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First Look: SRS iWOW Adapter for iPod

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First Look: SRS iWOW Adapter for iPod

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The SRS iWOW is like a sonic Tabasco sauce for your music, but it doesn't complement every song.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> The iPod has a menu of EQ presets that can tweak the sound in several ways, but it's a little unsatisfying if you're looking for dramatic changes. Today we're taking a first look at the SRS iWOW, a $99 accessory that give some kick to you iPod sound. The iWOW is less than inch tall and about the same thickness and width as an iPod classic. There's a headphone jack on the bottom, an iPod dock connector on the top that's compatible with the majority iPods made from the past few years. The controls are simple, maybe a little too simple. There's an on/off button on the center and volume control and that's about it. There's no EQ knobs, there's no alternate settings, it's either on or it's off. The sound enhancement is very noticeable and it does an excellent job of boosting and defining lower frequencies. It doesn't sound great on all songs, however and for the price they really should be a way to dial back the enhancement on songs that don't need to go full throttle. If you're using your iPod stock earbuds and you're on the fence between getting this or a higher quality pair of headphones, I say the headphones are probably a better investment. But if you have headphones you're already happy with and you have an insatiable desire to hear your music pushed to the extreme, the SRS iWOW does the trick. I'm Donald Bell and that was a first look at the SRS iWOW for iPod. ^M00:01:12 [ Music ]

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