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Nook becomes a more tempting tablet: CNET Update

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The Garmin Vivomove is a fitness tracker inside of a stylish analog watch.
1:45 September 24, 2016
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's new watch.
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Samsung UNKU7000 series: Midpriced 4K TV puts looks and smarts over picture
1:45 September 24, 2016
The TV offers all of Samsung's newest conveniences, including the slick Smart TV system and the ability to control your gear -- and...
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The biggest hack in history, and users want more Note 7s
1:18 September 24, 2016
In this week's news wrap: Yahoo says a state-sponsored attack led to at least 500 million accounts being compromised; Samsung announces...
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Meet Antimon: A real-life Transformer
1:04 September 23, 2016
In case Decepticons ever pay Earth a visit, Turkish company Letvision turned a BMW 3-series into a 15-foot-tall robot.
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Twitter may find a new home with Google or Salesforce
1:17 September 23, 2016
The social network's stock surges with news that it's talking with potential buyers.
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What's leaving Netflix soon (October 2016)
1:11 September 23, 2016
A new month means that lots of stuff is leaving Netflix including the "Back to the Future" trilogy and "The Exorcist." Find out what...
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Ride a real roller coaster while playing a VR video game
2:54 September 23, 2016
A new virtual-reality roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, lets you fly around and shoot gargoyles...
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Frigidaire wants to do better than other moderately priced ovens
1:07 September 23, 2016
The $1,150 Frigidaire FGGF3058RF is a decent gas range with a couple of fun bonus features that try to make it stand apart from similar...
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