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Mobile: Samsung's next smartwatch looks to run Android Wear

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Mobile: Samsung's next smartwatch looks to run Android Wear

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Amazon's first smartphone is ready to roll, FCC documents point to Samsung's next watch and Google makes you a Pokémon Master.

[MUSIC] What's going on, Brian Tong here and welcome to Googlicious for all the Google goodness, that we can pack inside of a show each week. Let's get to it in this week Amazon takes center stage, with their big announcement on Wednesday, now they first teased the event with an open invitation to the public and journalists, with this video. That pretty damn intuitive. That's really cool, I would use that a lot. It's really cool. That's fantastic. Do I have to give this back? And we'd agree after our video team analyzed everything and realized, everyone was playing with the wobble app. Mm-hm. Okay, well not really, but all signs point to Amazon revealing their first ever Android based smart phone, with a 4.7 inch display, and glasses free 3D display, that uses four front facing cameras, with one on each corner. That will facilitate a 3D effect, tracking the user's face and eyes in relationship to the phone's display. Now the phone is expected to take advantage of this as much as possible, using the effects and special lock screen wallpapers, icons, the user interface and even in their maps application. So, to tease the event even further, they mailed out Jeff Bezos' favorite childhood book, Mr. Pine's Purple House. And it's all about the world being a better place by being different. You know, people copy his pine tree, his bush, so he finally paints his house purple and, you know what? Let's actually read an excerpt from this book that, really made an impact on my co-workers here at C-net. [MUSIC] There are red houses, green houses, brown houses, there's yellow and pink houses, too. But there's just one purple house on Vine Street, and that is Mr. Pine's purple house. [MUSIC] So, kids, it's okay to be different, even Lizard Man different. Alright, back to the phone, and the 3D effect might be cool and, you know, it might not be. But, what this is building to is Amazon releasing another hardware product, that will give consumers access to the entire ecosystem and really this is what this battle is all about, the ecosystem. Now, Amazon even recently touted that their own Amazon Appstore, has tripled its number of apps to over 240,000 in the past year, and almost two thirds of their developers are getting the same or better total revenue, compared to other platforms. And the phone is also expected to have its own branded wireless plan, possibly called Prime Data, that will give users exclusive access to Amazon Prime content as well. So, you know what to do, join myself and the crew for Cnet Live's coverage, on Wednesday June the 18th at 10 am Pacific time, and we'll have the details from Amazon as they happen just for you. Alright shifting to Samsung we've told you about their tablet event last week and Sammy delivered two sizes for their new Galaxy Tab S line up. So, let's check out a first look with David Carnoy. Hi, I'm David Carnoy and I'm here at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This is Samsung's new premium tablet, comes in a couple of different sizes. I'm holding the 8.4 inch model, there's also a 10.5 inch model, and Samsung is touting it's [UNKNOWN] display as a 2560 by 1600. Pixel display, the price for these tablets is very similar to what you see with the iPads, this 8.4 inch model is 399 comes with 16 gigabytes of memory along with three gigabytes of RAM. That memory is expandable, however there's only one configuration at this time. 16 megabytes but you can add cards up to 128 gigabytes. The step-up model, the 10.5 inch model is 499 with that same 16 gigabytes of memory and three bytes of RAM. As far as the processor goes, this is an Optic 4 processor, but it is split in two. There are four processors running at 1.9 gigahertz and four running at 1.3 gigahertz. Sort of a power saving mode. Finally if you're wondering how the battery life is with this new display Samsung is saying, it's right around 11 hours with video. That goes for both, the larger and smaller tablets. As you can see this is obviously, a slim tablet, if your wondering how much it weighs. The smaller 8.4 inch version comes in at 10 ounces and the larger 10.5 [UNKNOWN] comes in at just around 1 pound. Thanks DC, now unfortunately the rumored 12.2 inch ultra HD tablet that was in the wild, didn't make an appearance, but Samsung has got to do something about simplifying their tablet line with their Tab 4, their Tab Pro, Note Pro and Note 2014 edition and now the Tab S lines with different sizes for each of them is a little ridiculous. Alright, sticking with the Korean giant, according to the wall street journal, Nuance Communications and Samsung have held acquisition talk exploring the possibility of a sale. Nuance is believed to be powering the back end for Apple's Siri and they also partnered with Samsung for voice recognition on its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and Note Three product line. Samsung continues to move further away from Android with its own tiles and OS. Getting their own voice recognition software would be smart and it could also hurt their competitors. So, just follow along with the trail here. But Apple's Siri was originally based on Vlingo that Nuance has acquired since then. And if Samsung grabs Nuance, then it could be a sign of trouble for Apple's Siri. But right now, all of this is still speculation. All right, Samsung continues to push out every kind of smart watch possible. And Sammy today has found FCC tests as evidence that Samsung is looking to bring its Gear brand of smart watch, running Android wear, very soon. The FCC documents reveal a watch. That's 10 millimeters shorter than the current Gear Two. Samsung also recently filed for a trademark for Galaxy Wear, suggesting this device might be made for Google's Smart Watch OS. And in a follow up to Google's April Fools prank where they encouraged people, to collect all 151 Pokemon, all over the world on Google Maps, well, the Googs has issues a letter of congratulations. Certifying their success with a set of business cards labelling them a Pok

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