First Look: Nokia 1661
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First Look: Nokia 1661

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The Nokia 1661 offers a simple design and basic calling features.

[ MUSIC ] ^M00:00:03 >> [Ken Sherman:] Hi, I'm Ken Sherman, senior editor here at Today we're take a first look at the Nokia 1661. This is a new phone for T-Mobile's prepaid service. Has a very simple candy bar design that's a little retro. Really not a lot going on with the styling, just a basic black color on the front, gray on the back and on the sides, and then kind of touches of maroon, I guess, here on the side and then up on top a little bit and here on the back, so -- really not stylish, just very utilitarian as far as the design goes. There is no camera on this phone, not a fancy music player. It really is for making calls and sending messages. So you're not going to find a lot inside as well. Just simple organizer features, simple things for messaging. Overall, the display is pretty small, I thought, for the phone size. Could be a little bigger. Resolution isn't great. But with a phone like this you really don't expect a huge vibrant display, so didn't bother me too much. Navigation controls, didn't like a whole lot. Mostly because this isn't a five-way toggle, so that means you can't press down on it to select anything. All you can do is press the sides to go up, down, left and right, so forth. You do have to use the soft key up here to select items. Don't like having to move back and forth to select things. Down here you have your keypad buttons. They are pretty slick and somewhat flat. Little bit definition between individual rows, but not the most user-friendly. Fine for making calls, maybe sending some texts, but if you're really going to be texting a lot, you probably want to invest in a more comfortable keypad. Overall though, very basic phone, making calls, sending messages, simple organizer features. You can get around some of the design quirks. Felt that Nokia went a little too basic on the design, but not bad for just making calls. I'm Ken Sherman, and this is the Nokia 1661. ^M00:01:42 [ MUSIC ]

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