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Loaded: Nintendo's big Wii U
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Loaded: Nintendo's big Wii U

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Facebook launches automatic facial recognition for photo tagging, Google releases Chrome 12 to the masses, and Nintendo announces its next-generation console, now called the Wii U.

It's Wednesday, June 8th, 2011. I'm Wilson Tang for and it's time to get Loaded. It's Nintendo's turn for big announcements this week and yesterday, the company unveiled its next-generation console, now called the Wii U. Yeah, that's right, the Wii U. The new console will finally get 1080p HD graphics and Nintendo promises a new control scheme that kinda looks like if a tablet made it with a video game controller. The Wii was set to debut in 2012 and check CNET TV for a hands-on look at the funky new controller. It was Monday when Steve Jobs and company unveiled iOS 5 and less than 24 hours later, the new mobile operating system was already jailbroken. Using the 'limera1n exploit,' the iPhone Dev Team announced it has a tethered jailbreak, meaning your iDevices must be hooked via USB on reboot. Following cyber attacks against major defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, the security service company, RSA, has announced it will be replacing SecurID tokens for its customers. In an open letter, the company acknowledged that the March attack on its servers breached the security mechanisms in its two-factor authentication tokens and will now replace over 40 million SecurIDs. Google has updated Chrome to version 12 for all users. Chrome 12 has been in beta for the last month, but Google now feels that the browser is stable enough to bring hardware acceleration support and better security to all users. Users will now be able to delete Flash cookies and run 3D CSS, but in addition to the new features, Chrome 12 also marks the end of public support for Google Gears, its offline web app tools. Facebook is again pushing the definition of privacy limits on the web by quietly enabling facial recognition that it hopes will automate photo tagging. In addition, it will suggest friends to tagging your photos based on what they look like. If automatically tagging photos of you in a bikini makes you feel uncomfortable, you can disable the function in Facebook's privacy settings. Finally, Twitter has automatically begun to shorten URLs pasted into tweets on the service by its users. When users compose a tweet and paste the URL into the tweet box, Twitter will automatically abbreviate the link to 19 characters using its service. The company says the automated service increases security because Twitter will warn users if the link has been reported as malicious. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Wilson Tang for and you've just been Loaded.

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