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CNET News Video: Tech Minute: Tips for older job seekers

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CNET News Video: Tech Minute: Tips for older job seekers

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Finding a job is never easy, but especially not for older workers who have either been out of the workforce for a while or whose technology skills may not be as up to date as the market demands. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on a handful of useful Web sites and resources for the over-50 job seeker.

Before even starting a job search that you -- -- for your skills are now because let's face it you're not the same person you worm when you begin your career. A good place for this kind of -- valuation is the national business services alliance. The job -- feature to help you find what you're really looking for. Take conservative figure out what your strengths and talents are -- how they match up with jobs in your area. -- careers dot com of the comprehensive website with job posting and searching tips. Click through to the page -- -- in order job seekers and you'll find a wealth of free -- -- like how to update your resume or ease yourself back into the workforce. And speaking of those people hoping to return to work retired -- dot com is a useful long established site just for you. A popular feature -- the site is that work from home search category with plenty career options based on convenience. No matter the age of the job searching process is time consuming and often times frustrating but these tools hopefully we'll help. And difference if I'm Kara tsuboi cnet.com for CBS news.

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