First Look: Speecup Bluetooth speaker pretends it's a travel mug
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First Look: Speecup Bluetooth speaker pretends it's a travel mug

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iCreation's Bluetooth speaker look like a travel mug, making it a good fit for car cupholders, but its size limits portability.

Hi. I'm Wayne Cunningham here to show you iCreation's Speecup. Now the Speecup is a Bluetooth speaker system. You can put this in your car, it's kinda designed to fit in the car's cup holder and it's designed to look kind of like a travel mug. I've brought a travel mug here to show the difference, they're pretty much the same, this is 8-1/2 inches tall, which could be a little tall for some cars that might get in the way of your shifters something like that, but in this shape it should fit most. Now, as a Bluetooth speaker, it can play music from your Bluetooth phone and also work as a hands-free phone system. I've actually got my phone paired to it right now and without touching the phone I can play music, answer phone calls, it's got a microphone in it so I can talk to it and it also connect voice command systems like Siri or S on the Samsung Galaxy. In the back here it's got these ports, it's got a charging port, micro USB, this has a 20-hour lithium-ion battery in it so you can just leave it in your car, you didn't even have to plug it in for extended periods of time, also take at the hotel rooms or wherever you have, whether you'd be travelling and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. It's also got an auxiliary output right here, so you can plug this directly into your car's auxiliary input or maybe at home stereo if you wanna broadcast the sound to a larger sound system. The controls for the Speecup sit on top here. You've got this ring for raising or lowering the volume of the music. This side stops the music, this side plays the music, this side answers the phone, so if I hit this, it's now playing the music that I have streaming from my phone. These buttons will skip music back and forth. But the really interesting thing is actually it has gesture control. With some sensors here, I can wave my hand across to make the music either skip back or skip forward or if I have an incoming phone call, I can wave my hand across to answer the phone. Pushing the center of this activates Siri like so, play artist Frightened Rabbit, and it starts playing the music I asked for. You could also use that for navigation, placing phone calls, anything and it'd be convenient if it's sitting in the car in the cup holder near me. I could just press down at them. A couple of things I'm not crazy about the controls on the Speecup, if I have to sit-in in my cup holder and I reach down to change the volume by turning this, well, either I have to use two hands to keep it in place, or it just turn all around. The power switch is on the bottom here so I don't wanna keep this turned on all the time, everytime I get in or out of the car I have to lift the side of the cup holder, reach down here and pull the switch on or off, like so. But I do like the sound quality that comes out of this device. It's got a little dome here to make the sound radiate outwards, so it'll come out of these ports. It produces a pretty full sound, decent bass, but it is only a single speaker, so you won't get stereo sound out of this. It's good but not as good as a decent home stereo system or even a bookshelf system. At $130, the Speecup is kind of pricy, but it is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker and phone system and you can take it pretty much anywhere, in the car, hotel room, traveling, in the home. I'm Wayne Cunningham and you can read the full review of the iCreation's Speecup on CNET.

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