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New releases

Surface Pro 4 evolves Microsoft's tablet line
1:03 October 6, 2015
A larger display, new keyboard and updated processors make for a slate-style laptop replacement.
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Microsoft enters the laptop game with the hybrid Surface Book
0:59 October 6, 2015
This powerful 13.5-inch laptop include Nvidia graphics and a new hybrid hinge.
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Surface Pro 4 comes with a new Type Cover
1:20 October 6, 2015
Microsoft offers a first look at the Surface Pro 4's new Type Cover, which includes a scissor keyboard and glass trackpad.
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Microsoft redesigns its Band with new curved OLED screen
1:50 October 6, 2015
Microsoft gives its wearable fitness tracker a new look with a curved OLED screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It also includes new...
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Surface Pro 4 gets an all-new pen
3:06 October 6, 2015
Microsoft shows off an all-new stylus with its new Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pen comes with an eraser and has four different colors.
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Microsoft Surface Book turns into a clipboard
2:49 October 6, 2015
Microsoft's new Surface Book hinge is a "dynamic fulcrum". Its screen detaches and converts into a clipboard device.
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Microsoft reveals first-ever laptop, Surface Book
2:34 October 6, 2015
Microsoft announces its first laptop built solely by the company. The new 13-inch notebook runs WIndows 10, has a glass trackpad with...
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Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 4
3:35 October 6, 2015
Microsoft reveals its fourth-generation tablet with the new Surface Pro 4. The device has a 12.3-inch screen, is 8.4 millimeters thick...
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