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Tech Culture: No holds barred

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Tech Culture: No holds barred

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We're opening up today's topic to everything and anything tech. CNET Editors Brian Tong and Dong Ngo are ready to take on your questions on this edition of Editors' Office Hours.

[ music ] ^M00:00:05 >> What's up guys. Welcome to Editor's Office Hours. I'm here, joined by the man. He was here yesterday, I guess. >> I was, I sure was. >> And people couldn't get enough of him, they wanted more Dom No [assumed spelling]. So your title is senior associate technology editor - >> Yeah. >> That is correct. >> That sounds serious. >> Also, one of the beautiful, lovely, sultry voices of the Inside CNET Labs podcast. >> InsideCNETLab@CNET.com, oh no, InsideCNETLab.CNET.com. Go there. >> Do you even know the name of your podcast? >> I do. >> You do? Okay, just want to make sure. >> Yeah. >> All right, now if you guys want to interact with us, down below we have our chat box where you guys can kind of play around and comment on whatever we say and do. Also up here in the right hand corner box, that is how you get to us. We already have a bunch of questions, but you punch them in. If you don't have a user account with CNET, we're just gonna, we're going to ask you to create a username and password. Give us your email, we promise we won't spam you. And that's how you'll be able to talk to us, and we'll do our best to answer whatever. Now it's a no holds barred, anything goes today, right? >> Anything at all. >> Anything. Whatever Dom ate for breakfast, what he's gonna eat for lunch. >> I don't eat breakfast. >> You don't eat breakfast? Well there you go, you just answered that question. [ coughing ] >> Uh-oh, uh-oh. What'd you have for breakfast? >> I'm good. >> What'd you have at breakfast? >> I'm good now. Okay, I'm alive. Now we know today is kind of a special day I guess. >> Super special day. >> People are out at the polls voting, and you actually voted. >> I voted. >> And so can you kind of tell us about your experience, of what happened? >> Sure. You know, the polling place is very close to my house, one block away. So I got out of the house, and I walked down and saw people standing in line. >> Yeah. >> Like ten people were standing in line outside the building. So it must have been fifteen minutes, right. >> Yeah. >> So I got in, and then I saw the huge line going like this around the room. >> Yeah. >> I said oh my God, this is not gonna be fifteen minutes. But then I already spent fifteen minutes waiting in line, so I'm gonna go ahead and keep waiting. So I actually spent I think an hour total - >> Yeah. >> - to get - >> An hour. >> Yeah. >> And was it worth it? >> Totally worth it. >> Okay. Now there's some cool benefits about voting today. Because from what I've heard, you can, well whether you voted or not, because they can't stop you from it, but if you go to Starbucks you get a free cup of coffee. >> Yeah, I don't drink coffee though. >> Okay. If you go to Ben and Jerry's you get some free ice cream, if you voted as well. >> I'm too, I'm too fat for that. >> You are fat. >> I know. >> Slob. But yeah, I mean so whether you voted or not, today is the day to take advantage of - >> But vote for sure. If you are an American, please go vote, yes. >> Yes, okay. Excellent, okay. So let's you know, we are here at CNET, so we will bounce around between stories of tech related and non-tech, because Dom just goes on all these random tangent. But we'll hit up this first. This is kind of fresh, people have been talking about it. Windows 7 was previewed, and now obviously it's been leaked out on pirate sites and bit torrents, but people have been able to get their hands on it, legally or through these torrent sites. But you've actually been able to play around with Windows 7. >> Yeah. >> Is that correct? >> Yes, I had a chance to play with it over the weekend. And you know, like the first look - >> Yeah. >> - it looks just like Windows Vista. You know, even the installation is sort of the same. >> Mm-hmm. >> It's faster though. But the main difference is the user account control is way less. >> Vista has less control. >> No, no, no. It means that you know, in Windows Vista if you do something - >> Yeah, all these pop-ups, yeah. >> It pops up, asks are you sure and do this. Now it's no more of that, so you have like, you can change that to like four different levels. So even at the top level it's gonna ask you less - >> Okay. >> - than what you know, how often Windows Vista is asking you right now. >> Well it's so intrusive before. >> I'm not, it's ridiculous. >> That would drive you crazy. Every time you do something, something would pop up. >> Yeah. And another thing, when it asks you, it does not block the whole screen. >> Mm-hmm. >> Remember now if you do it with Windows Vista, it gonna block the whole screen and you can't do anything, but you have to answer this question. But now you can do other thing, or ignore the question and you can run another program, and it will not you know, keep you from doing that. So that is really good. >> Now what do you think about, you said it looks like you know, Windows Vista. But from screen shots I've seen, it does have that look. But it looks like a little more simplified. Is that accurate? >> It's simplified, and it's a little bit like Mac, you know. >> Oh really? Really? >> Yes, I have to say that. >> Really? >> Yes, I have to say that. But, it's different from Mac, okay? >> Of course it is. >> I think it kind of makes more sense now, you should move the PC because now it looks like Mac anyway. >> You know what? But if you get a Mac, you can run both Windows and Mac OS 10 on a Mac. >> But why do you need that? >> Why not? Cause there's a lot of people that want to use both. >> All right then. >> Okay? >> Yeah. >> Okay, so remember like last time we were telling people to go buy a computer, every time someone had a problem we said go buy a new computer? >> Not every time, though. [inaudible] you need to buy a new computer. >> Okay, that's cool. So anyways, what do you think. On a scale of one to ten, what you've seen so far. Obviously it's very beta. >> It's pre, it's not even pre- >> It's like pre-beta. >> So it's very early to say anything. But so far I think it's gonna be much better than Windows Vista. It's gonna be, it's different between Windows Vista to Windows 7 to Windows Vista it's gonna be the same difference between Window, kind of Windows XP and Window ME. >> Mm-hmm. >> Even there's gonna be no kind of funny [inaudible]. >> Yeah, yeah. >> But it's gonna be like that. It's gonna be significantly better. >> Okay, okay excellent. So let's take - >> A question here. >> Yeah, let's, what do you want to do? We're getting a lot of random questions today, which is fine, which is fine. Okay, well let's just, here you can, I don't want to ask this question, the very first one we got. >> Which one? >> The B2, whoever's B2 [inaudible] I don't know. >> B2 [inaudible] and - >> I think someone did this as a joke, honestly. >> Yeah, B2 I would assume that's not [inaudible]. >> I don't write my own questions. >> And he asks hey Brian, you, you wear a lot of - >> How do you know if it's a guy? You said he asks. >> Well I would assume that. [ laughter ] >> Oh my gosh. >> Anyway, so okay. B2 [inaudible] asks hey Brian, you wear a lot of short sleeve shirts, and you look pretty buff. How often do you work out? >> Can't believe we're actually doing this. >> Well I can say this, I don't know how often he works out, but I'm pretty sure he's not that buff, okay? I'm not sure - >> I'm gonna keep the snakes in the cage. >> I think if you are a B2 [inaudible], then of course [inaudible] gonna be buff, whether or not he is. >> Okay. Anyways, I play basketball twice a week, I try to go to the gym like, I haven't been to the gym in a while, but maybe once or twice a week. >> Yeah. >> So yeah, you know. >> And he talk to me very often, that help too. >> What are you talking about? Did you say if you were a girl, you would want me as your little brother? >> Yeah, a brother, yes, brother yeah. >> That was weird. Okay, okay. Anyways, let's go here. This one's from Matt Burley, Matt's always in the house. Matt asks what up Dom and Brian. I wonder which platform you prefer out of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS10 Leopard, and Linux. I really enjoy your podcast he says, Inside CNET Labs. But what do you prefer? >> Thank Matt for your liking the podcast. Seriously I do not have any you know, preferences. I would think that Windows XP is more kind of user friendly, and you can do more thing with that. >> Mm-hmm. >> But I would say that, I like them all really. >> You like them all? >> Yeah, depending on what I'm doing. >> What you're trying to do. >> Even though - >> Yes. >> Like for example - >> The only way you, so you do actually like Macs a little bit. >> Now hold on. I like Mac, the fact that I can make fun of it. So yes, if you are in the mood of making fun of something then I would choose a Mac. But if you choose to get work done, yes I would take a Windows XP machine. But I could say that I do not like Windows Vista, that's for sure. >> All right, excellent. That is good. Okay, here we go. Bum bum bum bum. We'll just go next question. This question is, well we already talked about playing around with Windows 7 and how is it. So I guess we did that, huh? >> Mm-hmm. >> Okay, this is the next question. This question I guess is for me. It's from Nzenjulian, or julian, I don't know. I'm sorry if I butcher your name. Anyways, she asks hey Brian, I started watching CNET recently, but you look familiar for some reason. Ever do anything in the Asian television stuff. So quick answer is yes. Before I did CNET, I used to work on this like Asian American pop culture show on the AZN TV network, which is no longer around. But I did do a bunch of TV stuff, so if you think I look familiar - >> So. >> Does Dom look familiar to you? >> Well we all look alike. [ laughter ] Isn't that true? >> Yeah, because we have the same hair, right? >> Yeah, exactly. >> Yeah, yeah. >> And we're both buff. >> Yeah. What were you gonna say? >> I'm saying that, so whatever you worked for before is no longer exists. Does that have to do anything with you working for them? [ laughter ] >> Shut up. No, I mean I worked there for like geez, like three or four years. I hope I wasn't the downfall of them. >> Yeah. >> You wouldn't want that, because look. Actually it's kind of funny you say that, because - >> Actually I saw one of you, interview with a bunch of people acting in the - >> X-Men movie? >> X-Men movie, yes. >> What'd you think about it? >> I think you look, are you simply kind of you know, how to say, like cocky? >> What? [ laughter ] Don't touch me. [ laughter ] Don't touch my knee like that. Wait, cocky? What are you - >> No, it was funny, it was funny, yeah. >> Okay, okay, okay. >> Just kidding. >> Cool, all right. So yes, you are correct, and good eye, good eye. Okay, here we go. Here's another question. Just keep the questions popping in guys. This is from Matt Burley. Yo Brian and Dom, glad to see you on the show again. What's your favorite desktop PC no monitor for under seven hundred bucks? I'm thinking of getting a new PC for the holiday season, thank you very much. >> I would say you should go ahead and get a Dell. >> I was gonna say Dell. >> Yes. Get Dell, either Inspiron 530 or Inspiron 518. I'm pretty sure you can get, you know, get those for less than seven hundred dollars. And you know, they're great. And make sure that you convert it into running Windows XP. >> Okay. [ laughter ] >> And those are the two that you can do, with many others you cannot do it, it's very hard to do it with others. But with these guys you can actually convert, that means running Windows XP pretty easily. >> Why is that? >> Because of the drivers. They actually have the driver for those machines, for both platforms. But for newer machine, like you know, the HPS [inaudible], they only make driver for Windows Vista. So it's very hard, if possible at all to put Windows XP on it and make it work properly. >> So here's a question, because you know, they talked about this because people, there has been like some backlash on Vista, but with Windows XP, how long do you think they're gonna really support it, or you know, keep it alive? >> They said they're gonna support it into 2014 I read somewhere. But by the time the Windows 7 comes out - >> Yeah. >> - I think people start gonna you know, move to Windows 7. And I think it's gonna be great for Windows 7, because Windows 7 uses the same driver as Windows Vista. Which means by the time it comes out - >> Yeah. >> - everything that Windows Vista support, it will support. So even have a last [inaudible], last [inaudible] for people to catch up to. >> Yeah. And that was a big deal, because Windows Vista, at least I mean you could say one, I guess kind of good thing is that it sets up people to Windows 7 - >> Yeah. >> - because they needed to get proper hardware that actually supported the OS, you know, it required more than just quote unquote, your average standard PC. So at least people that are running this, they're in place to just get the Windows 7 upgrade. >> Well they spent a billion dollar on that, so at least something is good coming out of that, right? Seriously, a lot of money. >> Okay, here we go. Next question. Let's go from, all right, this debate could go on forever and ever. But let's go, Curly Top 99 asks Mac versus PC. Now there's actually reasons to get both. >> Okay. >> I'll let you start, because yours are probably very more personal opinion based than non-factual. >> I personally, honestly personally, I would choose PC. Because everything you can do with a Mac, you can do with PC. Not vice versa. Let's take games for example. You cannot play your many games on a Mac. >> Okay that is one area where it's lacking. If you are a gamer in general, I would definitely, see to me it's all about what you want to do, right? There's no, for you, you game, you game. >> I don't play games that much. But I say that, I would have the option. If I want to play a game, I can do it. That's the thing. You know, so you have more options. And in general - >> Yeah. >> - it's all about having options. >> Oh. >> You might not even do anything but the option, but if you have the option you're happy. >> It's not like okay, so here, first of all let's talk about like price. I think if you compare similarly configured machines, PC - >> PC is way cheaper. >> No, no, no, PCs and Macs, they're not that far, when you're saying similarly configured machines from manufacturers, they're not that different in price. So I think that point where it used to be Macs were like geez, almost it felt like 25 to 30% higher, that disparity between the two prices is not really there any more. They're pretty much online. And then the fact that you can run Windows on a Mac, but you can't necessarily you know, officially supported run Mac on a Windows, that's a point where it might tilt the scales if people want to use dual platforms. >> No, the fact that, okay the fact that Apple makes it possible for you to install Windows on a Mac means that they know that the computer cannot do everything that a PC can. >> What? >> That's obvious. I mean - >> Are you serious? >> I'm serious. If not, why do they make it possible for them to install Windows on a Mac? >> Okay, so - >> That's the only reason. >> Okay, that's fine. But I would, okay you know how you said gaming for PCs are yes. What about multimedia, video editing, and graphic design. You - >> Well I would say that yes, [inaudible]. The only program okay that run only on a Mac. And the reason is because you know, at first the Mac is like, it's the first PC, it's a Mac. That's why a lot of people, you know, the people who first [inaudible] a computer would be the people who do like graphic and design. >> Yeah. >> So they start off with a Mac. They keep going on like that. >> So you're saying that the only reason people say that - >> It's a legacy, the legacy. >> The legacy thing. >> So people okay, I'm comfortable with this, and go with this. And they are not comfortable with change so much in what they, the tools. >> Uh-huh. >> So to take that program, File Maker Pro away. [ laughter ] Okay, take [inaudible] away, I mean the rest can be done - >> But say, I mean see, everyone could say like oh take like this one flagship thing away. Like for example someone could joke and say oh, when they say take the iPod away, then Apple's making them, like but they created it. So you can't use that argument. I think those type of arguments just are whatever. But okay, anyways, we talked about price, we talked about, it's your, how you use your computer, and that will help you. But I don't, you know, I like them both. >> You know, maybe [inaudible] let's just do, who is stronger, gonna be the - >> Just arm wrestle it out? See who's buffer? No, I'm not representing either side. I'm saying there's definitely benefits of both. You know, the Macs are a more controlled environment, so like you said, you have less options to do thing, and people don't like that, and I don't like it. >> I think in the end [inaudible] option, and as a consumer we should have an option of the both. We can this or that, or both. >> I think we should have options that are easy to use. >> That's true, but we can choose between something, it's very easy to use, like a PC, and something a little bit less easy to use, but very nice looking, like a Mac. [ laughter ] So I mean it's an option, right? >> Yeah, for sure. >> And I think it's great for consumer. >> Okay, okay excellent. All right now we actually have a video coming up. This is going to talk about iPods, multiple iPods in one household on a single computer, how to manage them, and how to not punch out your spouse or your fellow family members because you're all using the same computer. So we will play that video, we'll be back in a few minutes. >> And we'll be right back. >> And Dom will be crying. >> No, he'll be crying actually. >> Do you live in a house with one computer, and multiple iPods? I'm Donald Bell, and in today's Insider Secret I'm going to show you some tricks for keeping the peace in a multi-iPod home. ^M00:16:13 [ music ] ^M00:16:24 So you've got one or more iPods or iPhones in your home, syncing to one computer. Sounds simple enough, but there's a few ways this scenario can cause big headaches. The first problem comes down to taste. Let's say you've got one iPod that prefers Metallica, and the other iPod prefers Tori Amos, and maybe there's a third iPod over here that can't stand Tori or Metallica, but loves 50 Cent. How do you keep them all happy? When you connect your iPod or your iPhone to your computer, click on the device on the left pane, and you'll see that iTunes offers some basic controls over personalization. You can choose exactly what photo libraries, music play lists, podcasts, videos, and contact data you want to automatically sync to your particular iPod, as well as what content you want to ignore. Unfortunately for Mister Metallica, there's no checkbox in iTunes for only sync guy music. But you can make your own. To do this, first make a play list of all the music in your family's collection that you never want to hear again, or at least never want to hear on your iPod. For mine, I'll create a list called Donald's Don't List. Now let's make a second play list, this time we're gonna make a smart play list called Donald's iPod. This is gonna be the play list we sync to our iPod, and we're gonna make it so that it excludes our Don't List, and it's also gonna exclude things like podcasts, and genres like children's music, and let's say on this one, folk music, no offense. Voila. I've now got a list of music within a shared iTunes library that excludes the music I don't want to hear. The final step is to go into my iPod window and tell my iPod to only sync music from the play list Donald's iPod, and then hit apply. Now just get everybody in your house to make their own two play lists, and you'll have a much happier home. Here's another iTunes marriage saver. Say you've got one PC at home, and everybody signs in under different user profiles, with different iTunes libraries. This is a great way to keep your music tastes separate from one another, but if you and your wife want to share music and iTunes purchases, or if you subscribe to many of the same podcasts, and don't feel like downloading them twice, having a single master library can be a good way to go. But how do you get different user accounts to access the same iTunes library? First off, let's assume that all the computer's users have profiles with administrative access, that allows you to see each other's files and move them around. So assuming you're both set up as admins, you can merge your libraries in just four steps. Step one, log in as a user with the smaller of the two iTunes libraries, and back up the library and your play lists to a CD, or to an external hard drive. Then close iTunes. Step two, reopen iTunes with the shift button held down. This will prompt you to choose the library file you want iTunes to use. Look under the my music folder of the user with the library you want acting as the master library. You should find an iTunes folder, and within that folder you should find an iTunes library file. Select it, hit okay. Step three, you should now be seeing your husband, wife, kid, or roommate's music collection loaded into your version of iTunes, and none of your music. We'll fix that in a minute, but first open up iTunes preferences, check under the advanced tab, and make sure that the music library path points to the new location you selected in step two, it should. Also check off that box labeled copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library. This will make sure that any new music you add will spill into the new location. Step four, load up your old music library. You can do this by importing the music you backed up in step one, or by navigating to your my music folder and dragging and dropping your collection back into iTunes. Finally, hit consolidate library in the file menu to ensure everything gets copied to the new location. You can use the same technique for any other user accounts you may have, but there is one catch. You can't have multiple users use the iTunes library at the same time, or things can get hairy. Just be sure to close out the program before you log off. So there you go. Those are my tips for iTunes bliss in the home. For CNET.com, I'm Donald Bell. [ music ] >> Welcome back. >> Are you good? >> I'm totally great. >> I was pulling his nose hairs and we were wrestling. >> You have no idea what happened just now. >> Yeah. >> But he's happy. >> You're good? You're under control now? >> I'm happy yeah, totally. >> Okay, okay. Here we go. So we're gonna answer some more questions. We're gonna jump this first one. A couple of people actually asked this question, so I'll take it. This is from Curly Top and Tech December16. they basically ended, they basically asked why exactly to crave N, and if so, is it so you have more time for the Apple Bytes. So basically you know, the guys upstairs, they wanted more people to watch it. We got solid, really good numbers with Crave, and I know people that watch it love it, and I love doing it. But at the end of the day, it was just kind of - >> Not making money. >> Well it's not, it wasn't even, it's not a money thing. It's just they wanted more views based on the time we were spending for it, and yes, they wanted me to focus on Apply Bytes. So you know, unfortunately, it's gone, who knows if we'll see it come back. >> So basically [inaudible] have a crave for Crave. [ laughter ] >> Yeah, people weren't craving Crave. >> They're not craving Crave, yeah. >> But we got a ton of letters from people saying that they love the show, like a lot. >> I think it'll come back, gonna come back. >> For some reason, yeah. I mean when Mail Bag went down, people basically brought it back from the dead. >> So send an email, ask for it. >> We'll see, we'll see. I mean I love doing it, I mean I guess - >> I think it's fun. >> I think it's cool that people responded. Like I actually realize people like the show more than I thought they did. >> Mm-hmm. >> Cause sometimes I was like wow, people - >> Me too, me too. [ laughter ] >> Okay, so thanks you guys, it's fun doing it. Okay here we go. Oh this question is from, ooh look at you. >> What? >> Someone wrote, this is from TM13, no question yet, I just love you Dom. >> Wow, wow. >> How do you respond to that? >> Well I would say I love you too. >> You know, I'm actually the one that just put that in. >> Really? >> No. [ laughter ] I would never say that to you, in public at least. Okay, next question. This question is actually a legitimate question. It's from hip, not that that statement wasn't, but this is from Hiphop for Pres, what do you think about service plans or extended warranties from big box stores like Best Buy? What do you think about that? >> I think, seriously, I don't think it's worth it. I think it depends, sure it depends on the product. But generally I'm not the kind of guy who'll buy into extended warranty. Because normally with a tech product you use it for a year, you get tired of it, you want to change it already. >> Yeah. >> So why would you buy another three years, and by then it'll be too old. So for tech product, I don't think you should buy any extended warranty. >> Personally, I would rather, if I was going to do the extended warranty, actually get it directly from the company. >> Yeah. >> Rather than Best Buy. That's just me, personally. I don't, it's not that, for example, I think I got an extended warranty on a Sony camera way back in the day at a Circuit City, and literally my camera died like a week before the warranty ended. >> Ooh. >> And sure it's within, like they could have been nice, right, and just been like oh we'll take care of you cause you paid [inaudible], no, didn't. And so I almost felt like that was a waste. >> Instead [inaudible] come back. >> Yeah, if it broke a week early we would have taken care of you. >> Yeah. >> I'm like whatever, screw that. But I think going directly with the manufacturer, personally if you are gonna do that, I would typically only do it on really, really big ticket items. For example, you know, for me laptop computers and big flat panel TVs are to me more worth it than maybe like a digital camera that might have been like a hundred and fifty dollar, two hundred dollar purchase. When you're talking about big ticket, I think there is definitely, it's more well worth it. Because typically a service fee on it is much more than even the plan if something does happen. >> I think it depends on the product really. >> What type of products would you get it on personally. >> I don't buy anything from Best Buy so far. >> Okay, well not, let's say in general. >> I would probably do it for maybe a vacuum cleaner. >> A vacuum cleaner? >> Yeah. >> Oh for something like every day - >> Every day, cause you might break it somehow, you might hit something and broke somehow, and then you know, you can always, and for a long time, it lasts for a long time, like you can use it for five years easily. >> Yeah. What about a pencil sharpener? >> Oh not really, no. >> That fifty dollar plan - >> Not with it, probably not with it, no. >> Okay, that's cool. >> And maybe skip the pencil, don't use pencil any more. >> Okay here we go. Here's a question from Dig Dug, Dig Dug always here, always. >> Dig Dug, what's up Dig Dug. >> Okay, question is what is hard drive compression? Will it make my data less stable? Thanks, I heart bald Asian men. >> Well I'll assume that's not me, that he has somebody else. >> A lot of - >> I'm pretty Asian, but not sure about bald. Anyway, Dig Dug I'm glad you asked the question. And let's talk about compression, okay. Compression basically means you make something smaller for some you know, some purpose. You know, this is my hand, this is my hand right here. So let's say if you want to read my palm, it's right here, it's open, read it. But let's say I compress it. Now you cannot read it. >> Well you closed your fist, you didn't compress it. >> No, yeah, so here it's kind of [inaudible] compress it smaller. >> I see what you, yeah, yeah. >> But now it's kind of smaller [inaudible] punchy and go very fast. >> Okay, okay. >> But if you want to read it, you have to open it again. >> Yes. >> And then when you're done close it again. >> Yes. >> So that takes time. >> Yeah. >> The opening and closing takes time. >> Yes. >> And that's you know, now with the hard drive it's very cheap, the storage is very cheap. You can buy a hard drive, like a big hard drive, so there's no need to compress your hard drive. You only compress stuff when you want to send, like you want to move stuff from one place to another. >> Mm-hmm. >> If you, like if you want to send an email of a document, like you know, a bunch of you know, Word document, you want to compress into one zip file so you can send out faster. But you don't want to compress anything on your hard drive. Let's say you have a, you know, you definitely don't want to compress a whole hard drive. In the past you can compress a hard drive so you have more space on the hard drive. >> Mm-hmm. >> You shouldn't do that. And if you run Windows Vista, definitely do not do that. >> Why then - >> [inaudible] because I think there's a bug in Windows Vista. If you right click on the hard drive, on the main hard drive of Windows Vista and choose properties, you will have the option to compress it. >> Which you shouldn't. >> Which you should not. Because if you do, your computer will not boot up. [ laughter ] >> Well - >> And the reason because [inaudible] whole hard drive - >> Yeah. >> - it compress also the boot record. And if the boot record is compressed, when it boot up, it cannot be read. So if you use Windows Vista, do not choose that option to compress your hard drive. >> Don't, just don't right click on your hard drive, okay? Cause you might accidentally [inaudible]. >> So you have to do very, you know, it's very explicit you know - >> Well I'm glad they give you the option to compress your hard drive, because you know, you said you wanted lots of options. >> That's true, but you can always choose the option. Like I can have the option to compress you right now, Brian Tong. >> Try. >> There's not much to compress. >> Try right now. >> There's not much to compress. >> Try it right now. See? You're too afraid to hug me, whatever. You're not comfortable with yourself, that's fine. Okay, next question is which Macbook do you prefer? This is gonna be more a question about laptop materials. But Curly Top99 asked which Macbook do you prefer, the polycarbonate or the aluminum one. When it comes to laptops, I almost feel like when I have a, the metal surface is classy and sexy, but then I think I become more paranoid and anal retentive about it getting dented or scratching more. Like the polycarb Macbooks or the plastic surfaced ones, I didn't, honestly I didn't care as much. Like I didn't mind banging it around, cause I just didn't want it to be, I don't know, a dent or a scratch on metal looks a lot worse than it does on like plastic. >> To be honest, I don't mind having my stuff dent. >> You don't? >> I mean, no, see I don't, I'm not gonna go ahead and dent myself, but I don't really care too much about my stuff being dent or scratched. >> You just want it to work. >> I want it to work, functional. You know, if it's pretty it's great. If it's not pretty any more, as long as it works, I'm happy. I'm not gonna go ahead and hit it or abuse it you know, physically. But you know, it's just that we [inaudible] we are the master of our tools. [ laughter ] I'm not kidding. People just like you know, have stuff and try to baby it. >> Is that a life lesson, we are the master of our tools? >> We are the master of our tools. Don't be the slave of your tools. Okay, they are tools. If they're beautiful great, if they're not, hey as long as they work, okay? So let's just [inaudible] that because they're tools. >> Okay, here we go. Here's another question from Mister Burley that I can help out with. Do you think they will be updating the Mac Mini in the next month or so? I love the iLife suite, but I'm on a budget. Would I be able to iMovie Garage Band on the base Mac Mini. Thank you guys. Okay, first of all Apple actually outright said that their computer lineup is set for the holiday season, because a lot of people were like oh are new iMacs gonna come out, are new Mac Minis gonna come out? Again, you don't really know what they're doing, but if they're, they've never outright come out and said yes, our product lineup is set for the holiday season. By them doing that, that's pretty much an action saying hey we're good to go. So I wouldn't expect, based on those actions, and historically how they've behaved, for a new Mac Mini to come out. On, it depends really, now you're asking about using the iLife suite with movie making and audio music, music and movie making. It really depends on how advanced you want to get. A Mac Mini can handle basic editing, but if you're talking about you know, multiple layers of video, if you're dealing with a lot of audio tracks, I would not - >> Then you move to a PC. [ laughter ] That's it, move to a PC. >> Okay, okay, sure why not. >> Easier, yeah. We don't have a PC mini, but we have a PC. >> Yeah, or you could get you know, a better, ultimately you just need a better performing computer. >> You just get a PC and nickname it Mini, that's goal two. >> PC Mini? >> Yeah, PC Mini. >> Okay. >> There's a question here from TM13, I answered it because she said she loved me. >> Really? Okay, what is the question. >> She said what is the best online retailer for laptops. I would say that you know, if you want to buy a Dell, and go to dell.com, if you want to buy an HP go to HP.com. And you can also go to - >> What about the Net Books, I mean the Net Books are really popular. >> Yeah, that's what I'm going, you can also go to - >> Oh I read your mind, huh? That's right. >> You can also go to newegg.com, newegg.com. >> Yeah. >> As in the egg that's new, okay, newegg.com. And they have a ton of, a ton of options to buy a laptop. But personally I would go to dell.com, I buy Dell. And HP too. >> You know, I found it very interesting how earlier when someone wrote me a comment, that was BT Lover, you said he. But then when TM_13 wrote you a comment, you said she. >> Because I know you. >> What do you mean you know me? >> Oh yeah, now you know what I mean, yeah. Sorry. >> No, everyone no. You know, I'm flattered by all comments, I take them all. >> Hey listen. >> I hope BT Lover was a girl, that's all I'm saying. >> Well you can always hope. That's why I vote today. >> Well vote for - >> [inaudible] hope. >> We're not gonna talk about politics. Okay guys, it's twelve oh one, thanks for coming out. As usual, Dom, thanks for coming. Ahh, my hand. [ laughter ] >> All right. >> [inaudible] if you're gonna do that. >> Thanks guys for joining us, and see you next time. >> Wait, yeah, but tomorrow Lori Grunin from New York is gonna be at Editor's Office Hours from the NYC. She'll be here with Dan Ackerman. >> Yes, Dan Ackerman. >> Dan Ackerman's the man. They'll be entertaining you, answering your questions about digital cameras and camcorders. So come back tomorrow, eleven thirty a.m. west coast time, two thirty p.m. east coast time. And we'll catch you guys next time on another Editor's Office Hours. >> Until next time, and now I'm gonna compress him. Bye. ^M00:32:03 [ music ]

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