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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: Move windows without disruption in OS X
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Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily: Move windows without disruption in OS X

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Rearrange your windows without disrupting your current application. Patrick shows you how on today's Tekzilla Daily.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Welcome to Tekzilla Daily. I'm Patrick Norton. Have you ever felt the need to reorganize OSX's desktop windows, but you didn't want lost focus of the window you're, well, right on? Tekzilla viewer Cory, in South Carolina, has got you covered. He recently sent us this little tip. If you hold down the command key you can move windows behind other windows without bringing them in front or switching from your current application. Now how neat is that? What do you think the crew at Apple's gonna think of next. Now, you got a tip or a trick you want to share with the Tekzilla crew? Do us a favor. Email us, And don't forget, is the place to find more tips, tricks, product reviews, and how tos. ^M00:00:44 [ Banging sound ] >> Oh my God. ^E00:00:48

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