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Sneak peek at the iPhone 5S?: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Sneak peek at the iPhone 5S?

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Images of the rear shell for the purported iPhone 5S have surfaced. Don't expect Apple's iRadio service anytime soon. We review the 27-inch iMac. Plus, Brian's T-shirt giveaway.

-What shaken Brian Tong here? And welcome the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. We have the winners of our GelaSkins giveaway and another giveaway and killer promo, but first let's get to the show, and if you've been holding out on the iPhone 5 and you're waiting for the next one, that wait me not be too far away after Etrade Supply posted several photos of what it believes to be the rear shell for the next generation iPhone, which based on its shape is being referred to as the iPhone 5 S. Now, the differences to point out here are in the red box area with the logic board screw holes that you can see are aligned in a different pattern. The purported iPhone 5 S rear shell is on the left, and there's also when you compare the other colored highlighted areas side by side. Now, the origin of these photos is still unknown and they could just be an older prototype design from the first gen iPhone 5 that was never used. But DigiTimes which has been hit or miss, reported last month that trial production of the iPhone 5 S is already underway with the target of the middle of 2013 for launch. We've heard plenty of stories about Apple launching their own Pandora like music streaming service as far back as September, but still hasn't materialized. CNET's own Greg Sandoval reports that his sources say at a minimum a deal with all the major music labels is nowhere near to be completed and the deal Apple offered to them in recent weeks has left the record companies with a cold response. So, even in the best case scenario, it will still be a while before we see anything that looks like an iRadio service, but don't confuse with iHeart radio, which has a heart that represent love. Now, iTunes 11 was released last week, and I'm a fan of the streamlined and cleaner interface really just try using it without the side bar, but if you guys miss it that much, you can get it back by going to the menu, to view, and then show side bar, see. You guys will be okay. Now, the iCloud integration is a lot better, the up next feature to add songs to and instant playlist really replaces iTunes' DJ, but my favorite part about it is the new search feature that can be accessed at any time. Now, those are lot of features that's missing from the previous version, but according to all things D, a minor update is coming that will bring back the ability to find duplicate songs, missing album art issues will be addressed and movie streaming bugs to Apple TVs, but one thing apple said is officially not coming back is cover flow, and it affected some of our members on our staff. All right, we talked about the iMacs last week, but here's a little sample of the review of the incoming 27-inch iMac from our own Rich Brown. -Hi, I'm Rich Brown for CNET. Today, we're gonna take a look at Apple's new editor's choice iMac. So, this is the 27-inch version of Apple's new iMac, and this model in particular, is the 1999 version with a few upgraded specs. It comes to 2600 bucks without the upgrades, but we find it's definitely worth it considering how fast it is and how good screen was. Now, one of the first things Apple mentioned about the new iMac is its new thin design, so from that angle you can see this bezel. It's about 5-mm thick, and it really looks like this is a revolutionary in your display. Now, you keep going here, and you'll see it's actually not quite as thin as Apple made it out to be. This is big bowl turn the back, and from front to back, the mother is actually 2-1/2 inches thick. Now, certainly not a vehement, but it's also not sort of razor thin display that Apple put out there. Now, of course, the standup feature with the 27-inch iMac is its giant gorgeous display. So, this is 27-inch screen and it's 2560 x 1440 pixel of resolution. That puts it among the rank of the highest res on ones out there. Now, on top of that high quality screen, Apple also really tried to minimize the reflection you get from the glossy bezel. Apple has had some pretty good success here. It's not entirely reflection free, but it's also better than some of the other high end 27 inches we've been. Now, rounding out the features on the new iMac. There're 2 microphone inputs up here. They're hard to see, but they definitely improve value when you're making calls. Now, as a mentioned, our iMac review unit comes with a lot of upgrade parts that put its price pretty high, at about $2,600. It starts at 1,800 bucks though, so that makes the system really pretty competitive given that you still get the core i5 CPU, a standard terabyte hard drive as well as the big display. Now, there are some points of inconvenience for the system, the lack of a direct HDMI input and no optical drive and you have to jump through a few hoops if you wanna use it for home entertainment, but especially for serious users that with a high resolution screen and all the performance you get with the system. This is an easy recommendation. So, I'm Rich Brown. This is Apple's new editor's choice with 27-inch iMac. -Thanks Rich, an editor's choice pick. That's legit and don't worry guys, we'll show you everything that goes down when I get mine. Alright, to the Quick Bytes, the YouTube iOS App has been updated with iPad and iPhone 5 support now. That's right, full iPad support and an interface design for it plus it also brings AirPlay capability back to the app. Videos are supposed to start faster, play more smoothly, and they have also improved voice over support for the visually impaired. Also, iWork fans, I know you're out there. Apple released updates for both the iOS and Mac versions of iWork with most of the significant updates coming on the iOS side for improved compatibility with Microsoft office apps, and check this out, if black or white isn't your style, a service called AnoStyle adds new anodize colors to you iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. You'll have to send your device in, but it's more than just painting it. It's a chemical process that changes the color, and people with money to burn can pay 249 for the iPhone 5 and 299 for the iPad Mini to get a color change. Now, we're also talked about the Steve Jobs biopic called jOBS that will star Ashton Kutcher. Well, the Sundance Film Festival released a note saying jOBS with the lower case "j" and then the rest of the letters capitalized will be the event's closing film. And look at this picture released. Kutcher just really captures that sexy nerd on the table appeal that SJ always had. All right, let's announce our GelaSkins winners here. Congrats to our e-mail winners first Justin Dean, Kyle Bastian, Sanjid Kumar who said, "All I want for Christmas is for and Jaime to hook up together." Jaime? Okay. And Mimi Twa who said, she will learn to speak as many languages as possible so she can say, Brian is a sexy mother to the world. I like that one. Now, on the Twitter. @kevinescobar07, @macrostuff, @izzabaler are all winners, and @garshield to wrote, "All I want for Christmas is to get up, walk to my closet, and find all your T-shirts hanging there. Well, Gar, this is perfect for your next give away for the season. Now, a lot of you asked me where do I get these crazy tees? so we're gonna hook you up, the Apple bytes, big. My friends at designbyhumans.com are the best and we're doing 2 things. First, a free T-shirt give away for 5 of you. They do shirts both guys and girls. All you have to do is go to the link below and tell me what's your power animal is? Now, look at this picture, think about it, and when you feel something, click on that spot to reveal your power animal, okay. Tell me what it is and your T-shirt size, and we'll pick 5 of you at random. Plus we have a 20% off quote for everything off their website. Use the code Apple Byte and it's good for the entire month of December, and trust me, you'll get a lot of attention with these shirts. I can tell you what's-- -Hey, Brian, that's a nice shirt. -Yeah, I mean, really nice shirt, nice. Alright, that's gonna do it for this week's show. E-mail us at the Apple Byte at CNET.com or Tweet me. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching, and we'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the apple. -They never [unk] -What we can do? -I don't know [unk] and use yours--

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