Product Spotlight: Product Spotlight: Sony Ericsson W760i
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Product Spotlight: Product Spotlight: Sony Ericsson W760i

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Brian Tong showcases the best Walkman phone we've ever seen from Sony Ericsson.

>> It's the best Sony Ericsson Walkman phone that we've seen so far. I'm Brain Tong from and on today's Product Spotlight, we're breaking down the Sony Ericsson W760i. ^M00:00:09 [ Music ] ^M00:00:12 >> Sony Ericsson W760i caught our attention at CES 2008 and it's delivered since we first saw this phone. It features a slide design that's easy to use and it's curved edges smooth out the corners. It also uses a textured pattern on the bottom and back side, plus, you'll have the shiny metal backing on the camera side, so that adds unique style into this phone. Now for a phone this size, I really like its weight and the response of feel of its slider, so they did good there. Now, you'll have the face front here, but they are also unique because the speakers are set right behind them and the four click navigation is easy to use. The Sony Ericsson Line has had some problems with clunky and a hard-to-use controls, but this phone, puts those to rest. Now this quad-band GSM phone has a 2.25-inch display that really pops with its rich and vibrant colors, and slide the phone and you'll get a flash keypad. And if you flip it around, if features a 3.2-megapixel camera. Now, you'll get stereo Bluetooth, a Memory Stick Micro card slot and there's a adaptor that allows you to plug in a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and email support. You also have a batch of GPS applications, like Google Maps, a navigation service, tracking app and geotagging, but they weren't active on the model that we have. Now, this is a walkman phone, so we should probably talk about its music playback features. Two cool features, the phone has an accelerometer that you can use when you're in the walkman mode and it also has a unique feature where you can hold down the walkman button on the side and shake the phone to move to the next track. You also have equalizer settings and stereo widening. Now what are some of the things we'd like to see improved. Now a lot of media phones have the 3.5 millimeter jack built in the phone, but the W760i doesn't. You have to connect an adaptor to get it and on top of that, the adaptor has to be plugged into the phone to use the FM radio because the antenna for the radio is in the cable -- not good. Now the CNET team likes camera phones that have a flash and unfortunately, this one doesn't. On the performance side, this is a full world phone for coverage both inside and outside North America and call quality was solid. The 3G connectivity with this phone is sporadic and that could just be because we're in the San Francisco area, but when we connected, it was fast. Supporting three UTMS bands is huge and being able to connect to 3G networks worldwide is a big deal. Sony Ericsson claimed a battery life of 9 hours for GSM talk time. Our lab squeezed it out to just over 7. I'm Brian Tong for and the Sony Ericsson W760i is not only a super sleek slider phone, but its features and worldwide network compatibility make it deserving of a CNET Editors' Choice. ^M00:02:41 [ Music ]

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