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First Look: Panasonic's best ever plasma TV

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First Look: Panasonic's best ever plasma TV

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The Panasonic TC-PVT50 series represents the pinnacle of current flat-panel TV picture quality.

Hello I'm David Katzmaier with CNET I'm sitting next to the Panasonic TC PVT. Fifty series this is that. 65 inch -- this series is also available -- -- 55 inch size this review will apply. To both sizes this is Panasonic's best television for 2012 and in my opinion. The best plasma TV companies ever made in a second best ever after the legendary pioneer current its longest continued. CDs picture quality is its real strength we'll get to that in a little bit but let's take a look first at its design. This is a nice looking Panasonic plasma T from the outside with a picture turned off to. It's got the company's signature full pane of glass fronts both the bezel and the screen for really smooth integrated look. Was also relatively thin bezel on this TV and the -- from the side it's. About two inches deep even at the 65 -- size so it's it's been TV overall -- -- one of the nicer looking plasma TVs I've ever seen and that's saying something it's. Look better than LG and Samsung designs from this year. The one downside of the -- -- to towns stand here and it fade from silver to black but just give you an excuse to -- television. As Panasonic's flagship the set includes all the bells and whistles you'd expected as a two THX -- and -- experts heading for 1080 24 and a bunch of other things -- to adjust picture quality improvements. TV also has a little bit better screen filter than -- stepped down line means we'll get to that one of more visible step ups is this remote controls actually a little touch -- designed for use with the -- That's a little better than the touchpad on on Samsung's TVs it's a lot more responsive and you can -- -- through that things like Netflix and who do thumbnails really easily. -- has a built in web browser -- designed to work with that too but we really didn't from the web -- all -- compelling. One of the downsides of this remote of course if you have a universal remote you have to add the second when you're -- -- and one uses. Panasonic's Viera Cast online features have plenty of content including. Who do you and a whole bunch of other video streaming service is not quite as much audio but again. It's pretty darn good this -- fifty also has a dual core processors -- things a little bit snappy when you move around the Internet services. Is also little multitasking going on -- you can put a button and pop up sealed last if you -- apps you have. I'll select the fact you can customize the app on screen without the apps you want and not the ones that net effect want to look at one downside to see these apps suite -- built in advertising -- there is little banner pops up when you first turn on the TV however you can. Disable that so I'd recommend you do so. -- back to set has plenty of inputs including four HT in my USB. And component video input if you breakout cable is also SD card slots you can look at photos really quickly from digital cameras one downside of -- sens -- like doesn't include 3-D glasses that is T you have to -- to about 65 bucks a piece you can't however opt for the Samsung glasses they're twenty dollars and third party glass is coming on future probably even be lower priced. The need to hit the also has the ability to adjust the picture more ways than I've seen on any other TV there's -- two point and a ten point gray scale full color management system as well as a full gamut control system these control didn't work quite as well as seen on some Samsung and LG TV's however. That's really not that big a deal though because the THX modes are excellent out of the box -- get a bright room and cinema setting that according to our -- performed extremely well. Speak and performs the BT fifty is the best looking plasma TV I've tested this year and I don't expect any -- class perform better. It's gonna be right up there -- a lead and the elite sharp TV coming out a little bit later this year but both of those. A lead in the sharper going to be a lot more expensive and assess and this is a very high end TV. But the picture quality is superb BT fifty also has a brand new screen filter for this year which means that it rejects ambient light better than. Any other -- -- -- I've seen it keeps those black levels regardless of how bright the overhead lighting is which is a real plus. Anyway that's a quick look at Panasonic's TC PVT fifty series again the best -- -- CBS news here on data caps are.

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