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First Look: Samsung QX411-W01UB

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First Look: Samsung QX411-W01UB

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For a full set of features in a Core i5 laptop at a $600-level price, it's extremely hard to beat the Samsung QX411-W01UB: a great keyboard and impressive extras rise above the pack.

-Hello, computer shopping folk, I'm Scott Stein at CNET and this is the Samsung QX411-W01UB. Now, if you are shopping for an affordable laptop, which most of us are and when you spend around $600, this 649 laptop has got a really nice set of specs for the price although it's kind of becoming misheard to one that you've seen before, a 14-inch screen, a Core i5 processor, 6 gigs of RAM, a 640 gigabyte hard drive. Those are better than average, but yeah, I mean stop us if you haven't heard this before what you probably have a nice keyboard, which probably in that Sony VAIO/Apple MacBook territory better than most and a kind of heavy chassis. It's a 14-inch screen, but it feels little bit more like a 15-incher in terms of its overall weight, a little over 5 pounds and while $600 sounds like a budget range price, it's got a really nice look to it. It's a very sleek almost bullet shaped metal lid, pretty comfortable strange door covering the ports over here. In addition to its processor and its hard drive and its RAM, it's got some really great features, USB 3.0, a WiMAX antenna for 4G internet and no Bluetooth, why? Well, we can't really figure that out, but it does have Intel wireless display, which you may or may not be using if you haven't have one of those adaptor boxes that cost about $100. It allows you to transmit video and audio to your TV. One of the nice features on this laptop too is it's battery life, 6 hours, which is really, really good especially for that price. Now, there are a lot of other laptops in this range that you come not far from this that offer really good performance too that Toshiba Protege R835 that we continually talk about. If there is one thing we didn't like about this laptop other than the fact that it doesn't have Bluetooth it's this click pad, which is relatively wide and comfortable except the fact that motion is a little bit jittery. We also found our thumbs have hard time resting on the space, maybe a discrete button would have been a little bit better. Provided you can live with that trackpad and the lack of Bluetooth, this is one of the best $650 laptops that we've seen this year. Check it out, it's a best buy exclusive for this configuration, the Samsung QX411-W01UB. I'm Scott Stein with CNET.com.

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