Prizefight: Prizefight: Apple iPhone vs. LG Voyager
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Prizefight: Prizefight: Apple iPhone vs. LG Voyager

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It's back! For all of you Prizefight fans, we have a monster battle of the phones. The feature-packed Voyager takes on the crowd favorite, Apple's iPhone. Brian Tong does his best to keep it clean, but hang onto your seats, cuz this one could get ugly!

[ music ] ^M00:00:06 >> What's up prize fight fans? I'm Brian Tong [assumed spelling]. And I know I may not look as loveable as a host you might be thinking of right now. Get Tom Merritt out of your mind, but you're just gonna have to suck it up with me. We're here to find out who's text top dog for cell phones, so let's get it on. The conversion of technology isn't stopping any time soon, and the hottest place this is happening is in the cellular world. Phones with touch screens, internet access, and multimedia features up the wazoo are all the rage now. So in this week's prize fight it's a face off between Apple's uber hyped iPhone, and the new challenger on the block, the LG Voyager. Who's bringing home the bacon? We've got five rounds to the finish, so let's get this started off with the good stuff, sexiness. [ background music ] The Voyager is no chump. Now it's one of the sexiest phones Verizon has ever carried, and it has a pretty sleek look. But it needs to hit the gym a little guys, because this thicker body does need a little work. Now on the other hand Apple's iPhone scream do me baby, oh baby, oh, like seriously. Its sleek lines, slim body and simplicity just can't be matched. And we all know Apple does sexy right every time. No surprise here, the iPhone gets a perfect five, but the Voyager isn't too far off with a four. Now you may look hot, but are you easy to work with? Next round, navigation. In a perfect world I could figure out how to use any device without a manual. But it's not a perfect world. So how useable are these phones? Well can you guys say QWERTY, as in full QWERTY keyboard? The Voyager brings tactile buttons to the table on top of its touch screen that has vibration feedback when you touch it. Now the iPhone has a single button, but the menu interface is so easy, intuitive, and fun to use. But even with its touch screen keyboard that learns the way you type, nothing beats having real keys when it comes to texting. The Voyager gets the five in this round, and the iPhone gets a four. We keep bobbing and weaving, and we're all even at nine a piece. Next up, features. So who's got what it takes under the hood? Well the iPhone does a ton with its killer music and video playback interface, POP email support and Wi-Fi with a real web browser, and other kinds of web goodies. Plus, visual voicemail is hot. But we know the big thing missing, 3G connectivity. There's no stereo bluetooth support, and multimedia messaging? Nope. Well what about the Voyager? Well it boasts a lot of the core features the iPhone has, and then some. There's no Wi-Fi, but 3G is here. Stereo bluetooth? Check that. Multimedia messaging? Yup. And how about we throw in GPS and the V-cast mobile downloads. Now both of these guys pack a punch, but the techno goods the Voyager brings clearly outdoes the iPhone. The Voyager gets a four, and the iPhone gets a three. LG's number one stunner takes back the lead. Now these guys were both made for media, so who's taking the next round? It's all about video music quality. The iPhone's music quality is solid, but it really shines with the best video quality on a cell phone to date with its great screen and super crisp video. No one's even close. Now show it off, and people get giddy. Now the Voyager's music quality does a decent job, but when it comes to video streaming through V-cast, it ain't gonna cut it. I mean it's respectable, but it's not even on the same planet as the iPhone. Quality counts, and the iPhone flexes its muscle with a five, and the Voyager racks up a four. We're tied going into the final round. These guys are cell phones, so what's the final round all about? Call quality. The iPhone brings decent call quality, but the volume level was sometimes too low for me, and I have pretty good hearing, unless you ask my momma. Now the Voyager has cleaner and crisper audio quality overall, and the volume level is good to go. Can you hear me? No, okay, guys I'm not gonna do that. Now the Voyager gets a five, and the iPhone a four. Tally up the scores guys, and after a back and forth battle, in the final round the Voyager gives the iPhone the judo chop. Now you just can't deny it's feature set and call quality that put it over the top. But there are plenty of people who just can't say no to the style of the iPhone. I'm Brian Tong, and we'll catch you guys next time on another prize fight. Woopaa! ^M00:04:20 [ music ]

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