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Prizefight: Prizefight: The budget camcorder battle

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Prizefight: Prizefight: The budget camcorder battle

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Brian Tong brings you the first-ever Triple Threat Match between the Flip Video Mino, the Creative Vado, and the RCA Small Wonder EZ205. Which straight-to-Web camcorder will be the last one standing?

[ Background Music ] >> What's up, Prizefight fans! I'm Brian Tong and as you can tell we're mixing things up a little bit with the Triple Threat Match between the hottest rates Web camcorders. In this week's Prizefight, it's a face -off between the Flip Video Mino, the Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam and RCA Small Wonder EZ205. It's five rounds to the finish. We've got 3 cameras duking it out. So, let's get started with who's got the looks. [ Background Music ] >> The Flip Mino and the Creative Vado are both super sleek cameras that will slip in your pocket compared the RCA Small Wonder which is almost twice as thick. The Flip has an internal lithium-ion battery. The Vado has a lithium-ion battery that you can remove and the RCA uses 2 double A batteries. The USB ports flip out for the Mino and the Small Wonder so does the Small Wonder's LCD and you'll definitely use it for your video blog confessions. On the Vado, you have to plug its USB connector but it offers a little bit more flexibility when you're connecting it to computer. We know sexy when we see it. We've given 4 out to the Mino and the Vado but the Small Wonder gets a 2 because it's just chunky. Next round is about audio and video quality. [ Background Music ] >> The Flip video has consistently stayed at the head of the pack because its superior video quality that's super sharp and vibrant and can handle low-light situations really well. The audio is also the best out of the three. Now, the Creative comes in second with a video quality that is solid for this type of camera but the audio quality wasn't so hot and rate third out of the group. RCA's camera was able to handle low-light pretty well but it had trouble with bright day light and high-contrast situations. The Mino gets the top score with a 4, the Vado gets a 3 and the Small Wonder it get a 2. So, right now is the Flip leading with the score of 8; the Vado follows with a 7 and the Small Wonder needs to get back in this fight with a 4. These cameras maybe pocket-sized but the next round is about who packs the most video storage? [ Background Music ] >> The Flip and the Vado have 2gigs of internal storage which gives you about an hour video but that's it, there's no expansion slot on these guys. The RCA comes at the 1gig on a microSD card for about 30 minutes or 2 hours in web calling mode but it supports up to 8 gigs that can potentially get you 16 hours of video. The RCA Small Wonder is large when it comes to storage. It comes back strong with a 4 and the Flip Mino and Creative Vado both get 3s. These guys made a publish to the web, the next round is all about software. [ Background Music ] >> The Flip Mino comes with the most robust software package that's Mac and PC compatible. You can directly upload to YouTube, MySpace, and AOL video plus you can directly e-mail clips, create greeting cards and there's a direct-to-DVD publishing service available too. There's also a very basic editing function included, but that's PC only. You Creative Vado software is pretty slim. It's PC only and you can upload directly to YouTube and Photobucket but that's all, there's no editing features here. Now, the RCA Small Wonder software is PC only and allows you to directly publish to YouTube and bucks.net plus you do have some basic editing features in this package. Now, if you're using the Vado and Small Wonder on the Mac, iPhoto sees it as amount of disk and you can import them or you'll just have to drag and drop the files on to your hard drive. The Flip gets a 4 on this round for all of its features and its compatibility. RCA software gets a 3 and the Creative gets a 2. Going into the final round, the flip is still on top with a 15, Creative has a 12 and RCA is entered with an 11. We call on budget cams and the final round is all about who gives the best bang for the plaque. [ Noise ] >> The Flip Mino brings the best video quality with the best software of the bunch plus accessories like a carrying case, AV cable and lanyard. But at 179 dollars is still a high price to pay. Now, at 99 bucks, the Creative Vado has a real pretty price point but it's as bearable as you can get, it just the camera, no accessories and the software is almost featureless. The RCA Small Wonder brings a ton of value to its 99 dollar price tag. It's the only camera with the flip out LCD and it includes an AV cable, USB extension cable, carrying case and a lanyard. The Small Wonder takes the cake when it comes to value and we're giving it a 4. The Vado gets a 3 for its price point and the Flip gets a 3 because it's a little too pricey for what you get. So, let's total up the scores and after a battle where it was every camcorder for itself, the Flip Mino is your price by a winner with an 18. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you guys next time on another Prizefight!

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