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CES 2012: Nyko 2012 roundup

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CES 2012: Nyko 2012 roundup

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Nyko enters the tablet market with a number of third-party accessories that improve upon the Kindle's button layout design. Also, Nyko is focusing on the PS Vita, with speaker and battery accessories as well.

Hey. What's going on everyone. I'm Jeff Bakalar for CNET.com reporting live from CES 2012. We're down here on the show floor checking out (Niko'?)s line of new products. (Niko?) is getting into the Amazon Kindle game and they've have some accessories out on display and their gonna be ready in about April. First we have the Amazon Kindle speaker stand. This is pretty cool. Basically allows for physical volume buttons on the device. There's no volume buttons. I just learned this, but there's no volume buttons. I just learned this, but there's no volume buttons on an Amazon Kindle, so they're gonna be right here easily accessible. On the back is this stand and this is gonna work horizontally or vertically as well. The stand also doubles as... as stylus, which is pretty cool too. Should be able to get audio out of this device, used the stylus as well. Like I said, horizontal and vertical and that's gonna go for $40 in April. Then here we have the Kindle Power Case. This is gonna add twice the battery life. And something really cool about this as well, they added the volume buttons on the speaker (??) before the power case, they're adding a front facing power button which the Amazon Kindle does not currently have. It's on the bottom, so this is really cool. Also, gonna provide a lot of protection as well. This is gonna go for $60 when it's released in April. Finally, PlayStation Vita coming February 22nd. This is the PSVitas speakers in which is slated for the launch Window as well. What's really cool about this, is it allows for the audio out of the Vita to be projected and it also take a line in as well. Only one power source required right in the back. It will go right in and power the Vitas and the speaker stand as well. Nice amplified audio, so we're excited about that. Finally, comes with a cool little keychain remote with the access... buttons to let you change the volume and change the input and also a power on and off button. Very cool. (Nikos?) has a lot of interesting stuff for accessories coming out this calendar year, so if you really just to check them out, get them in the CNET offices and get some reviews for them when come out. This will go for $30 when it's released into the launch Window. That's gonna do it for (Nike's lineup this year. I'm Jeff Bakalar for CNET.com. Thanks for watching.

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