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Qualcomm takes the spotlight at CES 2013: Tech Industry

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Tech Industry: Qualcomm takes the spotlight at CES 2013

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At CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer surprises Qualcomm's CEO Paul Jacobs on-stage to discuss the company's new Windows Phones with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor.

-This is the first time a mobile company has opened the Consumer Electronic Show. Of course Qualcomm is not a traditional consumer electronics company. I mean, obviously, we don't make TVs or stereos or game consoles, but we are at the heart of mobile devices and a growing number of connected consumer electronics products that are at the center of everything you do. It's kind of amazing if you think about it right now. There's more than 6.4 billion mobile connections worldwide. That's almost as many mobile connections there are people on earth. Pretty soon, the mobile connection is gonna outnumber us. So, if you think about it, almost a million new smartphone users are added every single day. That's more than double the number of babies born worldwide and mobile is fueling economic growth. It's transforming industries and it's really redefining the way that we live. So you know, we went out and we asked some folks, what does it mean to them to be born mobile. -What does it mean to be born mobile? -Born mobile? -Being born on the way to the hospital. -Somebody born in the age of mobile devices or something else. -I started running at beginning of high school, just kind of you get out there and run. You kind of guess how long it was. Yeah, may be it was 8 miles. Now I'm in college and every time I go to run, I throw my GPS lodge, I know exactly how far I ran. -I do like, big metal public art sculpture stuff. I got contacted for doing a sculpture symposium in South Korea. I have an app for the 3D software I used. I can just e-mail that off through a 3D printer. I built this 20 foot long, 12 foot tall, 2 ton stainless steel sculpture. The same process that took me a month and a half took me about 3 days. It's like, I get like 10 careers out of 1 career. -My goddaughter, I see her 3 times in my life, but I've watched her grow through a screen, 6 or 7000 miles a way just through video chatting. -With my mom's phone, I just like to look at pictures and just has a camera and it goes like "click." -I started a company called Dog for Dog to help as many dogs as we can in need. These dogs that tend to be in rescue groups are escape artists. We're able to tract them with GPS devices on their collars. We see our office may be once a week. Other than that, it's all mobile. -I'm kinda at a hard time because I've just gone to a new school. I don't think we'd still be friends now if we couldn't connect. -They can be halfway across the world. -He lives in India. -Like China. -Indonesia. -I have a grandson in Seattle. -My name is Arianne [unk] and I'm 6 years old. -I'm 21 years old. -57 years old. -I'm 32. -66 years old. -And I'm 5. -Every generation is nowâ?¦ -Born mobile. -Born mobile generation. -Born mobile is the generation I'm in. -And I know people are going to look back at our time and just say, those were the pioneers. -You are right on the -- -The beginning. -The brink of something amazing -- -Crazy awesome. -This is a hell of a generation. -Let's make this better by fast talk. -Talk, talk, talk. -Born mobile means like, when you grow up, you actually connect to your people. Talk to your people. You actually connect to them in mobile. -Now this chip industry, it is highly competitive, but we have the advantage of being mobile natives and we have been since day one, and we are continually creating new breakthroughs, which lead to amazing new products. Including products from companies like Microsoft. I mean, 2 years ago right here on the stage Microsoft took a major step forward announcing that the next version of Windows would be born mobile that would run on the chips that power smartphones and tablets. Then last year they showed how Windows was completely re-imagined starting from the chip set all the way to the user experience. -And this year, Paul? -Welcome my friends, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. Glad to have you here. -Thanks Paul. Thanks all of you. It's great to be back here at CES with Qualcomm. This year I'm here to actually have a chance to show you some of the phenomenal new Windows devices on Snapdragon and on the market today. -I mean, it was a big year. Microsoft re-imagined windows and introduced completely new forms of mobile devices into the world. -Well, we really have and may be if you don't mind, we'll have a chance to -- -Check it out. -Show you just a couple, a couple of things here. The new windows PCs, tablets and phones I think are -- -Are stunning. -Windows RT devices are the new addition to the family. They're highly mobile, thin, lightweight, super, super impressive battery life and they have instant on, always connected operation. This one is the Samsung ATIV and right here we have the Dell XPS. They're both powered by Snapdragon. They're quite unique in how they bring together the best of worlds. The world of the tablet and the PC, the touch and the keyboard, computing and mobile, which we think make them absolutely perfect for work and for play. -So why don't we start with play. I mean, these tablets are really wonderful. They're super fast and fluid and connected to a growing world of applications. -Well, there are now 4 times the number of applications that we had at the time of Windows launch just a couple months ago. Ten thousand applications were added in the last month alone, including some fantastic new applications like Expedia and Fitbit, Hufftington Post, the no textbooks, Dropbox, Barnes & Noble Nook, the Disney's "Where's my Water" application and we have a lot of others coming including CNN, Sony's crackle, songs, Twitter, and again many, many more Paul. -You know these Windows RT device, I mean they really do let you enjoy hours and hours of entertainment, but they also have plenty of power and productivity to get your work done too. -Yeah! -I mean as you can see, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and these easily convert between the 2 worlds of work and play just by attaching the keyboard. Just that simple and built in to every Windows RT device is our new world class Office 2013 productivity suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and one note. Windows tablets are the only tablets in the world with Office and I think the capability did not only be to have some fun, but to be really productive. -Absolutely. I mean, what I really like seeing is how Microsoft took many of these innovations that originated in mobile and incorporated them into Windows to redefine the computing experience. So okay, so we talked about these things. What about the smartphones you got here? -These guys have been great partners on the phone and we really appreciate it and the new Windows Phone, I think are incredible. In November, we reported that sales of Windows Phones were 4 times greater than during the same year last, during the same time last year and during the week of Christmas, we were running at 5 times the number of phones from the Christmas week of last year. -That's not hard to see why. You got Snapdragon in the middle. You got these great designs. I mean this hardware is killer. -Well this one is the Nokia Lumia 920, and this is the Windows Phone 8x from HTC. These Windows Phones are cutting edge and are really leading the smartphone industry with hardware capabilities, light optical image stabilization in the Lumia 920 and Beats Audio in the HTC Windows Phone 8x. -All right, so we're gonna check out. I think we're gonna put up my Windows Phone up here. So I personalized it by pinning my favorite apps and the people I connect with most to the home screen. -And it's the unique thing about Windows Phone is this ability to be personal. This is in fact my Windows Phone with everything that's most important to me. Each Windows Phone is as unique as the person who owns it. Paul, me, or anyone of you. When we send out to reinvent the smartphone, we didn't want to build just a single phone for all of us. We wanted to build a phone that could be personal for each of us. We also designed the Windows Phone to be the best phone, absolutely the best phone for anybody using a Windows PC or Windows tablet. They share as you can see here, the same iconic look and feel, the same live tiles with by logging in with your Microsoft account you can access the same photos, document, SkyDrive, all of your Xbox, music, Xbox games and on any Windows 8 device. You can also use these mobile Windows devices to control your TV provided it's connected with Xbox and you use our SmartGlass applications on all Windows Phones and Windows tablets and Windows PCs to literally have an integrated second screen experience so you can queue a movie or a song to play from your tablet and have that come up on the PC, navigate the internet on your phone, but use the full TV for that experience. -It's pretty clear that you guys have completely re-imagined Windows. I mean, I gotta say, it is really exciting to me to see what we've been able to do so far and what we're gonna do in the future. -Well I wanna say thank you to Paul for the chance to be here today, but most importantly I want to thank you for the opportunity to partner with Qualcomm to bring to millions of people new Windows experiences on this new Snapdragon processor and with an experience that was born mobile. -Yeah! -Thanks a lot. -Thank you. -Pretty clear that Microsoft and that man, Steve Ballmer are born mobile. -Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away, haha! Hi everybody! I'm Big Bird. -And I'm Dave. -That's Dave. -I'm a writer and I'm a designer in Sesame's Content Innovation Lab, and I'm here to show you something pretty special. -Yeah, and you're a Birdketeer today. -Yeah, I'm also a Birdketeer today. -Hey, flap those wings. -Okay. -Well pretty good. You remind me of my uncle Henry. Only you're better looking. -Thank you Big Bird. So guys we're gonna show you a new app. It's called Big Bird's Words, and with it kids can learn about words wherever they find words, and that's, yeah, Big Bird? -Well, tell 'em all about it. -Okay, so with Euphoria, it gives kid's mobile devices the ability to read words that are out there in the world. -Well Big Birdketeer Dave -- -Yeah. -I got an idea. Why don't you show them how it works. -Okay. -Let's try to find the word [unk]. No, no. Wait it'll take too long. Try the word milk. -Okay. Yeah. Let's find the word milk in our kitchen. -Okay. -So guys, a young Birdketeer that's still learning to read -- -That's you. -That's me. -Just for the day. -That person probably doesn't know the word milk, but Big Bird's Words will help us find it. Euphoria is gonna give the application the ability to read. Watch. Let's see here. Oh, there's a word on this box Big Bird. -Is it milk? -Let's find out. Guys, I'm just gonna take my Wordoscope, and I'm gonna move it over to the word on the box and Big Bird's voice is gonna tell us if that word is milk. -My own voice? -You're voice. Check this out. -Okay, I'm gonna listen to this. -Gee you're good at finding words. You've found this one. Cereal, but we're looking for another word, look for milk. -Hey, that was my voice Dave. -See you're good at finding words. You found this one. -You're voice again. -Yeah, hey. It was talking while I was talking. I bet we'd find the word milk say if we looked on milk carton. -Okay and why don't we do that. I'm gonna take my Wordoscope again and guys this time I'm gonna move it over to the word that's on this carton and Big Bird's voice will let us know if that word is milk. Here we go, and -- -You've found it. Milk. Milk starts with the letter M. -That was my voice. -Milk. -We did it Big Bird. -Yeah. Well, that's great. We did it. Hooray! -Guys, so at Sesame Workshop we know that kids are entering kindergarten with a vocabulary gap, and to help close this gap, we have to build vocabulary skills early. We have to help kids learn the words that they see everyday. Guys, with this app, we can introduce kids to new words wherever they are and we can give kids a deeper understanding of what those words mean and how they relate to their own lives. And guys, I'm thrilled to let you know that Big Bird's Words will be commercially available this summer. -Really? -Yeah. -Oh, I'm glad to hear that. Well that was a good job Birdketeer Dave. -Thanks Big Bird, but good job yourself. You made a fantastic app. -Thanks. -Question though, when did you learn how to code? -Well I didn't. I outsourced it to a bunch of owls. -Oh, that makes sense. Okay guys thank you very much. So long Paul. Bye Scott. -So long Paul. Bye everybody. -Come on Big Bird, let's find some bird seeds today. -Oh boy! Birdseed is my favorite. -All right, let's here it from our friend from Sesame Street. Thanks very much. Gotta love Big Bird. So, this Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize probably gives you a little hint that there's a few Star Trek fans here at Qualcomm, and we can't really wait for this new Star Trek into Darkness, which is the next film, the franchise, it's coming out on May 17th. This film sounds great. There's a ton of buzz around it. -There's greatness in you, but there is not an ounce of humility. You think that you can make mistakes, but it is gonna come home when you realize you're wrong about that, and you'll gonna get yourself and everyone under your command killed. Do you think you're safe? You are not. Is there anything you would not do for your family? -How cool is that? So we're excited to be helping Paramount leverage some of our newest technologies for their incredible new Star Trek app. They're using our context awareness platform called Gimbal to make new connections and interactions with fans. Now Gimbal uses a combination of Geofencing, image recognition and audio recognition to present information in creative new ways. So here to tell us more about the app and the movie is actor Alice Eve. Hey Alice, glad to have you here. -Thank you for having me. -Now, yes so you're facing a little bit of pressure because, you know, Star Trek fans and guessing there's a few of you out there in the audience? -Yeah! -We are serious about our love for this franchise. -Yeah, so am I. You know obviously when we started filming, I was nervous because everyone had made a movie together before, and of course, I was the new girl on the set, but as you can tell from that, JJ is bordering on genius and so he was also very welcoming and a gentleman. -So, there has been a lot of mystery here. Are you going to tell us a little bit about your character on Star Trek into Darkness. -Yeah mystery is the name of the game I think on Star Trek and any JJ project, but I can tell you, thank goodness that I play Dr. Carol Marcus, who like you has a PhD and although, -Well, I had something to do with Star Trek. -I can't tell you anything else. Obviously, Dr. Marcus was in the original series and the second of the original movies, but since JJ split the universe in 2009, any eventuality is possible. -So you'll really not going to tell us anything more? -Well, what do you want to know Paul? -Anything you want to tell me. Come on. -No, my lips are sealed. -We're just with a bunch of our friends. -Yeah, it's just a close little group of us. My lips are sealed as the prompter is telling me to say, although I'd love to tell you more, but there is a way you can delve deeper into the Star Trek Universe and unveil perhaps some of the mystery. -So, I'm guessing you are talking about this app we're doing. -Yeah, that's right and I was just playing with it and it's pretty cool. Let me tell you how it works. So, fans can become a part of the crew the minute they log in, and they go out on real world missions. So, you have to find like a trailer, or if you find a billboard, a poster or if you go into a local theater, you gain points and become more heroic. -SO, it's pretty fun. -Yeah, it's hero making out. -I like it. So the way that that thing works it's Qualcomm's new context awareness platform. -Yeah. -And it makes all those features possible and what it does is lets this app sort of adapt to the user's surroundings and so the app can actually detect when a mission's completed using a combination of audio scan or geo location identification or image recognition, and this app is actually the first one that has used all 3 of these technologies together in our Gimbal platform. -So Big Bird just uses one? -Yeah. -You guys have a few more. -Yeah, I mean I have 2 more than Big Bird. -Got it, got it. Everybody's trying to get something over on Big Bird. I don't know. -There's a bird joke in there somewhere, but I'm not gonna make it. So, there's a sound scanner as we just said and so fans watching Star Trek into Darkness videos can manually unlock and sound scan their mission. There is also an image scanner, so they can interact with the films images to accomplish additional missions. -So you know, with the way that that works is with this Euphoria platform that Big Bird is using, and it really allows the app to recognize a whole bunch of different visual targets so you can interact with you know, real world billboards or images or posters. It's all much, much more seamless than it ever was before. -Yeah, so don't forget the Star Trek app also uses geo location, but what was quite cool about that, I just heard is that, if you're near a billboard like the app will tell you, "Oh if you just go over there," then it's quite cool. It's like an Easter egg hunt. -Yeah. -So, it allows fans to take part in a real world scavenger hunt or an Easter egg hunt where they accomplish missions by finding specific locations. -So what happened with that technology is pretty cool too-- -Yeah. -Because uses this very low power location technology so this Geofence, the thing that tells you when you're near things or inside a place, that capability is always on. So what that means is that fans can auto complete their mission. I mean, they don't even have to take their smartphone out of their pocket to do it. So the app just runs silently in the background and you know, fans can unlock special missions just by walking into the local movie theater. -A bit lazy isn't it? -Yeah, but it's kinda cool. -So, as you accomplish these real world missions, you rise up in the ranks to special content and rewards. -So, you only told us a little bit. Are we gonna hear any more soon? -You will. You will hear more in February during one of the biggest, perhaps the biggest American Sporting Event of the year. -Right the American Sporting Event. -I am a Chelsea fan myself. -We have to make that clear. -There you go. -Chelsea anybody else. -Yes! -Star Trek. -I love you Vegas. So there'll be another sneak peak during that and much more to come after that obviously including the film in May. So that's great. -And-- -Also, one lucky fan who registers to be notified once the app launches, will have a chance to win a VIP trip to the US premier. -That's gonna be fun. -That's cool. Yeah, that will be fun. That will actually be fun. Go to startrekmovie.com/CES for details on a chance to enter. -So the stuff that Paramount is doing with Gimbal really fits this vision that we have where the smartphone's gonna enable a digital 6th sense for us. What Paramount is doing is they are using smartphone and Gimbal to market the film in the real world, but at the same time they're pulling in the user into the film's world, so the line between the physical and the digital world, are really blurring. - Yikes. So with the new Star Trek app and Gimbal, the future is really not the future anymore. -No, I don't think so. So, hey, thanks Alice for being here. I'm really looking forward to seeing you on the big screen. -Thank you Paul. Nice to see you. -Good to see you too. -Bye. -I wanna show you one of my favorite battery powered mobile device. This is just something that was really born mobile. One type of mobile product that's particularly promising and cool is electric vehicles. We're working on a unique wireless charging technology called Qualcomm Halo. With Qualcomm Halo, your electric vehicle automatically begins to charge when you pull into your garage or into an activated parking space. There's no cables to hook up. You don't have to worry about aligning your car exactly. It just works and as we're working on commercializing this technology, we are seeing some amazing concept cars come out. So we borrow the keys to this one. So Rolls Royce pulled the V12 gasoline engine from this car and replaced it -- -You're key sir. -Thank you very much, with an electric motor and it's powered by incredible batteries that can store 73 kilowatt hours of energy. So let me put that in context, those batteries would fully charge over 12000 smartphones. Kind of impressive there, right in there. Anyway, so this electric Rolls Royce went out on a world tour. Visited Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, Pebble Beach, Singapore. I was just in Singapore, great place. During that tour, was recharged by either a cable or by a Qualcomm Halo wireless charging system. Let me tell you, at the end of the tour, the wireless system proved more reliable. So for the last 3 months of the tour they used the Qualcomm Halo system exclusively. Now, if you want to check out this gorgeous car for yourself or you wanna find out more about our connected car and wireless charging solutions for EVs and devices, combined with Qualcomm experience area on the exhibit for this week, this car is, it's pretty sweet. I mean, everything about it is awesome, even the sound system is awesome.

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