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First Look: Samsung SH100
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First Look: Samsung SH100

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If you like all the photo apps for your smartphone camera, but miss having an optical zoom, the Samsung SH100 is the point-and-shoot for you.

Hey, there. I'm Joshua Goldman with CNET and this is a look at the Samsung SH100. So, it's probably no surprise that smartphones are killing some of the sales of lower-end point-and-shoot with all the apps and instant upload and there's just no way to compete with that. However, this app $200 SH100 is a solid attempt. For starters, it has built-in Wi-Fi that can be used for quickly connecting to a hotspot for wireless uploads to Facebook or sending off in an e-mail. The Wi-Fi can also be used to back up photos to a PC or connect to smartphones for uses of remote viewfinder. All you have to do for that is just download an app that are available for Samsung Galaxy devices and the iPhone 4. Support for other Android devices is in works. Anyway, you just open the app and you can use it to connect the SH100 to your device and use it to control the camera. The camera is also loaded with photo and movie filters and some simple editing tools and the 3-inch touchscreen on back makes using them pretty easy plus you can drag-and-drop icons around just like you would on a smartphone. Now, photo quality isn't much better than you get from a smartphone particularly low light shots but for sharing online, they look very good and you do get a 26 millimeter wide-angled lens with the 5x zoom and you really don't get that with the phone. Basically, with this camera, you get a lot of the same benefits of your smartphone's camera but with the better lens, faster performance, and more comfortable shooting. I'm Joshua Goldman and that's the Samsung SH100.

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