK] It's like, I must spend over like 20 bucks, it's crazy. But whatever, [UNKNOWN] is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. So I have to, you know, pay the small price of admission. But this, to me is not a gigantic incentive to the average person. And when you eliminate that three year window of stuff, all of a sudden hey, this is not cool. Well, now, that's actually what happened to me with Breaking Bad. The last season wasn't available. And I started paying for it on the paid part of Amazon. Emotionally and monetarily paying for it. [LAUGH] Yeah. So, yeah, it's I think get you hooked, then you really want to seek it out. I'm curious what people think. If they're in, in, in my camp on this, I know how you are, you're just happy to be there [CROSSTALK] and its amazing, and HBO has an amazing archive of great stuff and you'll be set for the next you know, decade. But for people like me who have watched quasi religiously all these shows. It doesn't do anything for you. It doesn't do anything for me yeah, and this deal is not that major yeah, you have access to this amazing archive, but, you know, it's all about watching Game of Thrones right when it comes out. Mm-hm. and, you know, HBO Go is still gonna require that ISP password thing. Now, what would be really awesome is if they did it where maybe they just delayed it a week per episode instead of three years you know. Then you might consider dropping HBO for, for the sake of going alright I'll, I'll put up with a week or maybe even a month without spoilers you know? Absolutely, but let's be honest Bridget, HBO is the most pirated freaking content provider on earth. Yeah, mm-hm. People download Game of Thrones episodes by the million. Mm-hm. So I guess at the end of the day what we're saying is pay for all your content is what we're saying. [LAUGH] It's for maybe people who don't want to go through the effort or know how, right? Right sure those 14 people who have no idea. Not listeners of this show probably. Of course not. But you shouldn't do that. Anyway moving along, that's the deal with HP and Amazon. I just thought I was the only one in the world who didn't know what IFTTT was. If there's been that. I have no idea. People wrote in yesterday that Jeff, what's wrong with you? It's been around for three years. You sound like a dummy. Well, look, nobody's perfect, okay? Bridgette never watched HBO, I've never heard of IFTTTT. TTTT. Okay? And obviously the day after I announce and admit that I've been in the dark about this technology along comes a freakin brand new Android app that unlocks a whole nother cluster f sort of thing of functionality for IFTTT. It's a whole new world for you. It's amazing. Get this, Android users. [LAUGH] Sorry iPhone. Well, it's been [INAUDIBLE] But not as hard core apparently. Right, because Android's all open. Super open starting now. You know, and there is a release for IFTTT for iPad and IOS but now there is a whole brand new set of functionality that has been unlocked. That ifttt for Android will bring to your phone. There is a ridiculous amount of functionality packed into this. for example, you can have, like a text message automatically backed up to your Google drive or drop box whenever you get one. You could figure out a way to have it send you a text message for you. Remember I, I don't know if you heard of this. I was complaining that there, is no service. That just like text someone. When I arrive somewhere. Right. And I, it sounds like you might finagle a way to do that. Cook up a recipe, with this app for android. Yes. Its really cool stuff. I, I think your enthusiasm is making me wanna try it. Its so cool. Once again the lazy factor kicks in. And I go. Yeah. I have so much to do. Do I really want to spend time making a program up. But, some of the examples, you know, make a lot of sense. Like just a backup for your contacts, you know? Right. Because, let's be honest. Like, I mean, on the iPhone, the iCloud is annoying to deal with. Okay. [INAUDIBLE] for backing up. I don't back up because of it, or I do once in a blue moon, you know. And, and things like that, every time I add something, make sure you add it to dropbox. Or every time I take a picture add it to dropbox. It's kind of neat. When its, when its meant for someone like me whose too lazy to do things you know? Yeah. I'm kind of, I'm kind of interested in it. The possibilities are endless. The community is pretty cool because you can not only cook up your own recipe but then you can then share that recipe with other IFTTT users. Mm-hm. I just sound like a little kid in a candy shop, I just, it's opened up so much functionality for me and it's, like the second it clicks the logic clicks with you, you're like Jesus, I could do anything and you know. What's it limited by I mean doe's a app like ever need to be participating or can people just you know. Right, so that's the limited and there really doesn't seem to be much limitation. There're a few things I've discovered in my 48 hours of messing around with it and I was like oh, it would be cool if I could tweak that a little bit. But they really seem to have every sort of you know platform on board. The biggest. okay, well I'm less familiar with the smart home stuff that, that. There's a lot of that. Well, like oh, you have this, you know appliance that when you get home the garage, the lights will turn on, the. Right. But I never use it on my smart phone only though. Big thing for me was having all these people saying like Jeff, you need a website, I don't really have a website. [INAUDIBLE] Like if you go to it goes to like my twitter page which is pretty stupid. Mm-hm. So, I'm like all right. Let me get a website. And all I wanna do is populate my website with my tweets. Yeah. Which sounds stupid, but I guess that's what you want. There's a lot to do in a day. You need something, yeah. I don't really understand the internet. [LAUGH] I'm just sorta here winging it. And I figure all right. Well, let me, IFTT was really useful in setting up that sort of work flow, so. It just sort of opened up a lot of possibilities for me. Alright, you got me, you got me curious because I'm a crafter at heart, and this is like tech crafting. And so I feel like I'm getting a little giddy now, talking about it. Totally. Totally, so I'm totally into that right now, and if anyone has any tips, please, send it along. Today Scott Stein wrote something interesting about. iPads, this is this is really good Oped, he said, what will it take to get people to buy new iPads. Joe Schlesinger was here yesterday talking about the Apple earning report iPhone cells are through the roof. iPad sales not so much. They're selling them. Mm-hm. But they're not selling them as well as they used to. And- Because people already have an iPad! Right, it's got, you know, it starts of this story saying, like, look my wife has an iPad 2 and it's been fine for what? Four years, however long it's been out. You don't need to replace them that much. I mean we replace our phones out of a couple of reasons, one, every two years you feel like you're, you're gonna lose out money and with, with that contract you might as well just do it [CROSSTALK] And they can afford to do that. Yeah! I was able to upgrade for free cuz of trade ins practically, you know? Right. So, but with a tablet, they kind of, you know, keep doing the same tablety thing. Right. It doesn't, your experience doesn't change all that much. And the performance is, I don't want to say it's, it's plataeued, but it's definitely not followed a similar sort of proportion to where the demand for horsepower You know, is exponential. I feel like that, if you were to chart that, that sort of level that a little bit. There's not really anything out there that's, that's making the iPad air chug along or lag out. I mean, the smaller size was a big jump and people might go oh, I can use it for more things. I can throw it in my purse easier cuz it's smaller, but after that right, like a little size. It's become a reason why do I really need another one? Exactly, and like we've said before the turnover rate for the iPhone. That's every two years and you're spending you know 2, $300. If you want to get a new iPad regularly it, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense cuz you're spending like upwards of $500. I mean how often do you replace a laptop? We're starting to talk the same way we do about laptops. Right, exactly. If, if they, they kind of can take, you know, they kind of can live for awhile. And that's one of the points he, he, he kinda gets into in his story here. You're right. It's a freaking computer, you know? Mm-hm. You might accessorize it a little bit. Sure. with eh, a new keyboard, but that. Treat yourself with a new case, right? Yea [LAUGH] But buying a whole brand new, you know, computer, is. Mh-hm. Crazy to do every year or two or even three years. I think the iPad is falling into that category. I also think a lot of people that have Ipad 2, 3 or 4 are just content. The AIR is amazing. Super light, but they're all light. None of them are breaking anyone's backs. They're, they're, they're productive for the most part. They all seem to perform pretty well. The battery life is great. The screen, the Retina screen is fantastic. What the hell am I buying a new one every year for? They're really going to need to do something that takes, or draws a line in the sand and separates it from the iPhone and from, you know, the other existing iPads, where people are like oh, my god, I have to have that. I find myself not really using my iPad that often. Yeah. I mean, it becomes the thing to kind of have by your TV if you're browsing. But I have my phone closer sometimes. I just end up being on my phone. Then when it does have something crazy different, is that going to be integrated with, oh if you buy the new one it works With this amazing new thing. With Apple TV, you know? And it's kind of like, it's going to make you want to buy into maybe a couple other new, new things. That oh, oh, only the new one can do this really cool trick. Right. And then you feel like, oh, well I guess I have to. And you know that's going to happen. [CROSSTALK] Right. And that's how they [CROSSTALK]. Because, think about it, how else do you basically force people to upgrade? Right. You're going to have to make something so exclusive and so awesome. That only the iPad Air 2, if they call it. The naming, the naming. Or maybe like iPad airier. Airy. Now it's, less, less light. Right. And they, and Tim Cook just comes out and it's on his palm and it just floats away. Like with little iPad wings. That'd be pretty tight. Yeah, I'd imagine like a yogurt commercial where everything is so light and fluffy. Oh my iPad. Wouldn't it be cool. There's like billowing drapes in the background my iPad air. Yeah I'm telling you come this fall the way they're gonna do it. They'll, they'll set up the keynote. Mm-hm. And it'll just be like clouds everywhere. And then, in sitting Indian style, Tim Cook will just like levitate down on a cloud. [LAUGH] And, and an iPad will just fly to his hand. It's magical. That's it. That's how it's gonna work. All right? Good. Glad we're all in agreement there. If you didn't get upset with your ISP during our discussion about net neutrality to start of the show, you'll probably going to get upset when you find that a recent study shows you are probably not getting the broadband speed that you are actually paying for. Well this is shocking I don't think most people Are checking even. Okay sounds good. I'll just live my life cuz I've got enough to worry about. And they're not checking really. Right. I'm kinda a freak like that every time I sign up for new internet access which has maybe only been five times in my life. But the first thing I do is go to and refresh, refresh, until I get that number that I'm happy with. Right. Doesn't mean anything I don't know why I do I just gotta do it. Because your, yourr a savvy tec, Techno. Is it savvy or like obsessed. I don't know. I'll let you decide. I like savvy. That's a better label. The Wall Street Journal issued a report that included a study from Ookla. Have you heard of Ookla? Hm. O-O-K-L-A. Well, they're the operator of the popular speed testing website that I just talked about, and they surveyed. 646,000 users over the past year. The purpose was to determine how close ISPs are coming to their advertised speed and, and what they're actually getting. The, the actual results of that. So believe it or not. There are six ISPs that that are actually delivering higher than advertised speeds. Hm. To the people who are paying for them. That includes Midcontinent Communications, what the hell, I've never heard of that. Have you ever heard of that? No. Earthlink, I've heard of. Yes. Optimum Online. Earthlink. Wow, Optimum Online. That is, north east based. That's in I see their commercials, yeah. Manhattan. That's in New jersey. That's in Long Island. I'm surprised by that. But they are in fact offering a higher speed rate. Wide Open West. Again, shoulder shrug. And then FIOS. And Charter Communications. I'm a little surprised about FIOS. Personally I think their speed has kind of tanked over the last three years that I've had them. But you can go to our show not for today, we can go to the chart that shows the majority of ISP including Comcast, including Time Warners. Time Warner, including AT&T U-Verse all perform far below their advertised speeds. That's really a shame. FCC's gotta step up. Right? Somebody's got to blow the whistle on this, and be the ref to say that's not right. Why don't you stop for a second with the net neutrality stuff and start slapping fines on ISPs [CROSSTALK] that are not delivering their advertised speeds. We go, well it's a lot of factors. No, I don't know about that. This is. Don't give me this node talk. Every time you, you tell me oh, you not close to a nod. Get out of here. [LAUGH] That's not why there not good internet. Then, then, then don't tell me Let me pay for what I'm getting. Yeah, exactly. You know. They should, they should pro rate it. Kinda like your electricity and your gas. Exactly You know, pay for what you use. Well, maybe I don't wanna do that. Maybe you [LAUGH] I just realized something. Yeah. Cuz electricity and internet are totally connected. Yeah. So my electricity bill is Absurd. But at. So I can't imagine my Internet bill being. But at least when it comes to like speed if, if there is a problem on their end they should reimburse a little bit maybe. I agree. Totally agree. And I'm glad that we agree. Yeah. Is what I am. It's good to agree. Finally, I had to bring up this story cuz Viber is something I use every single day. Really, you use Viber a lot? I do. I'm in a, I'm in a Viber like chatroom with about 11 of my closest friends. And we've been in a chat room for about four years. Best buddies. Yeah. It's weird. But it's just, it's an easy way, it's an easy way for all of us to just get information out right away, you know, like, where's everyone right now, oh in the dumpster. Whatever. So, don't worry about what I do on the weekend. Briber apparently has been sending video. And images without any encryption whatsoever. So when you're inside on of these chat rooms or if you just do a straight up chat with one person. Any video you send or image you send is not encrypted. When I read this, I was just, kind of I, I got my grumpy type reporter hat on and I was like there you go! That's why you can't trust anyone. You can't trust anyone. And we're all so trusting because we assume like, well, if they're a business, they should do it right otherwise they won't get business, and then something like this comes along, where a guy goes hey, you know it's possible to just tap in and hack in, you know. Okay, fine. Look, is this good? It's not good, but I also don't think it's that bad. They say that they haven't, they don't have any record of anyone being affected by this. Right, which. Whatever that means. Yeah, that's like the knee jerk response that you're suppose to say. Yeah. Here's what I think. I think that it is a bad vulnerability. and, any photo you take of yourself that could be nasty or whatever it is. I don't know what people do on vibe is where people sending in all these videos and photo whatever it is They're very trusting that oh, I'm sure only mean for the person to see it. Right. Potentially, there's a, there's a chance that some nefarious individuals could perhaps you know. Home in on that and, and, and grab it. Fine. They're gonna update the app to, to fix it. I'm not defending Viber. This is, a vulnerability and a flaw, then they should fix. But I also don't think it's like the biggest deal ever. I, you know? But should it- I mean, like, pictures are out there on the internet. They are. Yeah. And, and, and I think the first, the first rule you have to teach yourself when you start using the internet which is like now when you're three. When you're old enough to start doing things like this. Just know anytime a photo is like digitized like taken, it's there and it, and it will never be 100% secure unless it's on a computer that is not connected to the internet. I agree. You should never trust anything, but it seems like almost your argument is kinda like, well, can't trust anything. Yeah. So if it goes wrong, I guess I shouldn't be mad. You know, like, like. Well yeah, like, that is my argument. My argument is. Every thing sucks. Nothing works, noting works the way it's supposed to. I guess I'll just keep being a customer. I guess I got a, I got a bone in my hamburger. I guess I'll keep eating at that restaurant, you know. Well that's a little different. I know, I'm just kind of, like, saying, you know, like, like, we should be kind of angry cuz then it'll encourage them to not make mistakes like this for future future companies. Agreed. And, and we should be up Set, they're getting a lot. Just with heartbleed was terrible. It was bad. They're getting a lot of bad press, and they deserve it. But like I said like you know, the internet is, it's still sort of like the wild west. Mh-hm. And you have to know that no matter what you're using as much as someone swears up and down it's gonna be okay. There is a potential that it won't be okay, and that goes for using your credit card and doing everything else like that. It's just the world we live in. There's super secret privacy app for sending pictures that are uber encrypted called wicker, I don't know if you've used it. Okay. Where like, you, to, to, to see the picture that you send me, I have to hold my finger down on the screen, which means I can't take a screen shot. Interesting. Yeah, I can't do a little trick on the iPhone, take a screen shot of it. Sorta like snapchat. But, but, but I, will it's not very easy. You can't take a screen shot of. You, you can take a screen shot, but you have to hold your finger on it. Right. Yeah. But then if you send text or other things, I can still take a picture of that. Nothing is really saved. [LAUGH] Right, like I could take a photo of your photo. Yes, exactly. Yeah. I was, like oh, I could just, like, hold my finger down, take another camera. So. Exactly. Nothing is. Gonna save you. There you go. Nothing's protected. Right? I mean like. And anyone can get hacked at any time and put all this on the internet. It's great. Yeah, it's a good feeling. So, which is why I just start wearing a t-shirt with my social security number on it. Figure just have it out in the open. [LAUGH] Don't, don't bother. Can't win, don't try. Here it is. Bridgette, thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. This is a wonderful show. Some programming notes unfortunately we're not able to do a show tomorrow. I have a personal thing I must take care of. So with no Justin around, we'll a, we'll have to cancel the show tomorrow. But we're back Monday. Mm-hm. And Monday, things start to get pretty freaky. Scott Aukerman, Host of the comedy Bang Bang Podcast, and the comedy bang-bang show on IFC will be back here in the studio on Monday, and we're going to have a very fun time with him. On Tuesday, Katie Linnendall, a lot of people wanted to get her back, she's coming back on Tuesday. Again, that's Katie Linnendall, she'll be here. And at some point, I would imagine Justin would re-surface. So next week's looking up! I'm pretty excited. Very cool. Alright. Follow Bridget on Twitter at Bridget Carey. Check out CNET Update at That works. That's right. Okay man. Keeping it simple. Keep it simple. I like it. That will do it for us this week. Thank you so much for tuning in. Shoot us an email Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and all that jazz. We're back here on Monday with Scott Auckerman, very excited about that. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Bridget Carey. I'm Ariel Nunez. This has been the 404 High Tech Low Brow. Thanks for watching guys, we'll see you Monday. 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