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Quick Tips: Quick tips for becoming a Siri all-star
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Quick Tips: Quick tips for becoming a Siri all-star

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Apple's voice assistant has been updated with new features and functionality. Here are a few tips that will help you use Siri to the fullest.

-Apple introduced Siri with the iPhone 4S and let's face it. Little has changed since then, but with the release of iOS 7 Siri is now more powerful than ever. Siri beefed up her intelligence and can now pull information from Twitter and Wikipedia among other places. You can also use the voice assistant to change system settings like altering the screen's brightness, shutting off Bluetooth, or turning on Airplane mode. -I will stop working if you turn Airplane mode on. -Not everything can be controlled by Siri though. Commands like changing the phone's volume or enabling the personal hotspot feature are still not supported. You can also change Siri's gender from female to male for the first time ever. -I don't think you'd understand the joke in my language. They're not so funny anyway. -To do this, enter Settings, click on General, and select Siri. Next go down to the voice gender option and select either male or female. Right now the gender select option is currently only supported for English, French, and German. For more tips and tricks visit For CNET, I'm Dan Graziano.