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Out of the Box: Out of the box: Samsung UN46B7000

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Out of the Box: Out of the box: Samsung UN46B7000

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David Katzmaier and Matthew Moskovciak unbox the Samsung UN46B7000.

>> David: Hi I'm David Katzmaier [assumed spelling] from CNET.com standing here with Mathew Maskoviac [assumed spelling] and we're about to unbox the Samsung UN46B 7000; this is an LED TV of Samsung's LUXIA brand and this set is one of the first on the market that has edge lit LED so it's gonna be really thin. Samsung's really pimping the style on the television so we're gonna unbox it here and show you what it looks like. >> Mathew: Right ^M00:00:28 [ Background noise ] ^M00:00:33 >> David: There's plastic things here standard for TV boxes so far. Big chunk of cardboard; this is how it's done people. Alright, we see here, first of all, that Samsung is using styrofoam, you know, that's kind of what you'd have to do when you're shipping these things all the way from Korea but we'd like to see -- Sony actually uses some cardboard down here in a lot of places so hopefully Samsung will get with the program and use a little bit of cardboard in the future; let's see what happens with that. We got the styrofoam off of here and the first thing we see is the stand. The stand is included; this guy goes right on the bottom here. First of all, though, you've got to pull off this sheath here all these TV's have this. Again, from an environmental perspective maybe not the best thing to have this extra sheath here but you know what, ooh really thin, pop this off. Alright let's see what we got here. Grab it underneath. Alright you ready? Is everybody ready? Ooh, of course this plastic wrap comes right off so we'll do that too. And then here let's show the people exactly how thin this puppy is if you'll walk towards me we'll give a little side view here. Yeah, there you go, look at that. We'll do a full 360 here just to keep it real; this is the actual television people. Alright put it down and let's install it on the stand and see what it looks like. >> A lot of plastic Samsung not exactly Green. Of course the TV is red no you can't get it any other color. Maybe they'll do green next year. We just pulled the plastic off the stands so as you can see it's all nice and beautiful here and we're just gonna drop this right on the top. ^M00:02:31 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:35 >> Sorry, that's it, alright. The LUXIA UN46B 7000. Thanks a lot I'm David Katzmaier, Mathew Maskoviac from CNET. ^M00:02:49 [ Music ]

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