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Editors' Choice: Samsung's Galaxy S III has all the right moves

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Editors' Choice: Samsung's Galaxy S III has all the right moves

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This Editors' Choice award winner is one of the all-around great Android phones, and it's priced to sell.

Samsung is hoping for a third Grand Slam and is -- the -- doubt huge fun. With the Samsung galaxy S three it nailed it is I'm Jessica ballpark for CNET taking you on a tour of the -- -- out PS3 winner of the CNET -- aren't the war. This phone which comes -- pretty Hubble blue color are ceramic -- -- and later rad for AT&T exclusively. As large smooth very thin and packed with hardware and software goodies. For the most part Android four point oh ice -- -- found hits all the marks the Smartphone acts. From the large screen -- fast processor to the eight megapixel camera. Not to mention that LTE support and really reasonable price -- The GF three is a big. But the dimensions make it feel comfortable to hold. -- most of the time -- Samsung's phones for feeling overly plasticky in this case I think really works. The material feels like it's been painted on with a thick glossy coating that its replacement to the touch but it isn't slippery and that's -- The -- -- is more rounded edges here and that hope that fit comfortably in my hand when -- hold it. The galaxy at three screen is up four point eight inch super amoled display with an HD resolution it's 1280 by seven when he pixels. It looks crisp and colorful and bright and it makes an excellent -- -- for viewing videos photos and web text. However even at maximum brightness the screen still looks a little darker and dimmer than other phones at their maximum brightness. The US version of the galaxy S three gets to keep -- hardware home button on the bottom which I personally liked but not everybody that. And that's in addition to the two touch sensitive navigation buttons on either side of the home button. So this Samsung's second phone to feature Android Ice Cream Sandwich and I think it's really great experience. The TouchWiz interface isn't as intrusive as it is on other Samsung phones. And it does add this thick layer extra features that it can really help take -- to the next level. There's the quick access to system shortcuts for example and it's hot and new sharing features like SP and as -- by the way is hands down my favorite at the same -- out on. It takes Google's Android beam sharing future one step further by including the ability to share photos videos and other documents. In addition to beaming URLs contact information and maps -- -- came with and Britney. Every -- by the way it works with all Android phones with -- FCE. But that extra file sharing on the galaxy S three -- only gonna work with other GF three -- for now. Now you're jealous of all your friends -- -- iPhone four addresses were talking to theory -- I have a solution. They call asteroids and -- -- uses some of the same background technology is Siri to do things like. By Webb answers calendar appointments call people of the music. Can also open apps turn on and not basic settings -- -- And cavities somewhere. It works really well in theory but in real life I ran into multiple problems with -- understanding -- and -- my bidding. I galaxy. Set alarm for 7 AM tomorrow. It's forced. To. Samsung a lot of fine tuning to do with this one an -- is unfortunately at the phone's biggest failure in my opinion. How about you but I kind of taking a majority of my -- -- with my Smartphone camera. They'll -- botnet that they eight megapixel camera with -- -- -- HD video recording. The more than attack. There really is -- -- -- up -- photos appear almost the instant you press the shutter. The photos themselves look really good when I take them on just the plain old -- a lot of settings. They weren't focused they were break they were colorful -- when viewed on the -- screen and off on another screen like a computer. Video with all this movement in that it. And the -- it really well outdoors as well it can also record by the way from the front facing camera. Samsung had any face tagging feature which -- also remember an audit tax basis for future product. That it goes a step further if you choose either -- shot or -- photo share notes. These send photos issues with friends. Are also GF three owners not save you having to email photos or even shared one at a time asked me. There's also a person -- feature that isn't an Android phones but it is native sampling him. It'll take a quick succession of pictures if you enabled asp dot it will even -- -- I think this -- -- of series of the GF three supports forty LTE and HSP it wants -- when he -- networks I was able to do things -- quickly -- graphically heavy web page is. And valid HD photos thanks. I also got consistently high speed on the speed test dot net diagnostic app but of course there were some pockets and sometimes speeds -- -- Internal speeds were also impressive on the dual core Qualcomm snapdragon -- or process. Games and video -- man than emerged that that wasn't an easily navigating between app. I feel like we've seen so far -- in the -- S three could be your next time luckily for -- -- comes from five different US carrier. Most carriers offer -- the sixteen gigabyte and thirty gigabyte versions. The sixteen gigabytes for just dollars but you should check out my hand and you charge your options. Believe it or not -- only scratched the surface of all the features in the in the galaxy S -- animation that you read my full review on cnet.com for all the need. I ask -- for CNN and the Samsung galaxy at boundary.

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