How To Video: Send YouTube videos to Xbox from iPhone
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How To Video: Send YouTube videos to Xbox from iPhone

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A recent update to Google's YouTube app for iOS allows you to send videos from the app to compatible devices such as an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or any number of smart TVs. In this example, Donald Bell shows you how to set up this connection between an iPhone 5 and an Xbox 360.

-Hey, Donald Bell here for Do you love YouTube? I love YouTube. I can watch the CNET channel on YouTube all day long. But when I get home, what I really wanna do is take my mobile YouTube experience and put it on my TV. So, how do you do that? Well, YouTube has a feature called "Send to TV," which does exactly that. If you've never seen it before, Google just added their iOS app that has been available on Android for some time now, so I'm mentioning that to save you the trouble of leaving 50 comments pointing out the fact that it's been on Android. I understand. Android had it first, but now the rest of us can play with it. How do you make it all work? Well, here, I've got my iPhone. I've got my TV and my Xbox, but it could just as well be my Android phone, a tablet, and a PS3 or even just an internet-connected Smart TV that includes an up-to-date YouTube app. Whichever way you're getting YouTube on your TV, get it going, make sure you've installed any updates, and then dive into the YouTube settings. So, here we are, accounts and settings. Now, you should see an option here called "Pair Devices" and we go into that. And now, the app here is generating a nine-digit number that I'm going to take and I'm going to plug it into my phone. So, the next step here is to open up the app on your phone, go into settings again, and you're gonna find an option here called "Pair YouTube TV." Now, I'm gonna enter that nine-digit number that the Xbox generated. I'm gonna put it into my phone. All right. I'm also gonna give it a name just in case I'm ever lucky enough to own more than one TV in my house, I can distinguish between which TVs I want to send the video to. All right, I'm gonna hit add. And there we go, connection complete. So, now when I select the video on my phone here and the YouTube app, I see a little TV button at the top. When I press it, I select the TV's name from the list and we'll get started right there. It's Bridget Carey. Now, I can still use the phone here to pause or play video and also skip around. I can scrub around on the video to find the exact place I wanna go to. And if I wanna get that video back from the TV and onto my phone, I just hit that little TV icon again and select iPhone from the list. It's right back here. And like I said, the same trick works with Android or really any mobile device that can access It's a useful trick, and unlike Apple's AirPlay video streaming, you don't have to have everything on the same home network to pull this off, but you do have to make sure that the YouTube app is open on both devices. So, there you go. That's how to blast your YouTube mobile content onto the big screen. For more tips like these, head over to I'm Donald Bell. See you next time.
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