CNET News Video: New software updates for the iPod Touch, iPhone
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CNET News Video: New software updates for the iPod Touch, iPhone

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At an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses new software upgrades for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPod Touch owners who paid to update to OS X 2.0 will get a free update to 2.1. The new 2.1 software applies to the iPhone as well.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Now I'd like to talk for a minute about the software on these devices. The new iPod Touch has a new version of software called 2.1. And you could see some of the new things that it could do. Well, what if you have the first generation iPod Touch. Well, you can get version 2.1 as well. If you've upgraded the 2.0, it's a free update to 2.1. If you haven't, it's 9.95 to update to 2.1 from a one that's released and these updates were available today just go to In addition to that if you have an iPhone, we have a new release of software for the iPhone, 2.1 software update. The 2.1 software update is a big update. It fixes lots of bugs. You'll get fewer call drops, you will get a significantly improved battery life for most customers, we have fixed a lot of bugs. What if you have a lot of apps on the phone, you're not gonna get some of the crashes and other things that we've seen. Backing up to iTunes is dramatically faster and so just a lot of bug that have been fixed. ^M00:01:26 [ Applause ] ^M00:01:31 >> And there's some great new performance enhancements as well, so 2.1 software update is a big one for the iPhone. It is free to all iPhone owners and it is gonna be available this Friday. So keep an eye out for it later this week. It's a really good update if you have an iPhone. ^M00:01:50 [ Music ]

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